Tips for a perfect impersonation of the God of War!


After the cutscene, eliminate the enemies who jump into your play area. Then forward, watch out for the tree, it hides other opponents. After getting rid of it, lift it using the keys indicated on the screen. A short tutorial on the use of the magical powers assigned to you awaits you, therefore, yet another skit. Immediately after, use the X button to dodge the opponent's attacks, climb the wall and continue to attack the monster until it is eliminated, thus completing the level.

Mount Olympus

Climb the wall, reaching the platform. Take the red chest, then start walking along the path, always staying close to the wall. Kill the enemies on the other side, thus climbing up the ladder. Double jump to get to the platform in the background; examine the pedestal, then use the hook on the left to proceed. More enemies to finish, then a double jump to the wall on the left and then to the platform. Walk up to its edge, then pull yourself up with the X button. Then jump and grab the hedges above you. Cross the bridge; It will snap in two - grab the chest, then use the platform on the left to go back up. Jump beyond the hole, using the Wings of Icarus, then opening the door under the arch. Eliminate the centaur, pull the lever on the left. Quickly run to the right, climbing up the ladder to get to a platform. Beyond the ravine, a chest and a save point.
Go left, open the gate. Use magic to immobilize the seahorse. Then perform the combination of keys on the screen to defeat him permanently. Then climb along the wall, letting yourself fall beyond it, towards the heart of Gaia. Proceed straight, taking advantage of the narrow space available to you. Climb the hedges to reach the Heart of Gaia.

Heart of Gaia

Climb the wall on the left, coming near the eagle of Zeus. Then drop down, clinging to the wall on the right, pressing the R1 key. Move the block to the left, thus turning it 180 degrees (using the right stick), then into the hole on the left. Climb along the hedges on the left, then forward. Eliminate the enemies, more hedges to climb. Jump to the opposite side of the ravine, then press R1 to dash to another hedge. Kill the enemies, then jump by pressing R1, leading to a battle at the top.


The goal is to attack the claws that hold Gaia steady, left and right. When Poseidon moves to either side, he will be about to throw another claw towards the opposite side of the play area (it is also possible to notice small blue "electric fields" on the ground). Having managed to unhook the claws, follow Gaia's advice, pressing R1 to grab onto her hand. After the cutscene, run to Poseidon and attack him. Dodge his punches with a standard roll. The trident can be dodged by moving towards the background of the level. You will see Poseidon panting; at that point, move to the right and climb the hedges. Press the keys in the sequence shown, thus revealing his weak point. Only two (rather simple) keystrokes now separate you from victory. Then move towards the hand of Gaia. You will come to the River Styx, move slowly following its flow.

Realm of Hades

Following the main path, you will be interrupted by a skit. After regaining control of your character, turn to the left, examining the pedestal. Then move forward, pressing R1 to go beyond the ravine. Jump to the platform below you, get the two crates. Then turn right, examine the Eye of Gorgon and go up to the center. Cross the bridge to the right, locating the Hyperion Gate. Examine it, then go back and take the bridge to the left. Save your game, then move left. Save again, then start killing the enemies on the other side. Take the contents of the four crates and go back. Follow the path on the right. Try the new ability (infinite mana points). Use the rope on the right to reach the top of the screen. So go down, examine the shiny object. Keep going down. Two more crates, retrieve their contents, go back and examine the shiny object again. You will gain access to a new room. Press the keys as shown in the sequence, then running towards the center of the room, eliminating all the enemies present. Open the door on the left, walk the linear path. Drop to the bottom of the ravine, two crates, then forward to the river. Using the broken pillar, reach the moving platform at the top. With the right timing (you can try as many times as you want, so no special expertise is required on the first attempt), you can continue to the right, where there is a small room. Take the blackberry and move it towards the opening, then kick it outside. So let yourself fall down; recover the blackberry, move it to the other side of the game area, placing it next to Cerberus. Make them catch fire, then make your way back to the top of the ravine. Take advantage of the Wings of Icarus, aided by the hot smoke, to reach beyond the precipice. Pull the lever, causing Cerberus to be released.
Attack it, then follow the commands that will be indicated on the screen. You will be able to tame it. Make her go back to the room with the brunette; spit some flames in her direction. Examine the body, recover Apollo's Crossbow. Move to the right, locate the blackberry at the top, hit it with an arrow. So, move it to the left. With the Wings of Icarus, reach the entrance now visible. Get the Phoenix Feather from the chest. Go back along the bridge. Destroy the blackberry, save your game. Keep following the main path, paying attention to the right, you will have the opportunity to make your own a potentially useful note for the continuation. Another blackberry to destroy, this one will reveal a Minotaur's Horn. Then jump to the platform on the left, eliminate the harpies and then right. The wings of Icarus will assist you in reaching the next platform. Then grab the wall, walking to the right. Climb the wall at the end, then jump to the platform on the left. After the waterfall, take the eye of Gorgon. Go back, then right, follow the entire ledge, now fully accessible. Double jump, then grab onto the hedge. Drop down, then double jump again to the next hedge. Climb the pillar to reach the new play area.

Judges from the Other World

Using the appropriate positions as a handhold, proceed towards the main platform. In the background, a save point. Then left, examine the sparkling object. Move to the pedestal. Passed the three simple tests inscribed. Proceed beyond the gate which will now open. Examine the glittering object again. After the scene, another gate, then a portal. Examine the pedestal on the right. Go down the ravine, then detonate the oil barrels with shots from your crossbow. Exit the tunnel, turn right, enter the portal. Open the chest, retrieve the horn, pull the lever. Go back through the portal. Straight, then down, jump over the ravine, grab the contents of the chest. Left, look at the skit. Cling to the nearby rope, thus jumping over the precipice. Go down the hedges on the right, away along the path. Examine the card near the watercourse, enter the opening on the right, watch out for the blue enemies - better avoid them than destroy them, as they will explode when they die. Then cross the two narrow bridges.
Retrieve the note on the right, shoot the blackberry - causing it to ignite. Use the smoke it creates to proceed along the duct, thanks to your Icarus Wings. Once you reach the platform, pull the lever - not before having neutralized the opponents - thus running to the left and making a double jump towards the wooden platform. Grab the barrel of brambles, move it to the wooden platform you came from. Jump to the right, then let yourself be carried up by the platform again. At the top, pull the barrel towards the platform, causing it to drop. Eliminate the enemies; take the barrel again, pull it to the point where you let yourself be carried along the shaft. Pull the barrel, increasing the power of the ventilation. You can now cling to an even higher platform. From it, always with the help of the wings, you can get to the exit, at the top. Then follow the path, then turning left. Read the message near the pedestal, take out the enemies along the path. Jump to the platform below you, reaching the end of the level.

Video - Olympia and Cronos

The Forge

Go up the stairs, watch the skit. Having taken control of your character, turn right, saving the game. Pull the nearby lever, causing the gate to open. Overcome it, then another lever; place it so that you can proceed to the right. Eliminate the enemies, recover the two crates. Go back and position the lever so you can reach the brambles. Destroy them so you can continue along the path. Kill the remaining enemies, then right down the path. Untangle the brambles blocking the door, open it, eliminate the opponents. Left, retrieve the note and continue beyond the door.

Hades Palace

Save your game, on the left. Then continue straight, locating the sparkling object. Grab it and pull it to the left wheel. So use the wheel to send the object under the switch, so that the gate does not close. Go up to the upper level, grab the two white crates and then continue past the now open gate. Eliminate the opponents, then go up the ramp on the right. Keep following the passage, towards the new room. Right, other crates, one white and one red. Follow the path on the left, until you find a ladder, at the end of which it will be possible to take possession of a Phoenix Feather. So continue to go down (returning to the previous area), until you reach the crossroads. Turn the handle. When you reach the pedestal, read the engraving, drop the two ladders and eliminate the enemies. Go up the ladder on the left; then pull the lever on the right. Open the gate nearby. Go outside, take the stones you used to stop the wheel and place them near the elevator you just arrived from. Pull the lever, go back up. Move the stones so that they also block this wheel, then jump down, into the hole, then up the ladder. Go back up to the handle, opening it so that the cuffs are unlocked. Go back to the ladder on the left, go up, use the wheel. Press the stones under the switch that blocks the wheel. Go back down, turn the handle again. Now, go up the ladder on the right and block the hands of the statue thanks to the umpteenth wheel. Go back to the pedestal, press R1.


After the pedantic dialogue, you will have to complete a key sequence based on R1, L1 and companions. You will then begin the real fight against Hades; a hit-and-run tactic is recommended. When you see him jump, watch out for the shock wave that will follow his descent (jump quickly to avoid damage). The same consideration is valid for when he tries to hit you with his sword. After some time, the first key sequence to complete will appear. You will be able to cut off a piece of meat in Hades; keep attacking it, to prevent it from being able to mend. A wide-ranging attack will follow; you will notice the place potentially affected by the fact that the ground will turn black: locate the only small non-black spot and take refuge there. Then continue to attack, as before. Eliminate Cerberus, then continue to execute the keystrokes that will be displayed on the screen. You will recover the Claws of Hades. You will have defeated Hades; clear away the remaining opponents, then save your game across the river. Drop into the water, pressing the square button to retrieve Hades' helmet. Then start swimming in the same direction as the current. You will be forced to return to the surface due to an oncoming opponent; after defeating him, a final tunnel separates you from the mainland. Pull the lever, return to the water and proceed beyond the now open gate. Watch the skit that will propel you to the next level.

The Forge - II

Follow the path on the right, killing the enemies, until you reach the circular room. Turn the door around, making it face the background. Go straight on, following the path. Enter the Hyperion Gate; very short level, it is already concluded.

Olympia city

Follow the path, stopping only to watch the skit. Then right, break the hedges. Examine the finger of the statue, the whole hand will be thrown down. Examine the door, kill everything you can, then proceed. Grab the first harpy nearby to proceed across the precipice. After the turn, retrieve the chest on the left. Head back up, other harpies will help you continue, towards an Eye of Gorgon. After you get it, jump down and follow the path to a save point. Jump over the precipice, then left, along the ramp. Pick up the catapult, trying to hit Helios as he flies in his chariot. Go back down the ramp. Kill the enemies, open the gate on the right; recover the chest, then left again. Cross the bridge in front of you, go up the ladder. Down along the wall, all the way to Helios. Wait for the Ogre to arrive, fighting it thanks to the key sequence that will be shown on the screen. Finally, you can interact with Helios. Move Kratos' hand (with the right stick) in such a way as to cover the light source, so that you can understand the direction of the path along which to advance. Finally, you will get the Head of Helios. Use it on the wall, you will reveal the presence of a door. Enter and walk the dark path.

The Path of Eos

Retrieve the eye of Gorgon from the wall on the left, thus starting to follow the path, up to a point where you can save the game. You will find yourself, after a while, in the vicinity of a blue force field. Kill the harpies, then move left, using the Head of Helios to identify a passage. You can therefore proceed straight along the corridor. Jump on the rope, crossing the precipice. So, off to the platforms above you and then along the passage. Watch the skit, then grab the harpy to get over the ravine. Continue to the other side of the bridge, then climb the hedges. Along the path, locate the two red chests, then use the Head of Helios to cause the wall to disappear, allowing you to make the Eye of Gorgon yours. Continue left, kill the enemies on the bridge. Then left again, take the Phoenix Feather. Go up the ramp, save your game, use the Wings of Icarus to walk vertically through the conduit. Dodge the incoming objects by pressing the keys that are indicated on the screen. You will then reach the end of the level.

The Cave

Retrieve the Horn of Minotaur, identifying it thanks to the Head of Helios. Then set fire to the brambles, thanks to the crossbow. Take advantage of the new grip to get to the raised platform; when you reach the top, smash the brambles again and kill the enemies that appear on the scene while the box moves. At the exit, beware of the possibility that the brambles will unintentionally destroy the chain. Jump forward, to the next enemy. Talk to Hermes, then jump to the chain and climb to its top.

The Flame of Olympus

Save your game, on the right. So, look at the flame in the center. Use the Head of Helios on each pedestal to reveal a painting - it also contains some information. Then proceed towards the chain, on the opposite side from the one you came from, taking a look at the walls (filtering everything with the Head of Helios) to find a hidden room, containing three red chests and an Eye of Gorgon.

Tips for a perfect impersonation of the God of War!

Then off to the save point, trying to follow Hermes. Go up the stairs, recover the two crates, examine the pedestal. Then let yourself slide down towards Hermes. Grab the wall and drop down to the next level.

The Olympic Citadel

Exit the upper left section of the level, letting yourself slide down the precipice. So jump to the platform above you. Attack Hermes, after a while you will be thrown into a skit. Follow the on-screen commands to retrieve his boots. Quickly run along the wooden surface, reaching a save point. Go through the walls, until you get to two crates. Go out, cross the bridge. Climb along the wooden structure, then climb the wall. Equip the Brim of Helios (in the lower corner), thus locating a Phoenix Feather. Climb yet another wall, near the statue (in the adjacent room). Exit outside and start climbing up the wall. Walk down the path, killing the enemies nearby. Then left, make your own the red crates and the Minotaur's Horn. Go back, through the door that was pointed out to you by the game.

The Flame of Olympus - II

Save the game, using the appropriate point on the left. Then retrieve the two crates on the right and go down the corridor. Eliminate everything you can, then go up the stairs, opening the gate that blocks your passage beyond their end. Left, red crate, then go up the shaft to retrieve a crate. Go back, turn right, continuing to a platform. Use the levers here to turn the blocks below you. You will need to create a Sword of Olympus, placed in such a way that its tip is pointing to the right. Then jump down. Examine the pedestal, then press the keys as indicated on the screen. Watch the scene, then pull the lever. Eventually save your game, go up the stairs. Another lever to pull; keep going until it stops. Then forward, along the now open door and away along the passage - clearing all obstacles. More stairs to go down, then take the Head of Helios - you will need it to locate a chest, containing an Eye of Gorgon. So save your game before going through the last corridor; at its end, eliminate all opponents, waiting for the arrival of Hercules who will act as boss.


When Hercules descends, you must immediately pay attention to his charge. He presses the Circle button quickly, until he regains control of the character, then causing the opponent to crash into one of the spike-studded statues. Repeat this procedure twice, then keep dodging his blows. After a while, a key sequence will appear on the screen for you to execute. You will be thrown towards the water; once there, dive to find the Espalier of Hercules. Get out of the water, follow the path. Get rid of the opponents, then destroy the marble with your Cestus. Pull the lever and use Cestus again to destroy the palanca, so you can go back to the watercourse and ultimately go through the underground tunnel. Once out of the water, continue towards the background, where a chest containing a Minotaur's Horn awaits you.

The Chamber of Poseidon

Clean up the enemies, then use the wheel at the top left of the screen. Go through the gate on the right, reaching a save point. Turn right again, talking to Poseidon's girl. Follow the path until you reach a room full of portals. Slide into the portal on the right; on the other side, proceed to the left and pull the lever near the platform. Drop down, open the two chests. Pick up the two dogs with the Circle key, kicking them into the portal on the right, causing the platform in front of you to drop. Once you've repeated the process for four of the dogs, continue towards the inside of the platform itself, heading down to the portal below for a skit. Once you have regained control of the character, look in the background to locate a letter. Make it yours, then go to the right, recovering the shell of Poseidon, as well as the Eye of Gorgon. Go back through the portal, take out the dogs. Press the on-screen keys, then go back through the portal; make a clean sweep of the enemies here. Go ahead, beyond the door, where you will be welcomed by a handful of enemies. Then open the gate on the left; use the wheel and then go beyond the save point, entering the newly opened gate. Look at the scene, then retrieve the note from the statue. Follow the path on the left; examine the bodies, then use the lever in the background.

The Upper Gardens

Turn the lever, causing the platform to move; will approach the next one, jump. Repeat the procedure for the new play area; turn the gear, then forward again. Beyond the door, a save point - as well as the end of this very short level.

Video - Launch Trailer

The Chamber of Aphrodite

Go up the stairs, retrieve the Horn of Minotaur on the right. Then continue to the left, where there are two boxes. Look at the bed, in the center of the room. You agree to participate in the minigame. Press the keys that will appear on the screen; Aphrodite will then reveal a portal, proceed inside. Follow the wall to the left, recover the eye of Gorgon and then forward to the new game area.


Take a look at the pedestal, in front of you. Then proceed along the path to the right. Get the Phoenix Feather. Eliminate the opponents, recover the red chest on the left. Then climb up, using the rocks as a lever, to a platform where there is a white chest. Collect its contents, then go up the stairs.

The Gates of Tisiphone

Kill the Chimera, then examine the white chest on the right. Then locate the chain in the left corner of the room; pull it until it stops. Move slightly forward, press the crate, then jump to the second platform. Slide to the left, grab the chest. Drop down, then make your way to the chain on the right. Pull it down, then press the nearby block towards the wall. Go back to the left, off to the platform with the harpy. Use the harpy to overcome the precipice, reaching the blocks on the right. Try to reach the glittering object and press the block next to it. Double jump to the platform on the left, then again use the harpy to return to the right. Press the block standing here, jump back to the right, where there is a platform with a red chest - and inside an Eye of Gorgon. Jump back, then climb along the blocks. Save the game, recover the Phoenix feather.

The Tartarus Well

Clean up the enemies that populate the first area; then, examine the pedestal and then walk along the path on the left. Jump over the precipice, then turn right. Retrieve the Horn of Minotaur, follow the path, press R1 near the sparkling object to complete the level.


Press the Circle key frantically, thus freeing yourself from its grasp. Then use the Head of Helios, more appropriately when he tries to get close to you. In this way, you will blind him; you will then find yourself on his hands. Eliminate the opponents, thus climbing towards the opening that will be signaled by the camera. Break the pimple above you; Cronos will throw you to the ground, take care of his subordinates. Attach his hands as he tries to hook them to the platform, destroying the nails. Execute the key sequence that will appear on the screen. So wait for Cronos to try to hit you by banging his hand on the ground (where you are). He will cast a shadow: you try to stay far away from it so as not to be hit; then jump to the top of the hand and try again to blind him with your Head of Helios. This will be followed by yet another keystroke to complete. Climb along the wall, thus continuing to the next platform. Again, several enemies to kill. Then open the door and break the blue crystal with Cestus. Take care of the opponents, wait for Cronos to take you back. Perform one of the usual sequences to free yourself, then being thrown towards the roof; here too, after the elimination of a certain amount of opponents, you will have to respect a precise combination of keys.
Then start running to reach the top of the path, making sure that Cronos doesn't catch you. At the top, kill the enemies. Jump on the giant (also named Abomination), after a short scene (topped off with a few buttons to press, as usual), you will be ... eaten by Cronos. Let yourself fall along the wall to avoid being hit by the gastric juices. Other keys in sequence will allow you to exit the stomach, recovering the Stone of Omphalos. Return to the place where you tried to destroy the crystal, completing the work. Tip in hand, head to the back of Cronos' head and plant it in his head. Collect the new weapons and keep hitting the shiny object. Retrieve Hephaestus' ring, save your game. Climb the wall, enter the Hyperion Gate, thus returning to Aphrodite. Go down the stairs, reaching the new play area.

The Upper Gardens - II

Jump over the precipice, hitting the pillar, until it changes its position. Jump again, then proceed inside the door. Look at the skit, examine the sparkling object. Left, look at the book near the wall. Then off to the back of the room, where you will find two more books. Pull the lever on the right, raising the platform containing the catapult. Use it to destroy the door. So, retrieve the red chest from the new location you will have access to. Drop down, returning to the catapult. Turn it to the left. Shoot, then climb the rope, coming near the eye of Gorgon. Go back down, fire the catapult again, making the rope retract. Now run along the wall to the right, entering the portal. Pull the lever, exit the portal, shoot the catapult: two crates will be released, one containing the Diagrams of Daedalus, the other a Phoenix Feather. Work the catapult again, then enter the blue portal to the right. Jump off the platform, drop down the rope. Pull the lever at the end of the path; a catapult will descend. Turn it around and shoot left. Jump back into the blue portal to the right, then platform and rope again. Retrieve the Minotaur's Horn from the chest. Down, rope, another box with Minotaur's Horn. Go up the ramp to the outside. Watch the cutscene in between, then walk along the path to Hera. Talk to us, then left, save your game. Retrieve the Chalice of Hera. Go back to the bridge, entering the labyrinth. Grab the crate straight ahead, then left. Using the Head of Helios, reveal a chest containing the Phoenix Feather. So right, two more speakers. Go back to the save point, following the path. Kill the enemies near the corner, then retrieve the crate. Back, this time preferring the path to the right. Follow him down the tunnel, taking out the two enemies. As soon as possible, turn left. Retrieve the green chest, then right along the new path. Two more crates. Go back to the green chest, take a right. Press R1 to lower the gate that allows access to the next play area. Position yourself on the sparkling button, until a message appears. Regain control of your character, go down, then go up the stairs to the left. So right, another door to open. Go down the ladder, retrieve the chest in the background. Go straight now.
Arrived at the precipice, go down and then take the opening on the left. Collect the Minotaur's Horn. Go out, jump to the platform, grab the pillar, move it to the left. Rotate it so that the engraved stairs descend to the left, then place it exactly under the waterfall (on the right). Proceed forward, watch the skit. Return to the chalice, which you first filled with water. Shoot the brambles on the left. Move the pillar to their previous position. Place yourself on the switch, everything will turn green. A new path will open up; take the pillar, take it down the ramp, with you. Turn it around so that the stairs go down to the right. Reactivate the falls so that everything turns green again. Take Hera and exit using the path you have just cleared, making it go down towards the chalice. Take the pillar again, move it so that it is positioned on top of the button that paints everything green. Then you start walking the path, at its end a skit. Thanks to the harpies, you will be able to reach the other side of the precipice. Turn the switch, opening the access to continue. Save your game and look down for a chest. Eliminate the scorpions, then turn left and use the giant wheel. Continue towards the background to a green chest on the right. Retrieve the note and jump to get to the next level.

The Cave

After the battle, head left, recovering the two crates. You will be able to extract the minotaur horn from them. So right, jump to the platform. Observe the note, save your game. Use the Head of Helios on the wall, thus revealing a passage. Start walking along it, recovering the case and the note on the left. Pull the lever at the end of the path, raising the water level. Jump to the platform. Right, climb the wall. Another lever to pull, you will automatically be transported upwards. Then right, jump to the net on the wall. Climb it, eliminate the enemies. Right again, cross the ravine. Climb the wall with the footprints, then open the door, enter the cave. Kill the scorpions, then jump and open the door. On the right, a chest; on the left, a pedestal. Then go down to the huge chest. You will be attacked by a large scorpion. Press the keys as indicated on the screen to free yourself. Then use Hermes Boots to reach the Onyx. A large monster will arrive on the scene, followed by others of smaller size. Finish them en masse, then a sequence of keys to follow will appear on the screen. Use Cestus to break up the crystallized body. Climb to the top right of the screen, breaking the tail, to find the magic Boreas Icestorm. Press R1 near the red object in the center of the room, activating the magic. Enter the conduit, letting yourself be carried upwards.
Press R1 again from the top of the red object. Jump over the ravine, retrieve the chest using the Head of Helios. Grab the handholds to get to the next red object. Kill all the enemies, then jump to the platform on the left. Save the game, left, press R1 again near the red object. Drop down the gate, climb the wall using Hermes Boots. Follow the passage, taking the note as you go. At its end, proceed to the right, recovering the two crates. Then go back, jumping on the rope. Pull up, jump to the next platform. Use the handholds to overcome the ravine. Press the red switch, enter the door that will open.

The maze

Turn left and retrieve the red chest that can be viewed thanks to the Head of Helios. Save (on the right), then return to the room on the left, pressing the red switch on the floor. Drop down, take out the enemies, walk to the next room. Use the Head of Helios again, directed towards the wall on the left, to reveal the presence of a chest. Then right, another switch, watch out for the fire. Wait for it to subside, then you can continue to the left. Cling to the grate, climbing it. Pull the lever at the top and proceed into the door that will open. Let yourself fall down, then move the object towards the background, using one of the usual switches, so that it coincides with the round button. A gate will open and you can exit the room.

Tips for a perfect impersonation of the God of War!

Still down, dodge the spikes, they can kill you in one fell swoop. After the fourth set of quills, grab one of the harpies to get through the last part. Wait for the door to move in front of you, then exit. Save your game, jump across the ravine - with the assistance of Cestus - and watch the cutscene. Retrieve the chest with the help of the Head of Helios. Kill the enemies in the next room, pull the lever on the wall. Press the red switch, cross the room quickly, avoiding Pandora's death. Head of Helios again, on the left, for yet another box. Pull up Pandora, using it to open the gate that allows access to the ladder in the background. Go up the ladder, proceed to the next room. Left, pull out the section of wall to reach the platform above you.
Another red switch, after pressing it you will have to run towards the end of the platform. Right, up, then pull the lever on top of the Pandora's box. Break the glass, get Pandora. Follow her, save. After the cutscene, take the note from the floor, then pull the lever. Wait for Pandora to enter the cage, then jump to the platform and position yourself on the glittering switch, causing the platform to rise. By continuing to walk through Pandora's footsteps, you will reach a second save point. A little farther on, an intermission scene. Eliminate the enemies, place yourself on the switches, making the chains rise. Use the Head of Helios on the alcove to the right, then proceed beyond the portal. Take a look at the pedestal, then break the marble on the nape of the statue. Repeat the procedure on the next two statues, beyond the following two ravines. Then go through the tunnel, turning right near the portal. Enter, pull the lever, opening the access to the continuation. Take the card in the background, then go back through the portal. Cross the bridge, go down along the hedge. Destroy the marble; then go back up and let yourself slide down the ravine. Break the chains beyond the portal. Watch the skit, then continue to the next group of chains. Break the marble again, then go up the stairs and use the lever to raise the maze.


Positioned on the platform, start the fight with Zeus. Execute the two keystrokes that will appear on the screen. Look at the skit. Start following the path, reaching a save point. Keep hitting Zeus, but try to use a hit-and-run that doesn't expose you too much to his potential wrath (special attention should be paid to the moments when he starts jumping!). After a second skit, you will be projected towards the interior of Gaia. Follow the path, using Cestus to destroy the various pieces of stone around the heart of Gaia; then equip the crossbow and burn the blackberry. So attack directly the heart that will now be exposed. After a while, Zeus will start harassing you again. Start fighting again following exactly the same tactics as before. Execute the key sequence. Regained control of the character, forward along the path. Retrieve the sword, watch the scene. Walk towards the darkness, following the trail of blood, until the end of the game!

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