What is the Team Balloet Balloon event and Pokémon Go email?

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Team Rocket foolishly released an email announcing their upcoming Pokémon Go event. The details of the email should have been disclosed to all players who have an account in the game and any emails associated with such information. We recommend checking the email you linked to your Pokémon Go account, not only to learn the little details of Team Rocket's surprise event, but also to receive an offer code to receive a handful of articles to read it. The event email refers to an upcoming comic feature set to release in the game on July 7, and how it could bring Team Rocket back into the spotlight in Pokémon Go.

Team Rocket members also practice social distancing

redditor CCZeroFire has truncated the entire email together for those who are having a hard time reading it on their side. The email shows how Team Rocket will launch a Pokémon Go surprise event on July 7, at an unknown time. We can predict that it could happen at 8am or closer to 11am local time in the afternoon, both of which are traditional start times for Pokémon Go events.

The event will likely feature various Team Rocket encounters that players can take part in, but instead of visiting any stolen PokéStop locations, Team Rocket Grunts took to the skies in a Team Rocket balloon. The new feature means that players won't have to leave the house to find an overrun PokéStop, they'll have to search for a balloon to run over it with the big red R on it, then fight whatever Rocket Grunt is inside. Since it involves the leaders, it is likely that Sierra, Arlo and Cliff will be willing to fight and may have new shadow Pokémon available. However, they could easily have the same Pokémon they were using in March. But we know they will be available for battle, and the leader himself, Giovanni, might be possible, even if he doesn't make a surprise appearance in the Team Rocket email blast.

When the event falls, get ready to see Team Rocket balloons in the sky, giving you a new way to fight Grunts and leader of Team Rocket. We will update this guide with more details when the event becomes a reality on July 7th.

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