Fortnite Tony Stark Alarm Clock Challenge Guide

This Fortnite Tony Stark Awakening Challenges guide discusses in detail how you can complete the awakening challenges for Tony Stark that was introduced in Fortnite season 4.

Fortnite Tony Stark Alarm Clock Challenge

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 introduced many of the fan-favorite Marvel superheroes to the game.

Each character has special challenges called "Wake Up Challenges" that you can complete to unlock some unique cosmetics or emotes for that character.

Completing Tony Stark's Wake Up Challenges will reward you with the Iron Man costume.

Before discussing the challenges of Tony Stark's Awakening, we need to discuss what the player needs to do to unlock the Tony Stark skin.

Unlock the Tony Stark skin
Tony Stark becomes available at the end of the battle pass when you reach level 92 while Tony Stark's Wake Up challenges unlock at level 100.

Tony Stark cannot be unlocked with the free version of the Battle Pass, so purchasing the Battle Pass is a must if you want to complete his Wake Up challenges and unlock the Iron Man skin.

By completing Tony Stark's Awakening Challenges
Once you have reached level 100 in the battle pass, you can now complete the challenges of Tony's Alarm Clock by completing the following activities:

  • Reach 88 on the speedometer in a whiplash like Tony Stark.
  • Use an upgrade bench like Tony Stark.
  • Emote as Tony Stark in the Stark Workshop.

For the first task, all you need to do is find a whiplash and drive it at 88mph. Whiplash is the fastest and sleekest car introduced in Fortnite season 3.

You should land somewhere like Retail Row or Sweaty Sands. These positions usually have open whiplash, fewer players, and enough room to hit 88 mph.

For the second task, all you need to do is collect enough material to upgrade any weapon in one of the upgrade desks on the map.

All named locations on the map have at least one upgrade bank. We have included a map that directs you to some upgrade desks.

Fortnite Tony Stark Alarm Clock Challenge Guide

Grab a weapon, collect enough materials and head to one of these benches and upgrade your weapon to complete this easy task.

For the third and final task, you need to go to Stark Industries and emote as Tony Stark in the workshop.

The workshop is located on the west side of the building, you can quickly reach it by destroying the west wall and entering.

Once inside, go stand on the platform in the center of the workshop and open the emote wheel.

Only one emote will be available once the Tony Stark emote transforms into the Iron Man suit.

That's it, you've completed the Tony Stark Awakening challenges.


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