The Complete Walkthrough of Dracula: The Resurrection

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After the opening cutscene, go to the inn and another sequence will start, talk to the old man and then talk to the girl behind the counter, go down the stairs to the cellar and look at the candle, go down the stairs again and take the spyglass from the closet. .
Go back up and up the stairs to your bedroom, move the chest of drawers, go on it, take the handle and use it on the trap door nearby, go upstairs and use the telescope on the tripod, look inside and you will see the bridge.
Go back, examine the crack and then you can exit the inn, go straight to the crossroads and then follow the sign for Ponte, continue and at the next crossroads take the direction for the cemetery, enter the cemetery and advance, behind the graves take the pickaxe , then go back and reach the tomb with the light on it, use the pickaxe on the tomb and take the dragon ring.
Go back to the first intersection and go towards the lake, also at the next fork go towards the lake, go to the house but you will be sent away, go back and then go towards the trees, climb the ladder and then use the sling against the birds.
Go back down and go back to the house, take the stick and give it to the guy's head, go ahead and take the knife that is above the barrel, open it and take the fluff, then you can go back to the inn.
Talk to the innkeeper again and ask him everything, talk to the old man too, go back to your room and from here into the trap door, examine the telescope and use the scallop and then use the knife on the rope in front of you.
Go back to your room and go out the other door, go into the hole and get the keys from the guy's body, go to the well, use the key to open the well, go inside and go on, take the lantern, go down the stairs and then go right, hang the lantern on the hook, grab the grappling hook and then exit the pit, then go to the bridge.
The bridge will be destroyed, go back to the inn, use the grappling hook on the hole you came down from, talk to the old man and then to the innkeeper, take the key and use it in the drawer nearby, take the lighter, a key and the diary, go in cellar, use the lighter on the candle, go down, go to the barrel and examine it, use the key and then use the dragon ring, go over and you will be in the mine.


Go through the cemetery and go through the door on the right. go down the stairs, use the ring to open the door, go through and then continue until you find an old woman, use the lighter on the lamp on the column and then talk to the girl.
Go back up and go up again, turn and click on the girl and the door will open, enter and pass the arch near the stairs, go on, examine the door and take the key, go up the stairs and open the door nearby, go down and go left to get to the bedroom.
Take the sphere from the table and then go to the right and open the drawer of the table, collect the papers and then go to the fireplace and look at the mirror, open the trunk and take the picture and examine it, examine the book and take the pile, go in the wall without pictures and use the one in your possession.
Go through the door next to the bed and you will be in the library, go forward and take the door at the end to end up in the study, use the ladder and go down, examine the area until you find where the plate with the number is missing, use the flashlight, go up again the ladder and use the projector, then look at the desk and you will have a family tree, at its base open the drawer, take everything inside.
Go up again and in front of the door that takes you to the bedroom go to the left, to the right you will find a door, go through it and turn the crank of the machine, go to the usual bedroom and then go out and back up the staircase, go through the door on the left, go down and use the key to open the door.
Talk to the girl and talk about the sphere, ask for everything and then go back to the living room, examine the rubble, move the shield and take the glove, go back to the bedroom and use the sphere where it was before, go to the fireplace and press the following zodiac signs: Leo, Capricorn, Virgo.
Go through the newly opened door, go forward and at the bottom left use the ring on the strange mechanism, take the dagger where the statue has just moved, use the dagger on the mechanism and pull, use the glove on the mouth, pull the ring , insert the missing picture, use the key with the picture depicting the father and the sphere will open and you can take the key, the diamond and then take the dagger back.
Go to where you saw the clock in the study, use the key to wind it, insert the medallion in the portrait of Dracula on the desk and then go to the table with the maps, remove the paperweight and then use the ring on the map in the position 40 掳 N and 25 掳 E, examine the globe and put the numbers 40 on the left and 25 on the right, use the globe and you will see a statuette, use the dagger and examined the statue you can insert the diamond and open yet another secret passage.
Continue inside the secret passage, go up the ladder to the right, examine the table and read the sheet above, then go to the other table and push the book immediately in front of you, take the acid, go to the lectern, examine it and use the key, take the picture and open the drawer, to solve the puzzle put the groups of letters in the right order:
SAAR = Top left

RAAS = Bottom right

OPRO = Bottom left

ORPO = Top right

Take the cross in the middle, go down and put the cross in the mechanism to open another passage.


Continue through the passage and you will be in the crypt, go left and use the acid on the chain, take the amulet, after the scene, use the lever on the wall, continue on the opposite side, use the cross in the new mechanism and you will find another passage secret. Advance up the stairs and at the bottom there will be a mechanism on the wall, use the picture and then put the ring on, go back to your beloved and exit the castle.

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Head left to the gate, use the dragon ring on the mechanism and then retrieve the ring, once outside go to the lake, enter the house with the key and go to the barrels. look at the elevator and take the bar, now use the elevator.
Go left and use the bar with the chains, take the wooden pole and then go right and use it on the opening, then go through, go to the bottom and use the bar on the rocks, take the skeleton limb, go near the bars and use the lighter with the wick, then take the stick using the limb.
Go left and then on the edge of the bridge, on the chain use the stick and then go down and then go down again, advance to the right and then head towards the table, go left and enter, in the exchange area continue to the wagon, pull the lever to make it move, step forward and grab the hook near the pulley.
Go back to the area before and from here go back to the area of 鈥嬧媡he switch mechanism, put the hook and pull the lever, go back to the area of 鈥嬧媡he table and go behind the wagon and push, go forward and open the door on the left, go down the stairs and use the ring on the machine (then take the ring back).
Go back to the rail area, move forward and before the edge look at the lower left area and use the lighter on the lantern, then pick it up and go to the edge, examine the lower barrel and use the lantern on the barrel, pass and go beyond the arch on the right, go up the stairs and use the lever, well you finished the first CD.

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