The Complete Walkthrough of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

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The solution is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences for the Spanish version.

The Fosso di Elm

Via del Mago
Character: Gandalf

The ditch of Elm is under attack and we (Gandalf) will go to the aid of the soldiers of Rohan. Start killing some Uruk-Hai. Use both quick attacks and powerful attacks and remember to parry to block their swords. When you have killed enough Legolas will call for reinforcements. Climb the ladder and take out the Uruk-Hai Archers on the wall. After a while you will see the scene of some Uruk-Hai about to break down the door. Go down the ladder with the enemy grappling hooks (the ones that stick to the walls so to speak) and destroy the three catapults with the Action button. Once destroyed the cart will explode elm's ditch will be safe.

The road of death

Way of the King
Characters: Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli
Recommended character: Aragorn.

Start by running through the fog until you see white things flying overhead. Once out of the fog, go close to the bones. Spirits will fly into the bones and awaken undead spirits. Once they are defeated, grab the red healing potion if you need it and go to the other end of this place. More soldiers will come here, so take them out. Continue through the fog until more will arrive, fix them and do the same with the archers you will find later.

Go along the path to the right. There is a rock on the outcrop that you can push over undead soldiers to crush them. On the other outcrop is an Elven Runestone. Each of these stones will give you 1000 exp points. Get it, kill the soldiers and continue killing them. The way down will give you a healing vial, go through that place and kill more soldiers. You will come to a raised bridge, place the soldiers in front of it and let them down.


Lots of soldiers are coming. Take them all out properly and at the top of the ridge you'll find a vial of medicine. Continue along the path. You will see another vial but once you take it the pylons will fall off. Get around them by defeating the soldiers (break the shield with some powerful attacks) and, once you pass the fog, approach the bone ladder. Climb it to start a rather long battle. The soldiers will come back to life quickly, so slaughter them until you see one with a life bar over its head. This is a hero of the undead, keep hitting until he's defeated.

Through the next passage stop and kill the two archers and soldiers with the shield, then approach the bridge. On the other side, there will be two samples to fix. They will both drop vials of life and you will also find one from where they came from. Turn the wheel, go back and cross the bridge. Halfway, two large rocks will prevent you from passing. A lot of soldiers will come out, so work hard to kill them. However, try to keep enough life to face the two heroes that will come next. Once you have killed 35 soldiers, cross the rest of the bridge. End of mission.

The road to Isengard

Via del Mago
Character: Gandalf

Go ahead and fight some Uruk-hai and remember to use powerful attacks to break the shields. Soon an Ent will arrive marching and killing some Uruk-Hai. Go in his direction, kill the remaining Uruk-Hai and take out the archers. Hit the explosive cart and the blast will kill several orcs. Shoot the archers above the hill and also the cart, it will kill some more orc, but not the archers on the bridge.

If you want more experience points, go near the bridge and fight the Uruk-Hai around there as well. Only do this if you are in very high health.

Continue along these turns killing Uruk-hai along the way. After a sharp turn and an ambush by 4 orcs:


Now we will find a lot of Ents that we beat to the ground and kill everything, so be careful where you walk or you might find yourself crushed too. If you have little life I recommend that you stay on the hill until there are 15 orcs below and then leave. After more twists and turns and more orcs we will come to another ...


Go up the hill and shoot another archer. Shoot the explosive cart to kill some Uruk-hai and keep going until you reach towers that will shoot arrows at you. Some orcs will attack you immediately, fix them. Parry a wave of arrows and shoot one of the carts under the towers with your ranged attack to destroy the towers. When all of them are jumped, cross the bridge and kill the two orcs with the shield. Turn left for a 1000 exp Elfstone. Now go back to kill more orcs. There are some archers here too, make sure they're dead. A little further on you will see an Ent having some trouble breaking the Dam.

Boss Fight: La Diga

This Ent has to break the dam but the archers are setting him on fire. There is a Hero here, so he must be killed. There will be tons of archers in this place, kill the ones on your side and shoot the ones on the other side. More will be arriving soon to replace the fallen, so be quick. Shoot everyone you see and watch out for the armed orcs that will come and attack you and not the Ent. When there are no more archers shooting at him, the Ent will start pushing the bar that holds the dam in place. Keep shooting the archers as they arrive in order to give them enough time to break the dam support.

End, the water from the dam will flow down Isengard, putting out the fires and putting an end to Saruman's plans.

Fuga da Osgiliath

Street of the Hobbits
Character: Sam

Go through the tunnel to some orcs. Sam is a good fighter but "going for trouble" is definitely not the hobbits' motto. Remember to use your Killing Move to kill them if an orc is down but not dead yet. Go up the stairs and kill the archer along with the other two. The wall will fall and kill more orcs. Get out new ones and use the knives to kill the archer. Climb up and fight with other orcs. Now a Nazgul on their dragon-like flying creature will take Frodo and carry him away.

Let's get out of here right away and kill some orcs if you want. Go to the stairs and wait for the Nazgul metro to go down. Go up, kill some archers and head to where a fireball will destroy some orcs. Kill two more and go down the ladder to two more archers. Fix them, get off and do everything possible to fight the orcs you find. If you have the Sventra Orchi for the "company" you can use it now as it will put you in "Perfect" mode right away. In addition to being sure, it will earn you a lot of experience. Continue along the road to an archer. Kill him and place the other orcs nearby as well. An orc will kill a soldier, give him revenge. Do the same with the archer and exit.


More orcs. Kill those who attack you up the long staircase to the top. Forget about the experience for now and try to survive. Climb onto the wooden bridge and flee to the left for cover. Use the throwing knives to kill some archers and another orc that will attack you. If you are interested in experience you can go back and kill a few more orcs. Once you have killed enough, go down the ladder to some other orcs and a ladder that goes up to an ogre and a giant bell. Push it down to crush some orcs and knock down a wall. Go through the hole and fight. Sam will say we're done but that's not the case at all. Go up the ramp and run to the area at the other end of this place. Rest and prepare for another fight.

From this area we turn and run to the ramp. Hurry to take cover, fight some orcs and repeat the whole thing. This time, however, there will be a ladder leading to two more orcs and another ladder to the sewers. There we will find some orcs and an orc hero. To defeat him, let him get close, parry his sword three times (or dodge if he uses the hammer), then hit him with some powerful attacks until his armor falls. Then use some combos and quick attacks until he dies.

TIP: Another quick way to kill the hero is to activate your special ability, sneak up behind him and use the killing move to kill him instantly.

Once the hero is dead, kill the others too, heal yourself and turn the door a few times. Go out and breathe some fresh air.

The King of the Dead

Way of the King
Characters: Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli
Recommended character: Aragorn

Aragorn entered the road of death and reached the King's hall. The King of the Dead appeared before him and forced the group to fight.

Boss Fight: The King of the Dead.

The King of the Dead apparently does not know that we need help and will have to fight against each other. When he disappears into the floor we will find him in front of us. Block his 3 shots and respond in kind by hitting him a few times. Repeat this a few times until he appears at the back of the room. Now he will summon his soldiers and we will have to face them. Easy enough. Defeat them and repeat the tactic above against the King again. Soon he will start screaming in rage, then he will disappear into the floor and appear in front of the statue. He will send us a blast, so stay close to the wall to avoid being blown away. He will do this three times, so duck between each gust and shoot him an arrow. Now he will reappear from the ground resuming the same sequence as before, but this time with 5 hits to parry. When he disappears this time he will send archers at us. Kill them and fight him again, then go behind a rock to shield yourself from the wind. Continue in this way until the three rocks are destroyed or until you have defeated him.

The King will be forced to surrender but the caves are collapsing. It is time to escape.


The caves collapse! We need to get out of here as quickly as possible! Run across the bridge and along this path until you go through the main door. The rocks will stop falling, but only for a short time. Defeat the dead soldiers and get out of here before the rocks come down. Don't let them hit you or the game will end badly. Continue to the giant rock where other soldiers will come out to annoy us. This time there is also a Hero with them, so make sure you defeat them. Go down this spiral and run through the fog until you get a green health potion. Fight until you have defeated these soldiers and, at the end of the group of enemies, we will be up against 3 Hero soldiers. Defeat all three and go through the remaining passage. Mission accomplished!

The King has been forced into an alliance and thus, along with a whole army of the dead, they will head to the south gate of Minas Tirith.

Minas Tirith – On top of the wall

Via del Mago.
Character: Gandalf.

Minas Tirith is under attack from Sauron and the city is counting on Gandalf to help them in the war.

Many have failed to complete this level several times. The new "meter" you see is an Overrun Meter: the more orcs that come, the more the meter will fill up and, once it is completely full, the city will be taken by the orcs and we will have to start over. You will also have to knock down the stairs that will appear because that's where the orcs will come from. You can knock them down with football.

Grappling hooks can be used to reach lower levels, where you can kick down stairs without having to fight orcs. The scales will also appear here of course. A scale appears as a red dot on the map. Keep knocking them down and fighting the orcs until there is a skit. Some trolls are coming with siege towers (the blue dots on your map). Climb stairs to the catapults to shoot him. As soon as it reloads, do it again. Another siege engine will come forward but this time we won't be able to use the catapult. Instead, run to the right wing of the castle and shoot it with your ranged attacks. Remember to take the stairs down when you cross them.

A third siege engine will appear on the other side, look for the blue dot. Go back to the catapult and shoot it once. A Nazgul will appear, shoot him before he kills one of the catapult men! He will tamper with one side of the tower and break it, thus preventing us from passing. Shoot it again and head over there. Before you can do anything a siege tower will hit the city walls and your Overrun Meter will go up very quickly. Run down and use the grappling hook to reach the lower levels, then make your way to the east side of the walls. Grapple up and up the tower and shoot the siege engine 4 times to destroy it. As if that weren't enough, now there is a ram about to destroy the walls!
Climb to the top of the tower and collect the seven elfstones for 700 experience points. Head back down to fight some orcs if you want or, if you are in a bad way, go down the stairs and continue until you see the orcs break through the walls.

Mission accomplished.

La Tana di Shelob

Street of the Hobbits
Character: Sam

Gollum led the hobbits to Shelob's lair, a labyrinth of burrows where a giant spider dwells. Sam, determined to save Frodo, is ready to face danger, even if it can mean his death.

Get ready because this will be a decidedly non-trivial level. This first part of the level is a maze inside which there is an ogre, two elfstones and a lot of spiders. To find the first elfstone, follow the wall to the right until you reach it, then fight the spiders. A good move against them is Final Judgment. Sam is really good at using it. When all the spiders are dead try to wander around the labyrinth. As soon as you encounter a spider use Final Judgment and fix it.

Once you get to the exit you will meet some spiders, defeat them. There are also a lot of smaller spiders, so grab one of the torches and let them escape. Go through the passage and take the next torch to burn the cobwebs and pass. Continue along this road to an orc camp. You can try to go unnoticed or throw a flashlight into the field and fight them all. The choice is yours. Go through the arch and fight other orcs. Throw a flashlight at the dead body to knock it down and set other orcs and spiders on fire. Continue this road to a tunnel with other orcs inside, but this time, get close so you can't see it. Take the ramp to the right and defeat the orcs above it. Go over the blue circle and press action to throw the rocks on top of the orcs. There will be some spiders left at the bottom, so kill them and head inside.

Sam will notice a giant spider just ahead. We have to move.


Great place to put a checkpoint. Let's go inside and kill some orcs and spiders. Throw the two torches at the spiders to make them escape. Throw one torch at the spiders to make them move and use the other to burn the cobwebs. Cross and continue to meet some orcs and spiders, all to be defeated. Throw a torch at the spiders on the right. Defeat some spiders and throw a torch at the furthest cobwebs. Let's go back down and use the torches to cross. Halfway there will be more orcs to bother us, but you already know how. Fix them and continue to some other spiders. Give them what they deserve.


Continue until you get to:

Boss Fight: Shelob

Difficulty: Difficult.

Truth be told, this damn creature is incredibly tough! Approach Shelob from the front (he doesn't seem to care right away) and make her two Orc Hewers. When he comes upon us, parry his three-legged attacks and make him an Orc Hewer again. Keep doing this until Sam cuts off her leg. This is the signal to back off. Now kill all the spiders before Shelob jumps on us. If you don't hurry Shelob will jump on you, not only hurting you, but scaring the shit out of you. To prevent this from happening, move and put an Orc Hewer on her. She will soon reach the tipping point and start spinning around the room like crazy and then retreat back into the wall. Kill the remaining spiders and wait for them to come down again. Keep fighting like this until he gives up.

Sam will find his pardone dead. Tears begin to fall as two orcs approach. Fortunately the orcs will tell us that he is not really dead but only unconscious. Unfortunately, however, the orcs will take him to Cirith Ungol and now Sam will have to go and rescue him. Monte Fato is getting closer and closer.

Mission accomplished.

The South Gate

Way of the King
Characters: Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli
Recommended characters: Legolas / Gimli

Aragorn and his companions have convinced the king to join forces, but now I must reach Minas Tirith before the battle is lost.

Start running forward to the open door. Gimli will smell like an ogre and immediately a troll will jump out. I suggest you kill him now but it is not necessary. I'll tell you why in a little while. To tell the truth I wish these orcs weren't that strong, this is one of those levels that takes a few tries before you can complete it. These orcs basically use the supernumber method and surround you so that you can't attack them and you can't divide them because they won't give you enough time to charge your Devastating Attack.

The simplest and safest method is to parry like you've never done before. Keep pressing the parry button until you get to one of the catapults and fire. This should knock out a section of the wall. Keep parrying and reach the other catapult and fire. With this shot you will have pulled down the entire tower so that you can climb to the top of the door.

Shoot the troll! The hit will take 1/3 of the life out of the troll above the walls. Once this is done, climb the ladder up to some orcs and the troll. You know what to do. You will now see the mumakil approaching. To take him out you will have to fire a fully charged ranged attack on all shields. When all three are destroyed, shoot the cart on top of the beast and let it fly.

Mumakil dead. Now all that's left are a few orcs. If you want to continue at all costs, keep killing them until they leave you a healing potion. Grab it and fight until you get a chance to open the doors.

HINT: If you didn't kill the troll as I advised you at the beginning, you can now use the hot oil to kill him. You will also need to use it soon, so keep this in mind.

When the doors open more orcs will come out and try to cut your way. Use hot oil to kill them. Go down and parry to the door. If you need some experience, go ahead with the orc hunt, but always check your ascent. When you have enough, walk out the door towards Minas Tirith.

The three hunters set out for Pelennor Fields, ready to fight for their lives.

Mission accomplished.

Minas Tirith - Courtyards

Via del Mago
Character: Gandalf
Difficulty: Difficult

The orc assault on Minas Tirith was so great that it forced the soldiers to flee into the inner courtyard. The orcs continue to give problems not only to the militia, but also to the citizens. Gandalf must try to save as many as possible.

In practice this level is a constant battle. Your goal is to save 200 citizens and that's it. Unfortunately the feat will prove to be more difficult than it seems, like everything in this game. It will start off easy but as we save people, we will have more and more difficult orcs to beat. Here is a small table showing you what and when (the where is obvious, in the courtyard)

Normal Orcs: 0 citizens saved
Shielded Orcs: 25 citizens rescued
Uruk-hai: 50 citizens saved.
Uruk-hai Heroes: 100 citizens saved.
Trolls: 150 citizens saved.

It will get harder and harder. Citizens will exit from the east and north west sides of the courtyard, the vanishing point is on the south west side. The orcs will come out not only from here, but also through the open giant door, and as you can imagine, they are the ones who will give you the most trouble. There are only three life potions in this level, so use them well. You will find a red one in the barrel at the east entrance, another red one in the barrel at the door, and a green one in the barrel on the southwest side of the courtyard, near the escape point. There are also some spears you can use against trolls and champions.

TIP: You can kill champions with two spears, one to break the armor and one to kill him.

Champions will be the real problem, especially when they rage against you as a group. Parry and counterattack when you get the chance. As soon as they lose their armor, hit them hard to finish them off. This tactic will work until the trolls appear. When the trolls and the champions attack together you will be in quite a bit of trouble, always kill the troll first. Eventually the 200 citizens will be able to escape while you keep them busy.

The orcs will continue to attack and the soldiers are forced to fall back more and more. Gandalf played the part of him, now the fate of middle-earth is in the hands of the King and a Hobbit.

Mission accomplished.

The fields of Pelennor

Way of the King
Characters: Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli
Recommended character: Legolas
Difficulty: Devastating

To start you will have to defeat 18 enemies. A good tip is to never go to the center of the battle or you will end up having a hard time. Enemies that kill others will also enter the tally, so you can stay on the edge just by shooting the “competition.” There will be plenty of champions so remember: big hit first and quick then. Many find this piece quite difficult, in fact it is, but it is not impossible.

Merry and Eowyn are out on the battlefield and the Mumakil, the giant elephant-shaped beast, is heading towards them.


You will notice a meter in the corner with Merry and Eowyn's waist. That meter is vital for our continuation in the level. To defeat the mumakil run towards him throw a lot of arrows at the shields and at the cart on his back. Catapults have the same effect. Once this is killed, another one will appear on the other side of the field. Get off the ramp and run along the battlefield and then treat this mumakil as well. Watch out, enemies will now attack as you shoot them.

Boss Fight: Witch-King

Difficulty: Devastating.

Now that the second Mumakil is dead, the Witch King will descend and KO Merry and Eowyn. Let's go save them. Run to the opposite side of the field where we killed the Mumakil, go down the narrow ramp to reach the right spot and shoot. Keep doing this until he walks away. You will have noticed his life bar, you have to kill him completely. When he leaves, another Mumakil will arrive. During the cutscene, look around to see which side the Mumakil is on, then go there and kill him. The Witch King will return and we will have to keep shooting at him. Keep doing this until you die, Merry and Eowyn die or the Witch King dies (better).

Defeated Boss.

When all seems lost, the army of the dead arrives to help Minas Tirith. At the end of the battle King Theoden will die and the army of the dead will be able to rest in peace given Aragorn's promise kept.

Mission accomplished.

Cirith Ungol

Street of the Hobbits
Character: Sam

The orcs and the Uruk-Hai have begun to quarrel with each other making it easier, but not trivial, to enter Cirith Ungol's tower to take back the only ring and Frodo.

To get out of this labyrinth we will almost always have to use the elven cloak and some brain. To start we will have to kill 80 orcs. Start approaching the hero and kill him from behind, then drop the bridge over the unsuspecting orcs. Deal with the rest and go up to the bridge. An orc will yell "intruder!" and immediately 2 more Uruk-Hai and a hero will be on you. It will be easy for the two orcs but a little harder for the hero as your special ability will probably not be ready yet. If it's loaded, you know what to do, if it's not, hit it as usual. Once he's dead go to the other Uruk-hai and kill him with the spear, then continue on to two other orcs and, after these, a myriad of orcs.

It is time to fight beyond your wildest dreams. Use the braziers and the elven cloak together with your sword and you will get over the orcs pretty quickly. After that, go up the short staircase and go through the atrium. You will come to a stairway that leads halfway to two orcs and some boiling oil to use on the orcs below. At the top you will find another orc hero. Use whatever method you want against him, then cut the rope you find here to tear down the house.

Some orcs will come to make us pay for the damages, just say no with the usual method and let's go back to the hall. Look for a passage that leads to a group of orcs. Cross and keep right until you get to a big fight. You will then come to another fight. Kill the orcs and lower the bridge. Climb it, take the stairs, place two more orcs and push the barrels down on top of the group of orcs. Climb onto the boards and watch the orcs retreat into the tower. Go to the catapult and kill the orc hero. Fire the catapult and run across the bridge as fast as you can, otherwise it will fall under your feet and the game will end miserably.

TIP: Before shooting the catapult, go to the middle of the group of orcs and kill as many as you can. Some of them are invincible but most are not. This is obviously something to do if you are in good or excellent health.


When sam reaches the tower he will see Frodo in one side of the room and two orcs. One will kill the other and take the sword pointing it at Sam.

Boss Fight: Strength

Difficulty: Difficult.

This orc was said to be called Gorbag, but after researching the book I found out that Gorbag ​​was killed by another orc, so his real name is Snaga. Either way this guy can be super easy or super hard, it depends if you focus on brute force or tactics, they both work. But before you can attack it, you'll have to disarm it. His shield is too hard for you to break with the powerful attack, so grab a spear from the corner and throw it at him to break it. Another spear will break the sword. He will stand still for a moment and that means attack! Get on him and go for it. When he takes another sword, use the technique above and continue until he dies.

The other orc wasn't dead. He will take Frodo's mithril robe and run away. We don't care where he goes. The hobbits are close to the mountain of fate where they can end this terrible war.

Mission accomplished.

The Black Gate

Way of the King
Characters: Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf
Recommended characters: Legolas, Gandalf
Difficulty: Difficult / Devastating

Realizing that there are more than a million orcs between Frodo and Mount Doom, our group of heroes try to draw Mordor's attention to the black gate to allow the hobbits to pass. But before they can deal with the orcs, they will have to face a greater enemy: The Mouth of Sauron.

Boss Fight: The Mouth of Sauron

Difficulty: Normal

Really, this guy isn't that hard. Just don't let it get up. Try to make him all the combos and attacks you can while he is bent over, if you can't stop him while he is crouched he will make a jump that you cannot block and that will knock you to the ground. Attack him continuously and soon, as Gimli will say, the negotiations will be over.

Defeated Boss.


NOTE: in this part we will be forced to play using Legolas.

This part is really difficult. The gates of Mordor open and a million orcs will come out. To finish this part you will have to kill seven orc heroes. The counter is actually confusing you. Now worry about killing the heroes until Gimli's life bar appears. You will have to defend it and keep it alive. Approach him while you fight, when his bar starts to go down go near him and make him shine, this will fill his life bar little by little.

Aragorn's bar will also appear soon and another hero will appear. Throw two spears at him to kill him and keep fighting until Gandalf's bar appears. Another orc hero is heading towards him and it's up to you to take care of it. You already know how. Once dead we will see a skit that shows us how the orcs are now attacking us from all sides. Go straight to Aragorn to kill an orc hero who is about to attack him! Once dead you will have to kill two of them together. When these two are also dead the seventh and final hero will appear. You know how to kill him, don't you? Do it and once he's dead we'll have our well deserved checkpoint.


Three Nazgul will fly out of Mordor, now things get complicated.

Boss Fight: I Nazgul

Difficulty: Difficult

Nazgul are difficult to defeat alone, but even more so when you have friends to defend! Hurry up and throw a spear at the nazgul before they leave, then, one by one, knock them down with ranged attacks. If one of your companions asks for help or comes to have a red life bar, go to him immediately. The healing effect also works this time. When all three are dead, congratulations!

Mission accomplished.

The comrades continue to fight even if at the moment they are losing the War and all hope seems lost. But the hopes that Frodo will escape the eye and that the ring will be destroyed are the last to fall!

Final Level: The End of Destruction

Street of the Hobbits
Character: Frodo
Difficulty: Devastating

The hobbits have reached Mount Doom but Frodo is now possessed by the ring and refuses to destroy it. However, Gollum will appear and bite off a poached finger to get the ring back. It's time to play it with him.

Boss Finale: Gollum

Gollum is really difficult. To defeat him you will have to bring him closer to the edge. To get him there you can either start running and be chased or start attacking him. A quick attack will make him jump back and to the right while a powerful attack will make him jump back and left. When he is on the edge, attack him again to make him rest his hands on the ground in order to keep himself balanced. Then kick him to knock him off the rock and use the Killing Move to knock him down. He died in the end!

Or so it seems. She will cling to the rock and thunder on. In that same instant Mount Doom will get angry and rocks will start falling on our little platform. Gollum is furious this time and this round will be more difficult because it will give us less time to attack him in order to bring him to the edge. Bring it there somehow and repeat what I said in the previous paragraph. Attack, Kick and Killing Move. So Gollum will come back up once again and once again we will have less time than before to attack him and he will also use a kick. As if that were not enough, the lava will start falling on the platform (you can see where it will fall from the yellow sparks that will come down before the lava gush). Bring it back to the edge and repeat Attack, Kick, Killing Move.

It will rise again and now part of the platform will fall into the lava. You will not be on that side but you will have less place to move. Again bring him to the edge, Attack, Kick and Killing Move to make him fall. Now the most difficult round awaits us. Rocks and lava will randomly fall on the platform and we will no longer be able to use attacks to bring it to the edge. Bring it to us while running away, attack it to make it lose its balance, kick it and throw it under with the Killing Move, this time for the last time.

Defeated Boss.

Gollum will take the ring and KO Frodo. The war is lost and evil has triumphed. But Gollum is so happy to have recovered his treasure that he will dance until he falls off the edge. He will be buried in the lava along with the ring. The bearer of the ring was successful.

Mission accomplished.

Solution video - Cirith Ungol

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