Genshin Impact Solution The Chi of Guyun

One of Genshin Impact's world missions is Guyun's Chi. To save you a lot of time, hassle and energy, we have compiled this walkthrough of Genshin Impact The Chi of Guyun.

Genshin Impact the Chi of Guyun

The quest for Guyun's Chi can be lengthy and the various aspects can be difficult to solve, especially for beginners. Thankfully this guide should prove useful.

Phase 1

First, let's talk about how to get this search.

You can activate this mission simply by talking to Yan'er in Qingce Village. Yan'er is located to the south, near the ruins.

Yan'er wants to study and learn about some ruins and will ask you for help. The problem here is that there may be a Rovin Hunter guarding the inside of the ruins.

Head northwest following the location indicated on the map. Defeat the Ruin Hunter to freely inspect the ruins.

You will have to keep your eyes open and find statues; they are often located by a large orange crystal protruding from the ground.

As you approach them the research advances and we can say that we have concluded phase 1 of the research.

Phase 2

For your next assignment, head back to the village. Ask around about the statues and your findings, and talk to enough people to recommend going to Grandma Ruoxin.

Learning this will reduce your search area at the top of the village and you will need to find Granny in this area.

It can be found right in the center of the village near the waypoint shrine.

Talking to her will lead you to discover the history of Geo Chi, the existence and locations of multiple fragments.

Now the suggestions on the position of said Fragments provided by the Grandmother are; experience the summit of the highest mountain and the surrounding ruins. Thankfully we have narrowed down the search for you.

First fragment
The shrine with a fragment is located west of the village.

Keep heading west until you reach a waypoint Shrine, the shard is at the top of the hill behind it.

When you reach the shrine above, there will be a mechanism that you need to activate in the correct order to get the shard.

Activate the various statues in the following order:

  1. The middle one
  2. Bottom right
  3. Top left
  4. Top right
  5. Bottom right.

This will bring up a chest that will contain the shard.

Second fragment
The second is actually closer to where you talked to Grandma, the place is easily marked by a very high hill that you have to climb.

Climbing is tough, so be prepared and it won't hurt to increase stamina as well.

At the top, you have to activate 4 statues here the ones that must be activated are the ones that are:

  1. Immediately west of the ruins
  2. Opposite the Wangshu Inn
  3. Facing the mountain
  4. Facing the windy ruins (obscured by a tree)

After that another chest will appear with your shard.

Once you have all the fragments, you can bring them back to Granny. She will guide you to a vault that you must enter to use these shards.

The location of the vault will be marked on the map, its entrance is behind a waterfall.

After you reach the waterfall, go to the right of the waterfall and there is a small path into the cave. And we can call it a conclusion of phase 2.

Phase 3

Once inside the vault, find and manage the Treasure Hoarders.

After they are fixed, you can go and activate a crystal on the nearby support.

This way the ruin guards will come and attack you, so get ready to fight, after defeating two waves of them you will have to fight another ruin hunter.

Ranged characters work best on Ruin Hunters.

Now that the enemies have addressed the problem, it is time for us to finally get the reward of this long quest. Go to the bottom of the vault and you can find a room full of crates.

The central chest will hold your main objective, but looting the others will provide you with enough to make this effort worthwhile.

When you're done looting, return to Granny to complete Guyun's Chi mission.


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