Minecraft Realms Not Working Is Minecraft Realms Down?

Have you noticed that Minecraft Realms is not working? Is Minecraft Realms down? Several players have reported issues with Minecraft multiplayer on Mojang's official servers. We tell you what you need to know to get back to the game!

If you're not familiar with Minecraft Realms, it's the official multiplayer service for Minecraft run by the Mojangs themselves. It is generally quite reliable, but that doesn't mean it never has a problem.

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Now, some players seem to have a hard time connecting to the game's service - is that just you or is there a larger problem? Let's find out!

Why Minecraft Kingdoms Don't Work | Is Minecraft Realms down?

Minecraft Realms Not Working Is Minecraft Realms Down?

If you notice that Minecraft Realms isn't working, it could be due to one of any number of problems. Let's go in one by one!

Was there a Minecraft update recently?

Sometimes, a Minecraft update means Mojang needs to temporarily shut down the servers. If you haven't been following the game closely, you may not know that an update has been rolled out! Here are the easiest ways to say it.

  • Is there a new update in the Launcher?
  • Is there any news of an update on the Minecraft website?
  • Mojang tweeted about an update on the official Minecraft Twitter?
  • If there is an update, it will probably take a few hours at the most before Mojang can bring Minecraft Realms back online. If an update hasn't been made, however, there may be a more serious problem.

    Is Mojang reporting that the servers are down?

    The next question is whether there are any other problems with Minecraft Realms. How do you find out if Minecraft Realms is not working?

    If there are serious problems that cannot be fixed immediately, Mojang usually posts a tweet stating that the servers are down.

    What if there are no updates and there are no reports that the servers are down?

    If there hasn't been a recent update and Mojang isn't saying the servers are down, there are two possibilities:

  • The servers are down, but Mojang hasn't said anything yet.
  • Something is wrong with your copy of the game, your computer, or your internet connection.
  • You may really have problems on your side. If so, you should read this help article and follow the steps to see if any of them help. If the problems persist, you can contact Minecraft customer support.

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