The Walkthrough of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

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The solution is based on the US version of the game for PlayStation 3. There may be divergences from the Spanish version and / or for other platforms.

General Councils

- Before even starting to play, we recommend swapping the keys dedicated to the guard and support. Positioning L1 or R1 as the guard button makes substitutions much easier, giving you a clear advantage in combat.
- Avoid the reckless use of the chakra stroke. Initially, when battling against not particularly brilliant CPU opponents, you may notice that this technique often proves to be very effective. Unfortunately, the more you progress with the game, the more your opponents will be able to intercept you during your chakra-running movements, causing you a lot of damage. It is better to use the ninja move (by pressing the X button twice) to neutralize opponents, generally much more effective and less risky, given the greater speed.
- Pay attention to the chakra level of your enemies, especially during the online game (indeed, almost exclusively during the online game, since the management of the chakra by the CPU is not particularly brilliant): - if the opponent restores his chakra always aiming at the amount necessary to perform an Ougi, it is possible that it is indirectly trying to favor its regeneration through your blows, therefore avoid falling into its trap; - if the opponent tries to keep his chakra always at very high levels, he is probably an inexperienced player, or he likes to use jutsu recklessly; - if the opponent always keeps his chakra level low, he probably prefers rushdown-type moves, that is, sudden and powerful; they are the most dangerous opponents, but also the most vulnerable: they cannot easily make substitutions, so putting one of their characters in difficulty can mean putting their entire game strategy in difficulty.
- Keep your chakra levels high. The higher they are, the easier it is to make substitutions, so you will be much safer.
- Do not charge the chakra more than necessary, you would waste time unnecessarily and expose yourself too much to enemy attacks.
- When an opponent is rushing down, counterattack with Ultimate Jutsu, which can intercept most rushdown shots.
- Always choose the character you like best, regardless of his power: the game is very long, using a character you don't like would create strong motivational difficulties.


Below, the list of unlockable trophies with some tips to be able to get them. Trophies awarded ex officio for completing main story missions are excluded.

Naruto's Friends - Naruto's Teachers - Sand Village Friends - The Legendary Sannin - Stealthy Akatsuki - Hebi On The Move

Bronze trophies, which allow you to use members of the generation of Naruto and Akatsuki. They will be unlocked by completing the "Ultimate Adventure" mode.

Assassin From Tekken 6

Bronze trophy, the conquest of which allows the use of the character "Lars". It is necessary to recover 600 Storm Points; completing the entire "Ultimate Adventure" tournament usually earns them.

Bell-Stealing Expert

Bronze trophy, which requires obtaining an "S" rank in "The Bell-Stealing Drill" mode. Try to keep your life points high, as reaching such a rank requires you to advance at least 65% of your HP at the end of the fight. We recommend starting the battle again, in case the damage suffered is exaggerated compared to your level of endurance.

Village Guardian

Bronze trophy, the achievement of which requires obtaining an "S" level in "Sand and Art Blast". Your HP at the end of the fight must be at least 65% of the HP at the start of the fight. We recommend getting your hands on at least half of the secret stars available in each battle, which are very useful for reaching the goal. Beware of the in-flight combat segment, you can lose a lot of HP.

At The Mercy Of Puppet Jutsu

Bronze trophy, requires obtaining an "S" rank in "Sakura Dances" mode. Again, an HP level of at least 65% of the initial total is required. Repeat the battle as soon as it drops below this limit.

Video - Live gameplay

Unstoppable Rampage - Difference In Growth - Fouth Hokage's Back - Overflowing Hatred - Overwhelming Sage - Vision Of A New Wind

All of these trophies share some similarities, so they have been grouped together. In all cases, you will get a bronze trophy. To recover them, you will need to reach a level S in the following levels (from left to right, following the order of the title): Forbidden Fury, Showdown Between Best Friends, Sturm und Drang, The Two Uchiha, Battle Between the Sage God, Earth Shatter. In all cases, you will need to be able to maintain an HP level at least equal to 65% of the starting HP. It is always advisable to recover all the secret stars available in each battle. In the event of a drop below 65%, it is advisable to start the pattern all over again.

Cursed Dolls Exterminated!

Bronze trophy, which requires you to recover all cursed dolls. This is one of the longest missions. There are 37 dolls in total, scattered throughout all levels of the game. You can easily locate their location by accessing the "Wanted List" in the "Ultimate Adventure" menu.

Oink !!

Bronze trophy, requires the recovery of all Tonton pearls. Shortly after the game starts, you will be able to locate Izumo and Kotetsu near the gate just after Leaf Village. Talk to them to get a mission, which is to recover the pearls in question. You'll need to find 30 of them and bring them back to the ninjas, who will periodically provide you with a reward. The pearls are identified by a symbol similar to that of "standard" objects, but characterized by a particularity: it is not necessary to precisely examine an area to view the symbol, it will be visible as soon as you enter. Each area of ​​the game contains a pearl, so you'll need to reach the final chapter before you can get them all.

Trial Accomplished!

It is a bronze trophy, the conquest of which requires the completion of 10 "trials". After completing the mission connected to the cursed dolls, recovering the associated trophy, you can talk to an old man who will replace the man assigned to deliver the previous trophy. You will have to fight with him; after defeating him, you will be transported to Hokage's room, where the mission will be explained to you. Climb up to the roof, talk to the old man, who will challenge you to successfully complete 10 complex fights. It is not necessary to win them all consecutively, so come back when you feel prepared.

Request Master

Bronze trophy, requires completion of Ninja Tool, Cursed Dolls, 10 Trials, Repay Debt, Spectacle Match and Ton Ton's pearls missions. Once the last chapter is finished, a merchant will appear in the Sand and Leaf villages, who will direct you to any missing missions.

Ninja Of Letters

Bronze trophy, requires that you answer every letter that has been there and it will be sent to you (three for each character that makes up your friend list). It is also necessary that your answer is "congruous", otherwise it will fall into void and will not be counted in the total. Once this is done, wait for their answers and the trophy will unlock automatically. Below is a list of the most appropriate answers to be given to each character (the numbering indicates the number of the letter to which the answer refers):
Sakura: 1) Roger that! 2) You had it rough... 3) No, not yet.
Kakashi: 1) Mm...I'm eating them, but... 2) Of course I listen to you! 3) Of course!
Sai: Sai: 1) Man...Making mistakes again... 2) I wouldn't go that far. 3) Never mind strong prose!
Shikamaru: 1) Of course I want to take it! 2) Just be yourself. 3) Of course!
Choji: 1) Yeah, I did! 2) Yeah, Ichiraku's the best! 3) I'll donate, too!
Ino: 1) Drawing tools. 2) That should be fine. 3) Forget things...
Neji: 1) The Churnin Exam 3 years ago. 2) We'll always be friends! 3) Thanks for that back then!
Rock Lee: 1) Taunt him? 2) Guys protect girls! 3) What are you talking about?
Tents: 1) Try going along with it? 2) That could be good. 3) That sounds fun!
Shino: 1) Write something, okay? 2) I've got something to write. 3) Friends are important.
Hinata: 1) Quit being wishy-washy! 2) What are you doing? 3) I don't really mind.
Cuba: 1) What about Akamaru? 2) What about Choji? 3) Okay, what about me?
Might Guy: 1) Yeah! I'm working hard! 2) Of course I'm waiting! 3) It'll be fine!
Yamato: 1) Team 7. 2) Tenchi Bridge, Grass Village. 3) 12
Tsunade: 1) No help for it... 2) Quit complaining! 3) They're all precious memories.
Topics: 1) Yeah, they're tasty! 2) I think they're happy! 3) Come to think of it...
Kankuro: 1) Puppetmasters are special. 2) Puppetmasters are amazing. 3) Can't take poison lightly.
Gaara: 1) Created a new bond. 2) You worked really hard! 3) I'll become Hokage!

All Friends Here

Bronze trophy, requires that you have taken part in all friendship events related to the subjects included in your friends list. This may take a long time; heavily use the "Check members" option in the main menu. You will notice some hearts next to the names of your friends; you will have to "turn them on" all. In addition to completing missions on their behalf, the best way to achieve this is to give them various items (generally, boys will be given the Ninjutsu Reference Book, while girls should be given a bouquet of flowers from the Yamanaka Flower Shop). When the friendship level has risen, the characters will start sending letters to Naruto; you will have to answer (so as to also complete "Ninja of Letters").

Nothing Escapes You

Bronze trophy, which will be awarded to you after obtaining 500 items. Basically, you will have to try to recover all the objects you see around during your explorations.

Wealth To Move Nations

You will have to accumulate a monetary amount equal to 999'999 Ryo (note: not all the Ryo accumulated will be counted, but only the Ryo you own in a given moment of time, therefore you will have to subtract all the expenses from the accumulated sum of the Ryo you obtained along the way. the whole adventure). You should definitely sell items such as gold bracelets & necklaces, jewelry, marble, etc. - which you can find in quantity throughout the game.

The Walkthrough of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

We recommend looking for the collection before buying the items needed to win the "I Love Ninja Tools" or "General Store Booming" trophies, the situation would become complicated. Assuming you have already completed the last chapter, the best area to recover a lot of money is Hokage's room.

Point Tycoon

Bronze trophy, which will be unlocked if you manage to accumulate 999'999 Storm Points. In general, you should be able to recover at least half by completing Ultimate Adventure mode, especially if you aim for S rank (which you should do, as it is required to unlock more trophies). Once this is done, concentrate on the Free Battle mode: by obtaining a victory with "Perfect", you will receive about 8000 Storm Points.

I Love Ninja Tools!

Bronze trophy, which will be unlocked after you have obtained all the battle items. In practice, you will have to complete the "Collect Ninja Tools" missions in all three of its versions. You can get the first from the ninja located to the right of the Hagakure item shop in Leaf Village. In practice, you will have to enter the shop and provide the owner with all the materials necessary for the production of the objects in question. Don't be impatient - many of these materials are only accessible after completing a particular main story mission. For the last one - Viper Fang - you will have to complete "Clear Fragment" and repeat the battle between Sasuke and Killer Bee.

General Store Booming

Bronze trophy, unlocked after obtaining all collectibles. Visit the Bandai general store, inside the Leaf village, and buy all the available items. You must have completed the last chapter, otherwise not all items will be available.

The First Edit

Bronze trophy, unlockable after modifying a Ninja information card. After buying the first set of Ninja cards from the Nin-Nin shop, inside the Leaf Village, take a look at the main menu and select the "Ninja Info Cards" option. Choose one of the cards using the "X" key, thus obtaining the trophy.

Message Ninja Shocked!

Another bronze trophy, requires that you have recovered all the messenger pigeons to be unlocked. To begin with, you must have activated the "Messenger Bird Hunt" mission - fourteenth. You can get it from the ninja messenger, who can be found in the left section of the village (it is also marked on the map). Accepted the mission, you can begin the work of capturing the birds. First, visit the training ground, where you can capture Hatojiro. Afterward, the birds will periodically appear in any area of ​​the world you visit. In total, there are 10; they are associated with a symbol of the type "...", ie three dots (there will also be a change in the background music). The best way to catch them is to get as close as possible - without letting them escape. Then move very slowly, stopping when a question mark appears above the bird's head. When the question mark disappears, you can go one step. When you get close enough, an interactive scene will start during which you have to press the circle button when the cursor is exactly in the center of the bar. In case you don't catch it the first time, you can try again as many times as you want.

Review Complete!

Bronze trophy, obtainable after viewing all the memories. Generally, they appear next to the scrolls of history, symbolized by small crystals (but they are fewer in number than the scrolls). When you have them all, pay a visit to the ninja in Hokage's room to review the memories. Once this is done, the trophy will be unlocked.

Story Assembler

Bronze trophy, requires obtaining all stories in the game. Visit the ninja inside the Hokage room; you will notice that his menu contains a "Story View" mode. There you will be able to view the percentage of scrolls associated with the story that you have recovered so far (at the top of the screen). They are hidden all over the world, usually near battle zones. Revisit all these places and recover the perches that you "lost" in the first round to unlock the trophy (you will necessarily have to go back to Hakage's room to do so).

Thanks For All Your Time!

Bronze trophy, requires your total playing time to be greater than 30 hours.

Video - Presentation Trailer

On The Path To Ninja!

Bronze Trophy requires you to have won at least once online ranked battles to unlock. Beware of the lag, if it is too strong it is advisable to end the battle early.

Dextrous Ninja

Bronze trophy, requires 10 wins in online ranked battles. Even if you are not particularly good at playing, it will be sufficient to repeat the fights a few times to ring 10 victories.

Clear Fragment

Silver Trophy, requires that you have won all fights associated with the last part of the game, "Fragment". After bringing back all the dolls that are part of the "Cursed Dolls Exterminated" trophy, you will automatically unlock Fragment. Eliminate all subsequent opponents to get this trophy as well.

All Ninja Assemble!

Silver trophy, require that you have unlocked all characters. Generally speaking, most can be unlocked by completing the "Ultimate Adventure" mode. There are three other characters available: Lars (unlockable after winning one of the very first trophies), Minato (unlockable after recovering 580 SP), and Hokage (unlockable after completing the final chapter in "Ultimate Adventure" mode, therefore talking to the frog in front of the stairs of Hokage's room, which will direct you to Myoboku - examine the statue to get the character).

The Unknowable Moment

Silver trophy, is unlocked after you have viewed all the "secret factors". These are very short flashbacks that appear immediately after the boss fights, subject to the complete filling of the "Star" bar at the top of the screen; you will therefore have to perform perfectly the key combos that will appear towards the end of the fights against the most powerful opponents. To understand if you have seen all the "secret factors" or not, you can buy "Boss Battle Scene" from the Bandai shop in the Leaf village, then access the menu and select it. You will notice how each final part of the skits is characterized by an apex marked "Secret Factor" - if the star next to it is lit, the secret factor will have been conquered; otherwise, you will have to repeat the fight against the boss. To do this, just go to Hokage's room and select "Challange Main Battle Again" (boss fights are marked in red, as opposed to blue in standard fights).

Also Known As...

This silver-type trophy requires the achievement of 50 titles. Its completion is associated with the mission "Which Name Should I Use?", So refer to it for strategies.

Conquered All Events!

Gold trophy. Requires completion of all events. After completing the "Request Master" trophy, you will need to move on to "All Friends Here", the last one in sequence. When you have seen the last friendship event, the trophy in question will be unlocked and Naruto will give a little speech.

Card Collector

Gold trophy, unlocking requires that you have acquired all Ninja cards. Basically, you will have to keep buying cards from the shop, until all five packs are exhausted. The different packs will be made available as the story progresses - to have access to all of the types, you'll need to complete the final chapter. After that, you will have to exhaust all the request-missions in the game (thus obtaining the "Request Master" trophy). Finally, also complete the "Points Tycoon" trophy, which will give you the rest of the Ninja Cards.

Which name Shall I Use?

Gold trophy, associated with the acquisition of all possible titles. It is the most complex trophy to obtain: the amount of titles is equal to 157, it will take a long time to recover them all. Below is a list of the main titles that you will have to acquire (all those beyond 87 have been omitted, since their conquest requires steps identical to those seen for the 87th, i.e. recovering an increasingly greater amount of SP):
1- Shinobi: You will get it automatically at the start of the game.
2- Striking: you must be able to complete a combo of at least 40 hits, in any of the game modes.
3- Ninjutsu: you will have to win a battle by making sure that the final blow is a Ninjutsu attack.
4- Ultimate Jutsu: you will have to win a battle by making sure that the final blow is Ninjutsu and "Ultimate attack".
5- Bond: It is necessary to win a battle by having the final blow dealt by the supporting character.
6- Fox Spirit: You will have to win a battle using the "Awakening" mode.
7- Bare: the remaining HP after the victory must be less than 5%.
8- Iron Clad: Win a battle with "Perfect".
9- Overwhelmingly Victorious: Win a battle in 20 seconds or less.
10- Ramen-loving: Fight 30 battles as Uzumaki.
11- Peaceful: Fight 30 battles as Uzumaki in Sennin mode.
12- Uchiha Clan: Fight 30 battles as Uchiha Sasuke.
13- Taka: Fight 30 battles as Uchiha Sasuke in Akatsuki mode.
14- Sparkling Maiden's Heart: Fight 30 battles as Sakura Haruno.
15- Root: Fight 30 battles as Sai.
16- Taijustsu: Fight 30 battles as Rock Lee.
17- Byakugan: Fight 30 battles as Neji Hyuga.
18- Fully armored: Fight 30 battles as Tenten.
19- Nara Clan: Fight 30 battles as Shikamaru Nara.
20- Akimichi Clan: Fight 30 battles as Choji Akimichi.
21- Yamanaka Clan: Fight 30 battles as Ino Yamanaka.
22- Inuzuka Clan: Fight 30 battles as Kiba Inuzuka.
23- Aburame Clan: Fight 30 battles as Shino Aburame.
24- Hyuga Clan: Fight 30 battles as Hinata Hyuga.
25- Jinchuriki: Fight 30 battles as Gaara.
26- Precious Junior Student: Fight 30 battles as Kankuro.
27- Older Sister: Fight 30 battles as Temari.
28- Masked: Fight 30 battles as Kakashi Hatake.
29- First Hokage: Fight 30 battles as Yamato.
30- Hot Blooded: Fight 30 battles as Gai Maito.
31- In Training: Fight 30 battles as Asuma Sarutobi.
32- Reanimated: Fight 30 battles as Chiyo.
33- Mount Myoboku: Fight 30 battles as Jiraya.
34- Fifth Hokage: Fight 30 battles as Tsunade.
35- Seeker: Fight 30 battles as Orochimaru.
36- Subordinate: Fight 30 battles as Kabuto.
37- Little Brother: Fight 30 battles as Suigetsu Hozuki.

The Walkthrough of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

38- The Curse Mark: Fight 30 battles as Juugo.
39- Clumsy: Fight 30 battles as Karin.
40- Older Brother: Fight 30 battles as Itachi Uchiha.
41- Renegade: Fight 30 battles as Kisame.
42- Upperclassman: Fight 30 battles as Deidara.
43- Human Puppet: Fight 30 battles as Sasori.
44- Way of Jashin: Fight 30 battles as Hidan.
45- Human Wallet: Fight 30 battles as Kakuzu.
46- Strongest: Fight 30 battles as Tobi.
47- Beautiful: Fight 30 battles as Konan.
48- The Real: Fight 30 battles as Pain.
49- Punster: Fight 30 battles as Killer Bee.
50- The Fourth Hokage: Fight 30 battles as Minato.
51- The Mai Character: completare la missione "The Bell-Stealing Drill".
52- The warring tribe's: Complete the fifth chapter.
53- Novelist: Fight Pain as Jiraiya.
54- One Who Walks The Way Of The Ninja: completare l'ultimo capitolo.
55- Eight Tails Hunter: Complete the part of the game called "Fragment".
56- A Fresh New Ninja: Complete 10 Trials (part of "Ultimate Adventure").
57- A Hardworking Ninja to the core: Complete the entire story.
58- One Who Overcomes Darkness: defeat the doll with a look similar to Orochimaro (within the "Curse Doll" mission).
59- One Who Excels in Everything: Complete all Ultimate Adventure events.
60- Full Marks for Friendship: Complete the entire story.
61- Well off: spend 100 Ryo in various shops.
62- Rich: Spend 500 Ryo in various shops.
63- Very rich: spend 1 of Ryo in various shops.
64- Part timer: open the shop menu 30 times.
65- Poster Girl: Open the shop menu 60 times.
66- Store Manager: Open the store menu 100 times.
67- Control: within the "Challenge Main Battle Again" mini-game, accessible by visiting Hokage's room after the adventure ends, you will have to be able to achieve all the objectives that correspond to the bonus conditions. They are linked to the red colored stars, next to each battle.
68- Medical: eat 10 bentos.
69- Capricious: you must first reach "lucky" status by praying near one of the statues, and then hit one of the signs that reveal objects in that of Konoha, trying to be lucky enough to find a lottery ticket.
70- Eearnest: recover 30 empty cans. You can find them in Konoha.
71- Sly: Collect 30 Pachinko Balls, you can find them in Konoha.
72- The Hidden Village: you will have to unlock Hokage Naruto.
73- Second Hokage: You will need to retrieve the Ninja information card with the Hokage photo on it.
74- Third Hokage: You will have to watch all the videos of the story inside the Hokage room, after the end of the game. It is not necessary to look at all the skits: you can press start as soon as the exclamation point has disappeared.
75- Student: you will have to watch all the "Ultimate Jutsu" videos in the collections menu - also in this case, as for trophy 74, you can press start immediately after the appearance of the exclamation point.
76- Mission: you will have to re-play each battle within the "Challenge Main Battle Again" mode, accessible from the Hokage room.
77- Trusty: you will have to catch 5 birds.
78- Naive: you will have to investigate 50 mushrooms.
79- Secret: you will need to use 20 teleportation scrolls - available for purchase from the item shop.
80- Certainly Victorious: You will need to get 10 online ranking wins.
81- Explosively Advancing: You will need to get 20 online leaderboard wins.
82- Dojo Breaker: You will need to get 30 online ranking wins.
83- One's Own Ruler: You will need to get 40 online ranking wins.
84- Omnipotent: You will need to get 50 online ranking wins.
85- Underdog: you will have to lose 10 online leaderboard wins.
86- Survivor: You will have to lose 20 online leaderboard wins.
87- Ninja: you will need to recover 10000 SP.

A Perfect Storm Master

Platinum Trophy, which will be acquired after winning all other trophies. Therefore, it will be automatically unlocked when you have taken possession of the last gold trophy.

Video Solution - Initial Part

Video Solution - Final Part

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