Who has the most Arena Points in Fortnite?

Epic Games recently introduced the Fortnite Hype leaderboard to keep track of who is the best competitive player in the arena. Obviously, this has prompted many users to wonder who has the most Arena Points in Fortnite? Here's information on the best competitive player, according to Arean's Hype playlist.

Which player has the most Hype in Fortnite?

Who has the most Arena Points in Fortnite?

Fortnite players earn Hype by competing in Arena playlist games, with the best earnings ranking higher on the coveted competitive leaderboard. Earning Hype allows users to progress through Fortnite Arena's divisions and leagues; these can grant players access to exclusive events and prizes.

Wrzeszczyk.exe has the most Arena points in Fortnite. With 5827 Hype at the time of writing, Wrzeszczyk.exe is the top tier player on the Fortnite Hype leaderboard for competitive Arena playlists.

Polish Streamer Twitch has a pretty sizable edge over its closest competitors right now. Of course, Fortnite Arena rankings can change over time, so keep an eye on the official Epic Games Ad Campaign Ranking.

As mentioned above, earning Hype in Fortnite can be a way for players to earn tournament participation. These can offer cash prizes, so climbing the Arean rankings is a worthwhile pursuit. Users must progress through the Fortnite Arena Championships if they want to earn a spot on the Hype leaderboard.

Fortnite Arena Divisions and Leagues Requirements

    • Open League
      • Division I: 0-249 Hype
      • Division II: 250-499 Hype
      • Division III: 500-999 Hype
      • Division IV: 1.000 - 1.499 Hype
    • Contender League
      • Division I: 1.500 - 2.499 Hype
      • Division II: 2.500 - 3.999 Hype
      • Division III: 4.000 - 5.999 Hype
    • Champions Cup
      • Division I: 6.000 - 11.999 Hype
      • Division II: 12.000 - 15.999 Hype
      • Division III: 16.000+ Hype

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