Genshin Impact Xiao Character Guide

Genshin Impact Xiao Character Guide

In this Genshin Impact Xiao Character Guide, we will talk about the next 5-star Anemo character Xiao who will be added to the roster in Genshin Impact Update 1.3.

Genshin Impact Xiao

Xiao, also known as the "Conqueror of the Demons", is a 5-star character who wields Anemo and Polearm.

Use the new ascension material (Juvenile Jade) which can be acquired by the next boss in Update 1.3.

Break down
Below we will list all of Xiao's move sets and skills. Her passive talents, constellations and material requirements for ascension / talent will also be covered.

It should be noted that at the time of this article's publication, all movesets and stats mentioned are pulled from the beta version of the game, so they may change.

Xiao's attack and abilities

Melee: Whirlwind Thrust

  • Normal Attack: Fires 6 continuous spear strikes
  • Charged Attack: Performs an upward thrust at the expense of stamina
  • Swoop Attack: Dive from mid-air to perform an attack that has AoE damage on impact. Xiao takes no damage when making swoop attacks.

Elemental ability: Lemniscatic wind cycling

  • Xiao lunges forward and deals Anemo damage to opponents.
  • This ability can be used in mid-air.
  • Start with two fillers.

Elemental Blast: Ruin of all evils.

  • Xiao wears the Yaksha mask.
  • Xiao's jumping skills are greatly enhanced.
  • Attack damage and AoE range are also increased.
  • Can convert attack damage to Anemo damage that cannot be canceled by any other elemental infusion.
  • Xiao continuously loses HP in this form.
  • The effects of these abilities cancel out when Xiao leaves the field.

Passive talents

Eon dissolution: Heaven Fall

  • Lemniscatic Wind Cycling increases the damage caused by wind attacks by 15%. The duration of the effect is 7 seconds and has a maximum charge of 3. Getting a new charge updates the duration of the effect.

Conqueror of Evil: Tamer of demons.

  • When using Scourge of All Evil, all attacks deal 5% more damage. The damage is further increased by 5% for every 3 seconds the ability remains. The maximum damage increase can be up to 25%.

Transcend: Gravity Defier

  • Reduces stamina consumption while climbing by 20% for the entire party. Cannot be stacked with other passive talents that offer the same effect.

Constellations of Xiao

Eon dissolution: Destroyer of woods

  • Increases Lemniscatic Wind Cycling charges by 1.

Aeon Annihilation: Kaleidos flower

  • Xiao's energy cooldown is increased by 25% when in the party and not in the field.

Conqueror of Evil: Divinity of Wrath

  • Lemniscatic Wind Cycling level increased by 3.
  • The maximum update level is 15.

Transcend: Extinction of suffering

  • When HP drops below 50%, Xiao gains a 100% defense bonus.

Evolution Eon: Origin of ignorance

  • Bane of All Evil's level increased by 3.
  • The maximum upgrade is 15.

Conqueror of Evil: Guardian Yaksha

  • While under the effect of Bane of All Evil, if Xiao hits 2 targets with her swoop attack, she will be given 1 charge of Lemniscatic Wind Cycling and can use it without worrying about her DC.

Ascension / Talent Materials for Ascension

The following 2 tables list the materials required for Ascensions and Talent Ascension.

Ascension materials

Level 201x Hebrew Turquoise Silver, 3x Qingxin, 3x Condensed Slime, 20000 Blackberry
Level 403x Jewish Turquoise Shard, 2x Juvenile Jade, 10x Qingxin, 15x Slime Condensate, 40000 Blackberry
Level 506 Jewish Turquoise Fragments, 4 Juvenile Jade, 20 Qingxin, 12 Slime Secretions, 60000 Blackberry
Level 603 pieces of Jewish turquoise, 8 juvenile jade, 30 Qingxin, 18 slime secretions, 80000 Mora
Level 706x Vayuda Turquoise Chunk, 12x Juvenile Jade, 45x Qingxin, 12x Slime Concentrate, 100000 Mora
Level 806x Jewish Turquoise Gemstone, 20x Juvenile Jade, 60x Qingxin, 24x Slime Concentrate, 120000 Mora

Talent Ascension Materials

Level 23x Teachings of Prosperity, 6x Slime Condensate, 12500 Mora
Level 32x Guide to Prosperity, 3x Slime Secretions, 17500 Mora
Level 44x Prosperity Guide, 4x Slime Secretions, 25000 Blackberry
Level 56x Guide to Prosperity, 6x Slime Secretions, 30000 Mora
Level 69x Guide to Prosperity, 9x Slime Secretions, 35000 Mora
Level 74x Philosophies of Prosperity, 4x Slime Concentrate, 1x Shadow of the Warrior, 120000 Mora
Level 86x Philosophies of Prosperity, 6x Slime Concentrate, 1x Shadow of the Warrior, 260000 Mora
Level 912 Philosophies of Prosperity, 9 Slime Concentrate, 2 Shadow of the Warrior, 450000 Blackberry
Level 1016 Philosophies of Prosperity, 12 Slime Concentrate, 2x Shadow of the Warrior, 1x Crown of Insight, 700000 Mora
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