The Complete Walkthrough of Broken Sword: The Secret of the Templars

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The solution is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences for the Spanish version.

Chapter 1

Your adventures will begin immediately after the Café explodes. Grab the abandoned newspaper under the lamppost on your right, then enter the bomb-ravaged room. Examine the old man's corpse, then talk to the girl (no matter what response you give). Exit, and head left. You will be blocked by a couple of cops, who will lead you back to the Café. Once the interrogation is over, exit the Café again and you will meet Nicole, an attractive photojournalist. Using all the arguments at your disposal, you will get her phone number. Go left again, and chat with the guy from the road construction site. Show him Inspector Rosso's business card, hand him the newspaper, and when he leaves his workplace, take a T-shaped tool from the toolbox in the right-hand curtain. bow in the square. You will arrive in an alley, where there is a manhole, which you can open using the T-shaped tool.

Grab the clown's nose (the red dot on the sidewalk to the right), then follow the passage into the sewers. Once you get to the new screen, take the handkerchief and the fragment of the dress. Go up the ladder to the right and you will arrive in the courtyard of a house (this is the house to the right of the road yard from before). You will meet a really ... singular goalkeeper. Have a chat, first showing him Rosso's business card to 'tame' him a bit. By showing him the piece of clothing, you will get a new track. Keep questioning him using all the arguments at your disposal, then go out on the road. Use the gray box on the ground next to the excavation (this is a telephone). Your 'note pad' will appear where Nicole's phone number should be marked. Call her and go to Rue Jarry.

Chapter 2

Try to open the central door, then talk to the florist and ask her about Nicole and how to get in. After she reveals the trick to open the door, go up to Nicole. Show your new friend the piece of tissue found in the sewers, and you'll get a photo of the killer as a result. Then show her the clown nose - you will find out the address of the costume shop where it was bought. Then use all the arguments at your disposal to find out everything Nicole knows about this murder and the two similar ones that happened in the past. Use Nicole's phone to call Todryx (it's the tailor who made the green dress with yellow stripes you found a fragment of in the sewers), but she won't be able to tell you anything until you know the killer's name.

Then go to the costume shop, and talk to the owner. There is no point asking him about the clown, as a large number of costumes of that type are rented. Then show him Nicole's photo to find out the killer's name, Khan. You will also discover that he has bought a second costume, this time as a goblin. Finally, show him the piece of fabric. Before going out, the shopkeeper will give you, after letting you try it, an electric 'joke'. Go back to Nicole on Rue Jarry and tell her about the clown's name, Khan. Use his phone to call Todryx. Now that you know the killer's name, Todryx will be able to reveal his residence, the Ubu Hotel. Exit Nicole's apartment and reach this hotel.

Chapter 3

Avoid talking to the two henchmen outside, and immediately enter the hotel. Speaking with the guy at the reception you won't get away much, so try to get the keys hanging at the bottom of the table, then chat first with the gentleman sitting in the center of the hall and then with the lady who is playing the piano, which will prove to be much more useful. . Use all the arguments at your disposal, even repeating sentences, until he decides to reveal to you that Khan's real name is Moerlin. You will also discover that this Moerlin left documents in the safe. By continuing to use the arguments at your disposal, you will convince her to) cooperate: he will go to the reception and distract the guy, thus allowing you to take the key hanging at the end of the counter. Immediately go up the stairs, and use the keys from the reception to open the first door on the right. There is nothing in this room, so open the window and go out. Walk along the narrow ledge to the window on the right and enter. You have finally arrived at Khan's room, aka Moerlin. Examine the briefcase next to the bed, then exit the room - you will see Moerlin arrive, and you will lock yourself in the closet in his room.
After the killer is gone, examine the pants that are now on the bed for a box of matches and ID. Exit the room, through the door, and go back to the reception. The guy, as usual, will refuse to cooperate, so go back to the lady at the piano and show her Moerlin's ID for help a second time. In fact, the lady will lay siege to the guy at the reception, who will eventually give you the document left by Moerlin. Go up the stairs, go through the first door on the right using the usual keys, then go out on the ledge and throw the parchment in the alley (you can do this when using the scroll icon on the alley, the magnifying glass appears). Go back to the reception and exit. You will be blocked by the two henchmen, who will search you but obviously find nothing. Go to the alley and get the parchment, then go back to Nicole.

Together with your photojournalist friend, you will examine the document, and discover the history of the Templars. Show Nicole the box of matches, and ask her about the briefcase and manuscript. She will advise you to visit the Musee Crune, where André Lobinau can help you. Before leaving, review the four parts of the manuscript. Once you enter the museum, talk to the guard to find out that André is not currently in the museum. Talking to him about the manuscript and the Templars, you will discover that the guard is not very 'knowledgeable' in history. Examine the tripod on the bulletin board, and you will find that it was found in a small town in Ireland. Exit the museum and go back to Nicole. Your friend will report further information on the subject, quoting Professor Peagram. At this point, you are ready to go all the way to Ireland. Select the airport and then the country of clovers.

The Complete Walkthrough of Broken Sword: The Secret of the Templars

Chapter 4

Talk to the kid outside the bar using all the arguments available to you. After that, enter the bar. You will have to deal with somewhat 'tough' types, so every time you talk to someone, use all the arguments at your disposal, using them until they disappear or your interlocutor begins to repeat himself. Talk to the bespectacled guy (Sean Fitzegerald) first, then talk to the one sitting on the right. When you finish with the latter, you will notice that every now and then he pulls out a piece of wire. You will have to grab it quickly, as you will need it soon. Then talk to the guy sitting in the corner of the counter (O'Brien-tell him you're NOT a reporter) and his friend who has his back to you. At the end of the conversations, you will know that Sean Fitzegerald has certainly worked in the excavations of Peagram, despite the fact that he denies it. Talk to the owner of the place and ask him for accommodation, then go out and talk to the boy. You will discover that Sean received a package from the professor. Go back into the pub and ask him about Peagram and the package. The tapino will flee out of the club, and as the boy will tell you, he will be hit by a Ferrari. Exit, talk to the kid, then use the control box that was gutted in the accident (located at the bottom left of the pub door). This will disable the beer pumps. Go inside the pub and ask the owner of the place for a beer, who will find that the pumps and washing machine are out of order. Offer to help him by showing him Moerlin's ID (which says 'electrician' as a profession). He will ask you for a proof, that is to put his glass washing machine in place first. Use the wire on the socket of this machine, then go down to the cellars. In the dark, the only operation allowed is to operate the lever that you can see in the middle of the screen. Exit the cellar and the pub, and open the grate on the sidewalk. Moerlin will appear (finally, face to face). After he appears, head back to the cellar, where you will automatically find and grab a flashlight and gem. Go back outside the pub and walk along the path on the right to get to the castle you have heard so much about.

You will soon meet a guy lying on a wagon full of straw bales. Talk to him using all the arguments at your disposal, while continuing to use the Sean icon. The guy, who is Sean's uncle, will go off in search of his nephew, leaving you free to play. Climb the pile of straw, then use the T-tool in the hole to your left to be able to scale the last section of the wall. You will then arrive inside the castle, where a hateful goat prevents you from moving freely. Try to go down the hatch, and you will be rejected by the goat. Immediately, run to the left side of the screen and use the wooden beam to imprison the goat. Go down the hatch and examine the table on the right, where you will find some plaster of Paris. Use the statue at the foot of the chapel - you'll drop it to the ground. Raising it, you will find that it has marked the floor. Pour the plaster into the holes, then go back to the pub. Grab the towel (it's under the elbow of the guy in front of O'Brien, on the counter). To get it, you'll have to wait for the guy to raise his arm to drink. Go down to the cellar, turn on the tap and wet the towel two or three times under running water. Go back to the castle, go down the hatch and use the towel on the plaster to harden it. Take the cast and use it in the holes on the wall to open a passage. Go inside and examine the tapestry with the word Montfauçon. You will automatically return to Nicole's in Paris.

Chapter 5

First go to André in the museum and ask him about Montfauçon, Peagram and the Templars. Then talk to him about Nicole two or three times, then exit and go to the Police Station. Talk to Moue (the freaked sergeant) and question him about everything, especially Marquet, until he reveals the name of the hospital where he is staying. Then talk to Red until he leaves in disgust. Time to visit friend Marquet - then head to the hospital. Go inside and talk to the nurse at the reception (tell her you are not a relative of Marquet). Show her Moerlin's papers, then question her about everything, especially the black nurse, until she tells you where the ward you're looking for is. Walk down the hall to the left, then talk to the guy who is polishing the floor. Unplug it from the polisher (it's in the left corridor), then open the red door. Continue through the corridor at the bottom left and you will arrive in the lane you were looking for. After talking to the nurse and the patients in bed, try to go to the right. You will be blocked by a sick person, who will ask you to take his blood pressure. You can try, in any case he will not make you pass for manifest incompetence. Go back to the reception and talk to the older doctor (the one who doesn't move). He will assign you the nephew who has just graduated. Go back to your ward, give the manometer to the doctor who follows you and tell him to take the blood pressure to the guy in the third bed. This way, you can continue to the right and enter Marquet's room.

You will automatically return to Nicole's apartment, with whom you will have to talk about the Templars, Marquet and the Hashashasin. Then go to André in the museum and ask him about the Templars, Philip the Fair and the Hashashasins. After that, wait for the guard to turn around and not check you and operate the mechanism on the left of the window to open it. The guard will run to close it, and you will have plenty of time to open the sarcophagus on the right and hide in there. Night will fall, and thieves will arrive. Who but the gangster couple? As soon as possible, use the totem on your right to knock out the gangsters and activate the alarm. You will find yourself again in the apartment of Nicole, aka the 'cat woman', who will give you the tripod and will inform you of the developments of the situation. Go back to the museum and talk to André, asking him about the manuscript until the icon disappears. After that, go to the airport and select Spain as your destination.

The Complete Walkthrough of Broken Sword: The Secret of the Templars

Chapter 6

Talk to the grumpy gardener (tell him he did NOT win the lottery). Then go to the left and use the doctor's pressure gauge on the rubber tube. Then enter the villa and go to the iron gate at the far right to attract the dogs. Hide behind the armor, then go up the stairs and talk to the Countess, asking her about the Templars and chess. You will be taken to the medieval chapel of the Vasconcellos. Examine the altar and move the Bible, then examine the lectern. Talk to the Countess, and ask her again about the Templars, chess and chess pieces. Lopez will bring you the medieval chessboard and you will have to solve a chess puzzle. You can only move the pieces of the middle row: place the king between the two red knights (fourth space from the top), the bishop in the first space from the top and the knight in the third space. In this way, you will recover an ancient chalice and find yourself in Nicole's usual apartment.

Say goodbye to Nicole and go to Montfauçon. Talk to the juggler (using all arguments) until he makes you try to use the balls. Talk to the cop sitting at the table after the fool (again all arguments and showing him the red nose) and then talk to the juggler again. The second time, using the red nose, you will make the crowd laugh. The juggler and the policeman will get out of the way and you can use the T-tool on the manhole to go down under Montfauçon. Examine the three panels on the wall to the right. Use the T-tool on the first from the right to break through it, use the lever of the boat to drop the chain, take this chain and attach it to the broken door, then pull the lever again to completely gut the opening. Examine the light source on the left - you will see the conspirators at work. Examine it a second time, then go down the stairs when your enemies leave, and use the tripod on the raised cylinder in the center. Put the gem on the tripod and you can read the name of your next destination: Marib! Go back to Nicole and talk to her to find out more about Marib, then head to the airport.

Chapter 7

Talk to the kid on the left and when you're done with the arguments, show him the red ball taken from the Montfauçon juggler - you'll find he'd do anything for that red ball! Then talk to the two American tourists to find out that the woman wants a vintage 'souvenir' at all costs. Finally, take the passage on the right. Give the matchbox to the carpet seller to find out about the move to an exclusive club. Once you arrive, chat with the taxi driver for a while, then try to open the bathroom door (the one on the right) and read the sign, which you will have to get translated by the taxi driver. Go back to the market and examine the kebab vendor (using the RIGHT mouse button) - you will find that he is using the toilet brush to season the food! Then talk to the kid on the left, who will send you to the kebab vendor with a 'kind' phrase. Indeed, the vendor will run after you with murderous intent. Go back to the boy, who in exchange for the ball will give you the 'borrowed' brush while you were distracting the rightful owner. Go back to the exclusive room, give the little brush to the guy behind the counter, take the keys and enter the bathroom, opening the door with the same keys. Use the keys to open the dispenser on the left and take the towel. Also take the 'rope' from the toilet. Exit and go back to the market. You will notice that the boy is playing with the ball: examine the cat, and as soon as it moves, ring the bell on the table. Pick up the figurine and use the greasy handkerchief to polish it. Now you can show it to the American tourist, who will want it at all costs. Give the statue to the husband to get the money you need. Go back to the exclusive venue, talk to the taxi driver and select the bull hill. Go back to the market and give the taxi driver the towel to allow him to repair the vehicle.

Take the branch from the bare tree on the left, then use it with the half of the towel in your possession. Use it on the large hole in the rock on the right at the bottom of the screen, then use the hand-made ladder to go down to the plateau below. Examine the hole in the rock on the left at the base of the rock face and pull the metal ring to open a secret passage. Go inside and examine Klausner's corpse, then take a look at the map on the left and the idol on the right. Khan will save you from the trap, but at the same time he will want to eliminate you soon after. It doesn't matter what you choose to answer until he asks you how you want to die. Tell him you want to die a man, and our George will play a good joke on Khan. While he is stunned, choose to jump off the plateau rather than take the revolver. And in the blink of an eye, you will be back on Rue Jarry.

The Complete Walkthrough of Broken Sword: The Secret of the Templars

Chapter 8

Talk to Nicole and show her the lenses. Go out and select Montfauçon as your destination. Instead of going down, this time go up the stairs, examine the window on the right and talk to the priest. Ask him about the stained glass window and the Templars, then show him your chalice. He will offer to clean it up, and you will have to accept. Meanwhile, examine the statue to his right, then use the roll of paper he is holding. Then place the lens on this roll of paper and use it again. Talk to the priest, who will give you the chalice back, and tell him what you saw in the window. Then, examine the second tomb leaning against the wall at the back of the room: you have just found the burial place of Don Carlos de Vasconcellos!

Go to the museum and talk to André to find out more about the Latin phrase read under the hill of the bull and about Baphomet. You will discover that a statue of this unique god has been discovered in Paris. Exit and head to the Baphomet Site. Go through the gate on the right and talk to the guard. Try to open the wooden door on the right and talk to the guard again, asking him for the toilet keys. Use them to open the door, then examine the sink and grab the bar of soap. Use the keys with the soap and then the plaster of Paris in the soap to get a perfect cast. Finally, use the soap with the sink to harden the plaster. Go out, give the key back to the guard, go up and try to use the key in the paint bucket. The bricklayer will chase you away badly. Go down and use the phone at the back of the room. Go back to the bricklayer and tell him there's a phone call for him, and while he's away use the keys in the paint bucket. Go back downstairs and use the thermostat to the left of the guard. Talk to the guard, get your keys back and go to the bathroom. Now replace your cast with the key to the door, go out (the guard will have been wearing gloves for the cold) and give him the set of keys. Call Nicole again, who will distract the guard this time. When the guard and the bricklayer start arguing, go down the stairs again, open the door on the left with the key and you will finally arrive at the excavation site. What a pain! Examine the statue and the 'pattern' in front of it on the floor, then use the chalice to sweat it. Eventually, you'll find yourself at Nicole's again. Go out and go back to Spain.

Chapter 9

Now Lopez will be much friendlier. Go to the Countess and tell her what you have discovered. Now you will have to look for a Bible. Reach the medieval chapel (you will reach it from the garden, behind Lopez). Enter the chapel and get the Bible. While you're at it, use the iron rod to close the top window, then place the grease-soaked handkerchief on the stick and set it on fire with one of the altar candles. Finally, use the iron rod to light the candle hanging from the ceiling. In this way, you will find a bizarre key. Go back to the Countess, talk to her and show her the golden key: she will approve your work, as well as read you the verses of the Bible that interest you. Go down the stairs and take the mirror on your left in the tool annex. Go out and talk to Lopez and ask him about the well. Go to the left (where you previously tied the barrel tube with the pressure gauge), take a branch from the core that grows next to the house of the de Vasconcellos and deliver it to Lopez. You will arrive, in a rather bizarre way, at the well. Examine the lion's head and use it twice. Finally, use the mirror on the rays of light coming from the opening of the well, and insert the key in the key you will have noticed.

Talk to Nicole, then exit the compartment. The conductor will make you re-enter. Exit a second time and continue to the left until you meet one of the two gangsters. Go back to your cabin - you will find that Nicole is missing! Enter the cabin on the left and talk to the more sober of the two guys. Open the window and exit to reach the roof. Go to the right, then jump to the next car and go down using the ladder on the side of the car. You will arrive just as the situation is deteriorating: you will only have a few seconds to apply the handbrake on your left.

Get out of the wagon. You will automatically arrive at a dilapidated keep, dating back to the English Civil War. Go inside and examine the pile of trash under the window until you find a gear. Examine the machinery on the right, use the crank and finally take the second gear from the machinery itself. Insert the two gears into the eyes of the statue on the side of the door, and then insert the crank into the mouth. You will enter yet another refuge of the Templars; go to the right and ... you will discover the secret of the Templars. We do not reveal anything to you, do not worry !. The last action to take is to use the flashlight on your left. You have just completed Broken Sword!

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