Genshin Impact Troublesome Work Walkthrough

Genshin Impact Troublesome Work Walkthrough

In addition to the main storyline of Genshin Impact, you will get some missions with multiple objectives. Here we have a detailed Genshin Impact Troublesome Work overview of those quest lines you get from Lisa, collectively known as Troublesome Work.

Genshin Impact troublesome work

The search will begin when you first meet Lisa in the library located in Mondstadt.

Go upstairs to meet her, and now you need to look closely and remember what she looks like and what she does.

She is a librarian and you will now receive a mission from Lisa to find a book for the library, which was missing for some time.

Your search will begin and you will have to go to different stores around to find that book.

Now during your visits to nearby stores, you can purchase some gifts for Lisa from each store.

Gifts for Lisa

All the vendors in the shop know Lisa, and when you go to the shop and ask them to tell what Lisa likes, they will give you a tip on what to buy.

First, go to the “With Wind Comes Glory” store, and here you have to buy a ragged old doll that Lisa really likes.

Next, go to the “Good Hunters Food Slow Motion”, the vendor will tell you that Lisa is a vegetarian, so buy a vegetarian radish soup for her from this kiosk.

The last shop will be Donna's Flora shop. Go to the shop and buy Lisa's favorite Cecelia.

When you have all three gifts ready for Lisa, talk to Donna again, and she will tell you that she was the one who borrowed the book from the library but didn't return it because it was stolen.

You will now begin the journey to find this stolen book when you have collected all three gifts for Lisa.

Track down the stolen book

Start your search to find the book using elemental energy and you will see a purple hollow on the ground.

Interact with it, and when you step out onto the bridge to your right, you will encounter the same purple energy on the ground again.

After that, go ahead to the yellow area and you will find your next clue.

Keep using elemental sight to keep finding new energy cavities, and this will lead you to a secret passage. He was created by Abyss Mage in the Abyss Mage Stronghold, so enter.

You will now need to use the wind current to glide through this area, and after a while, you will reach a new platform.

There will be a locked door right in front of you, and to open it, go to your right and use the electrical attack and activate the sensors, and the door will open.

There will be another locked door, so use the same technique to open it; the sensors will be on the left.

By repeating the door unlocking process, you will arrive in a different room with a console. When you get close, you will be attacked by the slimes.

To unlock that console in the room, you'll need to clear the room of slimes.

After the room is clear of slime, the console will open and you can now use it to start the wind current.

Use the freshly harnessed wind current to go up and into another room.

There will be more slimes in this new room to get rid of. Also interact with the console in this room and you'll be given a new mini-challenge.

Now you will have a 30 second timer and you will have to use Lisa to eliminate all the slimes that come to you, do not panic because you will have more time with each slime you kill.

When you are done with the challenge, interact with the console and Abyss Mage will appear and you will have to kill this boss to complete this quest.

Using a pyrotechnic or electronic character will be the best option for easy combat.

Once you're done here, interact with the other console in the room and you'll see that a new secret path opens up.

This will take you to a room with a treasure chest and the missing library book will be inside the chest.

Get the book and go back to Lisa in the library. When you return the book, a cutscene will appear and you can get the Teyvat Travel Guide from the bookstore.

This will mark the end of your mission called "problem work" in Genshin Impact.


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