Metro Exodus: the worthy conclusion to an epic journey

Six years have passed since the release of Metro Last Light, second chapter of the videogame saga based on the writer's novels Dmitry Glukhovsky, who seemed to have written the word "end" to the epic of Artyom and all the other "Spartans".

To change the cards, however, Metro Exodus took care of it, the third and last chapter of the saga, arrived in a great career to brush up with force the post-apocalyptic adventures of the few survivors of the metro and to conclude them in the best way. Based on the events narrated in the novel Metro 2035, Metro Exodus represents, from various points of view, a clear separation with the past. Both the setting and the general structure of the title are clearly different compared to the first two chapters, but it will take us a few minutes to immediately feel at home, for better or for worse.

We want to get rid of the elephant in the room right away: all the novelties work properly and the finish offered is of great impact. After all, we are once again faced with a product that almost scoffs at its genre, putting the narrative again in front of pure gameplay and succeeds perfectly. The blunders, however, there are but they do not affect the overall quality of the product that, in no uncertain terms, stands as one of the best single player FPS of the current generation of consoles.

Are you curious to know why? Well, show us your ticket: the last trip awaits you!

The screenplay for Metro Exodus is the result of a four-handed work by di 4A Games and by Glukhovsky himself and it works, needless to say, perfectly. The story told is one that is impossible not to love, even if it is "stained" by a too quick departure, which leaves little room for understanding by the player.

Calatici once again in the shoes of good old Artyom, our mission, this time, will be to pursue his dream. No, it's not a promotional jingle, but a sort of summary of what awaits us once the exodus begins. Always obsessed with the desire to find a way to survive and live beyond the cold underground walls of the metro stations, Artyom manages to find traces of habitable places, where the air is breathable, in which to lead a life worthy of being called. such. Once convinced the other "Spartans", including Colonel Miller, the most reluctant of all, Artyom and the others, on the tracks of the Aurora, they will begin a real journey in search of the promised land, in a tide of events and continuous and exciting twists. The passing of events, inevitably, appears very rapid, since, from the beginning to the end of the adventure, you will leave behind more than one spring. This translates into a story that proceeds swiftly and inexorably, but which never forgets to offer an even more intimate insight into the daily life of the various crew members and their problems, all different but equally relevant.

The plot of Metro Exodus represents the flagship of the production

The main theme remains that of the search for a new world to live in, a world that, net of all the lies told, has survived - albeit bringing with it many injuries - the nuclear catastrophe already abundantly told in the course of the previous chapters. Outside the cold walls of the metro, however, not only hope awaits the protagonists of the story, but also fear, madness and despair, which often and willingly represent multiple faces of the same coin. What scares most are not the gigantic creatures or the "zombies" that swarm the streets, but the people, the survivors. In fact, their vision of survival often translates into a murderous rampage, but that's not all. This, however, we want to let you discover for yourself.

Just think that in Metro Exodus you will have to deal with people of all kinds, among which it is also possible to find a certain figure who feasting happily together with two corpses, to name one.

Metro Exodus: the worthy conclusion to an epic journey

The clear departure from the past, which we were talking about a moment ago, is mainly represented by the nature of the settings, now closer to a sort of open world, rather than the dark and linear indoor sequences to which the predecessors of Exodus had accustomed us. .

In truth, although large and beautiful to look at, the play areas are never full of activities to complete or objects to find, thus preserving the markedly survival and linear nature of the production, but offering a significantly different cross-section from the past.. To fill the list of novelties, there is also the presence of new creatures to face which, combined with the greater difficulty in finding objects for the creation of various provisions and ammunition, tends to raise the bar of the difficulty level of production considerably. Metro Exodus, after all, separates itself once again from the other chapters of the saga and does so, once again, with a nod to more current productions. The nature of the game, however, remains essentially the same: it proceeds from point A to point B, exterminating hordes of monsters or human enemies, represented by different factions that populate the outside world. The progress of history, on balance always accompanied by a sort of basic linearity, is also marked by the possibility of carrying out secondary activities, which, in most cases, consist in the discovery of some objects on behalf of one of the passengers of the 'Aurora. Moving around the vast maps of the game, however, is not so simple, either because of the basic difficulty of the various battles or the lack of clarity of the map that Artyom now has.

“Animals have become monsters. People have become animals. "

In truth, however, the challenge rate is represented more by the number (often the title almost forces you to take a stealth approach), than by the power of the opponents who, even in this third chapter, are supported by an artificial intelligence that define lacking would be a pitiful understatement. Not only that: as already mentioned above, the issue of supplies and provisions will also take care of the torch. then Exodus it will no longer be possible to buy consumer goods or various ammunition from sellers, but everything, to further emphasize the crafting issue, must be produced with your own hands. It is certainly an addition that could make the most accustomed to this type of solution happy, but which, however, from our point of view, probably represents a perhaps excessive attempt to raise the difficulty of the game, where it does not there was really a need. Also because some objects can only be created at the base or at the work tables, present in specific points of the map. To this, then, is added a poorly managed challenge rate management, for which some sections are clearly more difficult than others, without a real reason.

What has hardly changed is the actual shooting system, once again slow and at times cumbersome - but which still works like God -, accompanied by the usual host of confusing fights and the use of guns that are too similar to each other and the lack of credibility in terms of heaviness and feedback. We weren't expecting major revolutions in this respect, of course, but perhaps a little something new would have benefited the production.

What has pleasantly struck us, however, is the introduction of some mechanics, such as that of the enemies who, once their ranks are significantly reduced, decide to surrender, and the possibility of choosing whether to save them or not, just to name. a.

The most impressive work, however, was certainly carried out under the technical profile of the title, in particular as regards the graphics sector.

Metro Exodus is simply magnificent to see, and on Xbox One X, the version we used in the review phase, becomes the protagonist of memorable glimpses, commendable graphic cleanliness and superlative management of light effects. Also HDR it is introduced with great care, and the rendering of some simply marvelous environments confirms this. The title runs beautifully in native 4K on the Microsoft flagship, anchored on the thirty FPS, very stable, which only in some situations show the side to sudden but all in all acceptable decreases. In general, however, the graphic sector of the title works wonderfully, despite being characterized by some compromises, such as the qualitative alternation of some textures or the poor environmental interaction. However, these do not affect that much an impressive work and that exudes love from every pore from the development team. In truth, we did not appreciate some stylistic choices, such as the appearance of the subtitles, sometimes really complicated to read, or the clear coloration of the interaction indicators. In the old chapters these were orange in color and were more noticeable. For the series: one step forward for style, one step back for comfort.

Metro Exodus is great to see, but not to hear

If the graphic sector is one of the most evident strengths of the production, the same cannot be said of the sound sector, a real Achilles heel of a winning horse.. Most of the problems are certainly attributable to the Italian dubbing, sincerely disappointing, but not only: the audio track, often and willingly, gives rise to impossible delays, such as the sudden decrease or increase of some sounds (or of the voices themselves) and lip movement almost always out of sync. These are avoidable and difficult to understand blunders, but in the end they do not compromise the overall judgment on the product too much.

Final remarks for the photographic mode, appreciable and functional, which makes it possible to immortalize the numerous wonderful scenarios that can be found during the eight thousand kilometers of travel undertaken by Artyom, Anna, Miller, Alyosha and all the other protagonists of Metro Exodus.

Metro Exodus: the worthy conclusion to an epic journey

Metro Exodus is the worthy conclusion of an important saga, a real bulwark of single-player FPS, which deserves greater prominence within the videogame industry.

The twenty-five hours required to complete the main plot go down which is a pleasure thanks to a plot once again predominant compared to the actual gameplay, and to a simple and sometimes cumbersome gunplay, but which works, amuses and convinces. The free roaming nature, capable of offering a breath of fresh air in a production that in fact represents the conclusion of a project that lasted almost ten years, is appreciable, but not without defects. The journey to the promised land of Artyom and all his companions is as romantic as it is dramatic and told so well that it is impossible not to get excited, especially in the final stages.

4A Games and Deep Silver were right once again: Metro Exodus is a title that we feel we can recommend without hesitation not only to all fans of the saga, but also to those less experienced in the matter, a solid and satisfying FPS, accompanied by a mature and never predictable plot. In no uncertain terms we are faced with one of the best FPS of this generation of consoles, despite present problems but which do not affect too much or too heavily, the enjoyment of the new title of the Ukrainian developers.


I played Metro Exodus on Xbox One X, connected to a 43 "TV with 4K and HDR 10+ support

  • About twenty hours to complete the main campaign, doing some side activities and finding some extras.
  • Italian in lyrics and dubbing.
  • 4K and HDR support on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro.
  • Five selectable difficulty levels.
Collectibles and Extras
  • Usual notes to find: a classic of the saga.
  • In addition to the notes, postcards have also been added to Metro Exodus, scattered all over the place.
  • Classic trophies, achievements and achievements to unlock, depending on the game platform.
Game Card
  • Game Name: Metro Exodus
  • Release date: February 22 2019
  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Dubbing language: Italian
  • Texts language: Italian
Metro Exodus: the worthy conclusion to an epic journey Review by Salvatore Cardone

On Xbox One X, the 4A Games title is truly splendid to look at, with a huge amount of lighting effects and convincing and realistic polygonal models. In truth, there is a lack of environmental interaction and, above all, some scenarios, decidedly less inspired and cared for than others. Nothing sensational, however, that does not affect the overall quality of the title too much.


If the soundtrack, the ambient noises, the verses of the creatures are of great quality, the same cannot be said of the Italian dubbing, which is sometimes out of sync and difficult to listen to. It remains, however, an excellent product, regardless of this factor.


Following in the footsteps of its two predecessors, Metro Exodus has kept the same style, functional, simple and adrenaline-pumping. We really enjoyed the new (albeit modest) possibilities of crafting. Ultimately we are faced with one of the best singleplayer FPS of this generation, which however is not free from blunders and some jarring.

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