Call of Duty Warzone The best Swiss K31 equipment guide

Call of Duty Warzone The best Swiss K31 equipment guide

With the right loadouts, CoD Warzone's recently improved Swiss K31 sniper rifle becomes the best long-range killing machine in Season 3. In this guide, we'll tell you about the best loadouts available for the Swiss K31 in Call of Duty Warzone.

Call of Duty Warzone Best Swiss K31 equipment

The Swiss K31 is the best sniper rifle available in Call of Duty right now. With its fast ADS time, it's ideal for quick exploration. It can also hold a lot of bullets in the magazine and has a very good loading time.

Unlock the Swiss sniper K31

This sniper rifle is quite easy to unlock. You just need to reach level 31 in the season 3 battle pass and this gun will be unlocked. It's a free tier, so you can play Warzone and Multiplayer as well.

What sets this gun apart from the other snipers available in CoD right now is the new series of buffs it has received.

Let's see what has changed:

  • Shock resistance is increased.
  • Slight increase in ADS speed.
  • Increased aiming stability.

These increases and the right accessories make the Swiss K31 easily outperform old favorites like the KAR98K. Let's take a look at some loadouts to get it working best!

Load 1 (long range)

24,9 ″ Tiger Team: This is the best barrel available in the game. Its damage-dealing ability is so high that the Swiss K31 can take down an enemy with a single adequate hit. That's why loadout is highly recommended.

Spotlight on the Tiger Team: This will increase the detection distance and help you hit enemies at long range more accurately.

Escort the Raider: It will help to accelerate the speed of the ADS and reach the firing time. Airborne Elastic Wrap and Raider Stock are good for this gun.

9 Rnd Mag: This charger is good for long distances the only disadvantage it has is the reload speed.

Airborne elastic band it is the best grip for increasing speed and firing at greater distances.

Equipment 2 (medium range)

24,9 ″ Tiger Team: Also in this case, even at medium range, this is the rod chosen for the Swiss K31

Royal & Kross 4x purpose: This is the best scope to try with mid-range settings. It will give you a 4x magnification which is suitable for the mid range.

SWAT 5mw laser sight: Very useful for hitting the right targets. With this, only your speed in walking towards the goal decreases a bit.

Audio moderator: This increases the speed of the projectile which helps kill enemies faster. The sound of the bullet also compresses a bit with that.

8 Rnd Mag: The best choice available for the mid-range setting. It is located between 7 Rnd and 9 Rnd.

Load 3 (close to range)

24,9 ″ Tiger Team: No surprise, this rod is once again a beast for the Swiss K31.

Axial arms 3x: Up close you want nothing with a higher magnification than this spotting scope. You can get it soon and it will give you 3x magnification.

No stock: For close range combat, you should play without stock, it will help you a lot.

Useful benefits

Bulletproof jacket and tactical mask
These perks will keep you alive no matter how deadly the equipment enemies throw at you. Without these perks, annoying thrown objects can be the reason for your death.

Scavenger & Assassin
These perks are very useful as the Scavenger will help you keep a supply of ammo from the corpses. The killer will help you with high scores and extra points.

Gung-Ho & Ghost
Gung-Ho will help you increase mobility and you can even reload weapons on the fly. Weapon change time also increases with this perk. On the other hand, Ghost will help you stay hidden from UAVs and allow you to carry out clean kills without enemies falling on your position.

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