How to find the plateau of secret pandas in Minecraft Dungeons

How to find the plateau of secret pandas in Minecraft Dungeons

The new Minecraft Dungeons DLC has some new secret levels to explore and one such level is Panda Plateau. We have prepared this detailed guide so that you know exactly how to find the plateau of secret pandas in Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons Secret Panda Plateau

The main secret mission in the new DLC is Dingy Jungle and the Panda Plateau is one of the secret levels of the Dingy Jungle secret mission.

The first step to finding a secret level in Minecraft Dungeons is to find a secret map for that level, then you can enter the level through the map.

Enter the seedy jungle and begin the quest for the Panda Plateau map.

If you want the map as soon as possible you can start with a minimum or lower difficulty level and you will find the map easily.

To start working on the map search, go to the seedy jungle and check the map for any secrets.

Please note that the Panda Plateau secret map is not found in any of the secret locations on the map. There will also be a secret location of the Obsidian Chest on the map.

Continue through the main storyline mission and clear the objective called “Pass the Fortress”, then go through the maze of vines.

You will have to go through many more corrupt vines as you go deep into the dungeon.

You'll also need to defeat some enemies as they try to unlock a gate in the small area nearby.

Reach your next objective, which is “Traverse the canyons”, you will find a climbing looking statue on one of the treetops during this objective.

Activate this statue and you will face a horde of vines and eventually get a reward chest. Keep in mind that you don't necessarily need it for the secret level.

As you progress through your mission you will find a secret room. The entrance to this room will be somewhere else in the jungle.

Now search the area, find and activate three buttons and this will lower the bamboo walls in front of you and when the walls are lowered you can easily move on and you will find the reward at the end of the area.

That reward is the Panda Plateau map.

Once you have the map you can simply unlock the Panda Plateau level. Then you just have to go back to the camp and reach the map of the island kingdoms and you can choose to enter the new secret level of Panda Plateau in Minecraft Dungeons.

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