The WarioWare Touched Solution!

The WarioWare Touched Solution!

1. Features

Controls: D-Pad on or Start, activate and deactivate the pause: these are the only two cases in which you will use the buttons of the Nintendo DS unit. In all the others you will touch the screen or use the stylus or use the microphone. Here are all the mini-games for each character, with their description of objectives and functioning. However, as you level up, the difficulty will increase, and some things may change (see “difficulty progression” for each mini-game). The number after the mini-game name indicates how many times you will have to win in that game on the Album before you get a red nose.

Mini-Games: Most mini-games will see you compete against the clock. You can check how much time you have left by looking at the bomb at the bottom of the screen.

2. Wario

Party Popper, 20: Numerous balloons will gather around one another that contains something, such as a cat, or food. Afterwards, you will find cows and other stuff. What you need to do is pop all the balloons except the one that contains something before the time runs out. Difficulty Upgrades: As you progress, there will be more balloons to pop.

Pet Peeved, 20: Five kittens stand inside a wall, only their heads sticking out of the holes. Once a kitten comes out of the wall, hit it. Difficulty Upgrades: Kittens will get smaller and smaller, making it harder to touch them when they pop out.

Waste with Haste, 20: You will see a mechanical pencil. You will have to hit the top (the red part) repeatedly to get the pencil part out before the time runs out. Difficulty progression: there will be less protruding part at the beginning, you will have to work more; some kind of toothpaste will come out of the pencil, which will become more difficult to extract.

Big Bang, 20: A person will stand on the ground, and a firework will rise into the sky. You'll have to start the fire. Difficulty Upgrades: There will be two and sometimes three people on the ground, and you will have to blow up two or three fires within the time limit.

Taping a Leak, 20: There will be holes in a pipe. You will have to close them, and to do so you will have to touch the ones from which water comes out, without touching the water. Difficulty Upgrades There will be more and more holes, and you need to be faster.

Sleepy Head, 20: You have to wake up a person sleeping on the floor. To do this, you'll have to hit a barrel over there. Difficulty Upgrades You will need to hit a drum that is smaller than the barrel. Next, you'll have to hit an even smaller moving bell.

Up for Grabs, 15: A hand at the top of the screen will hold an object, and drop it. You will have to touch the object when it falls (or the nearby area) and grab it. It is quite complicated at first, because you don't necessarily have to take the item; you just have to let your hands close around the area where the object reaches when it falls. Difficulty Upgrades: The object will be smaller; the object will be wrong, you will have to take it from the straight side; the hand that drops the object will be in motion.

Tune Out, 20: The teacher will play two notes, you have to memorize which ones and repeat them on the piano. Difficulty Upgrades The teacher will play more notes.

Freak Mutation, 20: Some items will be shown on the top screen. Then they will be brought to the lower screen, where you have to touch the object that has changed. Difficulty Upgrades: More and more items will appear, will be used by people on the go.

Bug Eyed, 20: Carnivorous insects are hiding in a tree. You will have to find them (they disguise well), and once you find them touch them to make them fall from the tree. Difficulty Upgrades There will be more hidden bugs, so more work for you.

Lose Your Marble, 10: You will have a large block of stone. You will have to touch it several times to remove much of the stone, and chisel your work of art, a statue. Difficulty Upgrades: There will be a bigger block of peitra, so you'll need to work faster.

Wrap Sheet, 20: You know the plastic packaging with bubbles? Here, here it is the same, you have to pop the bubbles by hitting them with the stylus. Difficulty Upgrades There will be more bubbles.

Swamp Things, 20: You have to touch the eyes of the animals hiding in the foliage of the trees. Once you touch the eyes, the animals will retreat to safety leaving you alone. Difficulty Upgrades More and more animals will appear.

Number Cruncher, 20: You have to touch three objects that indicate the numbers 1, 2 and 3. the problem is that there is a great variety of objects, from dice to cards to the fingers of one hand to flags with Roman numerals, etc. Difficulty Upgrades: Objects will be shuffled, you may find a die, a flag, a card on the same screen.

Perfect Match, 15: You will be given several face up cards to memorize. After a few seconds, all but one will turn around. You will have to touch the card that matches the face up one. Difficulty Upgrades: Six cards instead of the initial four; afterwards, the cards will be placed in another way (the pairs will be separated).

Housewares, 20: An object will be shown on the upper screen, you have to find it and tap it on the lower screen. However, many objects are very similar. For example two bottles, one with a reflection on the left, the other with a reflection on the right. Difficulty Upgrades There will be more and more items, and more and more similar items.

Profiler, 20: Objects will be placed on the lower screen, and at the top you will see the silhouette of one of the objects. You will have to touch the object corresponding to the silhouette. Difficulty Upgrades There will be more items to choose from, and they will be more similar.

Into the Sunset, 20: You will find yourself facing walls, barrels, fighters, one on top of the other. You will have to touch them to take them down, the aim is to take them all down. Difficulty Upgrades You will have more parts to take down.

Character Development, 15: You will be shown a word on the screen at the top, you will have to spell it by touching the letters that fall on the screen at the bottom. Difficulty progression: longer words; letters that are not part of the word; letters of the same color.

Accountant Assault, 20: On the screen above you will be given a calculation which you must answer. Only additions and subtractions, no multiplications, divisions or anything else. If you need more time, you can pause. Difficulty Upgrades The numbers get bigger.

Rump Roast, 15: You have a horse competing in a race. To defeat the others, you have to hit your horse by pushing him forward, and quickly, for him to reach the finish line. Difficulty Upgrades Horses are faster.

You Break It, You Buy It, 7: There are flies behind a glass, you have to kill them by pressing on the point of the glass where they are but being careful not to insist too much on that point so as not to break the glass. The flies are on the move, but they make short stops. There is no time limit. Difficulty Upgrades There will be more flies.

3. Mona

Steel Chef, 25: In the lower left corner, you will see signs. This is the number of items you will have to slice to win. These objects will fall from left to right, and you will have to cut them in half with the stylus. Difficulty Upgrades You will have to cut more and more objects.

Clog It, 15: You will have to unroll and roll up a roll of toilet paper before the time runs out. You'll have to pull the roll down quickly, quickly. Difficulty Upgrades The scroll will get bigger.

Snivel Disobedience, 10: the woman loses snot from her nose, once she reaches the lower screen you will have to cut it in two with the stylus. Difficulty Upgrades: The woman sometimes shifts.

Zooooooooo, 10: you will be given a silhouette of an animal, you will have to stretch a certain part of the body using the stylus and moving it. In the first case it is an elephant, and you have to pull the trunk. Difficulty Upgrades: Silhouette of a giraffe, you need to pull the neck up; then silhouette of a dog, you have to pull its hind legs to the left.

Blowin 'Up, 10: here you have to pull the strings to reveal some images. Difficulty Upgrades You will need to pull more strings.

Running of the Bull's-Eye, 15: You have to pull back the bowstring and let the arrow go to hit the target (the putneggio doesn't matter, as long as you hit the target). However, this shifts continuously. Difficulty Upgrades The target will get smaller.

Sinking Feeling, 15: parts of the road have collapsed, there is a passing car, you have to pull up the missing part of the road so that the car can pass. You don't have to be on exactly the same level, it can be a little lower, but not higher or the car crashes. Difficulty Upgrades: The collapsed bridge will be split into smaller parts.

Star Struck, 20: On the top screen you will see a ninja. On the lower screen, you have a shuriken in your hand. Your goal is to attack the ninja with the shuriken before he attacks you. You have to use the stylus to throw the shuriken forward. Difficulty Upgrades: Shadows of the ninja will appear, but only one will be the real ninja. The real one is easy to spot, but you'll have to wait for it to get to the center to throw the shuriken.

Face Lift, 20: The screen above shows what you need to change. The various parts to change are: eyebrows, eyes, nose, sides of the mouth. You need to alter the orientation of the parts so that they coincide with the top image. The parts that are not in the correct position at the bottom are colored in the upper image. Difficulty Upgrades: Increases the number of different parts.

Cage Match, 10: An animal will walk back and forth across the screen, and in the center is a cage held in place by a piece of string. When the animal passes under the cage, cut the string with the stylus to drop the cage and trap the animal. Difficulty Upgrades The pet roams more, then gets faster, then bigger.

Straight Faces, 15: You have a totem pole with several faces. You have to rotate the faces so that they are all identical. Difficulty Upgrades: More colors and more faces.

No Love for You, 20: a flower, with petals. You have to remove all the petals within the time limit, using the stylus to first touch the petal, then remove it from the flower. Difficulty Upgrades More Petals.

Quited Puzzled, 20: On a 3x3 space, you will have to move eight panels to create an image. Once in the right position, the ninth panel will appear to complete the image. Difficulty Upgrades: Solving the puzzle involves multiple piece movements.

Pass Aggressive, 10: Pass the ball to a teammate, who automatically shoots it for a field goal. Easy, but you have to guide the ball in the direction your partner is by throwing it using the stylus. Difficulty Upgrades: There will be guards from the other team; the guards will start moving.

Tuft It Out, 20: you have to pull strands of hair from your head. Sometimes what makes it frustrating is that it's involuntary, what you have to do is get them under the skin and pull them out without slowing down. Difficulty Upgrades You will need to pull more hair off the root.

Sweeping Victory, 10: Basically, you have to cut people's legs with the stylus, causing them to fall. Difficulty Upgrades: Initially you will have one person standing, then you will have a seated person, levitating a short distance from the ground, and you will have to cut diagonally starting from the shoulder.

Fresh Squeezed, 20: you will have to milk a cow, directing the milk towards the bucket; you will win once the bucket is full. Difficulty Upgrades The bucket gets smaller.

Got the Chops, 20: The hand will hold carrots, zucchini, or what appears to be a head of lettuce. You will need to use the stylus to cut to the right of the person's hand. Difficulty Upgrades: You will have to cut zucchini; then lettuce.

It Slices, It Dices, 20: here you will have to cut some fruit. A red dotted line will be placed on the fruit, you will have to follow its path with the stylus. Difficulty Upgrades You will need to cut fruit from two and then three different directions.

Middle Management, 20: The head at the top of the totem tower must reach the bottom. To do this, you have to quickly move the stylus to the side in the center of the blocks, so that they fall off the tower. Difficulty Upgrades There will be more blocks between the bottom of the tower and the top.

Pro Bowling, 7: There are ten pins in place, and you have three bowls to take them down. You win if you take them all down in three hits maximum. No time limit. Difficulty Upgrades: The pins will be aligned in six other different ways.

4. Jimmy T.

Impressionism, 15: Rub the paper repeatedly until you find the outline of a coin. Once done, scrub until most of the coin design comes out, but not all of it. Difficulty Upgrades Coins become smaller and harder to find, but there is also less to scratch.

Shakedown, 15: You have to grab a tree trunk and shake it. This will cause the objects to fall onto the tree. Difficulty Upgrades: More trees, more items.

Pet Petter, 10: You have an animal, or in one case, an egg. You have to cuddle him until he is happy using the stylus on his head, or in the case of the egg, directly on the egg. Difficulty Upgrades You will have an alternating cat, dog, and egg.

Arms Race, 10: Take the person's head using the stylus, and pull it over the bar. Bring her back down, and get ready for the next push-up. Difficulty Upgrades: Increase the number of pushups.

Chalk Full, 20: On the blackboard on the bottom screen, there will be some figures. The goal is to erase them using the stylus. The problem is that there is a small, hard to spot figure, which could be time consuming. Difficulty Upgrades: More figures, bigger.

Oh, Snap !, 15: two men, when they raise their arms move the stylus on their armpits to tickle them. Difficulty Upgrades One of the men will pretend to raise his arm before the other person actually lifts it.

Scratch and Match, 20: on the top screen, there will be a circle with red swirls, on the bottom screen other circles with a silver cover, you have to scrape off the silver from the one that corresponds to the circle at the top. Difficulty Upgrades There will be more silver circles.

Wishful Thinking, 10: Summon a genie / vampire / Frankenstein by rubbing a lamp, moving the stylus. Difficulty Upgrades: Maybe a little harder to summon the genius.

Power Chord, 20: To fill the meter on the left, you have to play the guitar by moving your stylus over the strings. Difficulty Upgrades You have to play for longer.

Dish it, 20: a plate will rotate on a stick, you have to take the stick and move it to make the plate stop. However, after a while the platter starts spinning again after a while. Difficulty Upgrades There will be more than one dish at a time.

Early Release, 25: Use the stylus to cut out the red parts of a cell door. This will cut through the door, allowing a captive princess to escape. Difficulty Upgrades There will be more parts to cut.

Ick Magnet, 20: Some pieces of metal will be on the floor, and you'll have to grab them with a magnet. To do this you have to charge the magnet by wiping it with the stylus quickly. Difficulty Upgrades There will be more than one magnet and parts to collect.

Drama Clean, 10: the window is dirty. You have to wash it by placing the stylus on the window in the lower screen and moving it around. Difficulty Upgrades: None, only the images change.

Touchdown, 15: emergency parachute landing, over the ocean. Using the left and right fans, you can control the wind and push the guy towards the island. Difficulty Upgrades There will be stronger air currents, and smaller islands.

Public Transportation, 10: In a mining cart, you are being chased by a train. What you need to do is use the lever on the lower screen with the stylus, moving it up and down quickly to escape the train. Difficulty Upgrades The train gets faster, and then gets closer.

Burning Rubber, 15: what you have to try to do is erase the image very quickly with the stylus, so that the eraser is worn out. Difficulty Upgrades Larger Erasers.

Sweet Sorrow, 10: Take the person's hand and move it left and right to say hello. Difficulty Upgrades You will need to greet two different people with both hands.

Washed Up, 10: You have to take an eraser and guide it over the marks on the person's face using the stylus, to remove the marks. Difficulty Upgrades There will be marks on the body as well.

Erosion, 20: a helicopter over the mountains. You have to figure out which ones it could crash into and lower them using the stylus. Difficulty Upgrades You will need to lower more mountains.

Worked to a Lather, 20: A person in the middle will have soap on their head to wash their hair. You have to rub the soap to lather. Difficulty Upgrades: The person will move, then begin push-ups.

Rainbow Juice, 7: A pail is walking around, and it needs to be refilled with Rainbow Juice. You have to scratch the rainbow, be careful not to drop the juice out of the bucket or plants will grow that risk dropping the bucket. No time limit. Difficulty Upgrades The Bucket will have a lid that will sometimes close.

5th Floor + Main

Finger Painting, 15: on the hand there are some painted nails, others not, paint them using the stylus. Difficulty Upgrades: More nails to paint.

Long Division, 10: there are two pairs of fruit / vegetables. You have to draw a line that separates the two pairs. Difficulty Upgrades: Fruits are more scattered.

Domestic Issue, 10: you have a sewing needle, you need to thread the thread through the eye. Take the ball of yarn and draw a line from it to the eye of the needle. Difficulty Upgrades There will be two or more needles to thread the thread through.

Feeling Saucy, 10: You have to squeeze the ketchup on the food. To do this, use the stylus. Difficulty Upgrades There will be more food.

One-Liner, 20: At the top there is a shape, and a gray area on the bottom screen. You have to draw the top shape in the gray area at the bottom using the stylus, without going out of the edges or lifting the stylus. Difficulty Upgrades: More complicated forms.

Finish Line, 20: A skier, you must clear his path by using the stylus to drag the flashing hole around the screen, and making room for the skier to pass between the doors on the bottom screen. Difficulty Upgrades There will be more doors.

Hair Supply, 20: you have to follow the blue line on the man's face. Difficulty Upgrades There will be longer lines.

Bright Idea, 20: You need to turn on the light bulb, but the cables are not connected. You have to connect them to the battery by bringing one cable to the positive pole, the other to the negative. But sometimes there will be more than two cables, some will lead nowhere. Difficulty Upgrades There will be more and more unnecessary cables.

What's Your Sign ?, 20: You have to join the stars using the stylus. The links of the constellation are indicated on the screen above, you have to reproduce them on the one below. Sometimes the game will try to trick you by flipping the view of the lower screen. Difficulty Upgrades There will be more stars and links.

Divide and Conquer, 20: An object on the top screen will drop to the bottom screen. You have to use the stylus to cut the object as it drops into the lower screen. Difficulty Upgrades There will be smaller items.

Write on, Dude, 20: on the lower screen there will be a representation of a Japanese character. You will have to use the stylus to paint it. Difficulty Upgrades Characters will be more complicated, with more area to paint.

Hookin 'Up, 20: You have to draw a line between a girl and a boy to bring them together. Difficulty Upgrades: Animals will be in the way first, then the animals will be on the move.

Corrections Officer, 20: Circle the answers to the equations. For example, if you have 2 + 2 = 4, circle the 4. Difficulty progression: There will be more answers to circle.

Midnight Weirdo, 20: You must use the flashlight to search the darkness for a man and keep the light pointed at him. Difficulty Upgrades The hidden person will be smaller.

The Proud, the Fuse, 20: Take the rope, guide it through the maze using the stylus, without touching the blocks. Bring it to the fire and light it to start the explosion. Difficulty Upgrades The mazes will get bigger and more complicated.

Ring Master, 10: You have rings of different sizes in the lower screen. You have to take one, connect it to another, then this one to yet another, until all the rings are connected. Difficulty Upgrades There will be more rings.

Shoo !, 10: There will be flies. You have to touch the screen with the stylus to scare them, quickly. Once there are only a few left, you can touch them directly to make them fly away. Difficulty Upgrades: More flies.

In the Loop, 20: You will have some buttons on a white background. You have to circle the buttons, but not too big or it will disappear. Difficulty Upgrades: More buttons first, then more scattered, then moving.

Hi, Wire !, 10: The character wants to go home, but there is no bridge. Using the stylus you have to draw a bridge from where he is to his house. But you can't draw it too high or too low. Within the time limit, the character must arrive home. Difficulty Upgrades: There will be spikes in the center of the area.

Ramp It Up, 15: A ball goes down some ramps in a box. A ramp is missing. You have to draw it yourself, to make the ball complete the course. Difficulty Upgrades There will be more holes in the course. Then there will be eddies to avoid.

Galaxy Bounce, 7: a ball falls off a ledge, you have to make it bounce to the moon. You have to draw some protrusions with the stylus, but in the right place, as the ball bounces around. You can't drop the ball; no time limit. Difficulty Upgrades There will be clouds, slowing the ball and sometimes causing it to change direction.

6. Ashley

Seperation Anxiety, 25: You have two categories of objects, you have to separate the objects by moving them into suitable boxes. Difficulty Upgrades There will be more items.

Farm Fresh, 15: The animals have escaped, you have to catch them using the stylus, and bring them back to the pen. Difficulty Upgrades: More animals.

Basket Case, 20: A person on the top screen will drop a ball, and you, the person on the bottom screen, must move to catch it. Difficulty Upgrades: The person above throws the ball in another direction; the person above throws different objects.

Greedy Hands, 20: there are scattered coins; you have to take them and put them in the bag. Difficulty Upgrades: More Coins.

I'm # 1 !, 15: rings fall, you have to move your finger on the screen at the bottom to put the rings in them. Difficulty progression: more rings; other objects will fall.

Rock Fever, 10: You have to find viruses compatible with those shown on the top screen. If you move the stylus down, the view moves up. Fortunately, you have a radar. Difficulty Upgrades: More viruses to find; viruses may be the same color.

On Strike, 10: Light a match, swiping it on the rough side of the box quickly. Difficulty Upgrades The box will be narrower.

Drop in a Bucket, 20: drops of water are falling from the ceiling. You have to move the bucket with the stylus to get them. Difficulty Upgrades You will need to take more drops.

Sugar Rush, 10: candies are scattered around the screen, you have to catch them. Pull out the character's tongue and bring it to the candy, then release it when he has taken them all. Difficulty Upgrades: The more candy, the candy will fly.

Pipe Dream, 20: try the object with the stylus, and put it in the pipe. Eventually it turns into a new product. Difficulty Upgrades Longer and more complex tubes.

Birdcicle, 25: A penguin wants to cross the bridge, but you have to make it yourself with blocks of ice or it will fall into the water. Difficulty Upgrades: More blocks to move.

Sneeze, Please !, 20: There will be a nostril on the screen. You have to make her sneeze. Use the feather by placing it in the nostril and moving it. Difficulty Upgrades The nose will move. Fatapult, 10: There will be a person on one side of a swing, you have to move the fat person to the other side in order for the thinner person to strike the bell. Difficulty Upgrade: You'll need to put the fat guy on the swing two or three times.

Catch of the Day, 10: Using a net, you have to catch the fish. Use the stylus. Difficulty Upgrades There will be more fish.

Cheap Thrill, 25: On the top screen you will be shown an object, on the bottom screen there will be several objects. You will have to find the one that corresponds to the object above, then take it with the stylus and put it in the shopping cart. Difficulty Upgrades: Objects will be rotated differently; there will be more useless items; you will have to buy more items.

Fill 'er Up, 20: You need to fill a vase beyond the red dotted line, but you don't want it to overflow. You have to open the ceiling on the lower screen using the red handles. You can restrict the flow by partially closing. Difficulty Upgrades Larger items, so it will fill up faster. Don't Blow It, 10: You are lighting candles on a cake. You have to take the match and put it on the wick before the time limit runs out. Difficulty Upgrades: More Candles.

Chance of Showers, 10: There is fire on the mountain. You have to put it out, moving a statue so that it can extinguish the flames, in a rather unusual way. Difficulty Upgrades Bigger fire, then less accessible.

Oh, the Irony, 15: you have a piece of cloth on the bottom screen, you need to iron it. Use the iron. Difficulty Upgrades: More creases, bigger clothes.

Very Attractive, 15: You have amgnets on a table, you have to pass a pin on the path with arrows to cross the finish line. Difficulty progression: more magnets, longer path.

Global Warning, 7: invasion of aliens, you have to stop them. On the screen below you have to take the earth and make it dodge the fire of the enemy planets, then you will see a human in a meteor field. Take the human, who will become the moon. With the moon, you will be able to fire back, and you will find the alien general quartir. Shoot the latter while dodging enemy fire to win; no time limit. Difficulty Upgrades: Tougher HQ more firepower against you; higher rate of fire; more meteors.

7. Dr. Crygor

Free Range, 10: you have to free an animal from the cage. There is a hole in it, you have to rotate the cage so that the animal falls out of the hole. Difficulty Upgrades Larger Cages, Smaller Holes.

Heads Will Roll, 10: You'll need to roll a snowball and collect more snow in the process. Use the stylus, making it rotate inside the snowball. Difficulty Upgrades Smaller snowballs at the start.

Space Buffet, 15: a black hole that has to eat all nearby objects. Touch the swirls of the black hole in the southeast corner, and trace them so that they acquire more gravity. Difficulty Upgrades Objects get heavier and farther away.

Big as a Whale, 15: you are a fisherman, you have to catch the fish. Hold the reel handle, and move it clockwise. Difficulty Upgrades: You will need to wait for the fish to be hooked before you can start drawing the line.

Watered Down, 20: You want to fill a bucket of water, to do this, you have to turn a wheel to open the water. You cannot overflow it or go beyond the second red line. To stop the flow, turn the wheel to the left. Difficulty Upgrades: The lines between required water and excess water are closer.

Goin 'Loopy, 10: You have to swing the stylus around the eyes of a person or animal to stun it and make it fall. Difficulty Upgrades People / Animals will move.

Engine Trouble, 10: the plane has an engine problem. You have to rotate the rudder with the stylus to make it take off. Difficulty Upgrades You will need to rotate the rudder more before you can let go.

Catch a Tune, 20: You must find a working radio channel. Turn the radio selector wheel with the stylus until you hear only a clean note. Difficulty Upgrades: There will be more channels and more room for the working channel to select.

Unwind, 15: the portrait of the animal is quite confusing; turning the animal on the lower screen makes the image even more blurry. Rotating the animal in the other direction makes the image more defined. You have to find out which way to rotate it. Difficulty Upgrades Animals will be more distorted.

Stroke of Genius, 20: Swim competition, you have to move the swimmer's shoulder muscles in a circular motion. Difficulty Upgrades You will need to swim on your back.

Drop the Ball, 15: There is a ball trapped in a box, you have to rotate the box using the stylus to get it out. Difficulty Upgrades: More complex boxes.

Track and Field, 10: There is a cart with apples, you have to move the tracks clockwise or counterclockwise so that the cart can continue. Difficulty Upgrades Both sides of the track will be broken.

Straight to Video, 20: on the top screen, the image of a videotape, on the bottom screen you have to rewind the tape or forward it so that the video is at the same time as the one in the screen above, rotating counterclockwise or clockwise . Difficulty Upgrades: The moments are further apart.

Fried Goodness, 20: An animal eats a circular piece of food. He can only eat one portion, and you have to rotate the rest of the food with the stylus. Difficulty Upgrades Food is larger in size.

Good Times, 20: A clock on the top screen, you have to match it to the one on the bottom screen. Difficulty Upgrades: The time difference is greater.

I'm Gonna Hurl, 15: a hammer thrower at the Olympics. You have to rotate it to gain speed and strength, then it has to throw, stopping the stylus at the top center; you must have reached at least one red line, of strength. Difficulty Upgrades: The space in which to throw the hammer (not on the grass) becomes narrower and smaller.

Flower to Tower, 20: A guy has to reach the top of a tower by climbing into a basket to reach the woman. A guard shoots arrows. You have to move the wheel in the southeast corner clockwise with the stylus. You will also need to stop in time to avoid getting hit at times. Difficulty Upgrades One bird will fly from right to left, then there will be a second guard.

Gym Locker, 15: From the flashing point, go left or right the number of times indicated, then go back to the flashing point, repeat. Difficulty Upgrades: Longer combinations.

Spin a Yarn, 25: there will be a ball of thread, move the stylus around it to untangle it. Difficulty Upgrades: More thread to unravel.

Luna-see, 10: you have a telescope, you have to find the moon. At the top you have the view from the telescope, at the bottom a two-dimensional view. Move the telescope with the stylus. Difficulty Upgrades The moon is only half full, then only a quarter full.

Living Room Rally, 7: you are a toy car that has to escape from a child. On your path, some walls. You have to turn the remote control wheel to avoid accidents. No time limit. Difficulty Upgrades: Longer and more complicated routes.

8. 9-Volt

Super Mario Bros., 20: Hit the blocks with the flashing question mark to get money. Also look for blocks that are different from the others, to get more money and hidden blocks. Difficulty Upgrades You will need to collect more money.

The Legend of Zelda, 25: You must capture the fairies. Just touch them on the screen. Difficulty Upgrades You will need to capture more fairies.

Duck Hunt, 15: Whenever something flies on the lower screen, you have to tap it. Difficulty Upgrades There will be more items.

Metroid, 20: Take the metroid that attaches to Samus and keep it away from her until time runs out. Difficulty Upgrades: Increase the number of metroids.

Game & Watch Toss Up, 20: Juggle a ball. Difficulty Upgrades: Increase the number of balls.

Pushing Buttons, 20: on the screen at the top you are shown which button to press, press it. Difficulty progression: later the system with the button to press will be displayed from the top or from the back, you will have to rotate it using the stylus to see its front side.

Mario Paint, 10: you have to color objects using the stylus, passing over the images. Difficulty Upgrades: More figures to color.

Game On, 20: You are shown a GameCube, you have to do one or more of three actions: attack the controller by grabbing and plugging it in, insert a disc, and / or close the lid by grabbing and lowering it. Difficulty Upgrades You will need to take more than one action.

8-Bit Hero, 10: On both screens, you will see colored pixel enlargements. You need to locate the single pixel on the lower screen other than those on the upper screen, and tap it. Difficulty Upgrades There will be more pixels in the image.

Game & Watch Flagman, 20: You will be given several digits to memorize, then you will have to touch the digits on the lower screen with the stylus. Difficulty progression: more digits to memorize.

Gold Digger, 15: A hand that moves from right to left, ready to approach a nose. You have to touch button A, which will make the finger move. Difficulty Upgrades: Hand moves faster; you have to put two fingers in your nostrils.

Super Mario Bros., 25: You must defeat the enemies before the time limit ends by touching them. Difficulty Upgrades: More enemies to defeat.

Button Masher, 20: You have to remember A on an NES controller to do one of three things - shoot a shooter, hit objects flying towards you, hit a boxer while standing on guard. Difficulty Upgrades: Increase your speed.

Game & Watch Oil Panic, 20: Oil falls from the ceiling. You have to take it with the container. Difficulty Upgrades: More oil.

Clawing for More, 20: You have to take an orb. Bring the bottom down to make everything else go up, and take the orb. Then bring the bottom back to tilt the top. Difficulty Upgrades There will be bombs.

Donkey Kong 3, 15: you are mario, you have to defeat Donkey Kong. You have to get Donkey Kong up to the hive by blowing. Difficulty Upgrades Donkey Kong to climb higher, then he'll be on the move.

Balloon Fight, 20: You have to touch all the balloons on the screen that carry enemies, using the stylus. Difficulty Upgrades: More enemies.

Hogan's Alley, 25: You must hit the invaders as soon as they are visible. Be careful not to hit civilians. Difficulty Upgrades: More enemies.

Game & Watch Lion, 10: The lions are escaping from the cages, but you can stop them by standing in front of them. You have two goalkeepers, move them left and right with the stylus so that they block the lions before they escape. Difficulty Upgrades: More lions. Famicom, 25: spaceship, against alien army. There are two other games: in the first you are an explorer fighting a wizard or a horde of zombies, in the second a wrestler against another. Blow on the screen or microphone to beat them. Difficulty Upgrades Speed ​​increases.

Gunslinger, 7: You have to shoot red and blue things to the left of the screen by touching them, then you have to touch large barrels. No time limit. Difficulty Upgrades: More items.

9. Mike

Spindy Day, 10: Blow on the screen to rotate a flower. Difficulty Upgrades Larger Flowers.

Sweet Nothings, 15: Blow on the screen to make the shown person blow into another person's ear. Difficulty Upgrades The person will be on the move. Then, you'll need to blow it into both of the other person's ears.

Pop Art, 15: blow to inflate a bubble made with chewing-gum. Be careful not to blow too much or it will burst. Difficulty Upgrades Larger bubbles to inflate.

Call of Nature, 15: on the top screen is an animal. On the bottom one of the animal heads, and a man blowing on them. When he blows on the right one, blow on the screen below. Difficulty Upgrades: More heads on the bottom screen.

Cup Runneth Over, 15: Blow the screen to release the bubbles from the glass. Difficulty Upgrades Larger Glasses.

Winter Fresh, 10: Blow on the screen to mist up a window. Difficulty Upgrades: Takes more time to fog up the window.

Light Sleeper, 20: You have to blow to make the man blow down, which will make another man levitate. Difficulty Upgrades: Arrows will be shot, avoid hitting the levitating guy.

Admiral Blowhard, 20: You must blow to get the ship through the barrels without being hit. Difficulty Upgrades: More Barrels.

Cool It, 10: you have to cool an object on the screen above by blowing on it. Difficulty Upgrades Hottest Items.

Rising Inflation, 10: you have to inflate a balloon. Blow on the screen. Difficulty Upgrades: Larger Balls.

Crowd Control, 10: You have to blow away the fans around you. Difficulty Upgrades: More fans.

Deep Breath, 10: a boy is drowning, you have to lift him by blowing on the screen. Difficulty Upgrades: There will be fish and other animals moving, you have to stop the boy to let the animals pass so they don't attack him.

Abdominal Blowman, 10: you have to blow for the person to get up, then stop, let him go down, repeat. Difficulty Upgrades: More lifts.

Clearing the Air, 10: you have to blow the smoke away. Difficulty Upgrades: More smoke.

Lung Capacity, 10: You are playing a trumpet. You have to blow. Difficulty Upgrades: More notes to play.

In Your Face, 15: You and an opponent blow, to send you a thorn that could hurt you. Difficulty Upgrades: The thorn begins to get closer; then the number will increase.

Silent but Deadly, 15: The boy moves, blow when the blowgun is in line with the target. Difficulty Upgrades: More objects to hit.

Hit the Gust, 25: A truck that has to avoid rocks. Blow to move the truck. Difficulty Upgrades Tighter Passages.

Over Easy, 10: you have to overturn an object on the table, blowing. Difficulty Upgrades Heavier Items.

On the Fly, 15: A plane has to pass through a hole, but it has no energy. Blow to provide the right amount. Difficulty Upgrades: Smaller hole, then moving.

Seedy Area, 7: a seed that must reach an island. You have to keep it flying by blowing. No time limit. Difficulty Upgrades: More obstacles, longer path.

10. Wario Man

Bubble Head, 25: Touch the falling bubbles to pop them with the stylus. Difficulty Upgrades: More bubbles.

You Scratch Mine, 20: You have to scratch Wario's back with the stylus until he says "Excellent!". Difficulty Upgrades You will need to scratch the back of two people.

Hot Flash, 20: You have to take off Wario's clothes with the stylus. Difficulty Upgrades More Clothing.

Launch Line, 20: You must draw a line connecting the rocket cables and the launch button cable. Then press the button. Difficulty Upgrades: Middle aliens, then moving aliens.

Scrambled Egg, 20: A spinning gear, you have to stop it and drop the egg. You have to put the stylus on the circumference of the gear and hold still. Difficulty Upgrades: The wheel spins longer, then it will move.

Short Fuse, 20: on the screen at the top you are shown the color of the cables to be cut with the stylus on the screen at the bottom. Difficulty Upgrades: More cables.

Shoot, 20: Touch the gloves when they flash to box. Difficulty Upgrades: You will need to tap the gloves several times.

Where's Wario, 15: you have to rotate the sphere until the face is centered, and then put it in the center. Difficulty Upgrade: Several mini-characters around, you have to hit the one with Wario's head.

Air Male, 15: take the pump with the stylus and move it to inflate the balloons. Difficulty Upgrades The pump gets smaller.

Wanna Slice ?, 10: you have to cut the pizza, first by rotating it so that the lines coincide with the wheel, then by moving the latter. Difficulty Upgrades: More slices.

Nitpicking, 20: You have to hit the flies that flutter around. Difficulty Upgrades: More flies.

Fan Fair, 10: Use the stylus to move the helicopter so that it holds the money up and it can't fall. Difficulty Upgrades: Possibly higher severity, but apparently none.

Daily Grind, 25: One date on the top screen, and another on a calendar on the bottom. You have to tear the pages off the calendar to make the dates match. Difficulty Upgrades: Dates further apart.

Feel the Beat, 20: Hit Wario's head when he pops out of the drums. Difficulty Upgrades: More drums.

Domino Theory, 20: You have to knock down the domino pieces, touching Wario. Difficulty Upgrades You will need to retrieve some missing pieces with the stylus and put them in the right place.

Upper Cut, 10: When Wario gets over the fist, use the stylus to move him and attack Wario. Difficulty Upgrades: None apparently.

Dead Simon Says, 20: A skeleton in a pose in the top screen. You have to reproduce the pose with the skeleton down. Difficulty Upgrades: More bones to move.

Buried Treasure, 10: Blow on the screen to remove the sand. Then take the coin with the stylus. Difficulty Upgrades: More sand.

It'll Grow Back, 10: Grab the lizard's tail with the stylus, then detach it. Difficulty Upgrades: Two Tails.

The Crate Escape, 20: Take the crates that Wario is carrying and place them on top of the others, when they reach the bridge you have won. Difficulty Upgrades The tower is shorter at the start of the game.

Being Nosy, 7: Wario is looking for gold. He will be attacked by some plants. Cut off the ends that attach it with the stylus. Then rocks will fall. Touch them to stop them. Then there will be some drops of water, to be dodged by holding the stylus on Wario, which will cause him to bend down. Then attack of rolling rocks, to touch, more water, and finally the plant again. At this point the cave will start to flood, you have to use the stylus holding him on Wario and moving him up or down to exit the cave. Difficulty Upgrades: More obstacles in the way.

11. Toys

You can get toys in the following ways: by beating the maximum score for a character; beating the maximum score of each character's mini-game; achieving a special score; beating the maximum score for each character and all mini-games.

The games in which to achieve high scores are: Air Dude, Big Hurl, Juggle Boy, Orbit Ball, Pyoro T, Snore Rope.

Air Dude: You have to keep slipping a dude, blow on the microphone.

Air Toss 2000: Blow into the microphone to levitate the ball.

Big Hurl: Similar to the hammer throw game.

Bubble Blaster: blow into the microphone to let the bubbles come out.

Calculator: subtract / add two or more numbers, press “=” for the solution, and “C” to cancel.

Clacker: take one ball, drop it, it will hit the other, making it swing.

Custard: move some cream with the stylus.

Game Credits: Unlocked by beating the level of Wario Man.

Grandma Simulator: blow on the screen to cool the tea.

Juggle Boy: touch the hand with the object using the stylus, the object passes into the other hand, touch it to go over the object; later we will add objects.

Kitchen Timer: you can set the timer, press start to start it.

Light Show: scribble on the screen with the stylus, the marks will become a color, then fade.

Metronome: Touch the moving hand and move it.

Orbit Ball: Draw ledges to bounce a ball.

Party Tooter: Blow into the microphone to make the siren sound.

Pet Brine Buddies: Grab the magnifying glass with the stylus and move it to see the smaller creatures.

Pet Chameleon: Pull down a new wallpaper and the chameleon will change color to match.

Pet Parrot: Speak into the microphone, eventually the parrot will start repeating what you say.

Piano: play by pressing the keys as you like.

Play By Ear: you have to choose between the buttons on the DS, and then blow into the microphone to make the harmonica sound.

Pong-Ping: A multiplayer ping-pong game, one player uses R, the other L. Just press to push the ball back.

Pyoro T: to unlock it you need to get the silver crown for each character. You have to protect some flowers by pulling the character away from the enemies to attack them.

Reel-to-Reel: Use the stylus to move the wheels forward or backward to view a movie.

Snore Rope: Blow into the microphone to hold a dude on a rope.

Snow Man: you have to grow a snowball by rolling it with the stylus.

Spirometer: blow into the microphone to pressurize the air in the spirometer, causing the ball to rise.

They Hunger: Tap the screen and small creatures will run towards the stylus. Leave them alone and they will create shapes.

Turntable: To unlock it, beat the high score in all the scoring games listed above. You will be able to listen to some songs.

Wario Paint: You can paint various parts of Wario's head by selecting a color with the stylus, then a part of the head.

Wario Spinner: blow into the microphone.

Yo-Yo: Touch the yo-yo to make it go down, then touch it up to make it rise.

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3. Mona
4. Jimmy T.
5th Floor + Main
6. Ashley
7. Dr. Crygor
8. 9-Volt
9. Mike
10. Wario Man
11. Toys

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