What is the Genshin Impact Pity System?

What is the Genshin Impact Pity System? The popular JRPG Genshin Impact is completely free to play on PC, PS4, iOS and Android. Microtransactions serve to fund the game, allowing players to engage in optional gacha mechanics. This form of random item acquisition is similar to loot boxes, although the pity system in Genshin Impact ensures that players eventually get the rarest gear. Find out exactly how Genshin Impact's mercy mechanic works in this guide.

Genshin Impact Pity System | How does it work?

The mechanics of the Gacha can easily lead to disappointment and frustration. Since users have no control over payments, buying MTX based on luck is a bet that can pay off or fail. Knowing this, some developers implement a security system to ensure that unfortunate users eventually turn things around.

The Genshin Impact Pity System guarantees that a player will receive a 5-star item after 90 consecutive throws without receiving one. After just 10 rolls without getting any 4-star loot, players are guaranteed a 4-star rarity item on their next roll. If at any time an item of one of the rarities is awarded without activating the pity system, the respective counter is reset.

For example: If 40 consecutive gacha shots are required in Genshin Impact to receive a 5-star character or weapon, the mercy system counter will reset. The 39 failed attempts don't carry over because the player got lucky - the game doesn't need to have mercy on that user anytime soon.

Actually activating the Pity System Genshin Impact mechanic will take a long time, and because it works in the background, most users will never know if and / or when they do. However, it is a gesture appreciated by the miHoYo developer that should help unfortunate players get more results.

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