Which Pokémon should you evolve in Pokémon Go?

There are hundreds of unique Pokémon available for trainers to find and catch around the Pokémon Go world.

Some of these Pokémon have the ability to evolve when players collect a certain amount of Candy, which turns them into more powerful Pokémon.

Candies can be obtained by catching a particular Pokémon or walking with that Pokémon for a certain distance. This means that trainers may have to grind for several hours to get the most powerful version of their favorite Pokémon.

This candy can also be used in combination with Stardust to give your Pokémon more Combat Points (CP), which increases your creature's power.

This list contains some of the best Pokémon that trainers should try to find and evolve Pokémon Go.

Machop> Machoke> Machamp

As one of the best attacking Pokémon in the game, mainly because it can even compete with Legendary Pokémon, Machamp is a must-have Pokémon on the roster of anyone attempting to take on Legendary Raids or opposing Gyms.

The best moves to give it are Karate Chop and / or Dynamic Punch for that extra damage, which could prove vital against more difficult opponents.

Magikarp> Gyarados

Gyarados is one of the hardest Pokémon to get Pokémon Go and one of the hardest to evolve. You need 300 Magikarp Candy to get one in the first place, making it an ordeal that could last for weeks or even months.

But when you get a Gyarados, you will immediately benefit from it. It is a strong Pokemon to attack or defend, which is important for any team looking to make their mark on the world of Pokémon Go.

Dratini> Dragonair> Dragonite

Dragonite is a Dragon-type powerhouse capable of killing multiple enemy Pokémon in one hit. It's best used when he knows Outrage or Draco Meteor, which are high-powered Dragon-type moves that can wipe out enemy Pokémon in a single hit.

Dragonite can be as strong as some Legendary Pokémon and will be vital for anyone looking to take down opposing Legendary Raids and Gyms.

Chansey> Blissey

Blissey is a tank and is the strongest defensive Pokémon in the game. Putting it in a gym, Blissey is guaranteed to last a while, allowing your Pokécoin count to slowly increase.

Blissey is not an invincible Pokémon, however, it should survive an onslaught from a group of strong Pokémon and keep the gym standing in your team's colors.

Larvitar> Pupitar> Tyranitar

Tyranitar, like Dragonite and Machamp, is mostly used offensively. It is a good Pokémon that has many different move options that can be used depending on the opponent. Bite, Crunch, and Stone Edge are all great moves he can learn, giving trainers some choices in battle.

Slakoth> Vigoroth> Slavery

Crush is a bit like Blissey because it's a good tank Pokémon. It's the ideal second choice behind Blissey, or if a gym already has a Blissey, as both can provide a great defense to keep it in your team's hands.

Feebas> Milotic

While Milotic isn't the best Pokémon, it's much easier to get anything else on this list. Most Pokémon require 100 to 150 candy to evolve, as well as all the candy and stardust needed to maximize its CP value. Trainers need to evolve Milotic only once from Feebas, making it a good second option for Trainers looking to start their journey.

Beldum> Metang> Metagross

One of the more rounded Pokémon in the game, getting a Metagross is an excellent option for any trainer out there looking for a fantastic all-rounder with strong attack and defense and solid stamina. Psychic and Steel typing is relatively favorable and with the Psychic, Flash Cannon, Zen Headbutt, and Bullet Punch moves, you have a solid set of moves to follow along with the stats.

Gible> Gabite> Garchomp

Arguably the most powerful non-legendary Pokémon in the main series (it's considered pseudo-legendary), Garchomp is also one of Pokémon GO's biggest hits. A devastating combination of Dragon Tail and Outrage in PVE is one of the most powerful in the game, while Mud Shot with Outrage / Earthquake offers fantastic options to go with its power stats. Finding a Gible is incredibly challenging, so it will take some time to find it.

Riolu> Lucario

The mascot of the Sinnoh region, Lucario is a popular Pokémon and a great pick to pick up. A variety of moves to choose from to go with a remarkable attack stat means that Lucario can be a power hitter against almost any type of Pokémon. Typing should also help with battles, and as it would only require evolution, 50 candies from Riolu are enough to get them.

Litwick> Lampent> Chandelure

While the investment level for Chandelure can be high, it is worth it as it is an incredibly strong Pokémon for your team. A powerful Ghost and Fire-type with excellent Attack rating and sold Defense and Stamina stats, as well as Fire Spin, which is a decent attack in Pokémon GO, Shadow Ball, and Overheat that provide many great attacks to aid your cause.

Adam Newell contributed to this article.

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