Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War: Best MP5 Equipment Guide

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War: Best MP5 Equipment Guide

In this Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Best MP5 Loadouts guide, we will discuss which perks and attachments will go best with the MP5. We will take a look at a total of 8 attachments that will eliminate any flaws in MP5 in COD BO Cold War.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Best MP5 Equipment

The MP5 is one of the oldest weapons in Call of Duty. It has maintained its position as one of the SMGs in the game.

It has great agility and control, but it also has some flaws. But we can remove them by adding attachments.

This weapon has much better control than the AK74u. It also has better range which makes it a far superior weapon.

Here are the best MP5 loadouts:

The balanced MP5 equipment

An SMG is an SMG even though it is a great weapon. You need to add an attachment to make it more effective at greater distances.


  • Muzzle brake
  • Targeted reflex viewfinder
  • 10mm magazines
  • Foregrip Commando
  • Striped Grip Tape


  • Quick solution
  • High alert
  • Spotter

Carrying grenades with this equipment would be very wise.

The offensive equipment

This equipment is made to injure the enemy. If you have an offensive style of play, you need to try this gear. It can also be very useful in multiplayer.


  • FFS Light
  • Reflex Viper Sight
  • Foldable FTAC
  • Granulated adhesive tape
  • 10mm magazines


Carries the combination of flash and smoke grenades. You can throw them before running to make the attack more affective.

The endowment of the range

This loadout focuses on the range of the weapon making it more effective at medium range so that the MP5 can rival the ARs even at medium range.


  • Break of the muzzle
  • Aim-Op
  • Reflex viewfinder
  • Ranger Foregrip
  • 10mm magazines

These attachments when harvesting will greatly improve your range, but at the expense of your agility. However, keep in mind that less agility with an MP5 is even better than agility with most ARs.


Take advantage of these advantages with the equipment of the range:

  • Double time
  • Ghost
  • Spotter

As this isn't an offensive build, these perks aren't for the rush either. However, they compensate as much as possible for the losses incurred by the annexes.

Carry claymore and a heart rate sensor with this equipment. It will be of great help.

The professional equipment

This equipment is used by professionals. As this is a great weapon, it is naturally also used by professional players. So, if you're not sure about your style, get some advice from someone who is.


  • Foldable FTAC
  • Merc Foregrip
  • 10 mm automatic loaders
  • Stipple Griptapes

This is a combination of accuracy and range as these accessories do not sacrifice accuracy by increasing range.


  • Double time
  • amped
  • Battle-hardened
  • Semtex

These perks will really increase your ability to use this weapon to the fullest.

Bring the pair of Smoke Grenade and Combat Knife with you for better overall playability.

The all-round build

This build was made after extensive research and tried different combinations that can work for any player who is not yet sure of their play style:


  • Sound suppressor.
  • LED Quickdot
  • 9 "extended.
  • SWAT 5mw laser sight.
  • Tactical football.
  • almost mag
  • The air elastic wrap

Everyone needs a secondary weapon and the best pair for the MP5 will be the Cigma 2.

This secondary weapon might seem like it won't be as fun as using a shotgun that has something real, but using the Cigma will help your teammates a lot.

You can eliminate spy planes and attack helicopters using this launcher. If you are on a map with little or no coverage, this can help you turn the game around in your favor.

The lethal of choice with the MP5 is the C4.

C4 is always a great choice for lethal with any weapon and is the best choice this time too.

You can take out enemies by placing the C4 in the middle of a smoke grenade to give them a fiery surprise.

As mentioned about smoke grenades they can be excellent when used in tandem with the C4. On top of that, they provide amazing coverage.

Field update
While using MP5, Jammer can be of great use. He can stop opponents in their footsteps and can make a difference in making you win or lose the game.

Placing the jammer at the point of domination will stop enemies from any activity in the area and allow them to easily attack them.


The best benefits to use with MP5 are:

You would be able to save yourself from any Flashbang or Stun Grenade if they are thrown at you.

The footsteps of the enemies will be visible at this and you will be able to take them out after following them carefully.

The phantom perk will allow you to remain invisible to spy planes and help you control scorestreaks.

These perks will give you a tremendous advantage that seems almost unfair, to be honest especially if you have all the installments mentioned above.

Wild card
The Gunfighter wild card will give you a huge head start and squeeze every drop of performance out of the MP5.


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