Fortnite Chapter 3 | When does chapter 2 of Fortnite end?

When Epic Games rolled out the Battle Royale update for Fortnite in September 2017, it quickly took the world by storm. Chapter 1 was hugely successful and lasted more than two years before a black hole engulfed the original map in October 2019, shortly after Chapter 2 was born. Players are always looking to the future to see what exciting things are to come. so of course people are already asking "when does Fortnite Chapter 2 end?" Even though the anticipation for Fortnite Chapter 3 is high, you should probably prepare for a long wait.

When will chapter 2 of Fortnite end?

Fortnite Chapter 3 | When does chapter 2 of Fortnite end?

Developer Epic Games hasn't made any official announcements regarding the end date of Fortnite Chapter 2, so it's only possible to speculate right now. That said, judging by their previous form - that being a 25-month run for Chapter 1 - Fortnite Chapter 2 would end in November 2021.

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That date should obviously be taken with a pinch of salt, as it's entirely possible that Epic will now be targeting a different time frame; Chapter 2 may be longer or shorter, or there may not even be any plans for Fortnite Chapter 3. With a high level of secrecy surrounding the launch of Chapter 2 (Epic sued a tester for losing his existence), it is unlikely that any news will come to light before the developer fully understands it.

While it may be hard to contain your excitement, that means waiting for things to be the only option right now. In the meantime, there will be many updates to Chapter 2 through the launch of new seasons. Chapter 2 Season 1 is expected to end soon and usher in a new wave of content for devoted Fortnite players to enjoy. Keep working on those Battle Superpasses * to pass the time while you wait for the news of Chapter 3.

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