When is the end date of Fortnite season 8?

When is the Fortnite end date of season 8? This is the question on the minds of Fortnite players, eager for the next season of battle royale success. Each Fortnite season tends to introduce new characters, exclusive items, and even map changes. Once the current Fortnitemares event wraps up, you can guarantee we will see some changes within Fortnite. Therefore, let's take a look at when the Fortnite Chapter 8 season 2 end date might be, so you can look forward to the future of battle royale fun.

What is the end date of Fortnite Chapter 8 season 2?

When is the end date of Fortnite season 8?

According to our forecasts, the end date of Fortnite Chapter 8 season 2 will be December 5/6.

It is based on the average duration of Fortnite battle steps. Epic Games has yet to confirm when Season 8 will end and Season 9 will begin. However, Fortnite Season 8 lasted exactly 96 days. If we use it as a basis for the duration of each season, then you can expect season 9 in mid-December.

However, there is reason to believe that there may be some variation to this date. If you take a look at the in-game Season Pass, it's set to end slightly earlier, around December 5th. Therefore, Season 8 is likely to start around this time, as Epic Games would not leave a gap between two Season Passes to be available. Likewise, they are unlikely to extend the duration of a season pass at this late stage, so expect it to finish at the time displayed in the game.

Therefore, you can expect to learn more about Fortnite's latest season in the coming weeks as we approach November. Since we haven't had any official details from Epic Games on season 9, it's hard to predict what that will entail. That said, it debuts exceptionally close to the holiday season and as such you can expect some holiday items and in-game events. The equivalent of 2019 was the 14 Days of Fortnite, although there wasn't one in 2020. However, with the amount of promotions and events constantly going on in Fortnite, they will almost certainly celebrate Christmas.

Elsewhere in Fortnite, you can now play as Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya, to celebrate the release of Dune. This is on top of an upcoming Ghostbusters crossover.

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