The walkthrough of Uncharted 2: Den of Thieves

Please note:

The solution is based on the US version of the game. Some terms may not correspond to those of the Spanish version.

Chapter 1

Begin to familiarize yourself with the controls of the game, like all introductory levels, this one is also dedicated to understanding the basic mechanics of the adventure you are about to undertake. The only section that might give you some trouble is the moment when you will be forced to jump from the train towards the ravine with snowfield, avoid holding the analog button upwards. Get the treasure, and keep going through the train wreck. Take the gun from the corpse to the ground. So, locate the opening on the left of the last treasure, enter it and continue forward.
Climb to the next carriage, to the top. Survivors of the explosion, drop down towards the end of the carriage. Jump to the adjacent train, then use the yellow bar to get down, thus managing to enter without problems. Get the treasure, continue to the burning carriage.

Chapter 2

Begin following Harry as he steps onto a nearby platform. Then use the pipes to proceed, using the commands that will be well listed on the screen. Arrived at the dead end, look up and you will find a ladder that you can use to continue without problems. Harry will have to act as a lever for Nathan, who can then bring down the ladder, so that his friend can safely use it. Further ahead, you can use the bricks to continue upwards.
Grab the treasure, run to the opposite side, jumping over the green pipe. Always using team play, gain access to the nearby lineup.
You will now have to look for a way to neutralize the pipes, their gas leak prevents you from proceeding. Turn around, and use the ladder to reach the platform which contains a wheel, a valve that closes the gas and allows you to move forward without any problems. So follow Harry along the way. After the skit, enter the wooden door. Unfortunately there is an alarm. Follow the green line connected to the alarm, and then arrive at a chest. Lift up on the chest, thus arriving at the silver-colored box, using the keys that will be indicated on the screen you can neutralize the alarm contained therein.
You can therefore enter without being afraid of being tracked down. Here you will be taught how to attack guards from behind. Then proceed to the left. Following Harry, go down past the guardrail. Right, covering yourself with flowers. Eliminate the guard by entering the gate on the left. Climb on the railing. Attack the guard on the right, without waiting for him to turn away (he won't). So left, twice. Use the railing as a cover, ignoring the stairs for now. Eliminate the guard, then climb up, jumping on the metal roof.
Right, enter the door. Before you can go out, you need to turn off the alarm. Climb up the gate, and use the pillars on the right to reach the silver box. After disabling the mechanism, drop down. Kill all the guards in the new room, starting from the natural hiding place next to the fountain. So, head to the opposite side of the stairs. Jump to the right, reaching a kind of copper-colored canopy. Left, following Harry. You will be given guns, which you can immediately put to good use. While crouching, you begin killing the guards in sequence. Then move the cart to the right, so as to use it to reach the walkway. Use the rope on the left, then jump over the bricks on the right to the next platform. Shoot the guard with the tranquilizer gun, then continue swinging to the right. Go up the stairs, you will find yourself outside. Continue to the hole near the end of the turret, jump forward, and run to the left. Climb the wall, always to the left.
Take the rope, follow the instructions given on the screen. So, take the guard, and throw it down to the rocks below you. Pull yourself up to the roof, continuing forward. Climb the ladder next to you. Use the tranquilizer bullets to render the nearby guards helpless. Jump from roof to roof, and take out the incoming guard.
You will find yourself in front of the tower. Go up to the yellow window, look at the skit. Press the keys in the sequence shown on the screen, thus avoiding the laser shots of the enemies. Go down the corridor to the gate at its end, then right down the stairs, and here use the window to go out. Run forward, press triangle as indicated on the screen, going down towards the sewers. Use the corridors to get to the end of the level.

Chapter 3

Continue forward, orienting yourself in the forest. As soon as you see a red light on the left, you will know that there will be a charge that you need to deactivate. Once you have armed the explosives, continue forward, along the path that Sally has "traced". Back down, go straight, the other paths lead to dead ends. Now go up to the ravine, using the crates on the corner to get to a vertical pole, which acts as a link to the next section.
Use the triangle button to move the rock, get over the tree on the ground, and start the battle. Using the trees as cover, kill the opponents one by one. Go up to the right. Go back to the fork, left, and go down to the right. Watch the scene, then take out the enemies in front of you. The place where you are now offers ample coverage; exploit it, trying to kill even the opponents near the nearby structure, so that you are not excessively harassed by their presence. Locate the explosive barrels to maximize your firepower.
Arm the four explosive charges in the area, and then throw Sally upwards: she will drop the ladder, and you too can easily climb up. Right down the path, check out the skit. Kill the four enemies, hand-to-hand. Use the rope to go down. Go up the stairs, then continue to the end of the level.

The walkthrough of Uncharted 2: Den of Thieves

Chapter 4

Proceed forward, going down past the generator. Watch the skit, and use a stealth attack to take out the enemy. Pick up his weapon (a very good AK-47). Continue forward, along the harbor, killing the second opponent, always with the same method (stealth attack). You will now be taught advanced grenade throwing techniques.
Collect all possible ammo from the surroundings. You will see Sully being attacked by a machine gun; quickly run under the tower, throwing a grenade, thus eliminating the danger (which, if left free to act, can quickly kill your partner). Use one of the station ex-pipes as a bridge to get to the camp, reuniting with Sully. Together, walk the nearby mountain trail. Enter the nearby quarry. Left, go down into the hole.
Inside a room full of barrels, your companion will find a blue stone. Examine it, Nate will "turn it on" by moving it to the nearby flashlight. Head into the room next to the statue, examining it with the illuminated stone. Press the buttons as directed, entering the nearby secret room. After having seen the macabre spectacle, go back to where you came from. Run forward, then jump from platform to platform until you get to the end of the level.

Chapter 5

Start running forward, firing continuously. When you get to the road, use the median as a cover. As soon as the truck rolls off the road, start hostilities, taking out everything you can. Run to the bus, grab the sniper rifle from the nearby corpse. Use the green box to get to the ladder; at the top, to the right twice, arriving at a window that will allow you to enter the building. After the explosion, go down to the first floor. Use the crate to get to the top of the bookcase, jumping back to the second floor. The stairs will take you back to the roof-like.
Kill the single enemy present here, located on the balcony exactly on the other side. Jump to the platform he previously occupied, then use the blue pipe to return to ground level. Head to the other side, from the bus, and take a left. Head to the opposite side of the alley, taking out nearby opponents with quick headshots with the sniper rifle. In case they get too close, switch to the Uzi, more suitable for the purpose. Continue to the following street.
After the skit, you need to reach the building on the right. Use the telephone cable to go up, then right along the same building. On the second floor, go up the horizontal metal pipes, then jump to the left. Instead of jumping directly to the street, use the wooden pipe on the other side of the alley to reach another pipe. From here, you can take out the four enemies below using kerosene. Approach the door, trying to open it. Use grenades to kill shielded brutes.
Approach the emergency exit on the left; Chloe will be projected upwards by you, so that she can lower the ladder and you can follow her along the path that will be created in this way. Right, move the wood using the keys indicated on the screen, and exit outside.

Chapter 6

Eliminate the RPG-equipped enemy immediately, using a headshot. Then eliminate the other opponents, using the tactics you prefer. As reinforcements start arriving, you will have to start worrying a little more; you begin to prefer grenades and the like, thus obtaining maximum effectiveness with minimum effort and / or exposure to enemy fire. Start shooting grenades at the enemies in the back of the truck, trying to kill them before they reach your vicinity. Get the treasure, then continue to the left section of the building. As Chole tells you, throw her towards the fire exit and then join her using the ladder.
Jump to the electric pole, then continue to the semicircular roof on the left. Go back to the window, and off to the second floor. Fire a grenade at the two enemies that will come out of the nearby elevator. Make your way inside, then take control of Drake. Go down the corridor, following the path that leads to the room on the left.
Use the hole caused by the explosion in the wall to go back outside. Walk along the metal pipe to continue, then use the flag holders to get to the room on the right. Shoot the wooden planks blocking your access to the next room.
Climb up the debris, arriving at some metal bars that allow you to reach the window on the other side; thus projecting yourself into the next room. Kill the three guards in the room, all with stealth attacks. Take the ammo from their corpses. Start climbing, kill the enemies in the first of the series of rooms, and grab the items. Go to the adjacent building (there is a kind of wooden bridge that allows you to enter). Go out on the terrace to reach the kitchen.
Use the concrete pillar to cling to a metal structure, thus arriving at the upper section of the kitchen. Killed the enemy, forward to the next room. Go down to the room below you, and fiddle with the nearby fuses as instructed on the screen to proceed to the freeing of Chloe.
Get Chloe up to the ladder so she can drop her down for you. When you get to the roof, move to the red canopy; after the scene, use the thread to go down (pressing the keys according to the mode indicated on the screen). Locate the wooden pipe nearby and start walking along it. Unfortunately, you will be intercepted by an enemy helicopter.
After the cutscene, pull yourself up and start running along the side of the building, then onto the green metal. Kill the three enemies, get the ammo, and jump to the adjacent building. Drop down quickly, avoiding being exposed to the ship's fire. Inside, run down the hall, then left twice to get to a flight of stairs.
Then go down to the office below you, taking out the enemy neighbors. Fortunately, several opponents will be victims of friendly fire from the outside. Jump forward as the floor begins to shatter beneath your feet, you will smash a window and survive. Left, take the magnum, and go back to the right, going down the flight of stairs nearby. You will find yourself in a kitchen; use the hole in the wall to continue (it's on the right). Jump over the ravine, arriving on a roof. Run forward, taking all possible weapons. Kill the RPG-equipped opponent, then the others. Cross the bridge, get the treasure, go down the roof.
Take the grenade launchers scattered here and use them to destroy the helicopter that appears at this juncture. It will take 15 hits to finish it, but luckily if you use your cover carefully, you can make it harmless without taking any damage. Go down to the left, following Chloe; then launch towards the next roof. Run straight, jump over the small ravine that divides you from the nearby roof, and use the line to go down. Unfortunately, the remains of the helicopter will block the passage. You will have to use the electrical box, arriving at the blue tube, climbing to its top, and then moving to the left along the horizontal tube here. Back down, you will have effectively finished the chapter.

The walkthrough of Uncharted 2: Den of Thieves

Chapter 7

After the skit, you'll have to take out the four or five enemies immediately. After getting the ring, proceed beyond the wooden door to the next play area. Use the ladder to get to the other side. Help Chloe up the ladder so she can throw down a crate that will allow you to climb too. Shoot propane canisters at the vehicles in the water, thus rendering them harmless. Jump on the two cars, proceed towards the ladder. Arriving at the opposite side of the river, left, then right, up to a previously unexplored place.
Hide in a corner as the machine gun fires, then come out and destroy it as soon as it stops firing. You will no longer meet enemies. Use the blue pipe to the right of the stairs, it will allow you to reach an open window in the immediate vicinity. Use the bulletin board to reach the building across the street, go down the stairs, and exit outside to complete the level.

Chapter 8

Proceed straight to the main temple room. You will have to take a look at Drake's diary, where you can see how you have to position the arms of the statue in question. Climb near the nearby pillar, then access the pipe. Jump to the left, then pull up on the nearby platform. Take a look around to locate some bricks coming out of the wall. With those, you can go up first, then left. Press triangle to move the arm here.
Go back to the lower platform, move to the opposite side, arriving at the metal bars that descend from the entrance to the room. From here, jump to the platform on the other side, starting to climb.
Now left, press triangle, then return to the pole behind you. Move to the right, to get to the last of the arms to move. Go down, then enter the opening that will be created. Follow the path, linear. Go down the stairs to the right, climb to the top of the pile of debris, then continue to the next play area.
Next, take the path that suits you best (both lead to the same place), climb up using the statue on the right. Unfortunately, the room will begin to collapse on you. Immediately locate the gears near the wall, throw a grenade in their direction, so that the explosion destroys them and causes the roof to stop coming down towards you. Go up the stairs, and go down the corridor to the right.

Chapter 9

The level develops around a puzzle, which concerns the positioning of a ray of light in the appropriate direction, in such a way that it hits mirrors. Head to the mirror in the center of the side of your room. Point the mirror towards the statue's head. Walk towards it, and examine it.
Climb the first blade that appears in the center of the room, arriving at the colored head. From here, you can hold on to the statue's eyebrows; stairs will appear, and you can continue to the right along a semi-circular path.
Now go back, using the out of position stones to get to the path immediately below. Chloe will change the position of one of the mirrors. Run to the end of this corridor. Move the mirror so that it faces the upper right section of the level where there is a mirror. In this way, the beam of light will reach another face of another statue. Approach this face too, following the instructions that will appear on the screen, to gain access to three more blades.
Use them to get to other mirrors. At the top, shoot the statue's central eye using your pistol. At the top after the scene, move the mirror so that the light hits the counter on the other side, then reaching the statue on the right. Approach it, follow the commands on the screen, a ladder will appear in front of you that will allow you to descend.
Use the various platforms near your play area to reach the stairs near the mirrors, ultimately arriving next to the statue's mouth, where Drake can place his dagger and complete the level.

Chapter 10

The entire level will see you retrace (backwards) the previous game situation. Climb the ladder; once outside, continue to its top, and start hitting the four enemies looming from all directions. Try to get good cover immediately, immediately targeting opponents equipped with sniper rifles, much more dangerous than the rest of the crew.
Go up the next stairs, grabbing the ammo that was left lying around by the enemies. Left, then right, killing all the opponents that come towards you. You will find yourself in a room characterized by a low water level. Grab the ammo and grenades, then go up the stairs. Follow the next swampy path, ultimately you will find yourself inside the initial room of the temple. Go up the stairs, and run to the fallen concrete pillars, grabbing the gun nearby.
Grab the grenades, then go outside. Kill the snipers right away, using the statues in front of the entrance as your attack base. So, make the rest of the opponents harmless by using - quite simply - grenades.

The walkthrough of Uncharted 2: Den of Thieves

Chapter 11

Take Jeff away to a safe place. Proceed forward along the alley. Left, entering the nearby doors. Walk around the room, exiting the other side of the building. Walk over to Chloe, using the explosive canisters to take care of the enemies who will ambush you. Continue forward along the alley. Forward, towards the gate, grabbing as much ammo as possible from the ground.
Kill the RPG-equipped opponent with the highest priority, she will try to take out Elena. Then right, entering through the broken windows. Upon arrival of the truck, still right, into the dark building. Go up the stairs, arriving at a room. Look at the skit; immediately after it ends, you start running forward without ever stopping. Near the wall, climb up and help Elena up.

Chapter 12

Drop down, running towards the concrete wall. Eliminate (silently) the soldier. He grabs his gun, and take out the next enemies. Climb the wooden ladder, which will lead to a roof - for now completely exploded - trying to keep in mind that you will have to give Elena enough time to reach you so that she doesn't lose sight of you. As soon as you notice the green structure above you, press the keys as indicated on the screen to launch Elena upwards. Follow her, jumping to the nearby roof immediately after her.
Break the wooden planks to allow Elena to pass by, hanging from the nearby signal. You will have to face three waves of enemies. For the first, jump over the signal next to you so that your back is facing the direction you came from. Perform the reverse movement to be repaired by the second wave. For the third, start with the first, and go down slightly.
So use the ramp that Elena will drop, as soon as you have killed all the opponents. Right, before using the ladder go loot ammo on the opposite side. So, go up the ladder.
After the cutscene, continue to the left, using the string to go down to the trains. Follow the on-screen commands to escape unscathed from this dangerous maneuver. So left. Grab the treasure, then throw the cart away. Make your entrance into the following building, continuing towards the car on the left. Use the machines to elevate yourself. Use the lever near the train to throw yourself forward.
Take the treasure, then you will find yourself facing a complicated fight. Start taking weapons around you, both pistols and grenades. Use the explosive barrels that surround the area to make your task easier.
As soon as you notice that you start getting targeted by snipers, grab the nearby sniper rifle to start taking out your enemies. When you have killed them all, the level can be said to be over.

Chapter 13

You will have to try to get to the front section of the train. Begin swinging to the left, looking for the ladder that leads up to the roof. From here, continue to the following carriage. Always to the right, avoiding obstacles in your path. Get the assault rifle and pistol. Strike from behind the enemy who has his back to you. Eliminate the opponent who will try to hit you by exiting the window. It is advisable to hide around a corner, wait for the volume of fire to decrease, and quickly exit to throw a grenade. So, the time will come to tackle the trickiest section of the level. Whenever you hear a rattling-like sound, you will have to quickly move to one side of the train, thus avoiding being kicked out (situation that would force you to restart the level from the last checkpoint). The main strategy remains to hide behind the first available corner, and then throw grenades as soon as the volume of fire allows it.
You will go up to the roof, and from there a helicopter will start shooting at you. This will cause the carriage to explode; consequently, you will have to start running forward very quickly. The next situation will be complicated by the presence of the helicopter, which will continue to follow you along the series of carriages. To avoid the worst, you will have to run to the next wagon as soon as you have eliminated the last enemy.
Pick up the RPG near the green carriage. Use it on the helicopter, then run to the end of the level, which separates you from a quick sequence of keys to execute.

Chapter 14

Begin to move forward, towards the carriage in front of you. Take out the enemy above before lifting yourself up too. Kill the two enemies in front of you, then return to the roof of the train carriage. Try to kill the enemies by hitting them in the back. It is advisable to kill the enemies from the windows of the trains, avoiding to expose yourself directly.
Once you have passed the wagon with the Jeep, break the lock of the next one, so as to gain access without problems. When you get to the roof, you will find yourself outside. Start killing, one enemy at a time. Always try to hit the head to maximize the damage dealt. After a while, you will be subjected to fire from a soldier armed with a machine gun-like. Instead of aiming at him, aim at the structure holding the scaffolding where he is standing. This way, you will launch it towards the ravine below.
Forward, to the following carriage. Using the on-screen keys, get to the nearby turret, starting to hit the helicopter hard. You will have to destroy the missiles that it launches at you, at the maximum possible speed, before they manage to reach the tank where you are. To eliminate the boss of the enemies you will have to forcefully resort to melee.

The walkthrough of Uncharted 2: Den of Thieves

Chapter 15

You will initially have to retrace part of the first level, the only difference is in the greater amount of enemies to face. Take the shotgun from one of the first you meet. Climb into the nearby wagon using the ladders, take the grenade launcher, then start eliminating the opponents from this elevated position that grants you a certain advantage. You have already covered the rest of the level, so it is not necessary to provide further information.

Chapter 16

The level is not interactive, or rather, it is designed to improve understanding of the storyline. Talk to the villagers until you complete the sequence.

Chapter 17

Proceed forward, thus veering slightly to the left, making your entrance into the cave. Go down the platforms to the left, arriving at a corpse, and using the ladder on the other side of the small ravine. Go ahead, enter the tunnel, you will find yourself on top of an ice chamber. Take a look at its lower section.
Follow your guide after you get back up. It will lead you along a rather linear path, difficult to get lost. You will find yourself in a rather large room. Jump to the circular platform. Check out the following skit. Continue to the opposite side of the room, away from the circular path. Call the guide by pressing the triangle button. Climb the ladder, and jump from platform to platform. Back on the ground, use the ropes to climb forward. Several platforms await you, at the end of which you will have to help the guide perform a large jump.
Other platforms, see the skit. Follow the path that leads to the light. You will notice that something is chasing you: it is the monster that just killed the wolves. Exit out to the precipice and descend to the ice immediately below your post. Straight ahead, watch the scene, follow the stream to its source.
Climb the platforms, and climb the rock, the path will change direction but you don't have to worry. Go down to the hole below, taking the gun. Shoot the stalactites, thus creating a hole.
The creature that was chasing you will quickly reach you, attacking you. Use all the most powerful weapons, he has a lot of life points, it may take some time to defeat him definitively. Follow your guide, who will return to the inside of the rock. Help her to climb the ladder, she will throw a crate at you to be able to lift you easily. Left, always following your lead.
Shoot the crate on the right, use the rope that will be created to overcome the ravine. Climb the wall, left, up a flight of stairs. Climb to the top to complete the level.

Chapter 18

Level similar to the previous one, since it shares the setting with it. Jump over the ravine, arriving at the temple. A single path allows you to reach inside. Right, hit the ground switch; the guide will help you, and with good teamwork you can press both switches simultaneously and drop the pillars next to you.
Climb the wall on the right, jumping on the pipe in the same direction. You will have to use the statues to climb to the top. Try to be quick, as each statue will only remain outside the wall for a relatively small fraction of time. At the top, right, locate the bricks to reach the end of the path.
Going along the usual corridor, you will find yourself in front of a crossroads. Right, pull the lever, along with the guide. You will notice three rotating cylinders on each side of the cave. Arm yourself with patience, and let the cylinders carry you automatically to the opposite side of the cave. Only in this way can you be sure not to fall into the ravine below.
When you reach the next ravine, jump on the pillar that comes out from the left, and then continue towards the wall on the other side, which you will have to climb. Cling to the first gear you encounter, trying to use it to get to the right section of the level. Drop down to the platform below, jumping perpendicular to the last gear.
Try to understand the rhythm of the pendulum, so as to take advantage of the moment when it will leave a passage free. Now, use the horizontal gear to get to the platform on the right. You will find yourself in front of a lever, use it as indicated on the screen.
Your guide will use the arms that will extend along the ravine, but unfortunately he will cut Drake out. Drop off the platform, and use the ladder to head to the snow-filled terrace. From here, the continuation will not be prevented. Go down to the pipes below you, then continue towards the gears; using them you can lift yourself to the platform immediately above you. Move quickly along the weights, thus avoiding being swept into the stream below. The mechanism will allow you to throw yourself to the left, crossing the ravine.
Turn around, and grab the rope. So, move to the wall near the gear. From here, jump to the left, grabbing the next gear. Go down to the platform below, then continue towards the same gear, but on the opposite side.
Climb up, another gear - this time to the left, twice. Ahead of you, another terrace occupied by snow, also in this case will be your salvation. Pull up to the nearby platform, then go left, up to a kind of ravine. Jump on the switch in front of you, it will activate pillars, which you can use to continue forward. At the last pillar, jump to the area where your guide is waiting for you.
Run along the various platforms, pressing the switches surrounding them. Enter the tunnel, go down the stairs at its end. Go up the circular path, arriving at a lever: pull it, then take the elevator that will come in your direction.

The walkthrough of Uncharted 2: Den of Thieves

Chapter 19

Watch the scene, then continue towards the street. Massive use of AK-47s is recommended. Left, along the road here, making your ammo around. Continue up, therefore to the left, eliminating whoever is driving the machine gun, thus taking it in management.
Eliminate the two subjects immediately after the tunnel; it will collapse, soon after you seek cover, a fair amount of opponents loom. Kill the soldier in the room on the left. Take the gun, then continue to the right, up the stairs, then the ladder that leads to a room immediately above you.
Let the enemies kill each other, taking care only of those who remain alive after the firefight. Then proceed to the left, starting to go down the hill-like, until the end of the level. The grenade launcher is undoubtedly the weapon of choice to make the opponents that emerge from the houses around you harmless.

Chapter 20

Run to the right, then right again, climbing the stairs present here. Crouch behind the rocky wall, avoiding the machine gun bullets. Enter the door opened by the guide. Collect the ammo, then jump over the wall to the window. Go through the tunnel, kill the enemy with the shotgun.
Left, go up the stairs, use the wall as a cover to the enemies on the nearby roof - which will be promptly eliminated. Jump the wall, proceeding along the wooden stairs. Avoid fighting the enemies, the chariot will do everything for you; run fast to the next area, avoiding being crossed by the chariot fire.
Take the following road, paying attention to the cart, which will begin to follow you. Take the first available opportunity to climb the stairs to the left, arriving at a balcony. Run forward, jump into the window, climb the ladder to the second floor, and start jumping from roof to roof. Remove the wooden planks, thus being able to proceed forward.
Take out the enemies on the right, looking for some cover from the looming tank. Run to the right again, and descend along the snow-filled precipices. Once you have reached a section of land completely covered by snow, go always to the right. In the last section of the level, which you are preparing to face, you will be kicked out of the tank as you jump from roof to roof at maximum speed. The best method to take out the opponent is to kill RPG-equipped enemies, thus taking over their weapon to quickly damage the tank. Then go down the wire on the left.

Chapter 21

Eliminate the enemies surrounding the vehicle using all the weapons at your disposal. Grab the nearby soldier's weapon immediately. Try to kill with headshots, not wasting ammo. Try to neutralize the guy who uses the grenade launcher, so you can take him in management. In this way, you can destroy the vehicles trying to reach you, while protecting Elena's truck (orange). Follow her advice, she knows which opponents are the most dangerous.

Chapter 22

Right, along the ledge that separates you from the precipice, to then go up towards the soldiers. Eliminate them silently, then use the trucks as cover to finish off their four buddies. Carefully cross the bridge to the right, aim for the enemies and quickly take them out with your bow. You will come to a bridge on the right. Rush behind the trolley, which will act as a cover for the impending shots from the machine gun, which will have free field due to your exposure to the bridge.
Enter the building behind the machine gun. Together with Elena, use the two switches to cause the door to open. Outside, go down the wooden poles that start from the destroyed pillar. Throw the rope at Elena so she can follow you.
Go over the ravine, entering the small cave. Locate the protruding rocks on the right, using them to scale the wall to the platform above. Move the statue to gain access to the following play area. Continue along the tunnel, left, to the corner, where you will find a rope to use to climb up.
Walk along the sides of the building, climbing the stairs, until you reach a closed door. Go back, and go up the series of wooden pipes starting from the pillar on the left. You will come to the front of the building, jump to continue.
Then walk along the upper part of the building using bricks and wooden pipes. You will have to try to get back down. The silent approach, although recommended by the creators of the game, is not the most effective. Try to kill the majority of enemies by stationing high, descending only if absolutely necessary: ​​the greater the difference in height, the less likely they will be able to hit you.
After the explosion, take all nearby weapons, especially the sniper rifle (near the pillar), with which to go and kill the enemy with the RPG (left). The rest of the crew does not present particular difficulties.
So cross the bridge; as soon as you notice that you are under fire (you will be pointed by the lasers of the snipers' sights), have Elena climb up the nearby ladder; she will move it down, so that you too can use it without problems. When you get to the second floor, you will have to actively deal with the snipers. Go upstairs, where you will find a fair amount of rifles. From here, first kill the enemy with the RPG, and then - with extreme tranquility - move on to the rest of the opponents.
So use the wooden pipe to get to the bridge. Unfortunately, during your crossing there will be some problems, it will still be enough to climb the destroyed bridge to reach safety. Enter the doors ahead of you. Go up the stairs, kill the enemy on the left. So, try to find cover at the beginning of the courtyard, so as to easily kill the waves of opponents from a distance.
After the "standard" enemies, you will be faced by some snipers; pay them back with their own money. Then enter the door on the right. More stairs, then outside. Make Elena climb up the ladder, she will then throw you a crate, which will allow you to cling to the boards of the platform, then reaching a wall where you can climb to proceed.
Eliminate the enemy group, then continue to the door that leads to the next building, which concludes the chapter.

The walkthrough of Uncharted 2: Den of Thieves

Chapter 23

Immediately seek cover, responding to enemy fire, which will come from all directions. You will have little room to move, so try to stay well covered, going outside will not gain you much firing capacity - quite the opposite. So, start making space along the walkways that surround the room. From here, you can throw massive grenades at the enemies below.
So use the rope to get to the platform on the right. Exit the window, arriving at a snow covered platform: look for cover, and kill the four oncoming opponents. Go up on the roof, to the right, go down the ladder, eliminate the soldier. Make your way to its alcove, using the protruding bricks on the left to be able to continue up.
Let the soldiers below take out the monster, then take them out; a combination of grenade launcher and assault rifle is recommended, given their large number. After killing them all, there will be only one left, equipped with an RPG and on top of a platform to the left. Hide, take out the assault rifle, and take it out safely.
Go up the stairs leading to the courtyard. Use the wheel to get through the door, immediately starting to throw grenades in quantities at the enemies that populate the next game area. Retrieve the GAU-19s from deceased opponents, with them you can fearlessly face the immediately following waves.
Killed everyone, continue to the open window near the end of the courtyard. Locate the protruding bricks on the right, hopping on them to get to the other side unarmed. Then enter the open window. Go up the stairs, past the small hole, to the concrete platform. Use the window to get to the roof, locate other protruding bricks, and climb the wall with them. Then take the wooden pipe, go back up, and go to a window.
Right, pull yourself up by means of the wooden furniture. Outside, a puzzle. You will need to make the objects match the symbols on the ground. Join the green semicircle with the tiger. Join the red triangle with the birdman. Join the white circle with the dragon. Join the yellow square with the lion. Perform a very similar operation with the wheel that will be revealed to you.
Interact with another wheel, which will appear right in the center of the room. Climb the ladder that will be revealed. Right, using the thread. Go up the stairs on the left. Jump over the small ravine, then off to the top, and left.
Locate the wooden pipe, it will lead you to a series of bricks, by now you know what to do on these occasions. A rather furious fight will begin. Eliminate the opponent immediately with the RPG, on the platform at the top right. Eliminate the enemies as best you can, trying to get to the position where the RPG is, ending the fight as soon as you can get your hands on the powerful weapon.
As soon as you start getting bombarded by the machine gun, use the statue as cover and grind grenades in its direction. Examine the orange seal coming out of the snow. Have Elena follow the on-screen key pattern as recommended.
Go down using the wire, let the monsters kill the enemy soldiers autonomously. Now, via a ladder to reach the snow below. Go up the stairs, then the ropes. Run to the tree, walking into the underground room at his feet.

Chapter 24

You will have to approach the daggers pointing upwards, using the commands indicated on the screen. Examine the sphere, and then continue along the platforms: the two partners will have to help each other, but beyond that there are no particular difficulties at this juncture. Proceed along the cave, moving the statue, and on to the statues, which will have to be passed quickly to avoid being hit by the flames. Go up the stairs, look at the final pages of the diary. Try to join the symbol with the right side of the room, as indicated in the diary. A wheel will appear, spin it, then eliminate the creatures that appear.

Chapter 25

Run forward, trying to avoid the fire of the two factions. Grab the assault rifle, and start hitting the enemies on the platforms around you. The assault rifle will be essential to eliminate the next two very powerful enemies. Focus all the firepower on one of them, eliminating them in sequence to make the task easier.
Begin jumping from platform to platform to a door at the top of their sequence. Then jump towards the vertical pillar, up to the platform in the center of this area, and then get to the next; it will also contain the door to the new play area. Shoot the blue substance to cause an explosion.
Then jump to the bricks, which will allow you to proceed upwards. Jump back across the ravine and grab onto the pipe. Aim for the tree ahead of you, and enter the next small room. Left, shoot the blue liquid on the other side of the ravine, unlocking a door immediately below.
Go back down, go up the stairs to the left. Hide behind some cover, and make sure to hit with the utmost skill the enemies that will begin to surround you. Go back to the locked door. You will need to place yourself as a counterweight on the right. Go up the stairs, use the misplaced bricks to get to the right. So, jump on the chain.
Go down, you will see several enemies coming towards you. The use of grenades is recommended. Climb up the series of platforms, so that you rise above your enemies below, increasing your chances of hitting them without them being able to respond. Go down towards the grates, always by means of the bricks along the wall you can help you in your progress. Next, then left near the door.
The next group of enemies will be killed with a well placed grenade. Go ahead, go up the stairs to the building. Left, inside the room. Avoid getting involved in the fight going on here. Kill the enemies along the nearby ramps. Crouch near the wall, letting the two groups kill each other.
Get the RPG and GAU-19. Only at this point can you take care of the winning group, thanks to these powerful weapons. Once you have regained control of the subjects at your disposal, you will have to make sure that you bring Elena to safety. Kill the two incoming waves of enemies, then move on, looking for the best possible cover. Pick up the Dragon Sniper Rifle.
Run forward, grabbing the ammo and grenades around you. You will be hit by the second wave of opponents; you can then return to the previous corridor, and easily shoot grenades at the group of opponents who, due to the bottleneck, will have formed around the corner.

Chapter 26

Proceed along the path ahead, using your weapon to take out the enemies around you. The main method to damage Lazarevic consists in luring him near the explosive zones, aiming at the explosive, and detonating it so that he is involved and damaged. Your defense strategy will have to be based on constant, continuous movement, the only way to avoid being hit by the grenades that Laz will throw at you in large quantities. As soon as you kill him, cross the bridge, jump over the hole, and watch the final scene.

Video Solution - First Chapter

Video Solution - Second Chapter

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