Running out of streaming? Everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Video

Available in Italy from the end of 2016, Amazon Prime Video has managed over time to establish itself as one of the most popular services in our country thanks to the inclusion in the Prime subscription and interesting productions such as The Boys. In this article, as already done for Netflix, we will try to analyze all the aspects concerning the catalog, the prices and the most interesting contents available.

Running out of streaming? Everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Video

What is Amazon Prime Video

If you have never heard of it, it is good to start by defining what we are talking about. Amazon Prime Video is a service that includes TV series, films and documentaries and which, compared to traditional TV, are available on the online platform, accessible both from the web and via application, in an "on demand" formula, that is, available to the user in any moment and therefore visible on request.

Every month, new content is added, both Amazon original products and third-party products, and others are removed, in a continuous change designed to keep the public interest high and the catalog updated.

Running out of streaming? Everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Video


Like most on-demand streaming services, you need to use Prime Video take out a subscription. To be more precise, however, there is no subscription solely dedicated to Prime Video since this is none other than one of the services included in the Amazon Prime subscription. For those unfamiliar with it, this is the service that mainly allows you to receive deliveries in one day and without spending a euro, in addition to other services such as Prime Music and Amazon Photos.

Therefore, to use the streaming service you must be subscribed to Amazon Prime or you can try the service for free for thirty days. Let's see what are the options to become a Prime customer:

  • 36 euro a year - subscription valid for twelve months, with renewal and automatic billing
  • 18 euro a year - option valid for university students, with a trial period of ninety days
  • 3,99 per month - monthly subscription, with renewal and automatic billing every month

All three formulas allow you to stop the automatic renewal of the service at any time and its use is guaranteed on any compatible device, browser or app.

Running out of streaming? Everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Video

Characteristics of the subscription

Amazon Prime can be tried for the first time with one thirty day free trial, which also allows you to access the entire catalog of films and TV series. As with other services, the catalog changes according to the country in which you are located, therefore you can find numerous contents produced in Italy or even historical films. The subscription works with automatic renewal but can be interrupted at any time through the appropriate section from My Account -> My Amazon Prime

Each subscription corresponds to a profile on Prime Video, with all the advantages of the case including the ability to save things we want to see in a list and the "Keep watching" section that tracks and reminds us what we have interrupted or to which episode of a series we have arrived.

Running out of streaming? Everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Video

Compatible apps and devices

Prime Video can be enjoyed on a myriad of devices. The most classic use is via the web, by connecting to it is possible to access the Italian content catalog with our account. The service is also available as an application on Smart TVs, game consoles, smartphones and tablets. Also, if you own an Amazon-developed device from the Fire range such as the Tablet or TV Stick, you can reach the catalog in the same way.

The contents are visible in streaming while only the versions for smartphones and tablets offer the possibility to download films or episodes of TV series to see them later, without an internet connection.

The visual quality of the streaming is able to adapt automatically according to the stream that your device receives or it can be set, during viewing, by pressing the "Options" button at the top right. At this point, from the drop-down menu, you can choose three types of quality: Good, which corresponds to a stream of 0,38 GigaByte for one hour of video, Top which uses 1,40 GigaByte in the same time unit and finally Excellent which requires 6,84 GigaByte. This is an important detail to pay particular attention to if your internet connection is metered, such as that of your smartphone, for example. If you want to get an idea of ​​the speed of your home connection, you can do a test on this site.

Original catalog and spare parts

Different content is added and removed monthly and there really is something for all audiences. In particular, among the original or exclusively available contents we point out The Boys (here our review) and the much chat Carnival Row, American Gods, Fleabag and the most recent Star Trek: Picard.

From the point of view of the films, on the other hand, the Amazon service prefers a lot of national content, therefore films produced and released in recent years in Italy. There are also great international films as well as you can find a collection of historical films from our cinema, from Totò to Pasolini.

Audio and subtitles

Each content present often offers the possibility to choose the language of the audio and that of the subtitles. To view this option, just start any product and hover the mouse over the first icon at the top right. From the drop-down menu, you can select your preferred combination of language and subtitles. If for some reason, you want to change the design or the size of these, you can go to the account settings or click, again from the drop-down menu, on the blue writing “Subtitle settings”. This will open a new window to increase or decrease the size of the writing, change the color and any background to improve readability.

Running out of streaming? Everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Video


How to cancel the subscription? To cancel your subscription, you need to go, from the Amazon home page, to My Account and then to My Amazon Prime. Here you will find the option to cancel the renewal which will start from the day following the last one you have already paid for.

How do I redeem a Gift Card? The Gift Cards that you can find relating to Amazon are used to purchase products on the online store and cannot be used to sign up for a subscription.

Can I create another profile? It is not currently possible to create a second profile for the Prime Video service.

Is there a plan for 4K? No, Amazon makes no distinctions whatsoever, therefore any subscription will be able to take advantage of the contents on Prime Video in the highest quality available.

How can I download the contents? To enjoy offline content, you need to download it from the official application. This is available on major stores such as Google Play and App Store. Once opened, just select the content you want to download and click the appropriate button. The downloaded files can be viewed and removed from the "Download" menu on the main page.

Can I choose the download quality? Yes. From the home page, click on "My videos", you will find the settings symbol at the top right. Click on it and then click on “Streaming and Download”. Here you can select the quality of the streaming (to save mobile data) or the download, to occupy more or less space in the memory of your device. Help Did you like the article? Share it!
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