Fortnite Not The Llama Looking for errors | Correction of matchmaking

Imagine the frustration of sitting down to play a few rounds of Fortnite, only to realize that the popular Battle Royale game won't allow you to successfully match. Many players don't need to imagine that dystopian future, because they live in it, courtesy of Fortnite, not the lama you're looking for. If this gameplay message is putting an end to all your fun, you may be wondering where to start looking for the right llama, but sadly the troubleshooting steps require more tech-based tinkering than anything else.

How to fix the Fortnite "Not the llama you're looking for" error

Fortnite Not The Llama Looking for errors | Correction of matchmaking

Of course, this error message is a nod to the beloved Fortnite mascot which is a llama-shaped pinata. Unfortunately, that doesn't make it any less irritating to meet him.

When attempting to pair, interested people will be presented with the following in-game Fortnite error message:


Strange. We were unable to connect to the match. You can try again, but if the problem persists check

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If you haven't already, your first stopover should be to follow the instructions provided. Just try matchmake again to see if it was a fleeting problem, then if it doesn't work check the status website to confirm that there are no known issues causing the error to appear.

If everything looks fine and you are still unable to play Fortnite, we recommend that you follow the possible fixes mentioned below:

  • Close and reopen Fortnite, then try to combine
  • Restart the hardware, load the game and try to join a game again
  • Reset the router and once it reconnects to the internet, try joining a game
  • Connect the device you are using to play Fortnite on another internet network
    • Pay attention to the potential data costs associated with this

During one of the steps above, hopefully the problem has been resolved. If not, the next step is to wait a few moments and see if the "Not the lama you are looking for" error will resolve itself. If the problem persists when you return to the game, consider contacting the Fortnite technical support team.

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