The God of War walkthrough

Please note:

The solution is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences for the Spanish version.

The Aegean Sea

At the beginning of the game you will take control of Kratos, who as weapons mainly uses two swords tied by chains to his arms. Begin to get used to the controls by fighting the enemies in this area, then once they are eliminated go to the door in the upper left corner and open it. There will be a chest, the content will serve you. You will be able to break and open many other containers and items to pick up their contents as you continue north along the passage. Continue into the next corridor.

Here you will be ambushed by some kind of miniboss. You have to run towards the monster and use a combination of attacks to take it out as quickly as possible. You will not be able to dodge given the size of the monster, it will be better to block the attacks instead. Hit after each of his attacks. As soon as it starts to fall, the option to start a minigame will be made available, press the button shown by the icon on the monster's head, then press the one shown next, this will allow you to perform special moves. During the game, every time you face a monster you will have the possibility to perform special moves, different according to the type of enemy.

Once you have defeated the monster, continue and start crossing the ditch. If you fall, swim back to the starting point. Smash the barrels on the other side and then jump through the crack in the left wall. There is a man in a cage at the bottom, talk to him. Then go up the stairs to the right and open the hood. Continue into the hall beyond the wooden barrier and throw the door open. Outside you will find a chaotic scene, you have to literally tear the enemies to pieces, ripping their wings. After killing several flying creatures, run to the opposite side, towards the two doors. Open them, they conceal chests. Go back and continue the slaughter, eventually a more serious enemy will appear.

The monster has several attacks. The first is a generic attack with a bite, just parry it. The second is a sequence of attacks with the head left, right and center, you will have to avoid it. The third is a ground level head sweep, you can avoid it by jumping. The last is an attack that can backfire on the monster: it will take you in the mouth, but you can free yourself and do it a lot of damage in the meantime. For the rest, normal combo attacks will be more than enough.

After defeating the monster, go down into the water, where its head was, there is a hole in the ship. Swim, reach the net at the bottom, climb. You will now learn a new attack. Climb the pole at the top right, be careful not to fall. At the fork, go right to find a chest, then go back and go left, you will reach another ship and as you continue you will activate a cutscene.

Open the nearby chest, then go to the left of it, there is a save point. You will now have to take a chest on the ship and carry it down to where the archers are, or kick it to move it to the same spot. The archers can destroy it, if that happens you'll have to go back for another chest. Once there, use it to jump on it, grab the ledge, climb up and kill the archers, then open the nearby chest. At the end of the corridor you will find a closed door, go up the walkway on the opposite side.

Approach the net and start climbing: you can make attacks by hanging. In the middle you will find a platform, you have to keep climbing to the top, then pass a pole, on the other side there is a hood. Once back, jump and grab the rope, lead to the other ship. Break the wooden blocks left and right to find chests. You will need to get six gorgon eyes to permanently increase your maximum health (in other words, you just got a blue orb shard). Make your way again, and approach the blue flame at the bottom. You will meet one of the many Greek gods, who will give you help, offering you a new power that is very useful against groups of enemies or against bosses. Use it to get rid of the enemies that will come, refer to the blue bar to find out how much power you have left; you can get more by killing some enemies or finding blue orbs. Go to the door that was blocked by Poseidon's head and go back outside. To the left is a save point that might be useful to you, to the right of the equally useful chests. Climb the net and prepare for a fight.

You will have three monsters to face: fight the smaller hydras first, you have the advantage of being able to use your new power. After some time after death, they will come back to life: the solution is, after killing them, jump on the crates behind them, then on the suspended platform with the object similar to an anchor, which will fall and pin them permanently to the ground. Repeat the procedure for both small hydras, which will no longer be able to prevent you from reaching the large one by climbing the net.

You will have to use a lot of parries against his attacks, and strike while he's not attacking, even using magic while his head is down. Again, after reducing his health at some point you will have the opportunity to start a minigame to make really effective special moves, follow the on-screen instructions. You will notice that after the first time, the monster seems to have recovered its initial health, you will have to repeat the sequence three times before activating the last minigame necessary to finally defeat it.

Once you have killed the monster you will have to go down into its throat, where you will find a man and activate a scene. Now you will have the key to open the locked door you encountered earlier, exit the monster's bowels and go up to the crates to the right of the ship. You can jump and reach the top, there are two chests. Jump in the air and grab the rope, you will drop down to a place you know, you can use the save point and then go down again to reach the chest. Jump to the ledge and cross the hall to reach the locked door, use the key, go to the bottom and open the other door.

The Gates of Athens

At first you can talk to the women in bed, "interact" with them, and read the diary in the corner of the room if you like. Then leave the room, break through all the objects you find to recover useful material, reach the save point; continue making use of the chests, talk if you want to the statue in front of the ship, then continue on the right side towards the docks. At the bottom you will find enemies, more dangerous than those encountered previously. Go to the bottom of the path, where you will find a crack in the wall, cross it to end up in the water on the other side. Jump to the door and move into the room where you will find more enemies and a chest with a phoenix feather, find six to permanently increase your magical powers. At the back of the room go back out, there is a chest. Climb on the crates and go down to find yourself at the beginning. Go back to the crack in the wall but this time jump across the gap to find a lever on a platform. Pull it to go up.

At the top is a chest with green orbs, but if you've already got the previous one, don't touch it for now, you might need it later. You will soon meet some minotaurs. To defeat these enemies you will have to use normal attacks and parries, damaging it until you can activate the minigame to finish them. It is possible to finish them with normal attacks as well, but killing them with special moves allows you to get green orbs of healing. At the bottom of the path is a chest to replenish you with magical power. Follow the path and go up with the elevator, you will be in an area controlled by an enemy who throws a sphere with spikes. It is not advisable to parry it, better to dodge or jump. When the monster has taken enough damage, the usual mini-game will be activated. You will have to fight three monsters of this type in this area, if two attack you use the power of Poseidon to damage them both.

Once these enemies have been taken out, go to the upper right corner to find a chest. There's another near the door, and another if you jump to the lower right ledge. You probably won't need them all now, but checking doesn't hurt. The one next to the door also changes color, so you can choose the type of content. Follow the hall past this chest to reach a room with stacked crates. Break through the wooden crates at the bottom of two columns to reveal the exit, but don't be too hasty. First of all jump on the chest in the lower left, from here diagonally to the upper right to reach the central pile. There is now a platform with a walkway and a chest, don't go there immediately but jump to the right to get on to another stack of crates. From here you can see an opening in the wall with two chests, which will be useful to you. Then jump back and go to the walkway with the hood you saw earlier, then go up the walkway and go up to the narrow ledge. At the bottom, jump to the net on the nearby stack of crates and climb up. At the top, jump left to reach the door, then jump to the chest on the opposite side and back to another chest on the side of the door, you'll find another chest. Now you can go back to the door and go through it.

In this area there is a hood that you will soon need. Approach the flaming door and observe the scene. You will have to fight against Medusa. Try to avoid being turned to stone by her gaze, an attack with a green beam: if she is starting to throw it, attack her closely with your power, knock her to the ground and rage. At some point he will start the minigame to defeat her. Eventually you can take her head off and use her gaze to defeat the minotaurs that appear as well.

Go through the door that was blocked by Aphrodite and defeat the enemies in the area, then climb the walkway at the bottom until you almost reach the top. Then jump back in the opposite direction and you should land on a platform with a hood. From here you can jump into an opening in the left wall to find more material. Go back to the walkway and climb to the top now. When you start moving you will find a lever in front of you, don't pull it for now. Approach the crossbow in the center and use it. This will open holes in the wall, with hoods. Ignore them, fully open the hood with the green orbs and save the game at the nearby save point. Go back down and pull the lever to move the crossbow in another direction, then pull it again to move it to your left. Use it, cut a hole in the wall to get a chest with a phoenix feather. Pull the lever one last time so that the crossbow straightens and smash the door.

Follow the new road and go left at the fork, go down and defeat all the enemies, there is a chest near the gate. Open the gate, then go back. Turn and go up the walkway you came from, at the fork you will see a passage on the wall on the right, go up on this. Outside you will be attacked by normal enemies, destroy them. Do you see the catwalk stopped? Start climbing from there. At some point you will be able to climb to the top of the stack of crates on the left. Drop down from here to the red roof of the building on the left. From here you can jump to where you broke through the wall and open the chests you discovered. Go down and go through the previously opened gate, go up the two passages to reach the area with the wall you started climbing on. This time, climb to the top and make your way to the right, you can also jump sideways as well as upwards. Beware of the various enemies, take your time. Once you reach the right side, slowly descend to the ground. There is a very narrow passage leading to the left, follow it to reach a statue. Break it down.

Beyond the statue there is a hood with green orbs, and a passage down: follow it and jump to the head of the statue, you can now reach the bottom of the walkway. Up there are a couple of gorgons, fight. To the left, find a chest with green orbs, then go up to reach the next level. You can damage two pillars on the left and use them to jump up. Use the crossbow you find to throw a grappling hook to the other side. Go in front of the crossbow and jump on the rope, cross, without underestimating the enemies that you can still attack as you move. Go down the other side and open the chest, cross the hall to the left. Open the door and return to the crossbow. Save your game and then shoot in the direction you came from to open the door. Enemies will come, instead of killing them one at a time keep using the crossbow to fire four arrows simultaneously. Go to the back of the hall and go up the walkway to find two chests. Then go down and follow the passage outside to activate a scene.

The God of War walkthrough

The Way of Athens

Go up the stairs and observe the scene. Use the save point on the right and then follow the path to the left towards the city. The main path is blocked ahead, enter the tunnel on the left. The gates will lock you in, along with a couple of minotaurs. There is a button on the ground, if you press it the gate on the other side opens, but if you get off the button the gate closes. Let one of the minotarui pass the button, and lock it in place with Medusa's gaze. Now you can run to the gate, go out and make use of the hood that you will find. Then follow the tunnel towards the city, where people are on the run.

Climb to the roof of the second house on the right. You can break through the door and check inside to find a hood. Break through the main door of the house across the street to find more material. At the next door you can jump up and grab the ledge, and from there jump to the roof where you find another chest. Check the interior of the next house on the left, find a phoenix feather. From here keep following the road until it curves left, the house on the curve on the right side contains another hood, if you go up to the roof and break through the door. At the next house, always on the right, you will find another chest, entering through the main door. A couple of houses further to the left enter the main door and open both chests, you will find a gorgon's eye and a phoenix feather. A couple of houses further down, to the right, another hood. Then check the second and third houses on the left for more finds, then break through the block at the end to pass.

Jump and grab the rope, start swinging and at the highest point jump to get another rope, climb a bit, then jump to the left and you will find a hood, from here you can jump to the other side. Continue towards the square.

The Square in Athens

There are people on the run everywhere, get ready, soon you will have to deal with the Cyclops. To defeat them, simply dodge their attacks, and keep hitting them. Eventually the minigame will be activated to make a non-final, but highly effective move. Beware of hitting a Cyclops instead of an ordinary citizen, during this phase, or you will waste a great opportunity. Kill all the enemies you find.

Take the corridor on the upper left side of the square, follow it to a room with reflective doors. There are three panels in the room that you can break to find an urn, a regular chest, and one with a gorgon's eye. Climb to the top of the stairs to find another chest. Jump over the empty space and follow the woman up the stairs, you will witness a scene (if by chance you fall into the empty space instead of jumping it, you will find objects to break to get more orbs). There is a save point at the top, if you jump to the left you will find a chest with a phoenix feather. Go down to where the woman fell and examine her body to get a key. Now go back to the top, as you do so you will find enemies with yellow shields, which can be broken with a few attacks. Jump to the right of the save point and use the key to open the hatch, drop inside. Use the save point you find here and follow the tunnel to the gate, open it and go up the stairs.

The Roofs of Athens

There is a vine on the right, from here start climbing. When you can no longer climb, jump to grab the vine on the other side, and keep climbing. Repeat the procedure, at the end jump left at the top and reach the chests, outside you will find a new type of enemy. He moves underground and emerges to strike, to defeat him you will always have to parry as he approaches from underground and then start attacking as he exits. Soon after you will have to deal with some archers on the stairs, take the time to take them out or they will make things difficult for you. Then empty the hood after the battle and start climbing the stairs. Be careful and only attack when doing so does not endanger you, you will have to face several skeleton warriors and a beast with a spiked sphere. Then you will find another chest at the top, then go back down and go through the door.

Head down at the beginning and you will find a chest, then start crossing the bridge and jump to the platform, from here jump and grab the creeper of the central pillar. Go to the right side and jump to the next pillar. Try to jump while avoiding the arrows thrown by the enemies so you don't get hit in the air. On the second pillar go to the right side and jump, open the chest, continue. You will come to a fork with a chest that changes color, stock up on what you will need. Take the path to the right at the save point, and save in the next area. Climb the walkway to the top.

You will find a walkway in the upper right corner of the roof, go up and find two boxes, then go down and jump to the other building on the left. You will find another multicolored chest, if you jump to the left you can grab a rope. Swing and jump to the other side, where there is more material to recover, being careful of the archers. It is possible to kill them later, and return for the material if you prefer. Go back and break through the wooden barrier next to the chest to jump to the next building. Break through the barrier and jump through, maybe you won't be able to reach the ledge but you will be able to grab the vines on the wall. Go up and open the chest.

There is a shiny object on the ground near the ramp, observe a short scene then continue to a ramp that you can kick down. Go back down to the room with the save point and exit the door, this time go left. You will reach a ballista (a kind of large crossbow), which you can use. Move it to the next room, here you will notice a panel on the floor, go to the door behind it and open it. There will be many enemies but you can use Poseidon's wrath to take them out. Then go out and place the ballista on the gear-shaped panel on the floor, pull the lever. Leave the room and take the ballista that has been rotated 90 degrees, pull the lever again to reposition the panel and put the ballista back into it. Turn it once more so that it is facing the locked door, then use it to fire.

Before going through the smashed door, go up the walkway that the lever has lowered and empty the hood. Open the upper right door for another chest. Then go to the door in the center and follow the path to find a deity, which will grant you a new power. Go through the door previously blocked by Zeus and start crossing the bridge. While on the bridge use the new power to eliminate the archers, this will open the door that had the red force field, go through it and there will be a room with a wall at the bottom, break through it to find three chests. Go back to the bridge and cross it, go right at the fork and save your game here.

Climb the walkway back to the roof and jump to the other side. You can now kill the archers and empty the chests. When you're ready, jump to the other side and go back to the area where the guy didn't want you to use the bridge. Use the new power to eliminate it. You will find two chests in the first room on the other side, then continue to the room at the back where you will find two more. Stand on the circular button to activate the elevator and go down, start running as you cross the bridge and witness a cutscene. Make your way and save your game at the save point on the other side. Go up the stairs, you will have to fight with several normal enemies. You can make a hole in the wall to find a chest; keep going up the stairs until you finally reach the Temple of the Oracle. Open two chests, then start crossing the bridge.

The God of War walkthrough

The Temple of the Oracle

At the end of the bridge you will have to fight against several enemies, defeat them to clear the way. There will be a cutscene, at the end go up the stairs and use the chest to the right and left of the entrance. Inside, go to the top and move the statues to find more chests. These statues have a purpose, you will have noticed by now that the harpies keep coming, and you cannot continue (you will understand why if you go up the stairs). You have to bring down the statue on the left and use it to block the hole on the left, then do the same with the statue on the right and the hole on the right. Now take out the remaining harpies and you are free. Go to the lower left gate next to a multicolored chest, and raise it. Before going up the stairs jump to the ledge on the right, you will find a chest. Go up the stairs and start making your way, go left to find a safe passage to the top at the bottom and continue to the right until you find another one. Climb up and jump near the save point you find here. Save and go left.

Follow the corridor all the way past the enemies and watch the scene. Go right and notice the elevator going down as you step on it. Near the door you came from there are two statues. You have to put one on the elevator, then take the other one and put it next to the elevator but not on it. Go up the elevator so it starts to go down but jump back so you don't go down with it. When it reaches the bottom push the second statue over the first. Now go down and remove the statue from the elevator. Notice a large platform supported by four pillars and beside a small structure with a chest on top. Push the column over these two structures and place it to the right, a little bit away from the tall object. If you jump into the space to the right of the two structures you should see two chests at the top, on a rocky ledge. You have to jump to the small structure with the chest, from there to the highest platform, and from there jump to the statue and then to the rocky ledge.

Once all the chests are open, go down, go clockwise along the walls, you will notice two points where there is a ruined wall surrounded by a kind of arch. Break through the wall at these points to uncover some chests. Now it's time to save the woman: bring the statues stacked to the left between the high platform and the fountain. Jump up and climb onto the platform from the smallest one, then onto the statues. From here jump and grab the vines. Go left and see a scene, a countdown will begin.

You have about 70 seconds to save the woman, if you don't make it you will start over from the beginning. Cross the vines and get ready for a jump, wait for each rotation of the objects in front of you to finish, jump. From the top climber, reach the rope and go to the other side. Continue until you find another rope and from here to the fountain, when you get close to the chick a scene will occur. Then go out the door.

Once outside, find a save point, and two paths. If you take the stairs you will come to a coat of arms and a rock face. You can come here to find a chest beyond the crest, with a phoenix feather. Then go back to the save point and go right, go down the spiral staircase and open the chest at the bottom for another feather. Jump over the barrier, and you've come to the sewers.

The Athens Sewers

There are two multicolored chests on either side of you. Follow the sewers and defeat the enemies that will attack you. If you jump to where the archers are, you will find two chests. Drop down and continue until you reach a metal barrier, jump on it and climb onto the ledge. There will be minotaurs to defeat. Open the multicolored hood on the right and continue. Two more you will find on the way, and two more at the end. Jump up and get ready for many enemies. You'll start with a couple of cyclops, now much easier with no people getting in the way, then minotaurs and normal enemies, all complicated by shooting arrows. Go up the catwalk to take out the archers. Repeat at the next bend and open the hood.

Follow the sewers again to a metal gate and jump to the top, ahead of you is a walkway that leads to a chest and some spiral stairs. Pull the lever at the top of the stairs to discover others, which lead to a familiar place. Head to the platform where you saw Ares destroy the city, it's still there. This time take the path to the right instead of the one to the left and save while you're at it. The huge door will open, go through it and immediately turn right to find a chest. On the left there will be another one, they will both be useful to you.

The Desert of Lost Souls

Enter the desert and observe the scene as you arrive. If you run straight up from the statue and try slightly to the left you will find a chest next to a large pointed rock. Go back to the desert entrance and go east of the statue. Follow the lower ledge for a good distance until you reach the lower right corner of the desert. From here, go northwest and you should start hearing chants. North of the grassy area is a temple. In front of the temple near the chest there is the first siren, use magic if you can to eliminate it, it is agile. Once dead, there are two left. They are not easy to find, they roam the central desert area. Both are accompanied by two minotaurs. Once the enemies have been eliminated, the passage in the temple will open and you can enter to save. Open the two chests and then go down the stairs. You will find a conveyor belt, avoid the sharp obstacles. Open the door in the wall and take out the block, there is a chest. Move the block left until it hits the wall and use it to jump to the ledge. From here go through the door and exit. Blow the horn and observe the scene, follow the path without forgetting the chests and before blowing the next horn suddenly you will be attacked by sirens. Even after having defeated some of them will continue to arrive, there will be about fifteen in all. After the battle, the horn reappears, and you can activate a scene.

The God of War walkthrough

The Temple of Pandora

Save your game, start crossing the bridge. You will find two chests on the other side, near the main door. Go left and take the downhill path that leads to the other side. You will find a wall with a handle at the bottom, pull until the wall has stopped moving. As soon as you let go of the handle the wall will lower again, jump on it quickly. At the top you will see a scene, then the gates will be open so go down and go to the door. Two new types of cyclops will attack you, you shouldn't have any particular problems with them. Then go up the stairs, go left and open the chest, there is another one on the right as well. When done, turn the lever in the center, grabbing it and walking in a circle. Then when you enter, the door closes behind you, you fight against many skeletons warriors, you must defeat everyone before you can continue. Finally examine the eye in the center of the wall, one at a time the characters will light up and eventually, the path will open.

Pandora's Rings

Follow the corridor until you reach a door in the wall. Go through it to find some cars, wait for them to open and then roll through trying to stay whole. Eventually you will find some enemy archers. Then open the multicolored hood and the one on top. Pull the lever in the center of the left wall to lower another lever out of the room. Run outside and start spinning this until you see a red flame. Approach to meet another god and acquire a new weapon. Then go past where Artemis was.

The Challenge of Atlas

Continue into the room and save your game. The next room offers the opportunity to test your new weapon against enemies. Then jump and grab the bottom of the stairs in the upper left corner of the room and move on. Kill the archers and then go over to that side. In the corner you will find a chest. Go down and go through the hall at the bottom right. Follow the path and be sure to take out all the enemies, then go back to the fork in the hall and grab the box of rocks or whatever. Notice that when you hit the ground button in the main room the thing in the center rotates, then rotates in the opposite direction as you go down. Bring the box of rocks near the spinning thing, then kick it towards the button. As it slides, jump towards the spinning thing and it will provide you with the necessary thrust.

On the other side you will find several enemies and three chests, once you are done go up the walkway and jump to the left where you will get the shield of Zeus. Go down to the room below to examine the door on the left to place the shield, leave the area and go back to the one before, jump and grab the stairs in the right corner. If you have cleared the place you are safe, otherwise you will have to fight. Go to the other side and pull the lever, when the weight drops take the rope and go down with it. Pass on the horizontal rope and make your way, on the other side there will be some chests.

Around here is the shield of Hades, when you find it be ready for an ambush, with many more enemies than you have typically faced. The left wall will close in the meantime. Defeat them all and a path will open up to a pair of chests. Jump to reach the rope you came down from and climb up. Go back to the door with Zeus's shield and place Hades's too. The door will open, go through.

Go down the stairs and save at the bottom. Go up the catwalk and through the door, be prepared for danger. You will have to be able to avoid obstacles without being hit, just wait for the threat to move forward with respect to you. Ignore the levers and go through the door to the right. Defeat the enemies and get on the conveyor belt. Avoid any obstacles, then follow the path up the stairs and across the bridge. On the left is a multicolored hood, on the right a climbing wall. Move quickly, once you reach the end heal yourself, then pull the lever to lower the chain and return to the starting point.

Now you have to destroy all the enemies before the time runs out. Most of them use shields. When you have eliminated them all you can go up to get the handle, now you can exit the room and lower the chain, a save point will appear. Go back to the room with the moving objects to avoid, quickly pull both levers then run through the door at the top, you have to be quick. Move slowly along the wall and lift the door. Defeat the enemies and examine the object on top, position the handle. Now turn the lever so that the orb is on Atlas's back, go through the opening on the right and start climbing the stairs.

Eliminate the enemies by climbing and at the top check the chest on the left. Go right and open the chest to the left of the lever. Then pull it and observe the scene. Then go down and exit the new opening. Grab the maiglia on the crate and pull it down. When it is completely lowered jump on the crate and retrieve the head of the architect's son. The crate moves and a hole appears below you, go down and open the hood at the bottom. Make your way and watch the scene.

Through the door at the bottom you reach a new area, save and move on. You will fight along the way, then examine the door with the skull and use the head of the architect's son to open it. You will find a rolling cylinder, ready to crush you. There are numerous places along the way where you can avoid it, but it actually moves slower than you so you don't need much caution. Eventually go up the stairs and wait to jump over the top of the cylinder. Walk in the opposite direction to where it rotates to avoid falling and when it gets close to the walkway jump and grab it. Climb to the top and empty several chests, there is also a save point. Go through the hall, and get ready for the next challenge.

The God of War walkthrough

The Challenge of Poseidon

Go ahead and you will see a scene. You have to fight against Cerberus and some minor copies of him. Kill the cerberines regularly, or they will grow to normal size and be in trouble. Once the threat is eliminated, open the chest at the top and then go left. There is another chest behind a chest and some cyclops, as well as several archers. Once all of them are eliminated, reach the bottom of the path by destroying the cerberines on the road and the archers on the side of the red force field, which will eventually open.

There is a lever in the center, when you pull it the room rotates and the door leads to other places. In the beginning to a chest, to be opened, emptied quickly and abandoned before the gate closes and you die. There are four chests, the fifth time you will find the exit. You will now have to defeat a new enemy but nothing particular in fact, attack and parry as usual, then go left to the chain, jump on the wall, climb up holding on to the ledges. Once at the top go right and find a chest, inside there is a key. Jump up again and crawl to the left side where you will find two minotaurs. Follow the path to the top where there are chests near a save point.

In the next room you will find a long path and a lever without a handle. Go down and go to the top. Examine the door and take the handle to the right of the room. Go back and put it on the lever, start turning it to lower one of the cages. Push it to the edge and then up the hill. When the enemies come, put it on the broken concrete and fight. Continue until you reach the top, move it and place it on the button behind the lever. Now pull it, and a door will open. Go down to the bottom and examine the shiny object in front of the statue to receive Poseidon's trident. Using it you can stay underwater. Use the save point behind the statue and then jump into the water to the left. Go up the catwalk and open the chest, and the one on the other side. Jump into the pool on the right and swim to the lower end where you will find a passage.

Under water, you can make moves to break objects blocking your way. Defeat all the cerberines on the other side and open the chest on the left, then the door and pull the lever to discover the new path behind the statue of Poseidon. Go there, defeat the two cerberi and the harpies, climb the new stone blocks and follow the path. Jump into the water at the bottom and swim underwater among the ruins. You will meet a naiad but there is nothing you can do, keep swimming and pass the small tunnel on the right side. At the fork, turn right and you will come to an opening in the shape of a mouth. Stop at the entrance and get ready, you will have to splash through the space in front of you trying to avoid getting hurt. Continue underwater until you can resurface, then you will have to defeat all the enemies to lower the force field around the lever. Pull it and a gate will open. Jump back into the water and go back to the fork, go left this time. Get out of the water and defeat the enemies, break through the wall at the top to find urns and at the bottom a chest with a key.

Go back to the fork again, go down. This is where you opened the large door, now you can go through. There is a submerged save point, use it then break through the wall to the left of the save point and swim up from the naiad to reach a room with chests. Go back and swim deep when you reach the statue of Poseidon but not too far, stop when you see a chain below you. Attached to this there are barriers that will hurt you if you touch them. Wait for one to overtake you then drop down, and launch left. When you stop you will be on top of one of the safe areas, so stop there, then when the next barrier comes up, go up and repeat the sequence. Then you can swim normally to the bottom and descend in a circular pipeline. Swim until you reach the surface, there will be a save point to the left.

Defeat the three minotaurs that appear, open the chests on both sides. There is a lever in the center, pull it to raise a passage that leads to the top. This is a temporary step, so move quickly. On the other side there are hoods to the right and left. Jump into the water and swim back to the lever, pull it but this time don't jump between the platforms, jump into the water to the left. Swim to the bottom and in the lower part of the main pillar you will find a secret room, if you enter the pillars will lower and after a certain time they will function as an elevator. Follow the tunnel until you come up to the surface at the bottom. Save your game and leave the room, fighting the enemies with the yellow shields, return to the room with the rotating cylinder and climb the stairs again, this time jump into the water to the left and swim into the circular opening along the way. Follow the passage to the new area.

To the right there will be a door that you can open using normal attacks, save your game and go to the bottom where you will find a couple of chests and a catwalk. Go up and follow the hall, ready for the new challenge.

The Challenge of Hades

To the left and right of the stairs are chests. Jump to the left of the room to find a door, when you examine it you have to accept the challenge of making a blood sacrifice. Do this and a new type of enemies will appear. There is also a circular area around the entrance, kill enough enemies inside the circle for the door to open. Proceed and use the platform near the door on the left to jump to the upper ledge. You will find three chests, then go down and open the door on the left.

The floor is moving, and there is lava underneath. Calculate when to jump well. Roll past the spears, then get ready to go through a maze. At the first fork go right, then left, at the bottom there will be a chest, then go back to the fork and go straight this time, then left (on the right you will find a chest to heal yourself). You will find a lever to turn to go to the next level. Near the elevator you can take the block in the wall and push it forward to make it go down. Run to the bottom before the passage collapses and empty the chest. Go back and go right at the fork, then right again and push the block forward until it falls. Defeat the enemies, heal yourself and open the door to the left. Go left at the fork.

There is a block, wait for it to come out and then follow it and jump to the top. Kill the enemies in this area but you can't go through the door yet, you have to kill all the enemies in the maze. The last two are beyond the door, locked. The block moves further and further away, until the third step, when it starts all over again. Wait for it to be far enough away that you can go through the arched door and kill the last two enemies. Now you can go through the door that was closed. Step on the button in front of you to raise the statue off the ground. Go down and jump into the water where the statue was. At the bottom you will find a switch, now the head is emitting a beam. Get out of the water and go up the walkway to the side of the statue, turn the lever behind the head to move it in the opposite direction and show your path. Go down, save at the bottom of the stairs, enter that room.

You will have to avoid the burning orbs and reach the door without getting charred. Once at the bottom fight with the enemies, and open the chests. You will have passed some doors along the road, the third of these on the left wall, is the one that interests you. Enter and prepare to fight, several minotaurs are waiting for you. Defeat them along with the archers to remove the force field, then go right and kill all the enemies you find, you must take out all the archers to proceed. Go back to the previous room and go left, jump up and follow the rope, go down to the arena and get ready to face a horde of enemies. Eventually go up the walkway and jump to the next ledge.

Another Maze: Go forward to the first fork, then right at the second to find a chest. Go back a few steps and go left. Go right to the next one, save. You have to cross, but there is also a lethal machine. When it gets close, jump high to avoid it. Go forward at the first fork and then right at the second. When you get to the safe platform go to the right hand side where you will find a chest with a phoenix feather. Go back to the platform and move on. Go back through an empty space, then go left at the first fork to find a chest. Go back and keep going down. Go right to the next fork and open the chest, then go forward to the fork, you have to wait for the unarmed arm to pass, and jump on that. From here, walk forward and go up the walkway. Cross to the next platform but before going down, continue right until you find a chest. Go back and get off.

Go down the walkway at the bottom and follow the path into the next room, turn the wheel at the end and observe a scene, then go left to go down to a familiar place, go down and save your game along the way. Make sure you have full health, then go out and get ready to fight an enemy.

The best spot for you is the ledge at the back of the room, so make your way to it. When the enemy raises his left hand, be prepared to jump to the left to avoid his attack; when he's loaded, get ready to jump to avoid the flames from below. Everything else, you can parry normally. You have to hit the enemy so that he moves away four or five times, after each you will have access to special moves if you are quick. Then he will be temporarily paralyzed, and you can go to the bottom of the area and pull the lever to load the cannon and hit him. Repeat the process twice, then things change, it will start losing pieces of armor every time it takes damage, keep fighting until towards the end it freezes again, reach the lever again and end the battle.

You can now go through the large door through a crack at the bottom, then go up the spiral stairs and use the save point at the top. You will find three chests ahead, then examine the book in the center of the room. Pull the lid of the chest and take the head of the architect's son. Go back to where you fought the minotaur, you will find another deity, and you will get a new spell: use it to eliminate the enemies that will come here, then go through the gap that Hades blocked and swim to the room with the rolling object. Insert the architect's son's head into the door while underwater to lower the water level. Find the lever near the wall, near there is a door, open it, run to the center of the statue in the middle and you will find a lever. Turn it until it is aligned with the door you just opened, leave the room and start turning the lever near the door until the door is aligned with the outer room, go to the outer room and make sure the door is aligned so that all the doors are in line with the room with the save point at the bottom. In this area, you will find a wall that you can rotate to reveal a room in which to use the two keys found earlier, and have access to other material.

Once the doors are all lined up go to the save point, from here you will see a handle near the steps, not the one in the center but the shiny one. When you wield it you will trigger a scene. Then run to the center and pull the handle to make the elevator go up, leave the room and cross the bridge: there will be a cutscene and a battle with a new enemy, you will have to defeat three of them before you can proceed. As you cross, another scene will take place, then you can reach the other side, read the book in the center, and start climbing.

The God of War walkthrough

The Cliffs of Madness

Defeat all enemies on top and archers in the distance. To the left behind the urns is a chest. Go right and jump from platform to platform to the rope, cross it and fight the ones waiting for you. Turn the crank to raise a catwalk and save your game. Go up and follow the paths to a door. If you continue to the left instead of entering immediately you will find a chest. Enter the cave area and follow the path up to a crank that you can rotate, turn it to connect the path to the platform with the archers, rotate it more than necessary because it will start to go back as soon as you stop turning it, you just have time to jump on the platform. Once out of the cave at the top, head left to find a chest, then jump onto the walkway to the right.

You'll need to take out three minotaurs here, then around the corner is a door with two heads on the side that look like they once wore necklaces. If you jump behind the one on the right you will find a chest. Go left from the chest through the cave, and jump into the water. When you get out on the other side you can break through the wall behind the falls to get some red orbs. Go back to the door with the face-shaped emblems and follow the path to reach a chest near a rope, drop the rope and enter the cave. In addition to many enemies that you will have to kill, there will be a puzzle for you.

Your goal is to connect all the blocks so that there are no gaps. You can use the central platform to rotate them. Take the top right block and put it on the mechanism, now turn it counterclockwise once. Place this block against the gate so that the bottom right block that cannot be moved fills the hole. Then take the T-shaped block, rotate it 90 degrees and place it in the middle so that it fills the hole in the piece you placed earlier. Move the small block near the gate, you will never use it. Take the L-shaped one on the top left and rotate it 180 degrees, put it to the left of the gate. Two empty spaces remain, one corresponds to a piece two blocks high, the other is the one in the upper left.

Take the necklace and leave the cave, go up the walkway to the right, there is also a save point. Climb up and go right, climb passing the other side on the side of the mountain until you are on top of the rope where you went down. Go back to the door with the two emblems and insert the necklace. Now you have to go back a long way to past the room where you rotated the two platforms to jump from one to the other. Exit the cave, you can now go down a walkway or follow the path to the left. Get off the catwalk, then over two more, reach a save point. From here go right and you will see a dead tree, you can jump on the rocks beside the tree to reach another path and another area.

Follow this path to the main area of ​​the cave where you will be trapped and forced to fight some enemies. When you exit the opposite side you will find an elevator, turn the crank to make it go up. Climb on the weight on the right to lower a passage to the platform below, it will work as a shortcut, don't go down yet. Enter the cave and get ready. Notice the holes in the floor, there is a lever on the side of the gate. When you pull it another gate opens, and the countdown begins. Next to you is a block that you can move, you have to move it to the other side of the cave and use it to reach the ledge before it disappears. At the top is a chest, open it to find a phoenix feather and then jump to the vines. Take the necklace and leave.

Go back to the door with the two faces, also place the second necklace, now the ledges will move, wait for them to be fully extended and jump. Jump back for some chests, then right, continue and a cutscene will activate. Follow the path to the bottom and jump between the ropes to reach the other side. Here you will find an elevator, pull the lever to activate it. Follow the path and reach the architect's tomb.

The Tomb of the Architect

Here you will have to jump between a few platforms, being careful not to get killed in the process. Once done, open the gate, fight to the outside area and defeat the cyclops and various cerberi. Be sure to eliminate them before they grow, as usual. There are three walkways here, go up the unbroken side one and break through the door at the top to find a chest with a phoenix feather. Climb down and up the middle one, turn the lever so that the shadow of the weight is above the rough ground. There is a lever at the bottom so go and pull it to hit the ground. Lift the weight up using the lever and turn so the shadow is on the button on the other side, lower the weight and jump off the ledge to return to the ground.

Grab the statue in the left corner and move it to the other side, drop it and place it on top of the other button. Now there is still a button, you can find it on the road you came from, stand on it to unlock the door. You have to be quick, it doesn't stay open forever. Once inside go to the opposite side of the board and remove the head from the body. In the next area, find a save point and two chests to the right. Enter the structure then go down the spiral stairs, you will reach the conveyor belts. Enemies will attack you and you will not be able to leave until they are all dead, so get busy. After the battle, you can open the door and pull the handle on the sphere in the center. Examine the box and go down the elevator. Push the box out the front door and watch the scene.

The Path of Hades

In front of you are two chests and a save point. Jump between the platforms above you to reach a chest. Then go right and follow the path to find more red orbs. Take a left up to a large platform and fight the enemies you find here. Be careful to avoid the blades of the mechanism. Jump to the second platform on the right to find a chest, at the bottom is another one, get there quickly before an arch arrives. Follow the path to the right and then down to reach other red orbs. Go back to the first rotating pole and jump to the left. From here on things will be tough, you will need skill and luck to avoid dying easily. For the rest, you don't really need directions, you will encounter some chests and many chances of death. Eventually, you'll reach yet another chest and a save point. You will have to jump from platform to platform as they target you with arrows, and on the other side you will have to eliminate every enemy in the area to finally unlock the door. When the force field disappears you will have to climb on a rotating object, watch out for the blades as you climb. There are points on the climb where you risk getting stuck, too. Once at the top, you will find a chest, then jump to the right and defeat all the enemies, then get ready for another climb between the blades, worse than the previous one. There is a save point at the top right, next to two chests; then you will still have to fight, once all the platforms have jumped out run to the top, where you will witness a cutscene. Then climb the rope and get ready for the final part.

The God of War walkthrough

The Temple of the Oracle

There will be a save point, then you'll have to fight your way through hordes of enemies until you reach an outside area where you saved the woman from the rope. Save your game at the back door and go through it to find chests with all kinds of orbs. When you exit a scene will activate.

Any of Ares' attacks can be blocked for now, so use that to your advantage. The key to victory may be the spell received by Hades. Use any other means, but above all this, and be ready to defend yourself with parries. You can also use the wrath of the gods early in the fight, it should recharge in time for when it's needed again. When you can perform the special moves, execute the sequence correctly, and you will activate a scene.

In the next part, you have to defend your family from clones of yourself. There are numerous clones, more than one could count, so it is vital that you stay alive. You can also transfer health to your family members, you will need to do this maybe a couple of times to prevent them from dying. Again, however, your best weapon is the spell given to you by Hades. The first form of Ares left you with many red orbs, so you should have full power. Then also use the wrath of the gods, and you should get the victory.

After another scene, it's time to tackle Ares' final form. Damaging Ares means healing yourself, and vice versa: if you take damage, he will be healed. Furthermore, you will no longer be able to block all of his attacks, but only a part of them. The first is a kind of blaze that he throws with his hand, learn to dodge it before he hits you; the second type of attack is easier to avoid: it will cross the ground and pop out somewhere else, which means that four pillars are about to pop up and hit you. If you are even alone on the ground or if you are hit, you will take damage. Once the enemy teleports, then, start running normally. You should then be able to get far enough away to stay out of range, and all you have to do is jump once they hit the ground simultaneously. After his attacks Ares will stop screaming for a moment, that's the right moment to hit him. The most important thing to remember is that you don't have to try to attack unless he's yelling, if he parries more than three of your consecutive attacks he'll throw a blaze that you can't avoid or block (it happens during a kind of mini-scene), so if he starts making blocks, stop attacking him immediately or you'll end up badly. Even knowing when to parry and dodge, it is likely that you will still take some damage, and that will heal him in part, keep this in mind: but also keep in mind that this is the last real obstacle before the game ends.

Video of the solution - First part

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