The Walkthrough of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

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The solution is based on the US version of the game for Xbox 360. There may be divergences from the Spanish version and / or for other platforms.

First Sequence

Below, the missions that make up the first sequence.

Mass Exodus

The start of the game is placed at the end of the second episode of the series. Listening to Mario's advice, "turn on" your eagle vision, you will be shown the path to follow to climb along the conduit. At the top, keep following Mario. Inside the church, you will be attacked by a large group of enemies - but, this being a tutorial, none of them will be able to damage you in any serious way. Once out of the chapel, start killing other guards; Mario will try to help you, we recommend that you begin to familiarize yourself with the more "advanced" strikes, such as counterattacks and / or shins and / or shin kicks (unless you have already played previous episodes). After this wave has also been neutralized by you, continue following Mario towards the roof. Get rid of the other enemies that come towards you, you will soon reach the top of the tower, enjoying the view of Rome.


At this point you will return to Monteriggioni, which you will surely know if you have played the previous Assassin's, since it was your base. The objective is to assist some citizens in carrying out some not particularly complex operations; it is a kind of tutorial for carrying out missions. While they can be completed in any order, you could start with the closest (geographically) - the woman in the center of the square. She will ask you to bring a box, the "target" is the immediate exterior of the manor.

Horsing Around

In this case, the goal is to be able to catch a "wild" horse. Begin your hunt by exiting the city gates, talking to the man you will find there. It's a masked tutorial, to learn how to ride. Wait for the horse to come to a complete stop, then run towards him and jump, so that - being caught by surprise - he cannot rebel. Then return to the man who is stationed outside the main city gate to ratify the completion of the mission.

Target Practice

Climbing the city walls you will automatically encounter a certain number of guards controlling cannons; it seems that one of them has decided to "desert", dozing in service. Follow the signs on the map to find the daytime soldier. Then go back to the cannon; the quest is not over: you will be prompted to maneuver him, to begin to familiarize yourself with his controls. Shoot and destroy the five dummies to comply with the simple request.


Go back to your manor, watch the skits that follow. You will wake up the next morning, the area will be besieged by the Borgias. Run outside and get on your horse, run away until you are forcibly stopped by some falling debris. So go up along the city walls, which will gradually collapse. Take possession of the cannon, use it to destroy the Borgia paraphernalia. You don't have to eliminate all the soldiers (there are absolutely too many): just destroy enough of them to make sure that the citizens are able to escape. Then leave the cannon and proceed beyond the walls, climbing the tower. Eliminate the remaining soldiers inside, mainly using special moves (or, at least, this is our advice assuming you don't want to waste too much time).

Emergency Exit

Go back to regroup with your allied soldiers, fighting until you get to the surroundings of the manor - don't worry about the survival of your friends, the artificial intelligence (for once) will be good, so they will do very well alone. You will meet Claudia, who needs to be saved. Kill the Borgia soldier who will try to stab her, and escort her to the back of the manor. It is not necessary to deal with the rest of the soldiers along the way firsthand, they will automatically be killed by your friends. Enter the manor to view the end-of-level cutscene.

Monteriggioni (present)

You'll take control of Desmond here. That's not a bad thing: Desmond doesn't have an HP bar, so he'll never take damage. In fact, during his sequences the typical "combat" component, which usually characterizes the others, is absent. Immediately, at the beginning of the level, you will see Ezio's ghost running away from the manor. Follow it to the right, then jump off the wooden plank to reach the hay bale. Watch the skit, then you will find yourself underground. Hit the switch in front of you, let Lucy pass (women first). Then jump the slope to the left, so still ahead. Dive into the pool of water below, and swim to the lighted switch. By pressing it, one bridge will descend (while a second will go up), and Lucy can proceed. Back to the surface, make your way along the wooden planks above the new accessible platform. Drop into it, you'll find a second switch, which will allow you and Lucy to continue forward.
In the new area you will have to face a ravine that is too deep to be overcome without problems. Stay on the platform and "throw" Lucy to the opposite side. She will push a switch which will cause an object to appear, allowing you to proceed beyond the ravine without any problems. Climb the wall on the left, coming to a second switch, behind the gate. Instead of pressing it, make your way (crawl) along the wooden scaffolding to the right, then jump into the room beyond the gate. Hit the switch, and continue to the rocks below. Watch the skit, during which you will discover a huge room, previously hidden. Use the eagle vision to examine the triangle-shaped painting on the wall. You may also notice some hidden numbers just behind the painting. You will find that there is no electricity. Exit the manor, talk to Shaun, who will suggest you interact with some fuse boxes to restart the power. It is advisable to use the special view to locate the boxes in question more easily. After all are initialized, meet with the rest of your gang to get the Animus going.

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Second Sequence: The Wilderness of Tigers

Below, the missions that make up the second sequence.

As good as New...

During your Monteriggioni you were hit, now you are in Rome and you will have to look for a doctor to get medicated. Use the map to locate it easily, the service will cost you $ 50. In case you don't have them, you can always try to steal them from passers-by. However, once your health is back in order, follow the signs on the map and climb the building. Upon reaching the roof, you can easily observe your next target. Jump to the hay bale below and approach the point marked on the map. Follow the guards, keeping a certain distance - so they don't get suspicious (however, when you get too close, you may notice a timer indicating that you are about to be discovered). When they start attacking a defenseless citizen, it will be time to act: kill them all (hitting them first in the shins, they will not be able to react that way), completing this part of the level.

Well Executed

The character you just saved will ask you to kill the one who killed his wife. He will be immediately marked on the map, so you can limit yourself to following the "target" to reach the Borgia killer. Climb to the top of the roof, visualizing the killer within your range. As soon as the neighborhood is free from possible witnesses, eliminate him very quickly by hitting him from the back. So try to escape from the game area at maximum speed - you don't need to kill anyone else, and you better not do it, otherwise the guards in the area will easily catch you.

New Man in Town

Talk to Machiavelli, he will ask you to eliminate some people on his behalf. First you will need to repair your armor, which was destroyed after recent events. Go to the nearest armory to buy some new parts (in case the shop goes bankrupt, you'll have to spend some money to convince the owner to reopen - money that will be stolen by the Romans walking around the area). With that done, move to the area marked on the map, where your first objective is - a Borgia captain. Move to the highest part of the play area and - hitting them from behind - easily eliminate those present. This way you can easily reset the captain. Once he is dead, you can then destroy the Borgia tower, to go and reset their influence on this specific area of ​​the city.

Easy Come, Easy Go

Jump on a horse and start following Machiavelli. You will need to be able to save a citizen that the Borgias are trying to kill. Fortunately, two allies accompany you, both valiant fighters. They still need your help, especially against all horses with horses. Try to make them immediately fall to the ground, so that they lose any advantage guaranteed by the vehicle.

Crepi The Wolf

A Borgia messenger is on the run from the game scene. Follow him, then stop him and question him to get the information he has - try not to be too violent, his death would put his companions on alert. Then reach Machiavelli in the area marked on your map. Unfortunately, you will not find it: on the contrary, you will be ambushed by some Priests of Romulus. We recommend experimenting with your new hidden blade to make them completely harmless with very few hits. There is also a medical kit nearby that you can use to recover some HP. When all the priests are dead, continue to the sewers below, discovering a hidden base.

The Halls of Nero

You will find yourself here in the undergrounds of Rome. Start your journey by moving along the pillars, both left and right, the direction will not affect that much. Turn on the four switches on the sides, they are all easily accessible from the center column. After you activate them, the floor will begin to destroy. Jump to the lower level, then move beyond the gates and climb to the top of the pillars. Jump again, this time towards the walls, and reach the plant above the gate. Then follow the light, automatically passing the gate in front of you as well. By jumping a few more gates, you'll end up in a room overrun with flames. Climb on the statue in the center, then keep moving towards the wall on the left. Use the statue as a platform to avoid the flames. Climb the wall on the left to discover a new room. Climb the next walls (some of which will fall apart), then the pipes, finally reaching the main corridor. Run to the stone throne, jump to its left side.
You will have to move in a circle, trying to reach the other side of the room. Then go back to the right; periodically, some pillars will be destroyed, and you can use the path that will become accessible as a shortcut to the other side of the room. Also remember to stop to retrieve the Borgia flag, on the right side of the room. Then go inside the meeting room of the enemy congregation, stealing all their money. In the center of the room there is also a parchment, which you clearly have to make yours. Then exit through the alcove at the top of the room, completing the sequence.

Terza Sequenza: The Fighter, the Lover and the Thief

Below, the missions that make up the third sequence. The subsequent objectives can be completed in any order, we indicate them below in order of geographical proximity to the starting point.

Video - The first 15 minutes

High-Stakes Negotiation

Here you will have to rescue the courtier, who is being detained for a ransom. First of all, having recovered 2500 dollars, we recommend withdrawing them from the various banks in the area. Then go to the port, and deliver the money. Be careful not to alert the guards, the area is reserved for the Borgias. After participating in a short cutscene, take out the pirates. Then steal their weapons, which are quite effective against other enemies in the area. So go back to Claudia, informing her of what happened. So talk to the architect to conclude the sub-mission.

Double Agent

You will meet La Volpe here, the goal is to convince him to return with the killers. Follow it, moving in such a way as to proceed along the sign on the map. You will notice some thieves, who will clash with the Borgias. Eliminate the latter to save the boy (be careful, they are equipped with medium-long range weapons). Then escort the injured person to a safe area (stopping periodically to eliminate the guards). Then reach the signal on the map, encountering La Volpe and completing your tasks for this part of the sequence.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Upon meeting Bartholomew, you will be notified that he and his men are being persecuted by the Borgia troops. Go find the Borgia captain now - the rest of his men can be cleared by your allies. Approach the captain progressively, kill him in speed. Then destroy the nearby Borgia tower, thus completing the "liberation" of the game area. So go back to Bart, see the following skits. Talk to Machiavelli again and reach the architect to whom he will direct you, thus completing the game sequence.

Fourth Sequence: Den of Thieves

Below, the missions that make up the fourth sequence.

Crasher Castle

Here you will begin to infiltrate directly into the Borgia territory, more precisely in its castle. Swim along the moat, passing it. So climb the walls. You will notice different sections of your map indicating the route. Kill the guards, preferably silently. Then head for the next sections of the walls, continuing towards the courtyard. Climb up the central building, jump over the wooden poles. In the following area, you will have to drop down and hang from the nearby ledge. So continue to the roof, there too there will be several guards to be eliminated. Enter the building from there, locating Catherine inside a cell. Before you can free Catherine, you'll need to retrieve the key from Lucrezia.

Femme Fatale

Move towards the courtyard and try to force Lucrezia to reach Caterina's cell. They scream, she will clearly attract the attention of several guards, which you will have to eliminate - get rid of Lucrezia while she does, she will not be able to escape anyway. So take her to Catherine to allow her to be released.

The Burdens We Carry

You will find yourself taking Caterina out of the castle; clearly, you will be in a very vulnerable position during transport. In the event that the enemy guards increase excessively in numbers, it is advisable to place Caterina on the ground and proceed to eliminate the opponents. However, you will then have to go down to the cellars. Launch Caterina towards the hay bale while you walk through the rest of the cellar. Move towards the courtyard, open the gate by turning the two large wheels on its sides. Take a horse and let us climb on Catherine, then climb yourself to begin the escape towards her safety.

Guardian of Forli

Here you will have to deal with the guards on the bridge, while Catherine escapes. Start fighting against everything you see, until the timer is reset. At that point, Catherine will certainly be safe. It will therefore be up to you to save yourself. Kill the closest guards, then run away using the various hiding places in the area (eg hay bales and roofs), it is not convenient to face all possible enemies.

Man of the People

From this mission on you will begin to "rebuild" the brotherhood. Throughout the entire map, you will randomly notice citizens being harassed by the Borgias. You will have to move to these areas, and save these very subjects. In doing so, you will earn their gratitude, which they will show by joining your fraternity. To complete this sub-mission, you will need to recruit at least two additions. It will then be necessary to train them, assign them some missions so that they reach at least a level of 4-5. Give them at least some new armor, otherwise they might be killed too easily.

Serial Offender

The goal of the mission is to kill a corrupt doctor. It will be easy to locate it: follow the directions given to you by the courtiers in the area. It is advisable to use the surrounding crowd to hide from the enemy's sight, so that you can kill them silently, without getting involved in potentially harmful combat.

Human Charge

Meet the boy near the port, who will inform you of a slave trade in the suburbs. Follow the noble, keeping a certain distance, to reach the area where the route is carried out. So call your new companions (the assassins you recruited in one of the previous missions).

The Walkthrough of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Assuming you followed our advice, they will be of a high enough level to kill all the Borgias. Use the confusion thus created to go and kill the noble.

An Unexpected Visitor

Follow the objective on screen towards the alley, where you will find Leonardo. We strongly recommend that you purchase the item he will provide you, the hidden double blade. He will also ask you for one more favor: someone has stolen his machine gun, and you will have to steal some information about it. Pursue Borgia's team, who should know the area. Your fellow assassins will take care of eliminating the rest of the subjects. Climb along the building outside the Borgia base, then jump along the pipe. Move along the hay bales, then jump over the rooftops. Try to reach the easternmost walls, finally climbing to its top. Move to the section below, destroy all the machine gun blueprints.
Then go back to the previous building, activating the explosives near the gun. Move to a safer area, destroying one of the guns. A second gun, mounted on a trolley, will proceed at full speed to the opposite side. Jump onto a horse and start chasing her, dodging the falling wood and gun fire. Reached the cart, aim with the machine gun and start killing all the knights around, who will come to your area. After completing the chase of the cart and killing the soldiers, you can consider this game sequence finished.

Fifth Sequence: The Banker

Below, the missions that make up the fifth sequence. The sequence revolves entirely around helping a banker and his brother. Basically, you will act as an escort for him. During your progress, you can always tell him to stop and stay in the position indicated by you, in order to avoid any danger. Warning: he can be killed by a single shot, so always make sure that the place in question is really safe.

Escape From Debt

You will first have to try to accumulate $ 30, in the most disparate ways: you can steal (recommended), see objects (if you have plenty of them), or recover money from the bank. So go back to the banker of reference, who will tell you about a Borgia expedition. Proceed along the rooftops, always keeping an eye on the banker & the Borgia who is placed in his escort. Keep a certain distance, thus avoiding being discovered (the mission will immediately be considered failed if you are discovered by someone).

Follow the Money

After the mission start sequence, locate the building the banker entered, and start climbing it until you reach the roof. Then drop down and fly to the wall. Try to slowly go down; at a certain point the indication "assassinate" will appear. Do it, kill the Borgia captain with a quick snap and steal his uniform.

When in Rome...

You will have a nice transfer here. You will have to lead the troops to the goal, which unfortunately is not marked on the map. Listen to what the soldiers tell you to understand where to go. When the Borgias tell you that you are heading in the right direction, keep going straight. In case they say it is not right, immediately turn around, reversing the direction.

in and out

Once you have achieved your goal, you will immediately leave the disguise, as the real fight will begin. The whole play area is full of Borgias - call your assistants right away, otherwise you won't make it. Also try to buy yourself a group of courtiers to distract the guards. The Borgias should be so busy and not discover you, obviously try not to make noise. Hide inside the hay bale, kill all the guards who get too close. It is advisable to use the poison for a completely soundproofed elimination. By eliminating Juan (also him, silently - take him from behind), you will also complete the sequence.

Sixth Sequence: The Baron of Valois

Below, the missions that make up the sixth sequence.


Join Bart, he will tell you about an impending attack by the French allies of the Borgias. Call in all of your allied assassins to get support while killing Bart & his men while you take care of closing the gates. You will have to reach the gears and the wheels connected to it, move them a little to cause the main door to close and stop the first attack attempt of the enemies.

French Kiss

Follow Bart to the French camp, killing the enemies around you. A completely silent approach is recommended: there are so many enemies, you are required to kill only those in your immediate vicinity, trying to overdo it you would probably end up very badly.

Trojan Horse

Go back to your allies, and follow them (you will all be disguised as French soldiers). Stay well hidden in the crowd so you can easily kill all the patrolling guards. Move behind the buildings and treacherously hit the lone guard guarding the entrance to the target building, allowing Bart and his men to proceed.

AU Revoir

Once you have managed to reach the main French camp, you will have to deal with the rest of the enemy army. Call your allies right away to keep most of the "standard" soldiers at bay, while you try to approach the French noble. So locate the various gears that will allow you to clear your way to the next game area. Here you will have to maximize your ability to move silently to rescue Bart's wife - any alarm raised by a member of the French troops will cause the mission to fail. Move to the rooftops on the right, then run quickly before the guards notice you. Jump down, take out the noble in one quick shot. The sequence will then be completed.

Video - PS3 / Xbox 360 comparison

Seventh Sequence: The Key of the Castello

Below, the missions that make up the seventh sequence.

Patching the Leak

Here you will form a team with La Volpe and his allies. Follow them as they proceed on horseback, clearly stopping to protect your various contacts along the way. It is also possible to order your assassins to "clear" the area of ​​any enemies. There are at least three patrols that need to be rescued, but in none of the cases you will have great difficulties, we suppose.

Calling All Stand-Ins

Try to chase the Borgia contact, trying to find out where the play will be held. As in any pursuit-based mission, you will have to try to keep a certain distance from your pursued, avoiding being seen by him. As usual, it is also possible to position courtiers in a strategic way, so that they go to distract the enemy soldiers; at the same time, it is advisable to rely heavily on your fellow assassins (the recruits), who go and kill some enemies without letting you see, freeing you the way. When your target gets on his horse, do the same, otherwise you'll lose track of him.

Exit Stage Right

Finally, you will be taken back to the Colosseum. Climb along its walls, so that none of the Borgias can see you. When you reach the top, you will only have a few minutes to reach the stage of the comedy that is about to act right below you. Eliminate the guards with rifles immediately, ignoring everything else, they are unable to put you in serious trouble. Meet your ally in the area below the stage, put on the new costume. So move on to the next marker and start acting the play yourself. Use the eagle vision to read your part.


Once the play is complete, escort the actor to the doctor outside so that he can begin to heal. You will immediately notice a thief, and you will have to start chasing him. We recommend getting on one of the nearby horses. Then stay on the left to avoid the Borgia guards, eventually calling the assassins your allies to completely eliminate any threat. When you reach the thief, hit him to stop him. Look at the cutscene; you will find yourself participating in a chase again. Try to use all the shortcuts available, especially swimming along the bodies of water located almost everywhere. Meet with La Volpe, then save Machiavelli to complete the sequence.

Eighth Sequence: The Borgia

Below, the missions that make up the eighth sequence.


The level is all about keeping a low profile as you climb the various walls that make up the main Borgia hideout. The only guards you will have to kill are the ones who seriously jeopardize your cover. Jump from axis to axis, then climb along the walls until you reach the interior of the main play area. Once here, climb the wooden planks, then circle around the main hall. Use the ventilation shaft above you to reach the main floor. Exit to the roof, kill the guards, then watch the next scene which will see the various Borgias hit each other to death.

An Apple a Day

Climb up to the roof of the castle, making your way through the walls and killing the guards along the way. You will meet Lucrezia, who will tell you what happened. Continue towards the cellar, trying to reach Cesare. Move to the wall on the right, then jump to the platforms & along the pipes in the center of the room. Move to the top of the vent on the left. You will return to the roof, from this position you can clearly see Caesar that he will try to escape. Immediately begin to chase it, then dive into the stream below. Run towards the Vatican, avoiding the Borgias (it is advisable to hide when they arrive, taking advantage of the omnipresent alcoves). Once you reach the goal, take out the enemies there before the timer reaches zero.

The Apple of Eden

Move towards the statue in the center of the courtyard, obviously paying attention to the absence of guards around. In this way you will discover the apple of Eden. From this point on, you will not be able to switch weapons, you will need to charge the apple to be able to inflict real damage. Although it is quite effective (it can also make enemies attack each other), using it will cause you some damage, so you will have to operate with some caution. Many Borgia soldiers will join you, you begin to exploit the apple to cause them a state of complete confusion, they will attack each other. When all the guards are dead, escape the Borgia territory - marked in yellow on the map - and return to your hideout.


Having taken the apple, you have everything you need to destroy the Borgias. Reach the town square, eliminating all the captains positioned there (clearly marked on your map, as the main objectives). As during the previous level, the use of the apple will cause a decrease in your HP, therefore a certain parsimony is necessary.

Seeing Red

In this case, the goal will be the elimination of the remaining guards around the Colosseum. Kill the enemies outside, forcing them to attack each other thanks to the power of the apple. Wait for the noble to arrive, then follow him to intercept the rest of the Borgias. In the main hall, call the killers and start killing all the Borgias, obviously using the apple as well. Obviously, the first target will have to be the captains - which you will have to take care of personally - while the rest of the enemies can be eliminated by your assistants.

All Roads Lead to...

The last part of the sequence will see you battling with Caesar himself. You are not alone: ​​La Volpe, Bart, Claudia and Machiavelli will help you. We recommend calling all the other available assassins as well, tipping the battle even more in your favor. You will have to use the apple heavily, stopping periodically to recharge your HP. Then continue to fight until the timer runs out. Move to the city gate, the fighting will stop there, and you will definitely drive Cesare and the Borgias out of the city.

Sequence XNUMX: The Fall

This is the last section of the game in which you will play Ezio, so don't skimp on armor & weapons: go ahead and spend all the money you have accumulated so far. You will be taken back to the game start scene. Quickly press the keys indicated on the screen to win the fight with Caesar. So, get rid of his guards and start progressing down the warpath. You will reach the ruined city. Remember that here you will not be able to call your fellow assassins to assist you, it will be necessary to complete everything alone, so fighting and attracting the attention of opponents is absolutely not recommended. Use the hidden double blades to assassinate the nearby guards.
Walk across the rooftops to avoid getting caught. The soldiers below you will fight each other, ignoring you - if you don't provoke them. Climb up the siege towers, then proceed towards the interior of the city. Maximize your ability to go undetected as you reach the castle walls - being seen will destroy your chances of victory.

The Walkthrough of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

The final challenge with Caesar will take place along the walls. We recommend a rather basic fighting tactic: hit him repeatedly in the shins, while cutting him with spades here and there while he is stunned by the blows to the legs. Each hit will be followed by a sequence during which you have to press the keys that appear on the screen, destroying a part of his armor. When Caesar calls the guards, ignore them, keep focusing on him. Destroyed all of his armor, hit him one last time with the dagger to complete Ezio's story.

Rome (present)

Complete the main sequences, you will regain control of Desmond. Go up to the upper corridors, examine the various triangles placed there, revealing their true meaning. You will find yourself in Rome, you will have to climb along the Colosseum. Generally, you will need to follow the camera directions to figure out where to direct your jumps (the camera will usually point towards a particular platform). Climb up the various conduits, jump from platform to platform, and slide along the ropes. Another clue to whether you are on the right track or not is to observe if falls are cushioned by strategically placed bales of hay.
When you reach the caves of the assassins, use the eagle vision to locate the new paths, usually unlocked by special keys / levers. You will find corridors leading to the top, where the Vatican chapel is located. Press the flashing switches on the distance, then use the pillars to get to the walkways - some will be unstable, try to stay on them for as little time as possible. Periodically, new gates will open, pay attention to these occurrences as they can significantly speed up your progress.
Use the eagle vision again to locate the final position of the apple of Eden. Several glittering pillars will pop out of the ground, climb and jump on them to connect the puzzle below. When all the pillars have been lifted, go back to the killers and get the apple. After the skit, kill Lucy to complete the game.

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