Modern Warfare Skill Based Matchmaking | What is SBMM and does it have Call of Duty?

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The launch of any new game in a long-running series is bound to bring community debate over its new features, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is no exception. Perhaps the biggest topic of discussion is whether or not Modern Warfare has skill-based matchmaking (eg "SBMM"). The problem of skill-based matchmaking has divided the community for weeks, with some claiming it's in the game and spoiling the fun and others claiming it's just a myth. But what is skill-based matchmaking, and does Modern Warfare really have it? This Modern Warfare skill-based matchmaking guide covers everything the community has discovered so far.

What is SBMM?

Skill-Based Matchmaking is a system of selecting players who will be paired with each other in a multiplayer match based on their skills, determined by stats such as kill / death ratios and kills per minute. This ensures that good players are pitted against good players and that less skilled players are not "trampled pubs" by good players. Many multiplayer games - like Destiny 2, for example - have separate PvP playlists for casual, non-skill-based matchmaking and skill-based "ranked" matchmaking.

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What's the deal with SBMM?

While skill-based matchmaking theoretically helps keep the game interesting for good players and makes it fun for low-skill ones, some players feel it hurts the fun of casual PvP play, turning every match into an intense, "sweat." "fight for victory. One such player is Reddit user TheBoss5150, who have claimed that their friends no longer want to join them for matches because they feel they are being matched with opponents who have the superior skill level of TheBoss5150. Another major potential downside to skill-based matchmaking is that it could force the game to prioritize skill level over connection quality, which could lead to slow and slow play. Many Modern Warfare Reddit users, such as kris9512, feel this is happening. There is also the possibility that skill-based matchmaking will match good players with more cheaters, who have potentially used cheats to earn as many kills as those good players.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ha un sistema SMBMM?

While many players on Reddit believe Modern Warfare has skill-based matchmaking, Infinity Ward has yet to officially say if this is the case. Call of Duty YouTuber S0ur produced a popular video during the beta of the game that appeared to demonstrate that Modern Warfare has at least skill-based matchmaking in the form of a low-skill matchmaking level, where only low-skill or low-skill players they will be matched together. This means that it is possible, as S0ur did, to "retro-upgrade" down to low-skill games by killing yourself repeatedly in the game, increasing your K / D ratio to the point where you are at the level of low-skill players.

While anecdotal evidence from users of S0ur and Modern Warfare Reddit suggests that the opposite form of skill-based matchmaking also exists, in which good players are paired with good players, there is no definitive evidence to prove its existence. YouTuber Drift0r suggested during the beta that while there has to be some sort of skill-based matchmaking to ensure that low-skill players are "protected" in low-skill lobbies, it would be impossible for a player with a K / D ratio. of five to keep that K / D high if they were paired with other players with five K / D 100% of the time.

Regardless of how Modern Warfare's skill-based matchmaking system might actually work in reality, just scan the game's subreddit to see much of the community feel that the intensity of its skill-based matchmaking needs to be mitigated or that one is needed. introduce a skill-based playlist. Infinity Ward has yet to publicly address the issue, possibly because, as claimed by Drift0r, the developer doesn't want to inadvertently encourage large numbers of players to reverse the trend by announcing that there is a skill-based matchmaking system.

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