Nintendo Switch V2 and Switch Lite: everything you need to know

Be the new Nintendo Switch V2 with a battery life greater than 50% both the compact and smaller Switch Lite are currently available in all stores.

Both consoles offer a great gaming experience, but have partially different focuses. Eg, Switch Lite is a portable system designed exclusively for mobility. It's a great choice for little ones, anyone who prefers to use the Switch on the go, or those on a tight budget. However, the fact that the Switch V2 provides much longer battery life, supports virtually every game available on the Kyoto hybrid, and offers multiple ways to play, really makes it the better option of the two.

But first things first.

Nintendo Switch V2 and Switch Lite: everything you need to know

Between differences and similarities

There are small but significant differences between the Switch V2 and the Lite version. While the Switch Lite's battery life is around seven hours, which is more than what the original Switch offers, the Switch's V2 version can reach up to nine hours. Extra time that could make a real difference when on vacation or traveling. The battery life, however, obviously depends on the games. For example, with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild the battery on Switch V2 touches about five and a half hours while on Switch Lite it stops at four.

As for the dimensions, Switch V2 has almost the same features as the first version of Switch, weighs only 297 grams (with Joy-Con connected: 398 g) and has one 6,2 inch capacitive LCD screen. Switch Lite weighs even less, 275 grams and the screen, also LCD and capacitive, is 5,5 inches, basically that of a smartphone. With the smaller version you feel greater comfort as it has been designed as a dedicated handheld device and is easier to carry. Note that both devices have the same resolution (1280 x 720). You will just have to decide whether to opt for a larger or smaller screen.

Switch Lite costs € 200 instead of € 300. This makes the Switch Lite a great buy if you're planning on using the system exclusively on the go or for games that support handheld mode. This lower cost is possible because some technologies already available on the first model Switch are not available on the Switch Lite like HD rumble, removable Joy-Con or motion control. This means that to take advantage of some features, you will need to purchase some extra accessories.

The small laptop supports various external controllers such as the Pro Controller and the Joy-Con features which have motion controls. Typically the retail price is around € 60 for the Pro Controller and € 70 for the Joy-Con pair. Also, as you do not have a built-in kickstand, you will need to purchase either a case that includes it or an external stand to support the game system. At that point, the expense would rise significantly, dangerously touching € 300.

Nintendo Switch V2 and Switch Lite: everything you need to know

Construction qualities

Switch Lite is much more compact and solid. Being not modular, therefore without removable parts, it is robust and very well assembled. Users of the first Switch complained that the Joy-Cons slipped off their rails and felt quite fragile in the palm of their hand. This is certainly an important aspect to consider. The buttons on the Lite have also undergone a makeover. Goodbye to the slightly clicky buttons replaced with buttons that feel more responsive and tactile.

Storage capacity

Both versions of the Switch offer an integrated memory of 32GB with the ability to add external memory in the form of a microSD card.

Local and online multiplayer game

Nintendo supports online through the Nintendo Switch Online service. To be able to use it, it will be necessary to take out a subscription (monthly, quarterly or annual), which in addition to guaranteeing access to multiplayer, also allows you to download some NES and SNES games. As for local playback, just connect multiple systems together or use Joy-Con and other compatible controllers.


Switch V2 is certainly the most versatile option, particularly because it allows you to play in portable mode when on the move, if you decide to play a multiplayer game or something that requires motion controls, simply swipe the Joy-Con upwards and unhook them from the console. No less important is the presence of a tripod already in the body. When you are at home, comfortably seated on the sofa, you can put the Switch in the Dock and play in TV mode. Switch Lite is great for portable mode, but it's not designed for anything else.

In conclusion

Switch V2 and Switch Lite are both great gaming systems that can offer hours of entertainment. Despite the higher price of the former, we firmly believe it is the best option for most players. You will be able to use it in handheld, tabletop and TV mode. It offers up to 50% more battery life and best of all, it works with all available games. Warning, to make sure you get the latest version with the longest battery life, look for the one with the red packaging. The Switch Lite's cheaper price point certainly makes the smaller device an attractive option. If you really think you will be using the system primarily on the go, then it is the perfect choice. As mentioned above, remember that there are some games that won't be as comfortable to play on Switch Lite.

Questions answers

What is included in the sales package?

Nintendo Switch V2

Nintendo Switch Console
Dock per Nintendo Switch
1 Joy-Con controller (S), 1 Joy-Con controller (D)
2 accessories for Joy-Con wrist strap
Joy-Con handle accessory
AC adapter for Nintendo Switch
HDMI cable

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Console
AC adapter for Nintendo Switch

What is the difference between the Nintendo Switch V2 and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles?

The Nintendo Switch console transforms from a handheld console to a home console. Includes dock for connecting to TV and detachable Joy-Con controllers. Nintendo Switch Lite is dedicated to handheld gaming and is smaller and lighter than the Nintendo Switch system.

For more details, visit the compare systems page.

Can I play with my friends online and locally?

Nintendo Switch supports multiplayer gaming options of all kinds. You can play together with your friends online or in the same room using one system or multiple systems. Specific features vary by game, such as voice chat or split-screen play, but sharing the fun with friends and family is a key goal for Nintendo Switch.

To use the online services, you need to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online.

Can i use my amiibo accessories?

Yes, in compatible games. As for the Nintendo Switch V2, the ability to scan amiibo figures and cards is built into the Joy-Con and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. On Nintendo Switch Lite, however, the ability to scan amiibo figures and cards is integrated into the right stick.

How long does the battery last?

The Nintendo Switch V2 battery has an estimated life of four, five and nine hours. The actual duration depends on the title being played. On Nintendo Switch Lite, the battery life is between three and seven hours.

How much storage do the consoles come with?

Both have built-in internal memory of 32 GB, part of this is reserved for the operating system. Users can easily expand the storage by using tabs microSDXC up to 2TB (sold separately).

Can I use a controller on the Switch Lite?

Yes. You can play multiplayer and non-multiplayer games using compatible wireless controllers, including Joy-Con controllers and Pro Controllers (sold separately). If you are using separate Joy-Con controllers, you will also need a device to charge them, such as the Joy-Con Charging Grip.

To use wired accessories such as a GameCube Controller Adapter, LAN Adapter and USB Microphone, you will need a USB Type A - Type C adapter. Additionally, the Nintendo Switch Lite does not come with a built-in stand, which you may need if you are play with an external controller. Nintendo recommends using officially licensed accessories, such as the Dual USB PlayStand made by HORI.

Can I play my digital games on multiple Nintendo Switch consoles?

You can download and play your purchased digital games on more than one Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite console, but there are a few things to consider:

  • You must have the same Nintendo Account on all systems - games cannot be transferred to different accounts.
  • The first time you log into Nintendo eShop, your system will be identified as the “main console”. You can play your purchased games on a different console (known as a “non-primary console”), but you will need to play with an active Internet connection.

In detail:

1) Create a user profile on your non-primary console and link it to the same Nintendo Account you use on your primary console.

2) After logging into your Nintendo Account on the non-primary console, click on the user icon at the top left of the HOME Menu and go to “User Settings”> “Nintendo eShop Settings”> “Download Again”.

3) Download the game you want to play.

For more information on transferring game data or setting up a new system, visit the support page.

Is Parental Control available for both Nintendo Switch consoles?

Yes, a solid set of options is included to help parents and children have the best possible gaming experience.

Parents can set up controls on the system or use the free Nintendo Switch Parental Control app to set restrictions on games and purchases, track play times and much more.

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