Cool Minecraft Houses - Ideas for your next build

Cool Minecraft Houses - Ideas for your next build

Looking for some Minecraft home ideas? If you're looking for some inspiration, then we've delved a little deeper into Minecraft house projects to get you started on your way to creating your dream home. You should set aside some time, some resources and some love, as building a house in Minecraft is not an easy task.

Building a house in Minecraft takes time, but it doesn't beat the feeling you get when you look out the window from the confines of your cozy cabin or take in the views from your hilltop hideout. These Minecraft house ideas will save you time and effort, so you can spend more time enjoying your new pad and less time mired in building.

Whether you are a Minecraft building professional or approaching this daunting undertaking for the first time, we have included the types of Minecraft houses you can build, including log houses, beach houses, and medieval houses in Minecraft along with our designs. and favorite tutorials out there.


Medieval Minecraft houses come in all shapes and sizes, whether you want a fortress built of stone, housing all the old cobblestone features, creepy fireplaces, and a hidden lair. Or maybe you're looking for a simple rustic oak abode, surrounded by a canopy of trees or placed in a green rural hideaway. Our favorite of the bunch has to be this combination of the two, with all the grand stone works of a castle, paired with barn-like features. This simple and cozy Minecraft build lets you not get bogged down in the look of the design, saving you time to explore.


This Minecraft house is not for those who suffer from vertigo, but Minecraft tree houses are a great way to escape the chills that come out at night. You can build your new house perched in a tree or rebuilt from scratch. Getting the right foundation is essential in building your Minecraft treehouse, whether you want a tree that functions as a house or a tree house. This hidden and quiet house, adorned with rose bushes, with an elegant hatch is a great place to start. Be sure to include a ladder.


Your wooden house in Minecraft can be as big or small as you want, from stately wood paneled mansions to cozy log cabins, you can let your imagination run wild as long as you have the supplies. Log Houses are extremely versatile, easy to collect, and can be made to suit your Minecraft needs. This sweet wooden cabin features a porch, so you can kick back and relax before setting off on an adventure.


If a rustic house isn't your style, there are also many modern house designs in Minecraft to choose from. Materials include stone, slabs and clay to shape your modern nativity scene, complete with large windows and a balcony to enjoy the view. Modern homes take longer to plan and build, so you need to be dedicated and prepared. We love this modern house design with floor-to-ceiling glass walls and beautiful landscaped garden, complete with grass hedges and a meandering lake.


Whether your idea of ​​a beach house is a ramshackle hut nestled by the sea or a serene three-level abode complete with a pool, there are tons to choose from. Our favorite is this unassuming, easy-to-build villa that has a small pool to tip your tootsies.

These Minecraft house ideas are the perfect starting point if you're looking for inspiration for your next build. If you want someone to call home when you return to fight enemies or explore the rich blocky universe, making a home in Minecraft is both satisfying and rewarding.

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