Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The launch of Kingdom Come: Deliverance sparked mixed feelings among audiences and critics alike. While on the one hand there were those who, faced with the accuracy of the historical setting, endured the presence of some heavy bugs, on the other hand the latter did not go down at all, thus causing divergent reactions to emerge towards Warhorse's fatigue. Studios.

Precisely for this reason, it undoubtedly makes sense to deal with the review of Kingdom Come: Deliverance also here on Gameplay Café, with the aim of understanding what its current state is and expressing an opinion on it, four months later. release of this game. The opportunity is offered to us by the patch that brings the game to version 1.5, published a few days ago for all editions of Kingdom Come: Deliverance (PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One).

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The flagship of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is, as mentioned, the fidelity to the historical period in which it is set, reconstructed with extreme attention to detail. The year is 1403 and after the death of Charles IV the Kingdom of Bohemia goes through a period of turmoil. In fact, Wenceslaus IV, known as the Lazy, sits on the throne, unwelcome by the nobility who asked for the intervention of Sigismund of Hungary, his half-brother, to dethrone him. After having Wenceslas kidnapped, Sigismund invades the lands of the kingdom with his army, sowing terror among the villages that he finds in front of his path.

The flagship of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is, as mentioned, the fidelity to the historical period in which it is set

Henry, the protagonist of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, is completely excluded from this power game. Son of the blacksmith of Skalitz, Henry lives a perfectly normal life, until his village is targeted by Sigismund's troops. After seeing his parents die, the young man manages to escape to Talmberg to warn the local noble of the attack: suddenly left alone in the world, in a place other than his home, our protagonist will therefore have to find his own path alone. .

The extent of the care with which Warhorse Studios wanted to reconstruct the historical context in every detail is shown to us from the very first bars of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, in which we get to know Henry in the phases preceding the attack by Sigismund's army. . Like so many young people his age, Henry loves hanging out with beautiful girls and hanging out with friends, thus spending his days amidst frivolous activities and errands running on behalf of his father. In this very early stage, we are shown the everyday life of Skalitz, a place populated by merchants, farmers and other workers engaged in their daily activities, as well as by locals engaged in discussing politics and other issues.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

This starting point also allows the player to make a first approach with the dynamics of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, also based on the realism desired by the developers. The only limit placed by the developers on the possibility of molding Henry to one's liking is linked to his name and his physical appearance, probably to better place him within the story, leaving it to whoever is in front of the screen to decide how to specialize the young man to deal with the various situations.

In an era like the one in which Kingdom Come: Deliverance is set, violence could still be a viable way, even if not simple: in the prologue we are also shown this, together with the complexity of the fight system created by Warhorse Studios. Whether with bare hands or with a sword, each blow must be addressed starting from one of the five available directions. In a similar way the parry works, thus having to "guess" according to the opponent's posture where his offensive will come from. Forget scenes in which you face multiple enemies alone, because in the case of Kingdom Come: Deliverance this is a situation to escape from in order not to leave the skin.

However, while playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance I learned that failures should not be taken as defeat, but as a passage that is sometimes also necessary to determine Henry's story. Orphaned after the attack on the village, the boy is embarrassed in various situations: it therefore takes a lot of practice to be successful and make sure that Henry is able to get more and more from the people he meets to get out of even tangled situations. Practice and exercise are therefore the way to go for Henry, as they are for us in reality to succeed in something.

The missions are many, and also considering the secondary ones, you can get to accumulate dozens and dozens of hours of play. In Warhorse Studios they have been quite good at transporting the player through situations of various kinds, thus avoiding the danger of repetition. Despite having some firm stakes, the same goal can usually be achieved in different ways, thus allowing the player to truly immerse himself in the part of Henry to give the boy's behavior a completely personal imprint.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, for its part, offers us a setting that adapts to the way the protagonist presents himself to non-player characters: going to talk to someone in worn and dirty clothes, for example, will make sure that this someone. are less willing to cooperate with us. Vice versa, presenting oneself in an elegant way and showing off a good dialectic (dialogue is one of the "ways" to be taken to succeed in the game) it is possible to open doors that appear to be closed.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

All this freedom has translated above all to the release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance in a series of rather important bugs, which as we said at the beginning prevented those less willing to overlook this aspect from enjoying the effort of Warhorse Studios. While I understand certain points of view, I feel like breaking a lance in favor of the developers, who have continued to work on the game in recent months. With the recently released update 1.5, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is now free from many of the problems that plagued it, even if it is not yet perfect.

With the recently released update 1.5, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is now free from many of the problems that plagued it, even if it is not yet perfect.

From time to time it may therefore happen to find the mission that skips due to a bug or notice other oddities, but the plant set up by Warhorse Studios deserves to be visited especially if you are a lover of the historical period in which Kingdom Come is set. : Deliverance. Losing the open dynamics that set this game apart, coupled with the quality of Warhorse Studios' work to provide a consistent narrative background to Henry's adventure would be a real shame, at a point where the biggest problems have been fixed.

Even in purely visual terms, the same considerations made for the other aspects of the game are valid: the developers have addressed all the initial defects of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, improving its performance also on consoles. Particularly on PlayStation 4 Pro, my reference platform for gaming, the pop-in problems encountered in the past have been mitigated by the various updates, with which a wider field of view has arrived. Again, don't expect to see perfection, but the difference in quality is noticeable for those who have tried Kingdom Come: Deliverance upon its release a few months ago.


I played Kingdome Come: Deliverance on PlayStation 4 Pro, getting it back in my hands after its release when Update 1.5 was released.

  • Variable from player to player given the nature of the game, but at least between forty and fifty hours if it takes them away.
  • Henry can grow in various aspects, which determine the type of approach to situations.
  • Open dynamics with side missions, which can be tackled in different ways.
  • Dubbing in English, texts in Italian.
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  • Game Name: Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  • Release date: February 13 2018
  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Dubbing language: English
  • Texts language: Italian
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Kingdom Come: Deliverance

I consider myself a fan of the first hour of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but I cannot deny that the problems mentioned above have had their weight on the usability of the game. Beyond some simply exaggerated judgments in their severity towards Kingdom Come: Deliverance, with the 1.5 update I feel I can say that we can finally consider the critical phase over. One hundred percent perfection is as we have seen still a goal to be achieved, but if you are still wondering whether or not it is appropriate to start your game, do it without reservation. review

Good panoramic views with particularly inspired eye spots. Some details related to the secondary characters are a little less convincing, while despite the work of the developers some pop-in problems remain.


Both of an excellent level, with convincing interpretations and songs capable of underlining the historical context of the game.


So many possibilities to give your own mark to the protagonist, defining the way in which he faces his journey. A "simulator of the Middle Ages" at three hundred and sixty degrees, now free from the main defects that kept it harnessed.

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