Animal Crossing: New Horizons, seven tips for new inhabitants

Start a new game of Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch it is like leaving for a carefree and peaceful holiday that in these times of quarantine makes the mind escape while the body is dutifully closed within four walls for now. The game can be tackled without haste and worries, but the desire to expand the house and to go beyond the initial borders is great. For all the anxious there are some simple tips to follow to get the most out of your island.

First of all it is appropriate to identify the two fundamental currencies of Animal Crossing: New Horizons: the stars and the Nook miles. The starlets they are the classic game currency of the series that are obtained by selling materials and objects to Mirco and Marco. The Nook miles instead they are a new currency comparable to bitcoins that are obtained by carrying out specific actions and completing mini-challenges. This currency will initially be used to pay the first debt and subsequently it will be essential to unlock objects and essential game elements such as the expansion of the bag. Starting with this, here are our seven tips.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, seven tips for new inhabitants

Try more activities right from the start

The first step will seem trivial, but it is to perform multiple different activities. Not only will this allow you to become familiar with the game controls and the various branches of the gameplay but it will also unlock many challenges for Nook miles - visible in the Nook Phone - and allow you to complete others to pay the first debt with Tom Nook. The stars can wait, the miles a lot less. Having paid the first debt and obtained the house, you will also have it available the indispensable warehouse to store objects and materials. In addition, with Nook miles you can also buy coupons to visit deserted islands rich in materials.

The inhabitants want to help

In the throes of racking up stars and Nook miles, you can forget about socializing with new neighbors and residents. Instead you have to talk to the inhabitants right away because their pockets are full of objects that they ardently desire to donate. In addition to very useful projects for crafting, you can also receive items of furniture and clothing or even missions as a gift. Spending time with them once a day can give you much-appreciated surprises and beautify your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island.

Shells make you rich

After the first debt has been extinguished, it will be time to start betting on the stars as a game currency to pay off the second. In the first few hours the fastest way to get them is sell shells, objects that are easily found on the beaches and that are not needed by the museum. Selling weeds is also an easy way to get starlets to accumulate coins right away. Fish and insects must be preserved for the museum, at least one specimen per species to fill the rooms. However, duplicates can be sold.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, seven tips for new inhabitants

A workbench everywhere

The tools in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are consumable and break quickly, especially the first ones that can be created. This means that there is a need to always build new ones. As long as you are in the first area around Tom Nook's tent, everything is fine, but the further you go, the longer it takes to get back. Create a workbench (or even more than one) and placing it in an area beyond the rivers is a good and right thing that will allow you to always have a comfortable place to create objects.

One tool at a time (and the sling of course)

The initial space in the bag is very limited and for this it is necessary to keep more slots free for unexpected objects, materials and gifts. This is why it is preferable to go around a few times with only one tool (ax, fishing rod, net, shovel) or two plus the sling, indispensable tool to be able to knock down the balloons to which the surprise gifts are attached. Unlocked with Nook miles, the inventory expansion will allow you to bring all the tools to do more different activities.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, seven tips for new inhabitants

Before working it is good to eat

Fatigue is also felt in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and walking around to work on an empty stomach is not good. For this it is very useful eat a fruit or more than one before starting the harvesting activities which makes them stronger and will even make it possible to uproot whole trees with only the shovel to reposition them at will. Each eaten fruit allows you to carry out the eradication of an adult tree to replant it to your liking, for example.

As many minerals as possible with a trick

To close this aspect there is a little secret with which you can increase the amount of materials dropped by sassi. Being the drop of the rocky materials in time, it is necessary to avoid moving away from them due to the blow inflicted with the shovel. Just place between the rock and the character a fence or even just dig three holes and then start hitting the rock. This will prevent you from being thrown by the kickback of the shovel and will make your crafting more effective by allowing you to collect up to eight materials. Help Did you like the article? Share it!
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