Final Fantasy VII Remake NO SPOILER review + Theories about the Final and the future

My adventure with Final Fantasy VII Remake has ended, at least the first session. It took me 45 hours to smoothly complete several side activities, another 10 hours to try out the extras that unlock once the game is finished. Another 48 hours, finally, to metabolize what I have seen and express a definitive judgment.

A modern work respectful of the original for large sections, able to fully transport in three dimensions some of the characters who have made the history of video games and who, in the final part, seem to want to take a different direction. On the forums a brawl is unleashed between enthusiastic people and others angry towards Tetusuya Nomura and the developers of this Remake; I, despite being a super fan of the original, are inclined to the first thing, intrigued by what will happen with the sequel.

For this review and to optimize my time - avoiding publication in a very long time - I decided to use a different approach for the review, focusing on the video part.

48 minutes, divided into blocks: Introduction, central part NO SPOILER with judgment and vote, the extras present at the end of the main adventure and finally I went freewheeling with the theories on the ending, on how the next chapters will be and on what I've read around.

Here is the video review:

Let me know what you think of this hybrid approach, in the meantime below you will find the cards with structure and rating while at this address, instead, the photo gallery I created, with some slight spoilers but not too much.

Not enough for you? At this address the photographic unboxing, at this the video one, of the 1st Class Edition of Final Fantasy VII Remake.


I played Final Fantasy VII Remake on PlayStation 4 Pro, physical edition.

  • I finished Final Fantasy VII Remake in 45 hours, simultaneously completing 90% of quests and secondary activities.
  • The game takes up about 90 GB on your hard drive, and is divided into chapters that are played in sequence without having to select them
  • A largely linear structure, with small "hubs" available in the sections where secondary activities are addressed
  • There are no specific resolution or frame rate options for the PlayStation 4 Pro
Collectibles and Extras
  • Once the game is over it is possible to select and replay the chapters in difficult mode, maintaining level, equipment, matter. The level cap for this chapter is 50.
  • In hard mode you can get additional upgrade manuals, and participate in additional battles in the Shinra simulators
Game Card
  • Game Name: Final Fantasy VII Remake
  • Release date: April 10 2020
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4
  • Dubbing language: English, Japanese
  • Texts language: Italian
Final Fantasy VII Remake NO SPOILER review + Theories about the Final and the future review

Excellent artistic level, the 3D reinterpretation of some settings of the original is perfect, the characters are reproduced in great detail. From a purely technical point of view, however, we are more in the norm especially as regards the lighting, together with some low resolution textures.


Many pieces from the original soundtrack, a lot of variety, some sumptuous arrangements, up to the main theme "Hollow" of great value. Good quality English dubbing although not always of the same level, technically good Italian translation, but often flat.


The "new" combat system works very well, is fun and does not get bored. Good management of materials outside the Summon, rather useless. Intentionally linear progression of great quality and variety, net of some forced fillers and a couple of less interesting sections.

Total Rating scale
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