Guide: how to optimize the space on the PlayStation 5 SSD

Although it has introduced a new speed paradigm for the console world, the new PlayStation 5 SSD it was used as a weapon by many detractors of the Japanese company to attack the undoubtedly questionable choice of inserting an overall disk memory of around 825 Gigabytes.

Available space which, in truth, hovers around the 667 Gb if we consider it net of the operating system and Astro's PlayRoom, the magnificent game that comes pre-installed in every unit and that we have already reviewed for you. For this reason we felt compelled to collect some tips for you on how to optimize the space available and allow you to install as many games as possible on your new console!

Guide: how to optimize the space on the PlayStation 5 SSD

1 - Partial uninstall

The first thing to do to manage the internal memory management is to go to the settings and then to "Storage memory". Here you will find a two-point list, the first of which concerns, like PS4, the space available and that occupied by games, apps, the gallery, saves and the operating system.

From this screen you can intervene in the individual categories to delete screenshots, delete a saved game or a multimedia application that you no longer use. But it doesn't stop there: in the case of very heavy multiplayer titles like Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, it is possible to intervene by installing or uninstalling a part of the code, according to those who are our interested.

To do this, you have to click on Games and Apps: a list similar to the one below will open, from which you can check the software you want to uninstall. If there is a pencil symbol next to an application, by clicking on it you can access a dedicated submenu where you can select which parts of the game you don't care to keep on the PlayStation 5 SSD (multiplayer, campaign, arcade etc.)

Also, if you are not interested in Astro's Playroom, the game that you find pre-installed on your PS5, know that you can delete it from the same list and thus free up almost 11 Gigabytes of disk space.

Guide: how to optimize the space on the PlayStation 5 SSD

2 - USB storage memory / PS4 games

Another opportunity PlayStation 5 offers to lighten the load on the primary SSD is the ability to format a USB device as a drive for external storage. At the time of this writing, there are still some bugs with this feature but it is good to report it as it is potentially very useful. In fact, by connecting a device to the port Front USB-C or alle doors USB-A posteriori of PS5, you can install your PlayStation 4 games in this external memory, so as not to fill the main one.

In short, a solution that is not exactly ideal but all in all very useful. As for PS5 games, at the moment the installation limitation is related to the main SSD and this is due, among other things, to maintaining superior performance and very fast loading.

Guide: how to optimize the space on the PlayStation 5 SSD

3 - Management of saved data

As was already the case on PlayStation 4, also onPlaystation 5 SSD it is possible to free up some space by going to archive the saves automatic and manual of our games, on the Sony cloud. But be careful, access to this service is reserved only for those who are subscribers to the PlayStation Plus, as it is one of the advantages of the paid subscription to play online on the PlayStation console. Having said that, to do it is very simple: just go to the settings and scroll to the field related to the saved data. Here you can view the save files of both PS4 software and PS5 games installed, sync them and download or upload them to the Sony cloud.

These are decidedly lighter files than the games themselves but in any case, if you are a Plus subscriber, it could turn out a very useful habit as it allows you to access your files from all consoles linked to the account and prevents data loss, should something happen to the PS5 SSD.

Guide: how to optimize the space on the PlayStation 5 SSD

4 - Manage catches

Another very valuable tip for optimizing free space management in the PS5 SSD is choose the right settings related to captures, video clips and screenshots of trophies. The automatic settings of PlayStation 5 include some settings that you can choose to adjust instead, if you do not want to fill the memory of the console in the blink of an eye. Going to console settings, choose the topic "Captures and transmissions " to change some settings you might not like.

As for the screenshots first of all, know that from the Capture menu you can select the format both for the screen snapshots and for the video clips: in the first case you can choose between JPG and PNG (the former is lighter but less detailed, the latter heavier and of higher quality). As for the video clip format, PS5 allows you to choose the resolution between 1080p and 4K and the file format (webM for 4K or webM and mp4 for full HD).

Guide: how to optimize the space on the PlayStation 5 SSD

5 - The Trophy settings

Going down through this menu, you can see other settings related to unlocking trophies. As introduced a few years ago on the PlayStation 4, whenever you get a trophy, the operating system takes a screenshot of that moment and stores it in the system's memory. PS5 in this case does more instead, that is, it automatically saves both a screenshot of that moment and a short dedicated clip, which shows the last acts before the release of the coveted trophy.

A nice setting, activated by default but that may not please everyone: in short, the screen weighs relatively little but even a video could contribute in an important way to filling your SSD on PlayStation 5. Think about it a little and decide how is best for you!

Guide: how to optimize the space on the PlayStation 5 SSD

In short, these are some of our suggestions that we have collected for you and to allow you to save some space and optimize the use of the PlayStation 5 SSD: in case you missed it, here you can find a whole series of articles and insights dedicated to the new Sony home console, including the complete review, the long in-depth study dedicated to the dashboard and one dedicated to the new Dualsense controller. Help Did you like the article? Share it!
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