How to unlock Katana Wakizashi in Black Ops Cold War

Our guide will help you unlock the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Katana Wakizashi and give you the best and easiest way to complete the Finisher achievement for this melee weapon.

Black Ops Cold War Katana Wakizashi

The Wakizashi is a valuable katana melee weapon featured in the new Cold War Season 1 update. It's a light and quick death tool that will look good on your weapon pack like a trophy.

How to unlock Katana Wakizashi in Cold War season 1

To unlock the Wakizashi, you need to perform 2 finishing moves in 10 different matches while you have the combat knife equipped.

It might sound easy when you say it, but doing it is a completely different story.

It will take many games to complete this requirement and more and more patience to find and corner your goals for a finishing move.

Finishing move - Tips

To perform a finishing move and kill a player, you have to sneak up on a player and long press the melee button to execute the player. It's that simple!

However, the tricky part is getting close to the target up to melee range without being spotted and hit.

Perks like Ninja and Ghost will help you in this tedious task as you won't create sounds and step directions as you approach the target.

As difficult as it is to sneak into this melee killing game, it is sometimes harder to find people to sneak in with.

Different players can use different tactics to achieve their goals; some may land in densely packed places like Nuke Town, while others may find it easier to sit back and wait for players to approach.

Whichever strategy you use it should be the one you are comfortable with as you will pursue this goal for dozens of games in most of which you will likely get killed while trying to execute the finishing move.

Using smoke grenades as a tactic can further facilitate your task by allowing you to create clouds of smoke from which you can appear to surprise the opponent.

Other perks like Tactical Mask, Forward Intel, Tracker and Quartermaster will help you locate and curve your targets for easy kills to unlock your Wakizashi Katana.

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