Larry's Complete Leisure Suit Solution: Magna Cum Laude

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The solution is based on the American version, so there may be differences for the Spanish version.


The object of the game is to sleep with as many girls as possible to participate in a much sought-after TV game called S (W) INGLES. To do this you will have to from time to time work with 3 girls who represent that level. Done (in every sense) those girls, the game will unlock new locations and new girls, and so on until the end. The game is full of mini-games that will entertain you between a puzzle (?) And another, and before moving on to the actual solution it is worth taking a look. The games in question are:


In this mini game you control a spermatozoon, the aim is simple; you have to hit the green icons that represent bold, funny, winking phrases, which will conquer the girl you are talking to. If, on the other hand, you catch the red icons (there are many types of them) the consequences could be the most disparate, as you could say a bad word for example, a rude sentence or a pitiful joke, in short, you will look like losers and the girl will send you to that village. When sober, the control of the little sperm will be very easy, but with a few beers on the stomach the speech will be decidedly different. So be careful because from time to time there will also appear orange icons that have the shape of a cup of coffee, which will make you er, decrease the alcohol content in your blood making you urinate .. The snowflake instead will freeze your sperm preventing you from check it for a few seconds, so always try to avoid it! To win this mini game you will have to finish the conversation with the green border on the side of the heart, and if that happens you will have hit the mark!


This is the classic quarter dollar game played in all American universities and seen in numerous films of the student / college / demented genre. You have to throw a quarter on the table by bouncing it once and then ending up in a glass. Whenever you make a mistake and your opponent hits the mark (and therefore vice versa) you will have to take a sip of beer, the one who gets the other drunk first wins.


Hands up those of you who know an old bar game called "tapper". If like me you belong to the ranks of the over twenty-year-olds, for sure you will remember this old coin-op where the protagonist was a bartender who had to serve the customers quickly before someone arrived at his station and threw them along the counter. And this mini game is just like the old tapper. Depending on the level you will have to serve different categories of customers as fast as possible. Every time a customer receives a beer he steps back, and of course if you serve him immediately back he will exit the screen, the aim is to get all the customers out. The difficulty is given by the ever-increasing number of customers that you will have to face and by the fact that every time a guy finishes his drink he will throw the glass towards you that you absolutely must not drop under penalty of defeat and therefore having to restart the level from scratch. You will lose a life even if you throw a beer at a table where there are no patrons, so be careful who you serve.


The rhythm games featured in Larry are of two types. The dance and the trampoline. Both work in the same way, pressing the keys with the right timing. The computer will propose a series of combinations that you will have to perform perfectly, combinations that include both the use of the arrow keys and the controller keys. Obviously the hardest part here is to guess the timing with which to press the various keys, but if you have played even once one of the many rhythm games that exist you will have no problems.


Where I come from this game is called "hot hand" and consists in slapping the opponent's hand until it becomes incandescent. Whoever is with his hands underneath must deliver the blow and to do this you will have to charge the blow, with the b key, and then hit with the a key. Be careful because the greater the charge you give to the shot, the greater the damage caused, but at the same time the easier it will be for your opponent to dodge your shot. Pressing x will make a feint, and it will be possible for you, for example, to catch your opponent in backlash. When it is your turn to stay on top, you will have to do everything to avoid the slaps of your opponent. Whoever fills the pain gauge first wins.


There are several games of this type, such as preparing cocktails, painting, and they all have the same principle, which is to press the keys at the same time they appear. Here only the four colored keys of the pad are used, like a real simon (who doesn't remember?). It is perhaps the simplest category of Larry's mini games and they are often played to earn some extra cash. The title of the mini game refers to the game hit the mole, do you know those games where you have to hammer the mole as soon as it comes out of its lair?


As you can guess from the somewhat alluding title wack-a-pole is a somewhat particular version of the old pong, tennis with two sticks on the sides and the square ball to understand. Here, however, the aim is not to score, but just the opposite since you will command both sticks. The aim is to keep the ball in play by making it slam from one wand to the other, by doing so the object that is in the center of the screen (a penis!) Will lengthen, and when you have reached the maximum "extension" you will have brought to finished your task!


In this type of mini-games you just need to avoid the enemies that will hunt you from time to time, and collect the objects that will be indicated to you. (keys, newspapers and so on). To distract the enemies you can use the mummiozzarella that once left on the ground will give you a few seconds of freedom from your pursuers.


I don't think this game needs explanation; load up your water gun and wet those girls' t-shirts!


To win this mini game you will have to take at least 6 excellent photos, and to do this you will need to collect the zoom lens located near the S (W) INGLES program stage, precisely behind one of the lights that illuminate the stage. The more the dots above the photo are lit the better the photo will be.


The purpose of the mini game is to touch a certain number of people after hearing the information that your friend (who is offering you the game) has to tell you. For example, in the first stages of the game, you have to help a beautiful animal guardian to convince as many people as possible that hunting is not a good thing. You will therefore first have to touch the animalist and within a certain number of seconds touch people to spread the thought of her, after which you will have to go back to the animalist to recharge. Easier to do than to say.

Now you are finally ready for the actual solution of the game.


Larry's adventure begins right in his room. Begin to familiarize yourself with the various controls of the game, try some fart like this to warm the environment. One piece of advice I can give you is to press the A key, which also serves to "expel the air", on all objects because very often you will find secret tokens that are used to unlock bonuses during the game, such as for example naked models of your girls, sexy photos and so on. In your room, start clicking on the bed to find the first secret tokens. Also listen to the advice Uncle Larry has to give you by observing and clicking on his photo. After doing this, leave the room and head towards the hall taking the corridor on the right, you will meet the first girl in the game the cow-girl Sally Mae, who is also the continuation of the initial tutorial. Uncle Larry will tell you to examine it, do it. After examining it you will activate the first mini-game, that is the boarding. After passing the first chat you will have to prepare some drinks for Sally Mae, to do so head to the station with the drinks and prepare her something explosive through the second mini game, the Wack-A-Mole. Return to Sally Mae to activate the second boarding. After overcoming this too, it's the turn of the dance game, turn on the radio to dance with Sally Mae. For a bit of advantage you can also buy from the vending machine located nearby the "Disco Dance Course", if you need the money, prepare a few drinks to earn a little something. Once you have passed this mini game you will have to approach the girl for the third time. Once this is done, it will be the turn of the quarter dollar, and after winning the game the girl will finally be yours and she will leave you her token of love.


You're back in your room, it's time to hunt the second girl! Exit, and taking the left corridor down the stairs and leave the building to find yourself on the main campus. Check out the S (w) ingles cut scene with Uma. While you're at it, retrieve the super lens for the camera by clicking on the lights next to the stage. Cross the wooden bridge which is to the left of the dormitory exit, continue straight until you get to the Alpha Bull statue. Go up the stairs near the statue to enter the library. Once inside, go up the stairs beyond the librarian and take the left ramp to see Ione sitting at a table. It is time for the first boarding. After that Uncle Larry will tell you that the Commissioner has the bottle of cognac you need to help Ione. Leave the library and head into the brotherhoods area to the right of the alpha bull. Once there you will notice a strange guy dressed as a beggar, that is the commissioner, talk to him to activate a rhythm game. Once you have the cognac, go back to the dorm and head to Luba & Ione's room (it's the one with the flashing lights!). Go inside and while you're at it, take the nail clipper from the drawer. Talk to Ione for the second boarding, then play the quarter dollar. After the fourth game, go back to Ion's room for the third boarding. At this point, activate Ion again for a special version of the wack-a-mole where you will have to make up Ion to finally win her to receive her token of love.


Go back to the brotherhood area and talk to the girl in the black onesie, Analisa is your third prey. Start with the first boarding and after passing it you will play at quarter of a dollar. At this point Analisa will enter the brotherhood and to do this you too will have to pay ten dollars to Supernaut. Enter and look in front of you, you should see Analisa playing billiards, talk to us to activate the second boarding and after this too it will be time for a trampoline strip, but make sure you are sober before starting this game. It then continues immediately with the third boarding and then off with the sixth game which is the Henchmen of Analisa, where you will have to recover ten keys avoiding being beaten by the henchmen of Analisa's father who wants your skin. After this too, enjoy the final scene and collect the token of love.

You are now ready to play S (w) ingles 1, in reality to do it you just need to overcome and conquer only two of the three girls for each level, the first S (w) ingles game is a trampoline test. You are now ready for the ...

Larry's Complete Leisure Suit Solution: Magna Cum Laude


Each time you finish a phase, new locations will be available and you can now visit the Uptown area and the nightclub. Head to the disco to find the fourth girl, Luba. But to talk to her you will have to be almost drunk so come on, hit us and go with the beer! After drinking, talk to her to start the first boarding. Then head across the main campus to the trampoline to start the second mini game. Go back to the club and activate Luba for the second boarding. Come back sober, using the button to er .. urinate somewhere and go to the drink station at the bar to make some drinks for Luba. Then have a couple more beers and talk to Luba again to start playing quarter dollar. Immediately after the game the last boarding will start after which you will have your token of love.


Go back to the brotherhoods area, Zanna will be near the door near the cheerleaders. Activate it for the first boarding. Soon after it will be the turn of the mini game avoid and enemies and you will have to help Zanna to escape from the employees of the immigration office. Go back to the brotherhoods area and talk to Zanna again for the second boarding, then it will be the turn of the quarter dollar game for which you will have to pay 5 dollars to play. After the game Fang will enter the fraternity women, you have to enter too, but to do so you will have to buy the elegant suit from the college guy in the men fraternity. Once you have bought it, put it on and enter the women's fraternity, talk to Zanna to activate the third boarding and finally straight to a strip-trampoline level. Enjoy the final scene and your umpteenth token of love.


Harriet is located on the main campus right next to the Alpha Bull statue. You will need a lot of confidence to talk to her, so drink or play the mini game with sally mae to gain confidence. Talk to Harriet to activate the first boarding, after which you will play slaps. Now it is the turn of the second boarding and immediately after the third boarding. It's the turn of the mini game "altruism" in this case harriet's mascot. Dressed up as a mascot you will have to touch as many people and thus grow their university pride within a certain time limit. Finally you will have to play a modified version of wack-a-mole which consists in spanking Harriet, once you have overcome this difficult (?!?) Test, the babe will be yours, and her token of love too.

After that, go back to the S (w) ingles stage and activate Uma for the second mini game of the TV show. This time to play S (w) ingles2 you must have conquered at least 4 of the first 6 girls. Also this time the test will be a level of trampoline, this time against Analisa. It should be noted that if you have already conquered all 6 girls you can already now play the third level of S (w) ingles by activating Uma again. Let's move on to ...

Larry's Complete Leisure Suit Solution: Magna Cum Laude


New areas have been unlocked and they are the Squallid Streets, Lefty, Spartacus, the Plaid Mart, the workshop, the art gallery and the art class. It's time to work hard to conquer Beatrice. To find her, head to the library. Go inside and buy the nerd outfit from the librarian, then turn left to enter the lab. Put on your nerd outfit to talk to Beatrice, who is in the office to the left of the lab entrance. Activate her and the first boarding will start. You will now have to feed her monkeys, exit Beatrice's room and enter the room where the caged monkeys are. Activate the door to start the "tapper" type game where you have to feed the monkeys. You will have to pass 5 levels to win this mini game, which is not too difficult after all. As soon as you're done, go back to Beatrice, activate her to play quarter-dollar with her monkey Leopold. After beating the tough monkey, talk to Beatrice to activate the second difficult boarding game. Pass this mini game and you will immediately be thrown to the third boarding. Finally you will have to pass the last test which consists of a modified version of the wack-a-pole with a banana in the center of the screen instead of the usual penis. Beatrice and her pledge of love are also in your hands!


Charlotte will only become available after passing Beatrice. Go back to the main campus. Gain some security and talk to Charlotte, she is the animal rights girl with the megaphone who is in front of Biff Barf to activate the usual boarding, after which talk to her to activate a mini game where you will have to distribute. some flyers. Then talk to her again for the second boarding, so after passing it you will have to play a version of wack-a-mole where you have to smear the alpha bull. Talk to her again for the third boarding and finally play the classic game where you have to collect the 37 keys scattered on the street and after this mini game you will have her token of love.


Buy your daddy's son suit and head to Squallid Streets, towards Plaid Mart. To talk to Bilzarbra you need to have a lot of self-confidence, so be careful. Enter the plaid mart and talk to her (she is the girl in the blue dress) to try the first boarding, immediately after passing this test you will play a version of wack-a-mole outside the Spartacus gay bar. to talk to Bilzarbra again, to play this second boarding you will have to pay $ 10. Be careful because in this game there will be a lot of alcohol to avoid and every time you lose and have to redo the boarding you will pay 10 dollars. After this test, you will have to work as a photographer. Reach Bilzarbra which is located in the art gallery near the uptown. Enter the gallery and reach the art class, which is to the right of the entrance. Bilzarbra is there near a dustbin. Activate it to play the photographer, you will have to zoom in on her and turn on at least four lights to take a good photo, you have to score at least 160 points to pass this part. Soon after another difficult boarding will start with a lot of alcohol to avoid, then another not very demanding wack-a-mole will begin. After all this effort, however, Bilzarbra will also fall at your feet, without forgetting her token of love.

Are you ready for a new episode of S (w) ingles? This is the third episode of the S (w) ingles series and this time you have to convince people that the sweetwater girls are not really .. er .. sane .. Convince people not to retreat to s (w) ingles' Van you will have access to ...

Larry's Complete Leisure Suit Solution: Magna Cum Laude


In phase four you will have unlocked Tilly's office which is located in the women's fraternity. As written in the title, the new girls of this phase are the fascinating Tilly, Koko and you will also have a second chance with Ione, who, however, after the first disappointment has become (!) Lesbian.To conquer Tilly, head towards the area of ​​the brotherhoods, you will find it near the bench, it is the pupa with the guepiere in plain sight. To talk to her you will have to wear the elegant suit, which must also be fully equipped (tie, boutonniere, mustache and dandy's hat) that you can always buy in this area from the college boy who is near the stairs of the men's brotherhood . Before you strike up a button make sure you also have enough confidence in yourself, if you need it, gain some confidence in the usual ways, for example by dancing with Sally Mae in the public dormitory. As soon as you are ready, activate Tilly for the first boarding; you should especially avoid alcohol and ice, which are dangerous for your sperm. Once you have overcome the first obstacle, you will have to enter the brotherhood to take pictures. You will need to take 6 photos of Scott to pass this level. Try to zoom in on him and shoot when he poses to get the maximum score on each photo. Initially you will need 160 points to win the game, but if you fail several times then the required score will become 120 points. Once you have passed this obstacle, you will have to head towards Tilly's office in the women's brotherhood, where the second and difficult boarding will take place. Done? Well because now it's time for a game let's say .. relaxing .. Head to the uptown, near the art gallery you should see Tilly. Activate it to start the "avoid the enemies" game where you have to smear the paintings by urinating on them. You can distract Whitewater with mummiozzarella. If you run out of "shots" you can recharge yourself with a bottle of water that is near the cafe. Complete your physiological functions and after the level the third boarding will begin immediately, but nothing particularly challenging. Now get your butt over to Squallid Streets. Tilly will be waiting for you near Lefty. Activate it to start the "avoid the enemies" game again, you will have to collect 25 pieces of decoder without being pinched by the guards. If you succeed you will be entitled to watch Tilly's final skit and receive her token of love.


Walk to the uptown and activate Koko, the mime to start the first boarding, it's not particularly difficult. Immediately after you will have to do a mini game of the "altruism" type where you will have to touch at least 12 people dressed as a mime, try to touch more people at the same time to win and if you need it you can recharge from Koko. Then follow Koko near the art gallery. Activate it and the second boarding will begin, then a game with the camera will follow. Here you have to score 300 points so focus on Koko's face by zooming in and trying to catch her while she makes faces like a mime. Having passed this test, head near the art class, you will now have to paint by making a mini game of the wack-a-mole type, paying 5 $! Your last effort will be the third boarding at the end of which Koko and her token of love will also be yours!


To be able to try with lesbian Ion you must have already conquered both Ion and Charlotte. First head to the Spartacus gay bar in Squallid Streets. You'll need the cool dress, so if you haven't bought it yet, get it from the vending machine nearby. Then activate Dahm near the bar to start the first mini game, it is about serving at the tables in "tapper" style. Once you have passed the game, talk to him for the first boarding and immediately afterwards he will start the second boarding alone. The third mini game is a rhythm game where you have to dance with Ione. Before starting it, make sure you have self-confidence (or confidence if you prefer). Activate Ion again for the third boarding and immediately afterwards the other mini-game will start this time in the "avoid enemies" series, after which you will also have conquered lesbian Ion and her token of love.

Before starting the 4th date of s (w) ingles, go to the plaid mart and buy the water gun. Head back to the s (w) ingles stage to kick off this level as well, where you'll have to play wet T-shirts. Hit at least 7 out of 10 girls to pass the level. To hit the girls, wait for them to move their arms from their breasts and off with the water gun!

Larry's Complete Leisure Suit Solution: Magna Cum Laude


Are you ready to face the last part of your labors? Then let's go and conquer Barbara Jo! But before you can talk to her you will need to accessorize your father's son dress as much as possible, you can find the accessories in the library. Head near the women's fraternity and enter, I recommend with a high level of self-confidence. Barbara Jo is inside the women's fraternity. Activate it to leave with the first boarding, nothing particularly challenging. After passing the first chat, possibly evacuate the alcohol ingested and reactivate Barbara Jo to start a rhythm game. After this too, you will receive a suggestion, that is to go to your room and call her on the phone. Do this to start the second boarding. After the chat, go back to the female fraternity and talk to the girl to activate a new minigame, this time of the Wet T-Shirt type. Be careful because you will pay a whopping 15 $ to play! Get all the girls wet including Barbara Jo, return to the women's fraternity and activate BJ again for the third boarding. Immediately after your last chat, the last effort you will have to face will start and that is a quarter-dollar game, even here you will pay a good $ 15 to play, but once you have won this hard test, Barbara Jo will reward you with her token of love.


Go to the library, Morgan wants you to make her some coffee, to do so head to the drink preparation station. Pay attention that in this wack-a-mole game the speed is really very high and to play you pay 15 $ each time, even if after the third time you lose the speed it decreases significantly, and it is not necessary to lose. in the same game session, so if you don't have the money don't worry, get it and come back and try again later. Before you talk to Morgan, you'll need the super-accessorized nerd outfit. Buy the accessories from the librarian. Then activate Morgan to start the first and difficult boarding. Immediately after, the second boarding will start and then again a mini-game of the slapping type. If you win the slaps you will be catapulted into the third boarding (always all in a row!) And at this point the last mini-game awaits you and Morgan will be yours too!


Before being able to conquer Suzi there are two missions that must be completed to gain access to the VIP room of the nightclub in the uptown. First activate Lucius, he is the bouncer of the VIP room, who will ask you to help his brother Julius who is the bouncer of the Titty City near Squallid Streets, go there and talk to Julius. He wants you to take some pictures of Helmut in the Spartacus gay bar, so get moving go to the bar and a mini game will start as soon as you enter the bar. Be careful because this game is impossible to win without the super zoom lens located near the s (w) ingles program stage on the main campus. I remind you that the goal is hidden in the lights of the stage. Just press the A button and drop the lights until the zoom lens pops out. To win this mini game you will have to take pictures with all 5 stars on, and to do this you will have to use the zoom. The score to overcome is 350 points, which becomes 310 after you lose a couple of times. After you have passed this game you will find yourself inside the Titty City, go outside and buy all the accessories for the cool dress (if you haven't done it yet) that are in the machine nearby, as without them you will not you can talk to Suzi. Go back to the Disco in the uptown and talk to Lucius to activate a rhythm game, after which you will finally have access to the VIP room. Then activate Suzi who is near the Jukebox to start the first sweaty boarding, after which it is the turn of a mini game of the "barista" series even if in reality this time you will have to distribute flyers to the students. Once you have won this test you will find yourself with Suzi outside the disco, activate it to start the second boarding and if you succeed you will then have to face a rhythm game (always activating Suzi). After this test you will have to reactivate Suzi for the third and final boarding and finally for a final round of wack-a-mole played at insane speeds (if you lose three times, the speed will usually decrease), at the end of which Suzi will reward you with the his pledge of love.

Larry's Complete Leisure Suit Solution: Magna Cum Laude


Head to the s (w) ingles stage and activate Uma. She will tell you to go to Titty City and you will automatically go there, where a difficult boarding will begin with Barbara Jo, Morgan and Suzi. After this boarding you will have to choose which one to eliminate among the three girls, to play with the remaining two at a rhythm game in the disco. Once you have overcome this, choose your girlfriend and you will have done it, you are the legend of the campus, enjoy the credits ... But be careful, after the closing credits you can play one last boarding, activate Uma and have fun!

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