Assassin's Creed Valhalla Complete Guide: Cheats and Solutions

  1. How to unlock the leap of faith
  2. How to unlock the skills
  3. How to open locked chests
  4. How to raid for materials and expand the settlement
  5. How to unlock Talents
  6. How to unlock the map and use fast travel
  7. Guide to the secret ending

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is upon us now, in the meantime we have prepared it for you Complete Guide which we will update over time with new ones Tricks and Solutions. If you have decided to buy the game, it might come in handy.

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How to unlock the leap of faith

Let's start with an action that in the Assassin's Creed it has been present for good or bad right from the start, in Valhalla you will have to unlock it, we are referring to the leap of faith.

unlock the leap of faith in Assassin's Creed Valhalla you must first of all continue with the story, arriving in England, continuing to carry out missions until you can improve the settlement.

Among the buildings that can be improved there is the one related to the quest At the service of the Light. So get the materials needed to build the building and start the mission, you can get the materials from the raids. The quest will lead you to get acquainted with hytham, a member of the Brotherhood of Assassins, who will reward you with a gift, that is the leap of faith.

Follow it to the indicated location, after which jump down and that's it.

How to unlock the skills

In Assassin's Creed Valhalla not only can you get new talents with experience points earned from completing missions, but also unlock skills.

Skills can be obtained by collecting specific documents scattered around the game world. When you see a document icon or a gold light, rush to the spot as you may come across a chest or altar with a new ability.

There are 22 skills in total, of which 11 with the bow and 11 with the melee weapons, although they are so numerous you can only equip 8 at a time, therefore 4 of each type.

How to open locked chests

While exploring the scenarios you will sometimes come across locked chests or trunks, how do you open them? They are often present in places subject to raids, therefore to open them you have to get the keys by eliminating special enemies, marked with the same icon.

In the locked chests besides precious materials, you may also find some exclusive equipment, be sure to open them all to get the necessary to survive the best in the world of Valhalla. If you come across locked doors, the situation is the same, although sometimes some doors can be bypassed simply by finding an alternative entrance.

How to raid for materials and expand the settlement

The main mechanics that distinguish Valhalla from the other chapters, it resides in raids. You can set fire to villages to get the materials needed to expand your settlement, as well as upgrade your equipment, of course.

Looting works like this. On the map you will find reddish icons representing battle axes, which means that you can start a raid there. So there are basically two ways to raid villages:

  • Arrive by ship and press the appropriate button when the word raid appears
  • Visit the villages on your own and then recall the wheel with the appropriate button, choosing the raid icon from it to contact the reinforcements

A raid is completed once you have opened all chests, eliminated enemies, and in some cases set buildings on fire. Raids are very important for resource recovery.

How to unlock Talents

As anticipated, there are not only the ability but also i talents to unlock, which are much simpler to obtain but obviously need time. To get new talents you will have to buy them with the points obtained by leveling up.

How to level up in Assassin's Creed Valhalla? Simple, by completing the primary and secondary missions. You will realize how simple and fast it is to get 2 points at a time to spend on unlocking talents.

The talents are really numerous and enclosed in various constellations, where within them there is at least one special skill to be obtained, and a series of improvements for the protagonist, such as increase in endurance, strength, agility and so on. Fortunately for you, you can decide to collect the spent points at any time to distribute them again.

How to unlock the map and use fast travel

Even in Valhalla there is the possibility of fast travel from place to place, but of course this action is not immediately present. Once you have reached the various points of interest, whether they are scenic, villages or shops, you can use them for travel quickly.

Express travel is free, you will not spend resources, money or anything else, you can move at any time. Our advice of course is to synchronize in the places whose icon is an eagle, because they will allow you to teleport from region to region, avoiding long walks, rides or crossings.

As anticipated in our Review, in Assassin's Creed Valhalla there are several maps to explore, which obviously are initially obscured, it will be up to you to discover them gradually. There are basically two ways to reveal parts of the map:

  • By visiting places manually
  • Starting the synchronization at the appropriate viewpoints

Synchronization at these points in addition to making part of the map visible, can be used as anticipated to travel quickly.

Guide to the secret ending

In Assassin's Creed Valhalla there is a secret ending to unlock, to get it you have to recover all the Animus fragments or anomalies as follows:

  1. Go to the area north-east of Norway, towards the mountains of Hordafylke, on the summit you will find what you are looking for
  2. In 'East Anglia, you will find the fragment near the Lago Needham
  3. A Ravensthorpe, once you reach the aforementioned location, go south
  4. A Briudun Hill reach the rubble near Snotinghamscire
  5. Reach the Mountains of Sciropescire
  6. Reach the Mountains of Hamtunscire, located in the SOUTH of Wessex
  7. In Lincolnshire Region, reach the ruins of the Basilica
  8. In Ervicscire region you reach Thornburg Henges
  9. Reach the Oxenforscire Lake
  10. The last one is located at Seven Sisters

Whenever you go to one of the indicated places, interact with the fragment and complete the parkour section.

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