The best Minecraft seeds

What are the best Minecraft seeds? Minecraft seeds are codes that the game uses to generate worlds for you - worlds filled with interesting landscapes and key landmarks ripe for exploration. They cover everything from jaw-dropping vistas and landscapes to thrilling dungeons filled with loot explosions.

Your job is simple: choose the one you want to play in, be it a great spawn location or an idyllic landscape. All you have to do to get a seed in motion is to grab the digits and put them in the seed field when you are about to create a Minecraft world. The game will do all the heavy lifting, letting you explore and create at your leisure.

Regardless of whether you're a professional miner or someone about to load up their first world, there's something you can't control in Minecraft: the terrain itself. While your mind may be full of possibilities, all too often you will spawn in a bland, uninteresting world filled with flat lawns and weird chicken. Hardly the canvas for your masterpiece.

Hence this article, a complete collection of the best Minecraft seeds, from inspiration to functional and everything in between.

Before we begin it is important to note that the final results of a seed depend entirely on the version of Minecraft you are running. A bright seed in version 1.6 could be something mind-boggling tasteless in version 1.7. To help you, we have put the most recent version each seed works with in parentheses after the seed code. Set your Minecraft launcher to this version for the correct results.

Here are the best Minecraft seeds:

Woodland Mansion

Seed: throwlow
Version: 1.1.4

Woodland Mansions are notoriously difficult to track down in Minecraft, so this seed does all the hard work by spawning you just a hundred blocks from one. Neat. Build your own Minecraft house, amass lots of resources and get ready to raid the mansion in the blink of an eye.

Frozen Islands

Seed: -7865816549737130316
Version: 1.1.4

Adorable Minecraft mobs like polar bears, towering glacial spiers and the odd igloo make this the perfect place for generating winter wonders. The resulting frozen landscape extends far enough, but there is land close by so you can gather essential resources before returning to the ice sheets. Perhaps best of all, you'll spawn directly on a survival island surrounded by ice, so you can mine it directly for valuable minerals and resources.

Triple Island Ocean Monument

Seed: 6073041046072376055
Version: 1.1.4

If you're a Castaway RPG fan, this is one of the coolest Minecraft suits we've ever come across. You'll start out on a group of three small islands with all the resources you might need to survive, so once it thrives there are several Ocean Monuments to battle the loot - one of them even has a shipwreck spawning within it.

Fir Village and Coral Reef

Seed: 673900667
Version: 1.1.4

Spawning directly in a village makes for a very sweet start to life in Minecraft, but what's even better is if that village is within walking distance of a gorgeous coral reef and some stunning mountains. This seed promises resources for days, plenty of fish for food, and a safe place to spend the night.

Shipwrecks and villages

Seed: -613.756.530.319,979507 millions
Version: 1.14

This is about shipwrecks. You immerse yourself in a picturesque village where you will notice that a villager has transformed the shattered remains of a hull into a cozy abode. Venture further into the world and larger shipwrecks await you at the bottom of the sea. If that doesn't float your boat, then there's also an ocean ruin to explore. We ship it.

Another Woodland Mansion spawn

Seed: -4589128118707775879
Version: 1.11

Woodland Mansions is one of the most interesting generated structures in Minecraft, but it's not exactly easy to track down. This seed works with Exploration Update 1.11 and spawns you near one of these behemoth structures. Beware, though: they are home to some formidable mobs.

Mountain Cliff

Seed: -969.535.336
Version: 1.9

If your weird and unexplained geological formations are your jam, look no further than this 1.9 Minecraft seed. While this seed won't produce masses of hidden treasure, it will create a column of rising stone columns complete with cascading waterfalls and a flock of sheep at its peak. Creative mode is recommended.

Leg Break Island

Seed: -7261691309120837834
Version: 1.9

Affectionately titled "island of legs", this seed will produce a single mountain slab that juts out impressively from the sea. It's up to you what to do with this geological wonder, but trying to get to the top is probably a good start.

Igloo and winter forest

Seed: -3500229128833691836
Version: 1.9

This seed will leave you in the middle of a winter forest where you can find two cozy igloos, one of which houses a secret basement. You'll find the secret basement under a carpet - enter cautiously, however, as there's a small workshop inside with a lurking zombie villager. Get rid of the resident undead and you'll find a compact underground base with a brewery and plenty of space - ideal for starting in a snowy biome.

Spawn Librarian

Seed: -1480351183376464763
Version: 1.9

Mysterious, simple and unique, this seed will drop you into a world featuring a simple cottage with a lone resident, The Librarian. Whatever led to this guy's life situation is nobody's guess, but building his humble hut in a huge fortress is infinitely satisfying. The Librarian's house is also surrounded by horses and greenery, so there's more to this niche seed than meets the eye.

Horses and Desert Village

Seed: 8678942899319966093
Version: 1.9

Spawning a magnificent array of cute clip-clops (horses) on the outskirts of a huge desert village, this seed offers equestrian types the perfect starting point for their Minecraft adventure. Inside the village are chests filled with great loot like diamond horse armor, gold bars, saddles and obsidian - everything you need to ride into the sunset on top of your noble steed.

Underwater temple

Seed: -5181140359215069925
Version: 1.8.8

Temples. They are big. But most of the seeds seem to limit them to jungles and deserts. Just because this is how famous adventurer Indiana Jones loved his temples doesn't mean that we all like them. That's why this suit is here, offering a change of location for your exploration: underwater. With an enthralling selection of enemies to defeat and many secrets to uncover, this suit is for boating lovers.

Blacksmith in Spawn

Seed: 686298914
Version: 1.8.8

As soon as you spawn in this seed you will be near a village that contains a blacksmith's chest (see inside for diamonds, swords, and obsidian). But that's just the beginning of this heavily spoiled seed, which spawns a world with four desert temples, six villages, two dungeons, and a stronghold. We recommend that you visit some of these, so go to x: (-973) y: (93) z: (127) for the stronghold, x: (-328) y: (82) z: (560) for the largest of the six villages ex: (-149) y: (68) z: (343) for a basement that houses a golden apple.

Mooshroom World

Seeds: 5387364523423380365
Version: 1.8.8

If instant gratification is what you need, this seed will give you that. Provided you're looking for instant mushrooms, that is. A few meters from your spawn location you'll find a sprawling island filled with giant mushrooms and herds of red cows.

Lava and waterfalls

Seed: 3657966
Version: 1.8.1

Just a short walk from the spawn and you will discover this mega mountain region. The peak breaks the cloud level and erupting from its slopes are cascades of water and lava. It is also covered in a wooded area, making it both a scenic climb and a solid resource provider.

Deep ravine and gold ore

Seed: 1111
Version: 1.8.1

Just where it spawns in this seed is a deep ravine cut into the ground. Take a look and you will instantly find what you are here for: gold. There are some good blocks of gold ore on the surface, so you can collect it in practically no time.

Savannah Biome with Blacksmith

Seed: -516.687.594.611,420526 millions
Version: 1.8.1

Along the union of the savannah and desert biomes in this seed is a desert village with some desirable loot. Between the house chests and the blacksmith's shop you'll find 26 gold bars, three emeralds, two diamonds, six iron ingots, iron leggings and a saddle. Not a bad starter kit!

Mountain in the Sky

Seed: -969.535.336
Version: 1.8.1

One for the Minecraft mountaineer, this seed will spawn you at cloud level on this amazing mountain structure. It goes much higher in the sky than clouds, and its flatter sections are home to some savanna biome-style trees. The whole mountain forms an island, with a really interesting geography to explore.

Many biomes

Seed: -8913466909937400889
Version: 1.8.1

If you absolutely must see everything and you have a strict time limit, then this suit is for you. It contains all the various biomes of Minecraft and are packaged in a reasonable 2 km虏. An afternoon walk and you will know all about the identification of land masses.

Seed Of Diamond

Seed: 1785852800490497919
Version: 1.8.1

With 15 diamonds in the spawn location, this is a loot heaven seed. You will find diamonds divided into chests in the two desert temples you will soon find, and a third temple also hides some treasures.

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In the first of the temples you will come across you can also find diamond horse armor, making sure your steed is well protected.

Fast diamonds

Seed: 939.276.771.201,220157 million
Version: 1.8.1

A great Minecraft seed if you need diamonds fast. You'll spawn close enough to two desert temples that can be raided for treasure, and also close enough to spawn are two NPC villages, one that has a blacksmith. One of the temples contains nine diamonds and two emeralds.

Simple Village at Spawn

Seed: 2976643220357667859
Version: 1.6.4

Snap to your right from the spawn and you'll find a blacksmith shop stocked with the perfect starter kit: iron gaiters, iron breastplate, an iron sword, a bunch of apples, and even three diamonds! You haven't done any work yet and are ready for action.

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But there is more! Look outside the village and you will see a desert temple, which is filled with chests containing gold, iron and diamonds. A superb starting point.


Seed: Dossier
Version: 1.6.4

As you lay yourself in this curiously named Minecraft seed, you'll want to immediately turn around and go back. You will see a village, but that is not what we are here for. A little off the coast you will see a perfectly flat rectangle just sitting in the ocean. Enter and you will find a final portal. You no longer have to contend with strongholds; travel to The End from the safety of an underwater bunker.

And those are our favorite Minecraft seeds. There's a lot to keep you busy exploring, but there's always something new to find, so why not try our best Minecraft maps? Or maybe our best Minecraft servers. Oh, and don't forget to equip some cool Minecraft skins before you head out. Either way, we'll leave you to it; there's a lot more redstone we need to dig and this pickaxe won't swing by itself ...

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