Hatch: guide to the service of mobile streaming video games

With the advancement of new technologies and the advent of 5G connections, which are gaining traction in our country, video game services are shifting to offer streaming experiences. Already with Google Stadia we have seen services of this type, thanks to Google's formidable servers, however the players were not yet ready. Microsoft has already announced the Xcloud project, available from May 6, 2020 in preview, ready to beat the competition through the catalog and offers and we want to introduce you to Hatch.

In Finland, in 2016, they thought about offering a mobile video game streaming service, so you can play without taking up memory on your device and taking advantage of the European infrastructures. Over the years it has come Hatch in various European countries and recently also in Italy, thanks to a partnership with Vodafone which can offer a fast connection on the move.

If you are curious to find out everything about the service, we have created a complete guide on subscriptions, catalog and operation.

Hatch: guide to the service of mobile streaming video games

What is Hatch?

Hatch is a service of cloud gaming mobile present on the European and foreign market, available for devices Android. For now it has not arrived on the iPhone, however the developers are making the version for this platform: you can enter your email to find out the release date of the service. The service is designed for fast connections like 5G, so it will be possible to access with your mobile data, but also using a wi-fi connection.

Hatch: guide to the service of mobile streaming video games

How does it work?

Hatch works with a subscription system which allows unlimited use of a catalog of mobile games of over one hundred titles. From the application available on the Google Play Store, you can access the catalog and select the title you prefer without any download, directly accessing the content, like any other streaming service (Spotify, Netflix…). The service is compatible with smartphones running Android 5G or Android 6.0, Android TV.

Hatch and Vodafone

For Vodafone customers, offers are available to take advantage of Hatch Premium, for example with a 5G offer the first three months are free, then at 4,99 euros per month. By activating the Power Gaming offer, the first three months are free, then at € 3,99 per month. Furthermore, customers subscribed to Happy Black (excluding Vodafone benefits) can activate it for free for three months.

Hatch Free

The Hatch service is available in a free version, with advertising within the application, and you access a limited catalog of twenty titles and you can compete with your friends or online players, through the display of leaderboards.

Hatch Premium

A €6,99 you will have unlimited access to the catalog containing over one hundred video games, there is no advertising and you can access the Hatch Kids service.

Hatch Kids

The catalog includes titles dedicated to children, useful for entertaining and learning by playing. The games featured inspire children's creativity and teach them various skills in math, logic and emotional intelligence. It is a safe space for children, with no ads, inappropriate content or in-app purchases.

Hatch: guide to the service of mobile streaming video games

Hatch in multiplayer

A fundamental part is dedicated to the competition between players: in the catalog there are a multitude of video games in which you can challenge others to get the best score. You can also take part in weekly challenges to win prizes. The scores can be compared in the leaderboards, each competition will take place on a different title chosen by the developers and the first in the standings will be the winners of the Lega Hatch.

For an immediate match, you can access the multiplayer section of the application and randomly match up with other players, up to a maximum of four depending on the video game selected. In addition, there is a social system with the ability to add friends, play cooperatively or compete against each other and then compare the scores on each screen of the video game before starting the title.

Hatch: guide to the service of mobile streaming video games

Hatch's catalog

One of Hatch's strengths is in its catalog, offering mobile titles to suit every taste.

On the main page it is possible to observe a limited subdivision into categories:

  • Featured
  • Multiplayer
  • Arcade Hall
  • Kids

In the search bar you can enter keywords to search for the title, view the complete list of games or divide it into different categories:

  • Adventure (A Normal Lost Phone, Badland, Leo’s Fortune)
  • Action (Angry Birds GO! Turbo Edition, Party Hard GO)
  • Arcade (Arkanoid Rising, Space Invaders Infinity Gene)
  • Puzzle (Angry Birds, blok., Framed)
  • Strategia (Cultist Simulator, This is the Police)
  • Casual (Chamaleon Run, Mini Metro)
  • RPG (7Days – Decide your story, Crashlands)
  • Sport (Ok Golf, Pumped BMX 3)
  • Popular (Love you to Bits, Monument Valley)
  • Reward yourself (Botanicula, Beholder)
  • Multiplayer (Arkanoid Rising Multiplayer, Beach Buggy Racing 2)

The full list of all titles is available via this link.

Hatch: guide to the service of mobile streaming video games

Hatch Originals

Like any self-respecting streaming platform, investments are made to create original works. Hatch decided to develop two exclusive video games per la piattaforma: Arkanoid Rising e Angry Birds GO! Turbo Edition.

Arkanoid Rising

This is a reinterpretation of the classic 70s video game, created in collaboration with Taito. With a graphic design, the player will have to destroy all blocks and enemies and safeguard their spaceship. An instant cooperative mode has been introduced, inviting a friend, and a PvP, in which you have two minutes to destroy the opponent's blocks.

Hatch: guide to the service of mobile streaming video games

Angry Birds Go! Turbo Edition

The karting game starring the angriest birds ever has arrived in a new version exclusive to Hatch. You can play single or compete with up to four players, compete in tournaments and win prizes. This is the premium version of the game, with no in-app purchases.

Hatch: guide to the service of mobile streaming video games


What is Hatch? Hatch is the first app that lets you stream games as easily as you can watch a movie or listen to music. It is optimized for the 5G and features an ever-expanding library of over a hundred games, without taking up space on your phone or set-top box.

In which countries is it available? Hatch is currently available in:

  • Japan and Korea;
  • United States;
  • Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and Finland;
  • Other selected European countries.

How do i subscribe? Hatch Premium subscriptions are available on Google Play or Samsung Galaxy Store, or may be included in local carrier offers, depending on your country of residence. In Italy, free or promotional subscriptions are available through the Vodafone operator, which can be consulted on this site.

How much data does Hatch consume? Hatch is a cloud gaming service and as such consumes data if you don't use a Wi-Fi connection. On average, Hatch consumes less than 2,5 Mbps.
What devices can I use Hatch on? You can use Hatch on the following devices:

  • 5G-enabled mobile phones
  • Android phones with Android 6.0 “Marshmallow” and more than 1024 MB of RAM
  • Selected Android TVs and set-top boxes with Android 6.0 "Marshmallow"
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