The Walkthrough of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Please note:

The solution is based on the US PC version of the game. There may be divergences from the Spanish version and / or for other platforms.

Lilac and Gooseberries

After the conversation with Vesemir, you will have to fight against a group of Ghouls who will appear near the camp. Get rid of the monsters, one after the other. After the victory, jump on the horse and follow your ally west, passing the village.
Talk to Elsa inside the boarding house. Talk to the two farmers. Listen to the conversation, so start playing cards. Move to the Nilfgaardian camp, northwest of the village. Get rid of the group of peasants. Jump on the horse, move towards the camp. Go up the stairs, reaching the bridge.
After the conversation, proceed to the interior of the guesthouse. Approach the commander, talking to him. You will be given a Quest (The Beast of White Orchard) which you must complete before proceeding.

Beast of White Orchard

Head to Mislav's house, south of White Orchard village. Knock on the door, then follow the footsteps that lead to the forest to the hunter's hideout. Go to the area where Mislav found his body. Examine the area, then keep walking, crossing the bridge. Climb to the nearby platform, jumping to the path in front of you. At the Griffin's lair, examine the corpse, selecting all the options from the list shown on the screen. Head towards Tomira. During the conversation, ask her about a herb called "Buckthorn". This type of grass can be recovered underwater. Immerse yourself to retrieve a fragment.
Return to the guesthouse within the village of White Orchard, encountering Vesemir. Activate the alchemical door, trying to use it at will.
Head to the area northeast of the White Orchard village. Answer in the affirmative to Vesemir's request. After the battle, retrieve the bow and try to use it. Beware of monster attacks, try to jump sideways to avoid them. We recommend drinking a few units of Thunderbolt to be able to "hold on" to the battle.
Attack the griffin repeatedly until it has lost half its HP bar. Then examine the nearby corpse as well as the mutagen. Place the mutagen in the associated inventory slot. Return to the commander inside the Nilfgaardian camp, telling him that the beast has been defeated.
Listen to what you will be told during the talk. So begin to finish the groups of bandits. After the battle begins, try to defeat the enemies, one after the other. After the battle is won, an intermission scene will be triggered where you will meet Yennifer.

Royal Audience

Upon reaching the royal palace, the first conversations with Morvan Voorhis begin. After Chamberlain's question, you'll have to get through a first conversation, then head to the emperor's chamber. Then follow the chamberlain to the emperor. You will first have to make a quick decision, which is whether to bow or stay standing.
So follow the chamberlain, heading towards the chamber where you can locate Yennefer. Listen to the next conversation. After teleportation is used, you can return to the chamberlain, then go to meet Ambassador Var Attre. The equipment will then be provided to Geralt. Remember to move weapons and armor using the correct inventory slots. A new Quest (Nilfgaardian Connection) will therefore be added.

Nilfgaardian Connection

Examine the mansion to retrieve the books and play cards. Select Velen from the world map. Head west, arriving at the guesthouse near the intersection. Talk to the owner. So try to eliminate the enemies, one after the other. Then talk to the owner, obtaining information on Hendrik's whereabouts.
You will be confronted with a group of bandits, immediately after exiting the building. You will then have to head towards Heatherton to the west. Get rid of the dogs, listen to the conversation. Proceed to the hut, examining the corpse. Retrieve the key, walk to the next room. Interact with the leather on the ground to discover the passage. Examine the poster, also retrieving the contents of the crate.

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Funeral Pyres

You will first need to locate the Eternal Fire Priest, near the village of Mulbrydale. During the following conversation, talk to Geralt that he will decide to burn the bodies. Agree to complete the goal. You can decide to recover the bodies in the order you prefer. Walk to the pyre, drop the oil on the ground and use wood to start the fire. Talk to the survivor, obtaining information from the priest.
After you burn the bodies, proceed north. A battle will therefore begin against a priest and a group of guards. After the battle, you will get 45 experience points. Retrieve the corpse and the 200 associated crowns.
After meeting the merchant in the north area of ​​the map, complete the conversation with the Talker. You will be given a pass, which is necessary to proceed beyond the border. We recommend buying it for 100 crowns - this is the simplest option.

Bitter Harvest

You will get information about the Quest from a merchant. Albin Hart will ask Geralt to protect him, along with his allies, while everyone takes care of stealing objects from the dead nearby. After the battle begins, try to stay close to Albin, protecting him from the Ghouls. Once the battle is complete, retrieve the reward from Albin.

Death by Fire

In the northern part of the map you will find a group of bandits trying to set fire to a hut where an elf is hiding. Approach the hut, triggering a short cutscene. You can then decide whether to leave or try to save the elf. We recommend that you choose the second option - you will therefore have to eliminate all the bandits. After the battle, move to the hut and use Aard to unlock the entrance. After you save the elf, you will get 25 experience points for completing the quest.

Thou Shalt Not Pass

The quest will activate after reaching one of the outposts near the borders of Velen, where the Redanian army has placed barriers and no one without a document will be able to pass. The easiest way to get the document is to increase your "progress" level in the main quest, Family Matters. In this way the great Baron Philip Strenger will provide Geralt with the letter of good conduct. After you get the letter, you will need to show the document to the guard and he will allow you to proceed.

An Unfortunate Turn of Events

The quest requires you to go and retrieve a cargo that has fallen off the boat. First get rid of the drowners nearby. Examine the body, then retrieve the unsent letter. Read it and dive into the nearby river, locating the chest near it, always paying attention to the Drowners. Take the Steel Sword from the chest.

Tough Luck

Here you will have to find a precious cargo, transported by a cart. You will first need to locate the body near the cart, south of the map. Get rid of the enemy in the area by examining the corpse. Retrieve the letter, then examine the surroundings of the trolley, taking the key. Use it on the crate next to the trolley.

Lost Goods

Here you will need to locate a chest, containing some valuables. Beware of wolves in the area. When the battle is over, examine the corpse, obtaining the Nilfgaardian notes. Read them, then move towards the indicated territory. Get rid of the Drowners, then recover the possible from the chest.

Blood Gold

You will have to locate a hidden treasure here. You will get information about this after you reach the corpse near the sewers to the northwest of the map.
Get rid of the enemies. After securing the play area, examine the corpse, recovering the key and the document. Activate the inventory by reading the document in detail. Activate the senses of the Witcher, starting to follow the tracks of blood. You will reach a chest near a wooden building. Destroy the obstacles, then open the chest.

Crow's Perch

Walk along the river, locating a group of wolves. You will have to defeat them using only the sword. We recommend attacking them one after the other, taking advantage of a high attack rate. Also remember to always use dodging and jumping sideways. After meeting Gretka, follow the girl, freeing yourself from the second group of wolves.
Examine the corpse in detail, selecting all the options on the list one after the other. In this way, the girl will gain additional information, which is that her enemy is a werewolf and that she will have to use a specific kind of oil to finish it successfully. It will be necessary to recover four ingredients: dog tallow, wolf liver, parsley and wolf poison. The first two ingredients can be recovered by examining the body of the wolves you defeated. The second two ingredients can be located by finding white and blue fragments. After having recovered them in its entirety, Ciri will automatically prepare the oil, placing it inside her weapon.
Now follow Gretka to the cave, where you can find the king of wolves. Use the oil to easily defeat the enemy. After the battle, listen to the conversation with the farmer. You will then regain control of Geralt by completing the "Bloody Baron" quest.
You will then go to meet Baron Philip Strenger, inside Crow's Perch. Follow the baron to the upper floors. You will find two rooms to explore: we recommend starting with the room next to the stairs. Examine the closet, recovering the rusted key and incense. Move to the bedroom, examining the doll next to the bed. You will now have to activate the senses of the Witcher, following the smells marked in red. You will reach the basement. Move to the room to the left of the guard, you will find a locked door, use the key to open it. Walk to the altar, retrieving the prayer and examining the container.
Go upstairs, entering the baron's room. Activate the senses of the Witcher by beginning to investigate interactive objects. Examine the painting, locating a hole. Examine the wood on the opposite side of the wall. Listen to Geralt's comments, then return to the candle, examining the spilled wine. Follow the visible tracks to reach the stairs. Go down the stairs, examine the wooden table, recovering the talisman.
Now go back to the baron. Talk to him about the doll in the bedroom, fighting against the subjects in the area and recovering the talisman. You will get 150 experience points, and Strenger will send you to meet Pellar. Attack the bandits, first getting rid of the ones with a crossbow. The rest of the enemies won't hold your attack, you can finish them off in speed. So use the Axii sign during the conversation, to regain control of the bandit's mind, convincing them to leave. Knock therefore on Pellar, telling him about his wife and the baron's daughter.
Once you have found the goat, talk to Pellar again, obtaining information on the animal you are looking for. Go back to the crow's lair. You will notice how the castle barn is on fire. Observe the cutscene, during which you will meet some of the baron's men. You will be asked to rescue Oswin, he is inside the barn. You can accept or go directly to the baron. If you have accepted, we recommend that you enter using the ladder, quickly overcome the barn pulverizing the obstacles, then move towards the main exit and unlock it, so that Oswin can exit.
You will therefore find yourself fighting against the Baron, we recommend using a large amount of dodging and counterattacks to maximize the chances of victory. After the battle, observe the cutscene. Follow the baron until you reach the area where he had buried the baby. Save the game: you will have to make an important decision here, which is whether to kill or transform the animal. The ending won't change.

Option A - Attack
The opponent will increase in size and you will actually have to deal with some kind of mini-boss. First, avoid his attacks by jumping backwards or sideways. Each attack will have to start with an Axii, which goes to stun the enemy for a few seconds, so you can hit it with ease. During the later stages, the opponent will summon enemies that will help him. Try to focus on the main enemy, avoiding contact with these "secondary" enemies. After the battle is over, listen to the conversation with the Baron, awaiting Geralt's arrival.
You will now have to go back to Pellar.

The Walkthrough of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Follow the man to the area where the ritual began. You will have to eliminate the wolves, then move towards your destination, activating the fire in three different areas - approach each of the containers and press the appropriate button to start the interaction. After the ritual begins, you will need to help Pellar to keep the fire burning in all three containers. We recommend using a combination of oil and Yrden.
You will continue to fight, trying to keep the flames "alive" until the end of the ritual. Listen to the conversation with Pellar, seeking information about the third vision. Take Pellar home. You will be prompted to visit the fisherman, who can be traced to the west.

Option B - Transformation
You will thus take the being from the ground. You will proceed to the main courtyard. Beware of Geralt and Baron who will be regularly attacked by some groups of enemies. We recommend using Wrath Oil to maximize your abilities, along with Yrden to clear magic traps. After defeating all the groups of monsters, use the Axii signal to calm the opponent and start the march again. Once at your destination, approach the burial area by pressing the right button, observing the cutscene.
You will now have to follow Lubberkin. You can choose whether to proceed on foot or use the horse. Get past the monster, reaching the tent. Jump off the horse, starting to survey the surroundings using your witch senses. Examine the horse, as well as the nearby bracelet and abandoned clothing.
Keep moving forward, pushing back the rotfiends. Jump off the horse, taking out all the monsters one after the other. Jump to either side, then - when the battle is over - examine the dead horse, selecting all the options on the list. Then continue to follow the Lubberkin again, reaching the fisherman's tent.

Both options will direct you to the fisherman's tent, east of Crow's Perch. Knock on the door, meeting the fisherman and his family. During the next conversation, you will get information about the events concerning his daughter and his wife. Exit the tent, making your way back to the raven den. Upon reaching your destination, Oswin will give you 20 crowns. Locate the baron, starting the conversation. Geralt will be asked to meet Tamara in Oxenfurt. So begin to overcome the various outposts, activating in succession the various Quests related to the story of Ciri Ciri. After completing this objective, you can begin the search for Tamara.
After you meet Keira Metz, you will get a book from her. Read it, getting information on the Trail of treats, arriving near a small village. The quest will end when you tell the baron that his wife is near the swamps. You will then get a side-quest that will require her to be found.

Finding Tamara

The quest will be very short: you can proceed without problems towards Oxenfurt, thanks to the pass given to you by the baron. After you locate Anna and complete the brief conversation with her, you can head to the raven den and proceed to join the Baron's wife.

A Princess in Distress

The objective will be given to you by Pellar. Before tracking down the goat, enter the inventory and place the bell in the appropriate slot in the inventory. Therefore, from the quick selection menu, always retrieve the bell, so that Geralt goes to use it.
Proceed along the territory marked by a yellow circle, starting again to use the bell as well as the sense of the witch. Watch out for wolves that can attack Geralt all along the way. In the western area of ​​the forest you can find the animal. Use the bell to make the animal follow Geralt. The goat will deviate at a certain point towards a cave of bears, approach it and save it from the looming attacks.
You will need to get the goat to reach Pellar so that he allows you to continue your "Family Matters" quest.

Ciri's Story

The quest will allow you to take control of Ciri. You will therefore have to participate in a horse race with the baron. The finish line is located at the abandoned tower. After the start of the race, start galloping to the maximum. Remember that you will have to stay on the same path. The horse used by Ciri must be endowed with sufficient resistance throughout the course. Winning or losing will in no way affect subsequent events.

Hunting the Witch

After examining the chest, the quest will automatically be entered in your journal. Immediately move south. The goal will be to locate the witch. We recommend proceeding directly to her tent in the forest, northeast of the village. You can get more information by listening to the conversation of the two women located next to the house. After getting the instructions, exit the village. Approach the pool, starting to proceed north. Arrived near the rock at the fork, turn east, reaching the witch's tent.
Watch out for the Nekkers in the area, finish them quickly. After the following cutscene, enter the tent and activate your sense of witch. Focus on the skull located in the side room, activating a magical portal. Walk through the portal to a new play area. Head up the stairs so Geralt can go see Keira Metz. Listen to his conversation. After the end, you can head to the elf tower to complete the quest.

Wandering in the Dark

The quest will be added automatically after the end of the "Hunting a Witch" quest, more specifically after meeting Keira Metz inside her hideout in the forest. You can reach the game area in question by proceeding through the portal near the tent. You will need to examine the elf's residence area. Then proceed towards the entrance to the hiding place. Having chosen the second option, you will have to walk through the portal again, proceeding south of the witch's tent. Once you reach your destination, proceed forward with Keira.
After the cutscene inside the first room, walk forward beyond the portal created by the witch. After you split up, proceed forward to take out Drowner's group. Walk in the water, dive, swim to the nearby cave. Once out of the water, you will reach a crossroads. Move to the street on the left. You will reach an even larger cave containing a second group of Drowners. During the next battle, you can take advantage of the gas visible on the ground, using Igni to activate it to increase the amount of damage dealt to nearby monsters. You should also avoid getting too close to the gas itself, as it can poison Geralt. Once near the stairs, you will find a passage to the next game area, where you will find Keira again.
Get rid of the rats. You will then be required to destroy two rat dens; we recommend taking advantage of the Igni signals near the dens themselves. He then proceeds forward, stopping near the first elven wizard. After observing it carefully, head to the next cave. Geralt and Keira will have to get rid of the Wraith in the area. So follow the linear path, avoiding the poison clouds. You will then reach the next cave.
Walk to the next projection. Avoid touching the symbols in the area in a "random" way: by touching the wrong symbol you will surely have problems. Then jump into the large hole in the center of the room. Once in the water, dive and swim to the following territory. Get out of the water, locating the horse symbol. Interact with the symbol itself. Select the narrowest path leading to Keira, taking advantage of the new passage together.
In the next room, examine the bird symbol. You will then go to activate a portal. You will then have to fight a mini-boss - the Golem. Pay attention to his most powerful attacks and his sudden charges. Either way, you will be prompted to dodge and jump sideways. So attack the golem when it is facing the witch, making repeated hits. We also recommend using elemental oil.
After eliminating the golem, continue exploring the wizard's hideout. You will reach a new symbol in the shape of a bird, then unlocking a portal. So move on to the following cutscene. Then follow Keira, staying inside the magical shield she created, to avoid losing HP. You will have to try to protect the witch while she deals with the enemies in the area. Therefore, eliminate the dogs that walk nearby. To be able to damage them considerably, we recommend using the silver sword and the symbol of Igni. You can also use elemental oil. For each "round" you will have to kill all the dogs. Only then will Keira be able to completely close the portal. So if you want to try to fight for the witch's affection, we recommend selecting the first dialogue option.
Keep going, save your game. You will then find yourself in front of Nithral, ​​one of Wild Hunt's soldiers. Starting the fight, immediately try to weaken the enemy. Make use of Keira's Magical attacks by summoning a group of dogs. You will therefore have to try to eliminate the dogs quickly, the boss will still not be able to regenerate large amounts of life-points. Avoid attacking the protective barrier, it will cause you to stun.
The next section of the duel will be similar. Try to weaken the Nithral by using your attacks, thus quickly getting rid of the dogs that are summoned after the boss hides. You will therefore go to eliminate Nithral. So continue to the last of the series of projections, observing it. You will then recover Keira's book, gaining access to a new quest (Ladies of Wood). Activate the witch's senses by examining the herbs and notes nearby. Also check out the secret exit. Interact with it, listening to the conversation with Keira. She will provide you with Nehaleni's eye, which you will need to "see" through illusions.
Then move to the following corridor, where Keira will ask Gerald for help to find a magic lamp. You can decide whether to accept the proposal or not. Whatever your decision, the current quest will end and you will gain additional experience points. So, to get out of the hiding place, move along the left passage that leads outside.

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Pyres of Novigrad

Triss Merigold will be the main contact in Novigrad. Her house is located in the center of the city. After passing the entrance portal, you will only find yourself in front of some groups of thieves (there will be no sorcerers). You will be able to enter the house and examine the area, however you will not get any particular clues. To be able to find Triss you will have to use the organizations of the city, first reaching Putrid Grove.

Option A - Beggars
Talk to the beggar sitting on the wooden scaffolding above the road. Keep talking to him until he gives you the password. Then move towards the entrance portal, providing the password.

Option B - Thieves
Locate the thief near the market, place yourself in the circle and wait for him. Follow your target to the hideout. Ask the thief to lead you to the Grove so that he lures you to the trap. You will therefore have to defeat 4 enemies at the same time. If you succeed, you will be taken directly to the goal, obtaining the password in exchange.

King of Beggars

Head to the encounter with the King of Beggars. After the brief conversation with Triss, you can move on to the sewers. Get rid of the drowners by going to select the switch that will open the hidden passage.
Once near the bridge, you will have to dive to locate the bag: you will find it in front of the bridge, in the lower part of the playing area. So go back to Triss with the whole package. You will have to proceed towards the sorcerer, also completely freeing the warehouse from the presence of rats. Then place the three traps in the corners of the room, next to the holes in the wall. After you have completed the quest and the short conversation, you will have to fend off the three temple guards. Then exit the warehouse, observing the cutscene.

Novigrad Dreaming

Talk to Triss Merigold to unlock the quest. Head to the sorceress residence. The owner will talk to you, telling you that the house is haunted. Proceed to the first floor, encountering a sleeping woman. Talk to her.
To wake her up, you'll need to figure out what's causing her problems. Head to the attic, locating a doll on the nightstand, as well as a painting in one of the nearby nightstands. Examine it and put it in your equipment. Go down to the lower floor. Enter the room on the right. Place the doll in the appropriate container. Look at the painting. Locate the stove inside the cellar. By interacting with the stove, you will activate an intermission scene. Your enemy will appear.
You can decide whether to "accept" the creature, or chase it to make it go away. We recommend the second option: proceed to the Herbalist, buy the Burdock, then return to the building. Place the Burdock in the stove, burning it using the Igni sign. So when you leave, the landlord will promise to give you part of the profit from the sale of the house.
Go back to the first floor, talking to Corrine Tilly. He will tell you to meet her near the pension, next to the port. You can decide to proceed in the area immediately, or as a second step. We recommend doing this immediately. Select any one of the stories that will be proposed to you, then answering all the questions that will be asked. The Quest will therefore end automatically and Broken Flowers will begin.

Broken Flowers

Head to the Rosemary and Thyme Pension, near the entrance to Novigrad, meeting Dandelion. You will find yourself in front of Zoltan. Eliminate the opponents, therefore looking for the clue to locate Dandelion. Retrieve the book near the closet under the window. Read it, then talk to Zoltan about the women, whose names were found inside the book. Go talk to the women in question.
After the conversation with the girl, you will need to proceed towards Elihal, east of the area where you met Vespula. So talk to Molly, inside the house near the big sign in the center of town. After the run, talk to the neighboring girl. So go back to Novigrad, talking to the general.

The last girl you need to talk to is Rosa Van Attre, who can be found in the northern area of ​​the city. Proceed to the entrance door; you will be stopped by a guard. To proceed, tell the guard that you are the new fencing instructor. After the conversation with the girl, follow the Bodyguard to the building. Retrieve the wooden sword, starting the training. You will now have to deal with Rosa briefly. To complete the fight it will be necessary to halve her HP.
After the short conversation, the second round will begin, during which you will have to try to "take away" the rest of the HP. Then her sister will arrive on the scene. After the short conversation, leave the room. However, pay attention to the dialogues. Rosa will ask you for information regarding the sword lessons, we recommend that you accept to gain access to the side quest (optional).
After the conversation, go back to Zoltan. He will send you to another tavern, where you can find a new path. We recommend visiting the tavern after the sun goes down. After the cutscene, the quest will end and the "Finding Junior" quest will begin.

Ladies of the Wood

Move south, reaching the sewers. Having located the sanctuary, follow the path to the Great Hut. Talk to the kids, asking them to lure the Gran in another direction from the house so that you are able to talk to one of the kids inside the tent. Talk to any of the guys.
You will therefore have two possibilities to convince them: you can give them a fruit, or play hide and seek with them. If you choose this second option, you will be able to locate the kids in the following areas: in the tent in the west area, behind the bushes at the corner of Gran's tent, behind the only large building (inside a hay bale) , therefore near the bushes next to the large building. Talk to the boy inside the tent, he will give you some information about Johnny. So move north-east, meeting the two subjects in the area. You will then reach a small cave. Ask Johnny for information.

The Walkthrough of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Follow him after the short conversation. Eliminate the Drowners, then return to Gran, who will help you meet the witches. You will then have to go to Donwarren to talk to Ealdorman.
He will ask you to kill a ghost who lives inside a tree. Kill the werewolf near the cave, then eliminate the "heart" of the tree, repeatedly hitting its roots. Make use of the "Igni" sign on the roots themselves. Also pay attention to the Endregas in the area.
Exit the cave, locating the Ealdorman, who will give you a reward. Go back to the tent, then move to the swamps. You will meet some witches who will give you information about Ciri. After the cutscene, you will go and act like Ciri and have to try to get out of the swamps. Run forward avoiding any combat in the area. So talk to the old woman, the baron's wife (named Anna). Provide some information about the events so that you can proceed with the "Family Matters" quest.

Visiting Reuven

Head to the bathrooms to meet Sigi. During the conversation, fend off the assassins who will attack you. Exit the bathrooms, also asking questions regarding the Dandelion, and then start the Reuven Treasure quest. During the second part of the quest you will have the choice of how to complete the quest - the "like a spy" option requires you to retrieve information, the "aggressively" option requires you to kill the people around you. Choosing the second option, you will have to walk inside the buildings, killing the guards and recovering everything you need. You can therefore go and visit Cleaver, immediately after exiting the bathrooms. She will provide you with the support of the dwarves. Inside the arena and casino you will find evidence, which you can take directly to Dijkstra. You can then go and meet Vernon Roche, examining in detail the game areas, including Junior's hideout.

Option A - Infiltrate
To enter the arena you will need to either bribe the guards (providing at least 100 crowns) or use the "Axii" signal. In case you decide to attack, a group of men will turn out to be hostile towards you. Talk to Igor, avoiding any mention of Junior. After the conversation, you will proceed to the arena, where you can defeat the enemies and monsters.
You will then be attacked by Junior and Cleaver's men. Retrieve the key near Igor's table. Collect the letter inside the chest, obtaining information on the secret passage. Go down to the lower level, moving east, locating the hidden door in the wall. Use the switch / flashlight to open it, recovering Dijkstra's secret documents. The entrance to the casino can also be done in a similar way, choosing between the possibility of bribing the guards or using the signs of Axii. During conversations with casino guests, avoid any reference to Junior, in that case a battle will surely start. You will then be directed to the interrogation room.
You'll soon notice how Cleaver's dwarves got to the area before you. Examine the book visible on the ground, the laundry room and the hanger near the first floor. You will not find anything interesting. Therefore, continue towards the following goal.

Option B - Aggressive action
Head to the casino, meeting Cleaver's man. Talk to their leader, letting them know when you feel ready. Defeat the two men near the entrance. Proceed inward, locating the other 10 enemies. Get rid of them one after the other, along with the dwarves. You will now need to examine the entire casino in detail. Head to the second floor where you can find Rico. Talk to him, obtaining information on Junior, who appears to have a deal with the Redanians. You can freely decide whether to free Rico or leave him alive.
Retrieve the letter and ring from the chest on the table. One of Junior's men will have possession of the key. So go to the arena. The gnomes will be waiting for you in the area. You will have to defeat two level 12 enemies near the entrance. Then proceed to the subway, finding four of Junior's men. Continue to the next large room, encountering yet another group of enemies, this time twelve. Collect the contents of the chest visible on the table. To open it, you will need a key that you can retrieve next to the body of one of the enemies you just defeated.
After you provide the information about Junior's relationship with the Redanians, go and meet Roche in his hideout. Once in the area, complete the short conversation, then proceed to Oxenfurt to meet a spy. After the conversation, proceed forward to the mansion door.
Get rid of the two guards who will try to stop you near the door. Retrieve the key that leads to the gate. Recover everything you can before proceeding. Once inside, get rid of the men nearby. Move to the building in the center, getting rid of the three guards and moving to the first floor to talk to Junior.
During the following conversation, Ciri's story will be activated. Walk to the ladder that leads to the roof, jump to the balcony, interacting with the window. After the short cut scene, a duel will begin. Then exit the ship, obtaining an additional message from the passerby, thus starting the quest "Now or Never".

Collecting Clues

The quest will start during the "Get Junior" mission, when you seek information from Reuven regarding Dandelion. First, head to the sewers. Examine all the clues, using the senses of the Witcher. Examine the pipe on the wall as well as the sewer bar. Drink the potion obtained by Sigi which will protect you from poisonous gas. The potion will continue to work for a total of seven minutes. So use the witch's senses to locate new clues in the area. You will find two bodies along the way: burn them quickly. Towards the final area of ​​the game you will go to locate the fragment of a bomb. Retrieve it and return to Sigi.
After the conversation, examine the bathroom. Look for one where the bomb might have been dropped. At the second pool, you will find the oil and a bomb cover, near the side of the wall. After the conversation, you will complete the first phase of the quest.
You headed for the pointed house near the city center. Examine the clues in the area. Collect the bottle of wine on the first floor. Place the bottle in the completely empty area, unlocking a secret passage. Retrieve the documents inside. Back on the ground, talk to Dijkstra, returning to the shrine to meet Triss.

Option A - Act with discretion
Take Triss up to the wall, then talk to the guards. Move inward. Geralt will be invited to Menge, while Triss will be tortured. Move outwards through the door, avoiding any fight against the guards. The opponent will therefore be killed by the sorceresses as soon as you have obtained enough information. Examine the body, proceed outward to avoid the fight against the guards. After the escape, it will not be necessary to walk in other directions, it is preferable to talk to Dijkstra.

Option B - Attack Menge's men
Lead Triss to Menge, he will say he wants to take her to jail. After your attempt to object, a battle will begin. You will have to get rid of the Hunters at level 9. Try to eliminate them as fast as possible. Then proceed towards the inside of the building, killing the rest of the enemies along the way.
Go up the stairs, freeing yourself of the remaining Hunters. Continue to the room to the right, locating Menge to defeat him. Retrieve Gilfort's sword from his body. Triss will then tell you to examine the documents that will allow you to locate Dandelion. Retrieve the book and letter to Caleb, visible on the table. Read them and watch the cutscene. Therefore, examine the play area, recovering all the valuables in the area.
Place the book in the chest, which can be located behind one of the pillars of the sanctuary. Head towards the chest, then towards one of the pillars of the sanctuary. Place the book in the nearby area, then hide behind the door. Take advantage of meditation by waiting until midnight. You will therefore find Triss. Once you have all the necessary information, you will be told that Dandelion is on the temple island. You can then decide whether to kill the spy or clear her memory.

Retrieved the contents of the container and the bodies of the enemies, proceed towards the outside, reaching the room of Menge. To get to the courtyard, jump to the outside of the play area, then continue to the wall surrounding the mansion. So destroy the brick wall containing the sign of Aard and you will be free.
Turn the corner, one of Djikstra's men will talk to you and lead you forward. During the following conversation, he will tell you that he will have figured out who the real creator of the gold theft was. He will also ask you to go locate Dandelion and tell you where to go to meet the spy. You will then get 90 crowns as a reward.

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