Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the secrets of the Egg Hunt event (Easter)

April is the bearer of great news in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (if you haven't read the review yet, go here). With the change of the month new fish arrived to catch, insects to catch and cherry blossom petals appeared as crafting material. But this month is also the time for the first thematic event. There is Egg hunt, Easter event in which it will be possible to obtain many objects and furnishings to decorate the houses and our inhabitants.

From 5:00 AM on April 4st to 59:13 AM on April XNUMXth it will be possible to go in search of the eggs, necessary material for the new exclusive projects of the game. The first step to getting into this event is to talk around the island with Ovidio, a cute bunny, who will introduce the dynamics of this egg hunt and deliver the first project. If you had not spoken to the character on April XNUMXst, you will still receive a letter with the instructions for creating the first Easter-themed item attached.

How to collect the six types of eggs of the egg hunt

The new material to be collected for the event are colored eggs pasquali which will be of six different types depending on the place where they will be:

  • le aquatic eggs found when fishing in rivers (small and medium shadows);
  • le terrestrial eggs they are excavated in the ground in places with crosses (such as fossils);
  • le rocky eggs they are found by hitting the rocks with the shovel;
  • le wooded eggs they are recovered using the stone ax on the trees;
  • le leafy eggs they drop from trees by shaking them with their bare hands;
  • le heavenly eggs they are collected by hitting the balloons (with colored stripes) to which the gifts are attached;
Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the secrets of the Egg Hunt event (Easter)

It is therefore a question of carrying out all the common activities of the game and hoping to collect the eggs necessary to complete all the furnishings. For get more eggs or the right eggs there are some tips to try to follow. The first is to fish during the day, from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. The second is to play with a second account (second player) to double the found materials and then exchange them. To obtain the number of eggs required for a specific project, they can also be exchanged with Ovid, only on April 12, by donating three eggs of a type and receiving in exchange one of a type of your choice.

Egg Hunt blueprints and how to get them

In total there are eighteen new furnishings. Two of the furnishing projects will be obtained by talking to Ovid, others can be found in bottles by the sea, in packages attached to balloons or by the other inhabitants. In total to create all the furniture projects will be needed one hundred and thirty eggs of which twenty-one aquatic and twenty-one aerial and twenty-two eggs of each of the other types.

List of furniture projects

  • Egg Hunt Bed (obtainable by talking to Ovid)
  • Egg Hunt Bow (obtainable by talking to Ovid)
  • Egg hunt lamp
  • Egg hunt wreath
  • Egg Hunt Balloons Set 1
  • Egg Hunt Balloons Set 2
  • Egg hunt stool
  • Egg hunt table
  • Egg hunt cabinet
  • Toilet egg hunt
  • Egg hunting backpack
  • Egg hunt clock
  • Egg Hunt Festoon
  • Egg Hunt Wreath
  • Egg hunt wall
  • Egg hunt floor
  • Egg hunt carpet
  • Egg hunt fence

Once all the projects have been completed, Ovid will offer you two more reward items for completing the challenge: an Ovid toy and an egg hunt wand.

List of clothing projects

There are also twenty apparel projects that can be made. In reality it is a set that includes eggshell (hat), egg dress and egg shoes that can be made in six different materials depending on the type of eggs used (eighteen projects therefore) plus two specials: an evening egg hat and a evening egg dress. After this you will have all the material to get into the Easter spirit of Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch. Help Did you like the article? Share it!
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