Elden Ring: how to eliminate Margit the Fell Omen, the most difficult boss of the beta

Anyone who has been lucky enough to try the closed network test of Elden Ring in these days you will surely have realized one thing: the difficulty is calibrated in a similar way to the other titles of From Software and the enemies are more aggressive than ever, but the power of the new tools available to the player make many challenges trivial and greatly facilitate life (especially if you have some experience with the genus). The only real barrier to overcome in the game - apart from a couple of other rather tough optional enemies - is the boss at the entrance to Stormrage Castle: Margit the Fell Omen. He's a troublesome foe, dealing massive damage and has some really irritating patterns no matter how you approach him.

Today we give you a series of tips to eliminate it easily, perhaps before the end of the three hours available to you in each phase.

The strategy to use against Margit the Fell Omen

Elden Ring: how to eliminate Margit the Fell Omen, the most difficult boss of the beta

Margit is a sneaky boss. Seen from a distance it looks slow and predictable, but is designed to take the player by surprise with sudden changes in rhythm in attacks, and patterns that are far more varied than one might think. First of all, from a distance you have to pay attention to one of its peculiar characteristics: it is able to throw two knives of light at high speeds, which lift a good chunk of life. His artificial intelligence, however, has a tendency to react instantly to any slow animation of yours. Are you firing a spell that takes a few moments, do you want to heal yourself with an ampoule, or do you want to summon something? Margit will stab you from a distance 90% of the time. If you have to heal yourself and have a certain advantage in meters, then, get behind the fences or spears stuck in the ground scattered around the arena, as they block her knives.

Attention, if you are a few meters away - and sometimes right after throwing the knives - Margit has a tendency (albeit rarer) to perform a spectacular jump attack. It's literally his most vulnerable shot and he's phoned enough to be easy to dodge. Hit him a couple of times after landing (even a few more with a quick weapon) and leave immediately after. If you are at a medium distance, you might see the boss charge a beating. Depending on where you are, the slow animation will convert to either a running charge, or a simple vertical blow with the ability to track your movements. Both maneuvers must be dodged, but the charge is always followed by a circular attack which in turn must be dodged. Margit is quite vulnerable even after these two assaults if you avoid them properly ... But be careful: the shot loaded up close is sometimes followed by two quick stabs too fast to be avoided; after that attack, therefore, it is advisable to launch only one blow and then close in parade with the shield. Predictably, a shield with excellent physical damage absorbing abilities it will save your life, so keep in mind that the one sold by the merchant Kalè in the church is great.

A parry-based strategy tends to be far more effective against Margit than a series of quick dodges. Most of her normal attacks in her combo, in fact, are vulnerable to parry with the shield and being able to place a couple of them allows you to stun him and counterattack. Not only that, outside of the most powerful attacks of him, the broadsides he pulls do not consume an enormous amount of stamina, allowing you to be around without exaggerated risks. Approaching him with the shield raised is also important because of his most annoying attack ever: one sudden vertical beating, so fast that it requires monstrous reflexes to be avoided. He uses it often and if you underestimate it he risks sending you to the creator several times.

It doesn't end there, of course. At around 50% life, Margit switches to one second stage, where he begins to use light weapons more often. Combinations of him increase in range and speed, count more hits, and hurt more. The equivalent of his jump attack, however, becomes a hammer able to hit with a monstrous area beam, which also damages at the start. When you see that he pulls out the hammer, in short, get away immediately, and then avoid it as for the aforementioned jump.

Even aware of all this, the boss's tendency to mix combos and attacks often make him unpredictable, so here are some useful tips to take him out without too many swearing. In a cave north of the lake you will find some ashes of northern warrior: a fabulous summoning, because it hits with a broadsword and tends to stun enemies. If you play very defensively against Margit after summoning her and abuse Charged Attacks, you can stun her during both the first and second phase, which guarantees two devastating executions. Not only that, while Margit is focused on beating up your ghostly friend, you can also target him with slow and powerful spells and weapon skills, however be careful not to abuse this thing, because it does a lot of damage and can eliminate your companion almost immediately, leaving you alone in the most difficult phase two. Playing with a fair amount of aggression and taking advantage of his various openings you should be able to kill him after a few attempts. Just a little luck at the right time.

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