When will Jessie and James leave Pokémon Go in October 2021?

    When will Jessie and James leave Pokémon Go in October 2021?

    Starting October 1, Jessie and James will return to Pokémon Go for the Pokémon the movie: Secrets of the Jungle event. These two can be encountered by players by having a Meowth balloon appear above them, which means that players must be on the lookout for this annoying duo as they wander around the house or house. Jessie and James only appear for a limited time, though, and when will they leave Pokémon Go?

    As the event ends on October 11, Jessie and James will be around for a few days after this date. It has been announced that these two will depart on October 15th at 10:00 local time. There are two ways to meet Jessie and James. The first method is to take a snapshot and make them photo bomb, forcing them to spawn in your position. The other method is for the Meowth-shaped balloon to appear in the sky. The Meowth-shaped balloon takes the place of the traditional Team Rocket balloon, so you can expect to see it every six hours.

    When Jessie and James appear, you will have to fight with them. Once defeated, you will have the opportunity to catch a specific Pokémon they were using against you, adding it to your collection as a Shadow Pokémon. The Pokémon they use have a chance to be brilliant.

    Players should have a little over two weeks to potentially meet Jessie and James. Fortunately, with the snapshot mechanic, everyone has a better chance of seeing these two. Previously, they spawned only when the Meowth-shaped balloon appeared.

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