Darksiders Genesis: How to Defeat Mammon

As the final boss of the fifth chapter of Darksiders Genesis, the Siege Master of the Legion, is basically the slightly more "pumped up" copy of the Demon of the slag of the second chapter, we decided to skip it (referring, of course, to our dedicated guide) and to focus directly on what we can consider the real first boss of the game, since the sixth chapter is entirely focused on the boss fight that you will face. Here, then, is ours guide to defeat Mammon in Darksiders Genesis.

Mammon: the characteristics

Once you reach the sixth chapter, you will immediately find yourself clashing with Mammon on a hitherto unprecedented playing field. In fact, the battlefield is covered with gold coins, among which the boss usually disappears to reappear near you, in such a way as to stun you as well as cause you damage. Also use this strategy as an evasive move when he is overly targeted by your attacks. During the fight, Mammon will summon several allies through a portal. In addition, he will also use a giant hammer that will swing across the battlefield and "magic grenades" thrown in bursts. As if that weren't enough, the fight has three phases. During the first Mammon it will attack you with a parabolic spell, easy enough to avoid. Once enough life is taken away, the parabola will become a real ray that you will have to avoid following the trajectory of Mammon's movement on the horizontal axis. Finally, the third phase includes everything he threw at you during the fight. So the minions, the hammers, the spells and ben two clones of the boss.

How to defeat Mammon

In this case more than ever, it is vitally important to eliminate all disturbing elements first Mammon will evoke. Our advice is to use Conflict to get rid of minions without exposing yourself too much. Use the power of Warinstead, to attack the boss. Arrived at the last stage, to be able to distinguish the vero Mammon from the copies you just need to see which of the three you inflict damage on. Once you find the original, drop the other two and throw all your strength on the boss. Try to use every time window that comes your way to inflict damage, so that you have to spend as little time as possible fighting during the third phase. In fact, a minimum error in the latter is enough, and from a situation of domination one can move very quickly to a condition of defeat.

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