Demon's Souls, how to unlock the Fractured World mode

Demon's Souls, how to unlock the Fractured World mode

Demon's Souls was one of the PS5 launch titles to have amazed gamers the most, in fact the work done by the guys at Bluepoint Games was magnificent, but the development team thought that fans of the series would appreciate some news, besides the beautiful graphics. For this reason, they have introduced the Fractured World mode.


For those wondering what we're talking about, the Fractured World mode featured in the title acts as a "Mirror mode". In fact, by activating it, the whole game world will be inverted, as if it were the reflection of a mirror, increasing the difficulty of the gaming experience, especially for those users who play by heart.

Furthermore, the protagonist will also undergo the same treatment, in fact, your character will hold the shield with the right arm and the weapon with the left one. All this in order to vary the title and make the gameplay more difficult.

How to unlock the Fractured World mode?

So, if you are a veteran of the series and want to further increase the degree of challenge offered by Demon's Souls, we inform you that you can unlock and activate this new mode directly from the Nexus. To do this, you will have to go under theArchstone of the Queen of the Tower and look for a statue of a woman in a cloak holding a candle in her hands.

Approach the effigy as soon as the message appears "Make an offer" press X, the statue will ask you for an offer for ben 25mila anime without specifying its purpose. Donate the required amount of souls and you will enable this new modality. Once unlocked, you can activate and deactivate it by interacting directly with the statue.

The Fractured World mode of Demon's Souls, as well as providing you with a new way to approach the world of Ticket office, will give you a fun challenge. In fact, you'll have to collect well 26 ceramic coins useful to obtain the key to open the mysterious door that was so much talked about before the release of the title.

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