Modern Warfare Best Installation P90 | Loadouts, classes, attachments, benefits

Modern Warfare Best Installation P90 | Loadouts, classes, attachments, benefits

The best P90 setup in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is entirely subjective. How you set up your P90 mostly depends on what you use it and of course you want it to be as beautiful as possible. We've put together three P90 classes that you can use in Modern Warfare that should cover most situations you'll find yourself in.

The strengths of the P90 in Modern Warfare come from its great magazine and high rate of fire. Its weaknesses are shared with the other SMGs in the game. It has relatively low damage per shot, poor long range accuracy, and high recoil. However, depending on which P90 accessories are equipped, it can be a short to medium range beast.

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Modern Warfare Best Installation P90 | Short range loadout

This P90 class is perfect for sneaking up on campers and keeping on smaller maps. Use this load to quickly get close to the enemy, discharge firepower and retreat.

P90 Attacks at close range

barrelFSS 10.6 "Pro
LaserLaser Tac
ActionForge TAC CQB Comb
enhanced reducesNon-slip rubberized tape
Rear handleNon-slip rubberized tape

P90 short-range advantages

  • Quick solution
  • Ghost
  • Battle hardened

With this setup, Quick Fix allows you to shrug off damage faster and return to combat. Ghost will help you maneuver close to your enemies without getting detected. Finally, Battle Hardened reduces the power of enemy flash and stun grenades, which can help you get back into combat faster. This perk is especially useful when an enemy accidentally hits himself with their tactical grenade.

Short range P90 field update

Since you're looking to get close to your enemies, Dead Silence is the best field upgrade you can choose. This, paired with Ghost, will make you practically invisible to your enemies until you are in sight range.

P90 Short range equipment

  • Letale: Frag Grenade or Molotov Cocktail
  • Tactical: Flashbang or Stun Grenade

With this P90 loadout, you'll want to use your gear to pre-soften your targets before attacking. The substantial splash damage from the devices above can help you throw the enemy into a mess before diving in and making your attack.

P90 Killsteaks at close range

  • Personal radar: 3 kills
  • Cluster Strike: 5 kills
  • Jet VTOL: 8 kills

If you're going to shoot guns, you want to use killstreaks which will help you locate your enemy and which don't require a lot of input to work. You can spot nearby enemies with your personal radar, channel them wherever you want with the Cluster Strike, and have the VTOL Jet help you see your blind spots.

Modern Warfare Best Installation P90 | Medium range loadout

This class attempts to overcome some of the P90's drawbacks with the right accessories. This includes a longer barrel to increase range and accessories that increase the gun control stats.

Medium range P90 accessories

barrelForge TAC Retribution
opticalChronon LP945 Mini Reflex
ActionFFS Heavy Stock Pro
enhanced reducesGranulated non-slip tape
Rear handleNon-slip tape with spikes

Advantages at medium range P90

  • Double time
  • hard line
  • Splinter

When using the P90 at medium range, you will need high mobility as you are at a disadvantage when facing other players at medium to long range. Double Time extends the duration of your Super Sprint and allows you to stay on the run when you find yourself in a difficult situation. Hardline will increase your medium to long range firepower allowing you to get Killstreaks a little faster. Finally, Shrapnel will help you regain your longer ADS time by giving you an extra piece of lethal gear.

P90 medium range field upgrade

Since you'll be playing campier with a medium-range P90, you'll want to be able to stock up on ammo if you're running dry.

P90 Medium range equipment

  • Lethal: my proximity
  • Tactical: Smoke Grenade

Since you have more range with this Modern Warfare P90 setup, you can focus more on owning the control points in modes like Headquarters, Dominion, and Hardpoint. Use proxy mines to cover your blind spot while securing control points. If things get too sticky, pop the smoke for a tactical withdrawal.

P90 Killsteaks in medium range

  • Precision Air Strike: 4 kills (hard line)
  • Jet VTOL: 8 kills (hard line)
  • Chopper Gunner: 9 Kills (con Hardline)

Since you are keeping a small distance from your enemies with this P90 loadout, you can afford to use Killstreaks which require you to switch to an interface. You can use Precision Airstrike to clear an entire lane and is especially useful in maps like Shoot House. VTOL Jet is always useful to watch your back and Chopper Gunner is devastating when trying to keep control points.

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