Fortnite Jinx Skin: how to unlock League of Legends DLC

It seems possible that a Fortnite The Jinx skin may soon be available in Epic's popular battle royale as part of a crossover with the equally popular Riot league of legends. According to a reliable leaker, the Fortnite League of Legends crossover could happen this week as part of a tie-in to the League of Legends animated series Arcane, which launches on Netflix on November 6 and tells the origin story of Jinx and her sister. You.

How to get the Fortnite Jinx skin in the League of Legends crossover

Jinx will likely be available in Fortnite as part of a League of Legends or Arcane bundle in the in-game store, priced around 2100 V-Bucks for the bundle and 1500 V-Bucks for the Jinx skin alone. The crossover between Fortnite and League of Legends hasn't been officially announced yet, but it was leaked by the trusted Fortnite insider Shiina on Twitter this weekend.

The bundle will include the Jinx skin and several accessories, such as his iconic shark gun as a back-bling perhaps, and likely a melee weapon and glider. It's entirely possible that there could be some form of in-game mission with Jinx as the NPC and a simple reward, similar to the current Ghostbusters Afterlife collaboration. It depends on how big this collaboration between Epic and Riot is.


Next week, League of Legends 'Jinx will join the island to celebrate Riot Games' new show “Arcane”.

- China? (@ShiinaBR) 30 October 2021

While fans still don't know what Jinx will look like in the game, Twitter user @Shanyshdw has come up with a concept to give them an idea.

Jinx Skin Concept (dal gioco League Of Legend)#Fortnite #FortniteArt #FortniteConcept

- Shadow (@Shanyshdw) October 30, 2021

Other crossovers currently running on Fortnite include Paul Atreides and Zendaya from the movie Dune and the latest DC Comics crossover, the sinister The Batman Who Laughs, which is also available as part of a new Batman / Fortnite comic now available. League of Legends isn't even the only popular online game to cross paths with Fortnite, as a collaboration between Us is supposed to come soon.

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