Minecraft 1.15 Update Patch Notes | Bees

Minecraft 1.15 update patch notes are finally here! The Buzzy Bees update has (rather surprisingly) finally brought bees out of testing and into Minecraft along with some other pretty cool improvements to the game.

Minecraft 1.15 update patch notes | Highlights of the patch

Minecraft 1.15 Update Patch Notes | Bees

The obvious first highlight in the Minecraft 1.15 Update Patch Notes is the addition of bees to the actual game. Bees are neutral mobs (like cows or pigs) that are super cold unless you decide to spoil them. Then they'll hit you with their stinger and die soon after, monster. I also have good authority that they are adorable as heck.

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Bees make several new additions, as noted in the Minecraft 1.15 update patch notes. In addition to the mobs themselves, the Minecraft 1.15 Update Patch Notes expose details of Honeycombs, Beehives, Honeycomb Blocks, and Honey Blocks.

  • Hives are bee houses that spawn naturally.
  • Honeycombs can be created by a player and also act as homes for bees.
    • Bees have no preference between hives and bees' nests - they will live in what is closest.
  • Honeycomb can be acquired by cutting out a hive or honeycomb that is filled with honey.
    • Four Honeycombs can be used to create a Honeycomb decorative block.
  • Honey Block is "very sticky" and has several unusual properties.

The addition of Miele Block will be important to Redstone's engineers. On his own, he can slow players down by sliding off walls, walking on them, or jumping on them. Combine that with a sticky piston and you can make some pretty cool new machines (especially in tandem with Slime Blocks).

Distributors get some minor improvements in the Minecraft 1.15 Update Patch Notes - they can now refill bottles with water or honey, making them much more useful for crafting potions. They can also cut honey combs from bees' nests and hives and also properly eject empty bottles when they are not facing the water.

That's not all there is to the Minecraft 1.15 Update Patch Notes, keep reading the full Minecraft 1.15 Update Patch Notes!

Minecraft 1.15 update patch notes | Full list

Minecraft 1.15 Update Patch Notes | Bees



  • Bees added!
  • Added nests and hives!
  • Honey blocks added!
  • Added the bottle of honey!
  • Honeycomb added!
  • Honeycomb Blocks Added!
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Added progress for bees and honey!
  • Iron Golem healing added
  • Added features found in other Minecraft editions
  • Changes to the distributor
  • Experience Orbs now appear in the same location as loot when an entity is killed


We're buzzing with excitement!
Can anyone tell Cory to stop playing bee games now?

  • Bees are graceful, fuzzy, neutral mobs
  • Don't hurt them, they don't want to hurt you
  • If a bee stings you, will it leave its sting in you and eventually die, dropping anything?
  • Bees love beautiful flowers and spend their lives collecting pollen from them
  • After collecting the pollen, the bees return to their home nest
  • Bees help you by growing crops while carrying pollen to the nest
  • Bees like to share the location of their favorite flowers with other bees
  • If a bee doesn't have a home nest, it will wander until it finds one it can use
  • Bees do not like rain and sleep at night. In these cases they will return to the nest
  • Bees can be raised using flowers
  • If a bee can't find nectar, after a while it will come home for a while
  • Bees try to avoid water
  • Bees come in if it rains all over the world, not just where the bee is
  • Bees will search up to 10 blocks away from themselves in all directions to find a nest / hive to call home

Nests / hives

In real life, bees dance in their nests to show other bees where the flowers are!

  • Honeycombs spawn naturally in flowering forests, plains, and sunflower lowland biomes
  • When a bee visits this block and completes its journey undisturbed, the honey level increases
  • Max 5 levels of honey
  • Level 5 is pretty… sticky
  • Bees use nests and hives to share flower positions with other bees
  • Sometimes bees who already know a flower will choose not to use this information
  • Hives are made by players using honeycomb and wooden planks
  • Use a silk touch tool to get the block with the bees stored inside
  • The honeycombs will be destroyed unless you use the silk touch
  • Use the shears when you have full honey to get the honeycomb
  • Use a full honey bottle to get a honey bottle
  • The smoke from the bonfire calms the bees - place one under the nest / hive to keep them in relaxation mode
  • Redstone-friendly!
  • Bees like honeycombs and hives in the same quantity! Don't they play favorites?
  • Bees only come out through the front of the nest / hive


Sticky. Very sticky!

  • Walking and jumping is limited
  • If you find yourself on a block of honey that is pushed by a piston, come for the ride
  • Jump on a wall of honey blocks to slide down and slow your fall
  • Landing on a block of honey will cushion your fall a little
  • When a block of honey is pushed or pulled by a piston, it sticks to adjacent blocks and tries to move them in the same direction (just like the blocks of slime do)
  • Honey blocks and slime blocks don't stick to each other, because… um… due to Minecraft's special chemistry
  • Mafia and animals don't like walking on blocks of honey unless they really need it as it is too sticky for their comfort
  • Honey blocks are made from four honey bottles


Organic, gluten-free, delicious locally produced honey!

  • Use an empty glass bottle on a beehive or nest filled with honey to get a bottle of honey!
  • Drink!
  • ??
  • Profit!
  • Oh yeah, turn it into sugar too!
  • Or make four bottles in a block of honey!
  • Drinking honey also cures poison


Disclaimer: Cannot be used for combing hair

  • Cut a beehive or nest filled with honey to get
  • Craft with wooden planks to create a beehive


BYOH - Create your honeycomb

  • Make a 2 × 2 honeycomb to get a honeycomb block
  • Purely decorative!


  • The Sneak and Sprint inputs can now be switched between hold and toggle mode in the accessibility options
  • The descriptions below the buttons on the world creation screen are now narrated
  • Changed the button highlight to make it easier to distinguish the selected button


  • Added "Sticky Situation" to jump into a block of honey to break the fall
  • Added "Bee Our Guest" to safely collect honey from a beehive using a bonfire
  • Added "Total Beelocation" to move a honeycomb with 3 bees inside using a touch of silk


  • Distributors can now fill bottles with water and honey
  • Distributors can now cut honeycombs from honeycombs and hives
  • Dispensers now correctly eject empty bottles when they are not facing the water


  • Iron golems begin to crack when severely damaged
  • Repair them with iron ingots!
  • Damage progress is based on the ratio of current health to maximum health


Things from other editions of Minecraft have come to the Java Edition!

  • Trying to sleep in a bed during the day will now set the player's spawn position to that bed
  • Setting the regeneration point using a bed now displays a message
  • The bells will now ring when powered with a redstone signal
  • The doInsomnia game rule can now be turned off to prevent ghost spawning at night
  • The doImmediateRespawn game rule can now be activated to have players respawn immediately without showing the death screen
  • The Drowning Damage, Falling Damage, and Fire game rules can now be used to prevent certain sources of damage
  • Sponges now dry out when placed in the Nether
  • Dispensed fireworks from a dispenser now travel in the direction they were fired
  • Boats as fuel now smelled 6 items in a furnace
  • The bonfire can be extinguished with a shovel
  • When reproducible mobs in groups naturally spawn they sometimes spawn children in groups
  • Parrots can sit on a player's shoulder even when the player is riding
  • The composers are now made with wooden plates
  • All foods are now edible in creative mode
  • The dark prismarin is now made with black dye instead of ink pouches
  • Increased burn time of scaffolding when used as a fuel in a furnace
  • Added statistics for anvil and mole interaction counts


  • The predicate object in the advances now makes a distinction between actual spells and memorized spells (such as those memorized in enchanted books)
  • Added general purpose memory
  • Added a spectator command
  • Loot table predicates can now be defined in separate files and used for entity selectors and running if command
  • Extended loot and advancement table predictions
  • Extended scheduling command to allow scheduling function multiple times


  • Changes to the article predicate:
    • spells now only match spells on the item itself - they can no longer be used for enchanted books
    • to match the content of the enchanted book, use stored_enchantments

The entity predicate now accepts the player field, which controls player properties. It fails when the entity is not a player.

  • level - range of levels of allowed players
  • gamemode - same values ​​as the / gamemode command
  • stats - list of stats to match. Input fields: type (like minecraft: custom), stat (like minecraft: sneak_time) and value (int range)
  • recipes - map of recipe IDs. The boolean value indicates whether or not it should be known by the player
  • progress - map of progress IDs. If the value is Boolean, it checks if the switch has been made. If the value is subject, check the completion of the criteria

The entity predicate now accepts the team field, which is the team name.


The predicate also accepts the block and fluid sub-predicate. Available fields:

  • block / fluid - exact block / fluid ID to match
  • tag - block / fluid tag to match
  • nbt - matcher for NBT block entity (for blocks only)
  • state - map of name-value properties. The value can be integer, Boolean, or string or object with optional min and max properties


Predicate now accepts a light sub-predicate. The object has an integer range: the light that corresponds to the visible light (max (sky darkening, blocking)).


  • Added copy_to_clipboard action to clickEvent
  • Added variant for NBT archiving: {"nbt":

    , "Storage": "“}. NBT storage can be manipulated with commands such as / data merge storage ...


  • Data commands can now use storage as a destination. This is generic key-value memory
    • Storage is shared across all tier dimensions
    • Data in memory persists between reloads

The new subcommand evaluates custom predicates (defined in the datapack predicate directory).

  • Added new syntax / schedule ... (add | replace) (/ schedule ... defaults to replace)
  • Added new syntax / unselected schedule to remove existing programs (returns the number of removed programs)

The effect clear command is now automatically set to @s if no target argument is given.


The new selector parameter predicate allows you to apply your own custom predicate (defined in the predicates directory of the datapack).


The kill command is now automatically set to @s if no target argument is given.

cross the road

New command that makes a spectator player appear as an entity. Syntax: spectate (target) (player)

  • player - The player who should be looking at the target. It must be in spectator mode. If omitted, @s is used
  • target - The target to observe. If omitted, it causes the player to stop looking


The condition part of the loot tables can now be defined as a separate data package resource in the predicate directory.



New parameters added:

  • offsetX, offsetY, offsetZ - optional offsets to position

New condition that controls the time of day.


  • value - range of accepted values
  • period: if present, the time will be divided per module by this value (for example, if set to 24000, the value will work at the time of day)

Includes the condition defined in the datapack predicate directory, selected with the name parameter.


Copies the state properties from the released block to the BlockStateTag into the released item.

  • block - origin of properties (block ID)
  • property - list of property names. Everything must be present on the block


In an effort to facilitate game modding, we have decided to publish our game obfuscation maps with all future versions of the game. This means that anyone interested can de-obfuscate the game and orient themselves in the code without having to spend a few months figuring out what's what. Our hope is that mod writers and mod framework writers will use these files to augment their update processes they have today. These mappings will always be available, instantly and immediately as part of each newly released version. This does not, however, change any existing restrictions on what you can and cannot do with our game code or resources. Links to obfuscation mappings are included as part of the json manifest version and can be automatically extracted for a given version.
Prefix for each obfuscation map is the following legal disclaimer:

© 2019 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This information is provided "as is" and you assume the risk of using it. This information does not give you any legal rights to any intellectual property in any Microsoft product. You may copy and use this information for internal reference purposes. Microsoft makes no warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to the information provided here.


  • Vertically moving particles perform better when colliding with blocks


  • Blocks that can be manually placed on farmland can now also be pushed onto it by a piston without destroying farmland


  • The resource pack version is now 5
  • The game now tries to make obsolete resource packs work as much as possible
  • Increased Sizelimit for clients downloading resource packages from 50 MB to 100 MB


Few loot table feeds and predicates that used lock state properties (location, property_block_property, send_block, place_lock) can now match ranges (replacing single value with {"min": ..., "max": ...}) .
Also, the block type is now optional in these predicates, so for example it is not possible to match any crops with age properties in a certain range.


  • Changed plot map for all chests
  • Banner and shield templates now use alpha channel instead of brightness
  • Ender Dragon no longer has a separate texture for the bottom of the wing
  • The shimmer texture of the enchanted item is now as it appears in the game
  • per f in * .png; converti "$ f" -alpha copy tmp.png && composite tmp.png -componi copy-opacity ../shield_base.png tmp2.png && convert tmp2.png -fill "rgba (0,1,0,1)" -draw "rettangolo 0,0 1,63" -draw "rettangolo 2,0 63,1" -draw "rettangolo 2,22 64,64" -draw "rettangolo 12,2 64,64" -fill none -draw " diluvio 0,0 opaco "tmp3.png && mv tmp3.png" $ f "&& rm tmp.png tmp2.png; fatto
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