Is Minecraft Realms Worth It Plus?

Is Minecraft Realms Worth It Plus?

If you're a Minecraft fanatic with an insatiable need to explore and create, you're probably wondering, "Is Minecraft Realms Worth It Plus?" The premium membership service has the Minecraft developer Mojang hosting a private server for you, which can then be managed in any way you see fit within the game itself. This makes things extremely accessible and ensures that anyone and everyone can take their Minecraft experience to the next level.

Is it really worth $ 7,99 a month, though? In this guide, we'll give you the information you need to decide if Minecraft Realms Plus is the right purchase for you.

Should I Get Minecraft Realms Plus?

Minecraft Realms Plus is definitely the quickest and easiest way for a beginner to set up a private server. This alone makes it a pretty cool prospect, although an active subscription will also grant you access to loads of Marketplace content that is curated by Mojang and updated on a monthly basis. This means that you are getting something new for your money every month, as well as maintaining access to your exclusive private server.

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With the player limit for a Minecraft Realms Plus server limited to 10, you should definitely not invest if you are hoping to build a large public server. Rather, a Realms Più server is intended to provide a safe and engaging space for small groups of family and / or friends to enjoy together. If you sign up for a membership and have nine other players joining your Realms Più server, it should be noted that they do so freely - they all have access to all of the premium content on the Marketplace (estimated to be worth $ 150 +) each time I am present.

If that all sounds interesting, the best way to figure out if Minecraft Realms Plus is worth it is to take a 30-day free trial. Each player is entitled to one and you can sign up on the official Minecraft Realms Plus website.

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