The Borderlands 2 solution: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep

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The solution is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences with the Spanish version.

The role-playing game

Travel to the dock unpretentious and of minimal importance; as the name suggests, there will be very little of importance here other than the place itself; So join the Vault Hunters for a game of "Bunkers & Badasses". Thus you will begin the assault on the Dragon Keep, enjoy the view until you reach the pier, upon reaching the unusual walk, reach the goal while the Vault Hunters will comment on your journey; once you have summoned them, start the fight with a wave of skeletal enemies; then move through the city continuing to eliminate as many enemies as possible; keep following the objective and near the entrance the dragon will appear; do not try to defeat him, you will die quickly, Tina will take care of it and you can continue on your steps to face Mister Boney Pants Guy, kill him and his horde of skeletons to gain access to the main gate. The path to the Flamerock Refuge is right in front of you; make your way up to the mission marker and enter; go through the suburbs and enter the city proper; chat with the citizens to learn some more information about the missing queen, then also talk to the bodyguards to know that the queen wanted to walk in the forest. Then go to Davlin to talk to him, done that, reach the mission marker; once there, use the explosive barrels to blow up the first flying ship; then go to the second mission indicator and repeat the same process. Now go to the town tavern; beat the innkeeper and chase him when he tries to escape and use an explosive punch to take down the drunkard. When allowed, return to the forest gate and enter the area.

Denial, Anger and Initiative

Go directly to the objective, ignore the last command given to you and follow Davlin inside the forest, continue to the mission marker, reaching the Forest of Tranquility, then go inside the mission circle and defeat all the tree creatures on your path. Once on the bridge, observe the jewels on the ground and continue to take out the trees as you follow the queen's wake; optionally, you may decide to take the path to the side and visit the blacksmith's hut. Search and find all four jewels and enter the Field of the blood tree, after meeting Davlin, enter the real field to look for the fruits of the blood, you will need three in all; take out all the orcs in your path and follow the mission marker to collect these particular fruits; the trees will not be very happy, and will attack you during the harvesting process; after that, go back to Davlin. Check the blood on the orc artifact, the gate to the Immortal Forest will be open, pass it and continue following the queen's jewel trail; you will meet a knight and some enemy skeletons at the beginning of the area, open your way with blows always following the trail that will lead you into a cave with new orc writing; you just have to find the white knight to continue your mission. Advance towards the "Blimp" you destroyed, the white knight will be waiting for you on the platform ahead; you will be immediately attacked by the dragons and you will have to help Roland to defeat them all; done this, talk to the knight; follow the man inside the cave and let him open the path to the tree of life and reach the grove of vitality. Upon reaching your destination, deliver the blood fruit to Davlin; once the ritual is over, the Phantom King will make his appearance inside the grove and you will have to eliminate him along with Roland; once this enemy is eliminated, meet up with Roland again near the tree.

Dwarf allies

Follow the target to the dwarf mine; then enter the Crypt of the Conqueror and follow the path, pay close attention to the enemies that look like chests; continue until you reach the abyss, fight the enemies along the edge of the latter until you reach the big bridge for the real dwarven mines, take out the remaining enemies and enter. After listening carefully to the cries of the enslaved dwarves, begin the fight against spiders and orcs, then reach the torture camp to continue your search for the King of the Dwarves, then reach the Hall of Emancipation where you will finally meet Ragnar, the King of the Dwarves; without thinking twice, punch him in the face. You will start a war against numerous dwarves, make your way through the enemies to reach the exit of the mine, you should cross the passage of the magician; cross the bridge and talk to the magician Chaptrap (You cannot pass!), then follow him after, observe the door and ask Chaptrap for more information about it; you will discover that you need the dwarven runes to open the exit from the mines, the wizard will give you one, you will have to look for the remaining three; then follow the goal for the second rune. Once you reach the lava river, you will find yourself in front of jumps puzzles; jump to the first platform and keep falling below; after a few unsuccessful attempts a bridge will appear that will lead directly to the rune you need. Head towards the objective to reach the third rune, clear your way by eliminating all the invaders, then reach a sort of room through which to enter the forge and face the puzzle of cubes. First of all, activate all the mechanisms of the room, the cubes will start to move, so remember the order in which all the lights were activated and reverse this order using the mechanisms present in the room; however, if you make too many mistakes, the puzzle will cancel out and you will have to memorize a new combination; Once the puzzle is finished, collect the rune. Now you just have to hunt "Greedtooth" and take the last of the rune, make your way to the ingot factory, and after a battle with some golems, enter the large room in front; throw yourself in the hiding place of your target and you will see him emerge from the lava in the form of a Golden Golem, activate the sanctuaries of damage scattered in the room to facilitate the battle; ignore the lesser enemies and just focus on the magic orb that flies around the whole area, this will immediately defeat it, however you will still have to fight against the golden golem.

The Game of Games

Exit the actual mine through the Shadow of Hatred, climb the slope to the precipice, then fight all the orcs in the area; continue on your steps until you reach the abyss; keep killing the numerous orcs and reach the goal. Reached the ramparts of Nefarious take out all the attackers and reach the Hyperion room, inside you will have to face a new battle; take out each enemy and wait for the next set of doors to open. Go through the checkpoint and drop into the next area; then cross the bridge and you will find yourself in front of the Dragon again; Tina will send Roland to your aid, try to damage the dragon until he is defeated; take your reward and continue on your way until you reach the gate at the end of the bridge that will lead you to the Lair of the infinite agony. Go to the Crawler Hall and activate the green mechanism, then take out all the enemies to reach the objective; Go down the shaft where you will find a new green mechanism near the Chamber of Woe, then enter the hall and look for a new mechanism to open the door. Look for the prisoner near the moving platforms, take the right timing and jump from platform to platform, then use the lever at the end of the hall to lower each platform; then continue until you reach the Misworship Temple; kill all the enemies in the area.

The Borderlands 2 solution: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep

Continue down and open the next door to the Bone Barracks; keep going until you find an elevator to the next floor; you will find yourself in the hall of death, then follow the objective until you find yourself in front of a spiritual creature to follow to the "Seer's Sanctum"; Roland will come to your aid to give you a hand in freeing the prisoner; then throw yourself into the heart of the nightmare and talk to the prisoner to free him. You will be attacked by the sorcerer's daughter, defend yourself from the spiders that will continue to attack the prisoner, then devote yourself to the main enemy who will be killed quite quickly. Take the elevator just activated by the sorcerer to reach the top of the tower, where you can access the portal for the encounter with the sorcerer himself; try to damage the enemy while dodging his attacks, pay attention to his ability to multiply; you will then have to destroy his shield before you can inflict serious damage on him. When the life bar of the sorcerer is finished, it will be replaced by the Necrotic Sorcerer, study carefully the enemy's moves and try to defend yourself as best as possible; once this second life bar ends, the enemy will be replaced again by the Demonic Sorcerer. Try to stay away from the dragons that will come in the area and keep focusing your attacks on the main enemy until they are eliminated. Enjoy the ending, then save the queen and collect your reward.

Secondary missions

The Fake Geek: start your search for the first question; Follow the objective to the "Perception Overlook", a "blimp" will appear allowing you to cross over to the other side of the chasm, then jump over the island to find the first scroll. When Torgue has answered the first question, head to the objective to reach the second, a citizen will keep the next scroll with him; chase him and hit him to stop him and get what you need; Make your way up to the third question which will be in a cage at the bottom of the city lift, raise the platform to collect the scroll from the corpse then return to Torgue.

MMORPGFPS: a dangerous monster is hiding inside the Immortal Forest; travel to the area and make your way to the goal. Then reach the Fields of the Fallen and meet with the other players outside the Lair to defeat the monster.

Ellie in shining armor: talk to Ellie about her need for new armor; then head to the forest gate and enter. Follow the target on the map, it will lead you to the blacksmith's hut, here kill all the Treants in the area; You will find the armor at the top of the tree near the house, hit the plant to make it fall. Then reach the back of the house and collect the other armor from the chest you will find; you can then decide which one to give to Ellie and which one to keep.

Post-Crumpocalyptic: visit the tavern and have Moxxi assign you the mission; it seems that Tina has lived too long without pancakes, and she needs more for the fictional city. The position of the three pancakes will be marked on your map and it will not be difficult to find them quickly; travel, then to the dock without pretensions and of minimal importance, here you will find three other pancakes always marked on the map; then continue to look for the other pancakes inside the Forest, then inside the Mine of Greed, more precisely in the torture camp and finally in the Lair of the infinite agony. After the search for the precious snacks, return to the Flamerock Refuge.

Critical Failure: pick up the rifle left by Moxxi, then reach the Immortal Forest to the objective, make your way killing all the enemies to the sacred ruins, unfortunately your firearm will fly away, follow the objective to find it in the ground, unfortunately also the second one hit will be a critical failure, follow the weapon back into the forest and pick it up, it will turn into a monster, kill it and collect your reward.

The intuition: talk to Sir Reginald, a difficult riddle will be proposed, the Vault Hunters will roll their dice, at this point roll your die and you will solve the riddle.

Winter is a bloody affair: talk to Roland to receive this mission; then follow the indicator to meet Jeffry, take out all the guards and challenge Jeffry to a duel, once you are victorious, return to Roland to finish the mission.

The sword in the Stone: in an attempt to find Roland's magic sword, travel to the unassuming and unimportant dock, check out the Golem-populated beach and reach the little-visited dock; walk up to the Temple, here you will meet the dead golem with a sword stuck on his back; pull it out and the golem will be reborn; continue to defeat him in every transformation, then pick up the sword and give it to Roland.

The Borderlands 2 solution: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep

Butt Stallion: be honest, you all love ponies! All you have to do on this mission is raise the Butt Stallion pony; feed him five eridiums and you will receive a reward.

The Reward Ninja: find Sir Gallow inside the Shadow of Hatred; someone has stolen his rewards, go to the watchtower to check out Sir Boil; after he denies that he is responsible, check his chest and defeat him in a duel. Then look for Sir Marsh on the slope near the tower, ask him about Sir Gallow's reward and take a look inside his tent, face him in a duel and beat him. Look for the third suspect, he will be on the slope below the tower, once you find Sir Stew, check his chest and defeat him as you did for the previous suspects; join Sir Gallow in the cave and open the chest which will prove to be an enemy; then return to the city to finish the mission.

Lost souls: locate the disheartened player in the Immortal Forest, make sure you have a firearm with you at the start of the mission. Follow the first objective to the bonfire, use the weapon to start the fire, several undead will come out, kill them and collect the souls. Collect four souls and move to the second bonfire, repeat the same process for this and the third bonfire to collect all the souls you need. Return to the depressed player and resurrect him, you will be attacked by the novice killer, kill him to end the mission.

My dead brother: start by talking to the magician Simon in the Lair of the infinite agony. You will be given the power to resurrect and speak to the dead, obviously this will cost you something and you will have to look for the dead brother of the wizard. Follow the objective up to the pile of corpses in the "Chamber of Woe" and resurrect them, unfortunately the person you are looking for will not be there and you will have to deal with the undead. Move inside the lair and look for the second group of corpses, resurrect them but even here there will be no shadow of Edgar; take out the enemies and join the next group shortly after the Hall of Death and follow the same path. Return to Simon in the first room and assist him in his brother's resurrection; then decide which of the two to kill and finish the mission.

The beard makes the man: talk to Caltrap in the mines; after hearing some beard anecdotes, make your way to a group of dwarf miners nearby. You will find a "booze" rifle in your inventory (a gift from Moxxi), equip the weapon and shoot the poor dwarves; then lure them to the strange machinery and press the button; do this five times and collect their beards from the ground then take them to the forge, hit them with a hammer and return to Claptrap to give them the magical beard and finish the mission.

My kingdom for a wand: first get the wand from Caltrap at the start of the mission, equip an explosive weapon and follow the objective to find the magical golem in front of you. Climb onto the huge body and plant the wand inside it; when this is loaded, use your explosive weapon to destroy the golem's body and collect the wand. Head to the entrance of the mine where the spiders are; insert the wand inside the magic spider and quickly equip an electric weapon, hit the spider and pick up the wand again. Head to the next objective to locate the magic ogre, attach the wand to him and kill him with a critical hit (must be critical) pick it up and return to the Caltrap.

Caltrap's Apprentice: follow Caltrap to the altar and watch him show you his incredible magical powers; eliminate all the abominable brooms that will attack you, then also the fire one and you will end the mission.

The tree hunter: the time has come for a nice escort mission; locate Aubrey the Treant at the top of the hill within the forest; look for its sapling and follow the target to the nearby orc camp; plant the tree in the center of the area and protect it from enemy attacks, defend it until it is fully grown. Continue to slaughter orcs and escort the grown Treant to all enemy huts and have him destroy everything. Once the battle is over, return to Aubrey up the hill to finish the mission.




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