Mini-Guide to Sonic Rush

Mini-Guide to Sonic Rush

Leaf Storm Zone

Order: Sonic - Zone 1; Blaze - Zone 2
Description: It is the typical Green-Hill area present in all sonic games since the 80's.
Vegetation: Mostly grassy, ​​with a tropical forest as a backdrop.
Enemies: Heroes
Animals: Parrot, Gorilla, Lion
Style of play: Fast zone, as well as the easiest. It is quite easy to be able to keep your Tension Gauge at good levels. There are many places where you can enjoy Sonic's typical slide and run. A couple of ravines might bother you, but nothing particularly difficult to avoid.
Boss: Egg Viper, analogous to the one featured in Sonic Adventure.

Water Palace Zone

Order: Sonic - Zone 2; Blaze - Zone 4
Description: The upper parts of the zone are drier than the lower ones, so if you want to be sure to avoid falling into the water and drowning, try to stay high.
Enemies: Heroes
Animals: Penguins, Seals, Rabbits
Style of play: Basically, it will be about overcoming underwater platforms. Especially in the second act, you will have to pay attention to the usual ravines present in all the Sonic games up to now; moreover, you will often have to jump onto wobbly platforms, which will fall down after a few seconds. Also watch out for the Gimmick mines, which cause you to ascend into the air, but explode as soon as the countdown ends. Use them to jump up, then hit R to run forward.
Boss: Robot in style monsters of Lochness.

Mirage Road Zone

Order: Sonic, Blaze - Zone 3
Description: Egyptian style.
Enemies: Heroes
Animals: Camels, Kangaroos, Moles
Style of Play: This is a rather slow level. The area has rooms that trap you, and you will be forced to defeat the enemies in order to leave them. Although this may seem boring, in the meantime you can load the Full Boost and continue to attack as invincible. Towards the end of both acts, you will come to a section where you can see the rocks hanging from the wall before they fall. Enemies fall from all sides, but you can anticipate it by looking at their shadows.
Boss: Bug-style robot.

Night Carnival Zone

Order: Sonic - Zone 4; Blaze - Zone 1
Description: The style, as evoked by the title, is carnivalesque. Analogous to other levels appeared on the various past Sonics, also in carnival style.
Enemies: Heroes, similar to those appeared in Sonic Advance
Animals: Elephants, Parrots, Tigers
Style of Play: Platforms. There are a few switches that you will need to push to get everything going, but they aren't particularly hard to find. Moreover, in this area it will be necessary to use all the tricks that can be activated by pressing R to get to its end. In the first act you will be chased by a large rolling contraption, similar to the one seen in Leaf Storm. Pay attention to the fair number of ravines.
Boss: It looks like a carousel ...

Huge Crisis Zone

Order: Sonic - Zone 5; Blaze - Zone 6
Description: Military ship. Apparently, GUN is interested in what is going on, however he will not intervene directly. It resembles Sonic Advance's Egg Rocket level.
Enemies: GUN
Animals: None
Game Style: Platform / Obstacle Jumping; Conflicts with enemies. There are several sections in this area where you will find yourself trapped in rooms you will have to defeat all the enemies before you can leave. Else; watch out for the traps, and towards the end of the first act a couple of rather heavy ravines will show up - again, watch out.
Boss: It is identical to that of Leaf Storm, but has different attacks

Altitude Limit Zone

Order: Sonic - Zone 6; Blaze - Zone 5
Description: Level that develops in the sky. Similar to the traditional Sky High Zone found on the Mega Drive or Gamegear
Enemies: Heroes
Animals: Parrots, Peacocks, Sparrows
Style of play: Sliding on the tracks, alternating with the use of Tricks. Since you will be in the sky for the entire course of the level, of course you will have to be careful of all the ravines. Parachutes can be slightly confusing to use, as you'll have to avoid enemies. However, after some practice you should succeed without problems. As for the rocket launcher platforms, here too the only thing you have to do is get used to it. At the beginning of the second act there will be a long rail where you can slide; be careful, as some parts have pointed claws.
Boss: Similar to a bird.

Dead Line Zone

Order: Sonic, Blaze - Scene 7
Description: Identical to the Eggman ships, if you are familiar with the previous Sonics, especially Sonic and Knuckles.
Enemies: Heroes
Animals: Monkeys, Koalas, Skunks
Style of play: Fast. Probably the most boring Gimmick in the game. Giant rockets are difficult to control. If you hit more keys, the rocket will move in the opposite direction and start thrusting. Pressing A may result in rocket reset. The latest rocket appears to be going against the normal laws of gravity. Also note that in many areas the fact that there is inverted gravity will also mean the presence of inverted controls.
Boss Style: Sonic vs. Blaze, or vice versa.

Final Zone:
Description: The giant standard ship, combined with an Eggman Bot.


Boss battles are configured as follows:
The upper screen will show the real battle, while the lower screen will show the number of hits needed to defeat the boss. The boss will start the battle by executing some easily avoidable hits, and then speed up these first attacks and add stronger ones. The descriptions begin with a brief outline of the physical characteristics of the boss, followed by the basic combat strategy to be used. Following is the description of the boss's behavior, as well as the changes of the same following the achievement of a precise number of hits. For much of the game, Sonic's and Blaze's bosses are identical, the difference being in the motivations that the two characters have for defeating the boss himself.

Leaf Rush Boss

The boss is similar to the Egg Viper that you will surely have faced in case you have finished Sonic Adventure 1. For the most part, it is fought in an area where you will move from side to side, but in case, following an attack, move to the side of the platform and the camera angle changes you will have to move in the high-low coordinates. Generally speaking, to hit this boss you will have to wait for him to hit his head on the ground, and you will have to move up and down.

When 8 or 6 shots remain:
The boss will say "Take this" and his head will move backwards. It's the perfect time to hit it. The boss's head will try to knock you down; you will easily avoid it, and then jump on it as soon as it is flat on the ground. When 5 to 1 hit remain:
Eggman will say "Be prepared to be polite" and his head will move backwards again, be careful, as the next blow will always prove to be lethal in case you are hit. To hit, use the same strategy described above.

Water Palace Boss

To defeat him you can use a strategy similar to the one described in reference to the previous boss. In any case: When there are 8 to 6 shots left:
As soon as the boss is in the middle of the scene, the head will pop out and the boss will repeat the same sentence said by the previous boss. Again, this is the perfect time to hit him.
Another attack mode available to the boss: he throws himself in the air and says "Take This"; performing immediately after a kind of belly. The best way to avoid this attack is to run under the boss, towards the tail. You can only avoid the attack, not hit the boss.

When 5 to 1 hit remain:
The previous description applies, with the only difference being a higher attack speed.

When the area dries up from the water present:
It's time to hit the boss! The attack takes place in two parts. In the first part, the head will slowly move towards you, and the mouth will remain open. You will be forced to move in the direction of its tail, which will damage you if you get close. Suddenly, he will charge you with force and Eggman will say the same obvious phrase "Get ready to be schooled!". It is difficult to avoid this attack completely; however, try to jump, as immediately afterwards the mouth closes and the head retracts.

Mirage Road Boss

This boss is more complicated both in the description and in the procedures necessary for its defeat. Most of the time, he will be rolling some kind of ball along a circular path. The ball changes its appearance; at times it turns out to be covered by sharp points, at others it returns to being a normal smooth ball. Obviously, try to avoid touching it when it is in spiked mode. You will only have one chance to hit it; below a more accurate description of the various phases.

When there are 8 to 6 shots left:
Further division into two sub-categories:
When Eggman says "eh eh", and the bug just keeps rolling the ball around, you just have to try to avoid the ball itself, as if you get too close it will turn around and start chasing you in the other direction. . When the ball is flashing and you hit it, it will stop rolling, but you won't be able to hit the boss anyway.
When Eggman exclaims "Eheh!", And the insect releases the ball towards you, there will be a chance for you to hit the boss. The bug will let go of the ball, then turn to go and get it. If you simply jump over the ball or hit it incorrectly, the insect will be able to catch the ball and nothing will happen. To be able to hit it correctly, you will first have to run in the opposite direction to the insect then, as soon as it releases the sphere, run a little more. Now hit the ball when the bug is turned so that it can land on him with the pointed end.

When 5 to 1 hit remain:
Here too two sub-categories of attacks:
The first turns out to be as above, but the boss will start going faster, and the ball will change shape faster and suddenly. Towards the end, it will continue to go exponentially faster.

In the second, Eggman will say "Get Ready to be Schooled" and fly to the center; the insect will throw the ball at you with pointed nails. The attack is divided into two forms; sometimes, the ball will land behind you, sometimes in front of you. However, there is no chance of hitting the boss.

Night Carnival Boss

This boss will also have to be fought as you walk along a circular platform. He has two arms which rotate in circles; One of them is where Eggman or Eggman Nega is sitting, and is normally facing up. The other is a ball that can be electrified or shoot balls of energy. You have two choices: either you climb up to hit him, or you drop him.

When there are 8 to 6 shots left:
If the boss is spinning around his axis, there will be a chance for you to hit him. But pay attention to the moments when the ball-shaped arm will be electrified. You can identify these moments by the fact that, before electrifying, the ball will momentarily turn red. To hit it you will first have to jump towards the ball when it is not electrified, and then hit it. This will cause two events: The part holding Eggman will go down, thus giving you a chance to hit him; and a small vehicle will appear on the ground, vehicle that will try to hit you. This vehicle will also give you the ability to jump higher if you jump on it to get closer to Eggman. When 5 to 3 shots remain:
Two possibilities of attack by the boss:
One, essentially develops like the previous one, but sometimes the ball will drop so low that it hits you even when you stay on the ground. Also, the ball will stay electrified for longer, and the boss will move faster.
When Eggman says "Get Ready to be Schooled" and the ball drops:
The ball falls to the ground and sends two shock waves. Jump to avoid them. You won't have a chance to hit the boss.

When 2 to 1 hit remain:
As above, but the boss will turn out to be even faster, and the ball will almost always remain electrified. Furthermore, there will only be a short period of time in which the ball will not be electrified. It's time to use the small vehicle described above to be able to hit the boss.

Huge Crisis Boss

He is the same boss as in Leaf Storm, but in a different color and with slightly different attacks:

When there are 8 to 6 shots left:
: As soon as the boss throws his head down immediately after hearing Eggman say "get this" !, he will drop it down one to three times. Be a little more careful before attacking. The second type of attack is a little faster.

When 5 to 1 hit remain:
There will no longer be the attack consisting of moving to the side of the platform. The boss will move towards the background of the scenario, while Eggman will say "Eh eh!" and missiles will fly towards you. It is very easy to avoid them, as long as you look in their direction. Their path and speed are not fixed. There is no chance to hit the boss.

Altitude Limit Boss

This boss has the appearance of a bird, and to hit him you can use the same strategies as the previous two. His attacks, however, are articulated in a slightly different way.

When there are 8 to 6 shots left
3 types of attack available to the boss:
The boss remains in the background, and Eggman exclaims "Eheh!". In this case you will be hit by both wings of the boss. Try to run a little further than the boss, and when you get to the edge of the platform, turn around. However, it is quite easy to get hit by bullets. There is no chance to hit the enemy.

The boss lands on the edge of the platform, then jumps. In this case, Eggman will exclaim one of his usual nonsense and attempt to crush you. Just run a little, or jump - but not excessively - and the boss will give you a chance to hit him.

The boss remains in the background, but suddenly moves and Eggman says "Take this!". Here you will have a chance to hit it. The boss will try to catch you; make sure you are not too close to the boss when the beak hits the ground, as you may be trapped there, and after you are hit you will be stoned for a while. 5-1 Hits Left:

When there are 5 to 1 hit left

All the same with the addition of a new attack:

The boss will land on the edge of the platform, Eggman will say "Get Ready to be Schooled!". The attack will prove to be lethal if you are not careful. The boss will start to create quite a bit of wind, a symbol will appear in the bottom corner telling you to press A and B. If you don't press them quickly, you will be blown off the platform! Try to stay as close as possible to the boss himself. Again, there will be no chance of hitting him.

Dead Line Boss

Sonic vs. Blaze! They have slightly different attacks, but their most powerful attack is different enough to ensure that a different strategy is available for the two. It is fought on a platform in two dimensions. Try to hit Sonic or Blaze the moment they are standing still; not while they are running or jumping. There is no real strategy to follow in hitting them, so we will not specify anything about it. Generally speaking, the best time to hit them is immediately after they have completed an attack.

When 8 to 6 shots are missing:
Two possibilities, also here:
When the character charges up, you are going to be brutally hit. Simply try to avoid the attack, then jump on the enemy immediately after he has finished turning on himself.

When the enemy rises into the air: He is about to hit you at high speed. Jump so they can't hit you, and be ready to hit them quickly, right after they land.
When 5 to 2 shots are missing:
Two possibilities
The first, similar to the first of the two described above, but the character will remain stationary for less time, thus giving you less time in which to hit him.

The second: the character will move in the air, but the attack will be different from the one described above. In fact, he's about to do his own special attack. For Sonic, this means that he will create a Tornado Blue and try to suck you into it. Basically, try to jump or run away from the tornado. Sonic will continue with the Tornado 1 to 4 times, and after doing one, he will very quickly head towards you and attempt to form another one in front of you.

Blaze travels in mid-air and summons pillars of fire. If you look at the ground, a small circle of fire will appear before the pillar of fire, giving you a chance to run. But don't stay in a corner, please. Both characters may have another follow this attack, or they may return to the ground.

When there is only one shot left:
There will be a small cutscene, so the battle will completely change. Now Sonic and Blaze will be racing against each other, trying to knock the opponent off the platform. You will have to quickly press the A and B keys to be able to win. The best way to do this is to use both hands and press the keys at the same time. You will notice that you are winning by looking at the flashes of light that appear; if they are largely directed towards the opponent, you will be winning. The battle ends when one of the two characters falls.

Extra Zone Boss

To unlock this boss you will have to complete the game with both Sonic and Blaze, and get all the Chaos Emeralds with Sonic. The order in which you complete these things is not important. You will find an option in the character selection screen that will allow you to get to the Extra zone. For those familiar with previous games in the series, this is the extra boss featured in sonic advance 2, made even more challenging. In any case, this boss turns out to be slightly different, given the fact that it is divided into sections. On top of that, his attacks are much less random, and if you play for any length of time you will be able to figure out what to expect after every single attack.
You will start the fight with 50 rings at your disposal, but you will lose one ring per second. In case the rings run out, you will die. It is the only way you will die, as the vast majority of other attacks will simply slow you down a little. However, it will not be necessary to always start from scratch. If Sonic dies, you will start over at the beginning of this section. If Blaze dies, you'll have to re-start with Sonic from the previous section. This fact can be slightly annoying, as the Sonic section is more difficult.
Super Sonic and Super Blaze fight the boss in slightly different ways. Below is a more detailed description:

super sonic
D-pad: Moves Super Sonic in any direction on the screen.
D-pad + A or B: Makes Sonic run in any direction. This more powerful move is used to pass certain objects such as lasers and meteors without being slowed down.

Super Blaze:
Almost identical to Super Sonic, but the A button, instead of performing the same function as B, is carried out in a special attack in which Blaze charges, and then fires a fireball. While charging, you will still be able to move slightly, but not fast.

Both Super Sonic and Super Blaze take turns fighting with the Super Mecha. Sonic fights at the top of the screen against Eggman; then, after hitting it a number of times, the Mecha returns inside some kind of base, and comes out from below, overturned, with Eggman Naga at the helm - this is Blaze's turn. The first section, both of Sonic and Blaze, starts in a mess of meteorites, but afterwards it will only be necessary to fight with the boss. The battle technique never changes, not even in the following sections. The order is, specifically, this:
Super Sonic - Meteors - 3 shots needed; Super Blaze - Meteors - 3 shots needed; Super Sonic, 2 shots needed; Super Blaze, 2 shots needed; Super Sonic, 4 shots needed.
After the final blows inflicted using Sonic, you'll watch a cutscene of Sonic and Blaze completely destroying the tank and hitting it one last time together. Below is the detailed description of the first section, followed by the description of the main differences between Sonic's and Blaze's competency sections.

First section (meteorites): Meteors will slow you down, as will the lasers that will occasionally be fired by them. You can use the dash to get past the lasers and meteors to avoid slowdowns. Try to catch the rings scattered in the meteor's gravitational field. If you step into the red meteor, you will find five rings.

Second Section, Super Sonic: In general, you will attack by hitting the objects that are shot at you by the boss, so as to throw them back. The boss attacks are as follows:

Boss extends right arm:
Here you will have a chance to hit him. Those strange white objects with blue circles are annoying, as they circle around you and occasionally stop and shoot lasers at you. They move faster if you make Sonic move. Before exploding, they will turn red.

Boss extends left arm:
Possibility, even here, to hit the boss. Red energy balls come out of it and head towards you. then, towards the bottom of the screen, they can also slow you down. Try to position yourself in front of the robot's head, as you can more easily use the dash from there.

The boss suddenly turns and says "Take this!":
He will attack with a lightsaber, which will hit most of the screen. It will then pause briefly, and in this pause you can hit it with one of its white junk.

The boss will move into the background of the scenario and Eggman will say "Get ready to be schooled!":
Beware of the risk of losing several rings. The boss will shoot missiles at you, which move towards the screen and explode hard enough that you lose 10 rings. Use the dash everywhere to avoid them

Second Section, Super Blaze:
Generally, charge the fireball and hit the boss when the cockpit is lit up. It turns out to be pretty easy to take the right time to attack the boss, nevertheless be careful as Eggman Nega has quite powerful attacks:

When the cockpit stops flashing and the boss remains stationary:
The boss is about to perform a Scratch Attack that hits you and slows you down. Head to the edge of the screen to avoid it.

When you hear a strange noise and Eggman Naga says "Eh Eh!", The boss will extend his left arm:
you will be at risk of losing precious rings. However, you will now also have a chance to hit the boss himself. His arm will pop out and he will attempt to catch Super Blaze. Avoid it, and hit the cockpit.

When the boss moves back, then proceeds back and forth, you will inevitably be hit, and you will lose 5 to 10 rings.


Below will be listed the various Zones that you will face in the continuation of the game. For each zone it will be specified:
-the order, depending on the character you are playing with;
- the description of the environment itself
-the enemies
-the animals
- the style of play to be adopted to overcome the zone
- the boss

In relation to the bosses, you will find in the following pages a more detailed description of the strategy to be adopted to fight the bosses of the various areas.

Leaf Storm Zone
Water Palace Zone
Mirage Road Zone
Night Carnival Zone
Huge Crisis Zone
Altitude Limit Zone
Dead Line Zone
Final Zone

Leaf Rush Boss
Water Palace Boss
Mirage Road Boss
Night Carnival Boss
Huge Crisis Boss
Altitude Limit Boss
Dead Line Boss
Final Zone Boss
Extra Zone Boss

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